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Well, following some completely depraved sexual exploits last weekend, I entered the workweek thoroughly satisfied!

For those of you not following the series, (see my cocktales) my fuck buddy Eric and I had some really hot gay action at a local Theater, as well as a raunchy, fem-dom 3-some with my wife Toni at home where she showed me all over again why I love her so much.

To tell the truth, my ass was sore, my jaw hurt, and my cock throbbed in a bad way every time I thought about sex. All in all, it was pretty much a boring, run of the mill week for me. Heck, it was Thursday before I ever even gave serious thought to getting my nut off again. Of course, by the time quitting time on Friday afternoon came around, I was well rested and recovered, and back to being hungry for sex again.

When I arrived at the house from work Friday afternoon, I found the first floor of the house empty and quiet. I hollered upstairs and my wife yelled back to me.

“Up here, hun. C’mon up!” she said.

I climbed the stairs and went down the hall to the master bedroom. As I walked in, I found my lovely wife sitting at her dressing table snaking on a thigh high stocking. As I watched from the doorway, she slithered it up over her creamy thigh and clipped it to a garter that was peeking out from under a billowy, pleated, black, mid-thigh length skirt.

Now, I have a real fetish for sexy lingerie, so I watched the scene for a couple of beats before I wised up and asked her, “Did we have plans tonight?”

“We do now,” she replied. “Run through the shower while I finish my hair.”

Well, with a big smile, I did just that, quickly showering and shaving before walking back out to the bedroom. I was greeted by the sight of my stunning wife sitting on the edge of the bed, sucking the cock of my best friend and fuck-buddy Eric. His eight inch dick was being passionately swallowed into the steamy velvet of Toni’s mouth. Her brightly painted lips were stretched taught around Eric throbbing member. Her beautiful brown eyes gazed up at Eric’s face as he gently caressed the back of her head with his hands.

Toni’s firm bosom (36 C) was pressed into a red and black corset which was tightly laced up the back. Her legs were now both covered with black silk stockings clipped to the garters from the corset. The tops of her legs and the bottom of her ass were poking out from under that short skirt she was wearing. God she was beautiful, especially when sucking Eric’s dick

Eric looked over at me and smiled a huge grin. “Hey buddy!” He said.

Toni pulled her obviously hungry mouth off of Eric’s throbbing cock with an audible “plop”, and then looked at me with a devilish grin. She crooked her finger in a ‘come here’ motion and said to me in a husky voice “You wanna share him, baby?”

I nearly came on my bath towel right then and there. Instead, I dropped it on the floor and hurried over to the bed next to both of them. I sank quickly to my knees and opened my cock-sucking mouth wide. Toni then took that fat 8 inches of man video porno flesh in her left hand and with a gentle pressure on the back of my head, pushed my needy mouth over Eric’s glistening cock.

As a dedicated cum-slut, there is no thrill for me as great as the rush I get when a big hard cock penetrates my lips. I swooned as I swirled my tongue around the spongy-firm head of his big cock as while he began to fuck my hungry mouth. I loved the sensation of the steely yet soft shaft of flesh as it slowly pushed in and out. I was only beginning to satisfy my craving for cock. Already I thought about the delicious rush I get at the moment of last minute swelling, his rigid cock twitching and blow the salty blast of spunk down my craven throat.

I quickly relaxed my throat and pushed my face over his dick, sheathing all of it in my mouth and neck. His neatly trimmed pubic hair brushed my upper lip while his heavy shaven ball sack rubbed my chin. I stayed like that as long as I could, milking his shaft with my throat. Then I came up for a breath and did it all over. Deep throating was a skill I had only recently been taught…but I was a quick learner.

“OHHH GOD YESS!!!” Eric exclaimed. “You are so fucking good! Suck me, damn it, suck me! Fuck, swallow my cock, Kevin. Take it all!”

Toni leaned in close to me. “Suck him honey, it makes me horny. I want you to eat his cum.” She blew huskily into my ear.

With that, I picked up my pace a little bit and began to vigorously, almost violently, slam my mouth up and down Eric’s cock. He was already close, and I know how to drive him over the edge. I was really letting him face fuck me, and his cock and balls were getting really drenched in my spit and drool. I know Eric loves a sloppy blow job, so I was really laying it on. I reached up and got my fingers nice and wet from the slobber on his balls, and then slid them back until I found his asshole. I gently spread some spit on his manhole, and then I pushed two of my fingers up inside him.

I continued to gobble his cock, and now I was not-too-gently finger banging his tight asshole. My own cock was throbbing, painfully hard. The week of unabashed sexual adventures was really getting us all going! I slammed my face down the entire length of his big hard dick, gasping for air and drooling all over his groin. My two fingers in his ass became three, and I diddled him fast and hard. I could tell he was getting close to cumming.

I glanced over at Toni and saw that she was gently, almost leisurely strumming her clit with her fingers. Her pussy lips were visibly swollen with arousal. She loved the show we were giving her.

I curled my fingers downward and began rubbing his prostate from the inside, and I slammed all of his cock in and out of my lusty mouth. Eric pulled away from me as he sat down on the bed and laid back. I crawled up between his legs and continued to suck him while I was on all fours.

I then moaned with surprised pleasure as I felt the cool rush of fresh lube being sex izle smeared on my asshole. Toni was behind me readying me for a good ass fucking. I was thrilled with the prospect of Eric in me while my wife watched.

Toni reached forward and gently grabbed my hair, pulling me off of Eric’s dick. “Okay baby, do you want it?” She asked as she pushed her fingers into my hungry asshole.

“Yeah, oh god I do. Make him fuck me honey, make him do it. Please!” I shamelessly begged for that dick in my ass. I wanted it so badly.

“Okay, c’mere Eric. Let’s cram that pussy full with your big dick”

Eric walked around the bed and mounted it behind me. I then felt the fleshy bulb of his cock begin pushing into my greasy ass. Slowly, but steadily he slid his throbbing cock into me. Inch by inch I was filled with his spongy-hard dick. It felt so fucking great.

I moaned like a wanton slut. “Fuck me Eric” I begged “fuck me. Oh god, give it to me! Yes, yes, man. Give me your cock”

Toni reached into the nightstand and pulled out a huge rubber dildo. She rubbed it up and down her pussy to make it wet, then began plunging it in and out of her box, matching stroke for stroke with Eric as he fucked her husband in the ass.

“That’s so hot guys,” She hissed. “You fuckers turn me on so much!” Then she began moaning and squirming in an obvious orgasm.

I soon lost track of what she was doing as I concentrated on getting banged by my big-dicked best friend. He hammered in and out of me until I almost couldn’t take it any more.

“I’m gonna cum!” Eric cried out.

“In my mouth!” I begged. “Give me your load!”

He pulled out from my ass and I rolled over, allowing him to straddle my chest. He slid forward and plunged his dick into my mouth.

It was like he had tripped a hidden trigger! He let out a snarling moan. He tipped his head back and peeled his lips open growling, and then he forcefully grabbed my head with both hands, and forced his raging hard on to the back of my throat. I felt his cock expand slightly, and then I could feel his seed spurting down my throat. Blast after blast of his spunk shot right into my belly.

“Yeah baby, cum in his mouth for me” Toni said to Eric “He’s going to eat lots of cum tonight, so let’s get him started right!”

All I could do is gulp and swallow around the cock still stuck in my throat, trying to get his huge load into my belly, but it was too much for me, and some of his cum ran over my bottom lip onto my chin.

Eric just continued to grunt and began to slowly fuck my mouth with a few lazy thrusts of his hips before sliding his slimy cock from my mouth. He looked down at me and gave me a lopsided grin. Then he leaned down and roughly licked the remnants of his wad that had landed on my chin as he withdrew from my mouth.

“Thanks man, you’re the best.” He said as he then reached for my raging boner.

“Uh, uh,” Toni said, playfully slapping Eric on the hand. “Not until later for him. Get dressed Honey, Eric and I will bedava porno wait downstairs. We’re going out.”

With that, she dropped her dildo on the bed, pushed her shirt back down, and they both strode from the bedroom leaving me smelling like cum, I had spit and slime running down my neck onto my chest, plus a hard-on like you’ve never seen. God I wanted to cum!

Just as a wrapped my hand around my cock to jack off, Toni yelled back at me “Don’t you dare jerk off, Kevin. Put on the clothes I laid out for you and lets get going.” She said it sweetly, but it was quite clear that there would be no arguing.

“Damn it” I muttered as I walked over to my dresser.

What I found when I got there made my dick even harder. Laid out for me was a red jock strap with a wide band on it. As I looked closer I saw that written in some kind of marker on the wide waist band were the words “fuck here” and an arrow pointing downwards to where my hot ass would soon be. Neatly folded under the jock was a pair of tight, black, shiny leather pants cut to look like Jeans…only the zipper ran all the way from the front button under the crotch and up to the waist band in back. There was also a studded black leather bandolier type garment that is worn in an “X” across the chest, along with matching bracelets, anklets and a collar all with a metal ring on them. I have worn this outfit for Toni before, but never outside of the house.

I put on my clothes and reported to my wife and lover downstairs. When I walked into the living room, they were seated next to each other on the sofa watching a porno. Eric was lazily rubbing Toni’s pussy through the thin material of her thong panties. Her head was tipped back and her eyes were half closed. She looked up as she heard me come in.

“Hmmm, don’t you look…” She said.

“Fucking hot!” interrupted Eric.

Toni stood up and pulled her skirt down. “Let’s go boys” she said.

We all walked through the kitchen to the garage, putting on jackets as we went. I was practically quivering with excitement and apprehension, too.

“Where are we going, Hun?” I asked “We aren’t exactly dressed for church here.”

“Don’t worry sweetie; you’re dressed just fine for where we’re headed”

We entered the garage and Toni indicated we should get into my truck, which I thought was a little odd, with there being three of us, and only the bench seat in my pickup. Little did I know that was her plan all along. We were barely out of the garage when she ordered Eric to unzip my pants and rub my cock through the jock.

“Get him nice and ready, baby, but don’t get him off.”

So, as Toni drove, Eric unzipped my pants, pulling the zipper down and around so that those pants were now more like chaps, exposing my cock and balls completely. He then began rubbing my throbbing cock through the tight stretchy jock. I wanted to cum so badly I began to moan and groan loudly. The front of the jock had a rapidly growing wet circle from the gobs of precum seeping out my shaft. I lost myself in the pleasure coursing through me, and I lost track of where we were until Toni parked the truck outside of the adult book store.

We all got out and went inside. Toni told Eric to buy us passes to the theater, and in we went. Then we had the most sexual fun I’ve ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32