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“Eureka!” cried Hank as he rushed into the lavish bedroom, still in his lab coat.

“What now, did you discover another cure for erectile dysfunction? Though, God knows, you’ve never had a problem with that.” said Jan, teasingly. She was sitting on the bed, removing her boots, having obviously just flown in the open window and regained her normal size. She was dressed in a black vinyl cat suit – the latest addition to her large selection of super-hero garb – that clung to her body like a second skin and accentuated her curvaceous figure. Like many women in the super hero trade, Jan was very well endowed. Large breasts, a thin waspish waist and ample hips, with a perfect ass. She knew the effect her clothes had on men, good and bad, and used it easily – like another super power.

“No, this is incredible, a real breakthrough. Finally.” Hank stood in the doorway looking her up and down.

“Fascinating. Please, do continue,” said Jan, crossing the room and putting her arms around Hanks neck, pulling him in to a dangerously provocative kiss.

“Watch this!” Hank reluctantly pulled away from Jan’s embrace and stepped into the middle of the enormous boudoir. His hand skittered over the controls on a wrist mounted device and a soft blue light surrounded his body for a moment. At first nothing seemed to happen.

“Are you getting bigger?” As Jan scrutinized the handsome young scientist his lab coat was slowly growing tighter about his muscular chest. When she looked back into his eyes, he was noticeable taller than his usual six-foot frame. This was surprising since she had only ever seen him shrink down to ant-size before.

“I’ve not only cracked the growth problem, Jan, I’ve mastered gradual control. I can grow as little or as much as I want, incrementally. See?” Hank suddenly shot up to nearly eight feet in height. The subsequent increase in his volume and mass ripped the lab coat and his shirt into rags dangling from his massive frame. He pulled them off, standing sheepishly in just his elastic boxer briefs – treated, like Jan’s costume, with unstable molecules so that they would conform to any change in size they encountered.

“Oh my God, sweetie, that is so Hot!” Jan said, her eyes roaming the contours of his obviously larger package, now nearly at her eye level. Both her hands had gone up to her mouth. Hank looked concerned and reflexively shrunk back to his normal size.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Jan stepped forward and put her hands on his shoulders. As she looked up, locking eyes with him, her breathing quickened, her breasts rose and fell provocatively behind tight black vinyl. She licked her lips. “Hank, I hope this doesn’t freak you out. I know you are thinking about the applications of this new ability for science and in the super hero world, and that’s great. But I just can’t help some of the other, kinkier ideas, that are quickly coming to mind, and they are making me so wet. You know how I feel about cock. That was half the reason we hooked up at first – your big thick ten-inch dick. Nerd or not, you are great in bed, always have been. But this new growing ability; this poses some really hot possibilities. I mean, every part of you grows too, right. Oh. My. God.”

Hanks mind raced back to the first time he had met Jan – at a Frat Party at MIT. For some reason she was the only woman in attendance that night – and what a woman. She was the hottest girl Hank had ever seen. A face similar to Scarlet Johansen – beautiful, striking green eyes, large pouty lips, all promise and sex. And her ebony locks cascading down her bare shoulders and pooling about her magnificent bust – all cleavage in that tight short perfect black dress. Hank remembered it all. Jan wasn’t even a student at MIT, she just had a ‘thing’ for nerdy guys, apparently. Lots of drinking and heavy flirting finally resulted in Jan getting gang-banged by all seventeen of Hanks’s Frat Brothers in attendance that night.

“She’s lucky it wasn’t a weekend, when the number would’ve been well over one hundred horny Frat Brothers.” Hank noted how arousing that thought was, especially since he knew she would have loved that even more. He could still see her, that first time, languishing naked on the couch in the center of the common room holding a martini glass full of cum, while all seventeen of his buddies circled her, masturbating, ejaculating all over her body and face while she laughed and came herself. She actually came from having cum sprayed on her – any part of her. And apparently, the more the better. He himself had cum on her three times that night – always all over her perfect breasts.

She had been a sloppy mess at the end, and she just loved it – but not as much as Hank had. He had found the perfect girl for his ultimate “experiment.” He still saw her lying there with both hands thrust between her lovely splattered legs – her back arched, rivulets running down her displayed breasts, her head tilted back, mouth open Bycasino in pure ecstasy as she writhed and shuddered, slippery with sperm. Then she drank some of the cum from her glass and poured the rest all over her upturned face. What a woman. Better than any porn cum queen he had ever seen on-line, and he had seen them all. That had been her first bukkake; it would not be her last if Hank had anything to say about it – and very soon he did, because somehow, even with all the other men in the room that night, she had been interested in him. Maybe she has sensed his deep affliction and recognized how it dove-tailed with her own. He didn’t know.

What he did know was that Jan loved cock, but she loved cum much more. A large part of why she had stayed with such a nerdy science-type as Hank, (aside from his fortune, large thick cock and his making her into a super hero), had been Hank’s total acceptance of her voracious sexual appetites. In fact, he had encouraged them. He was frequently arranging sexual liaisons between his horny voluptuous beauty and increasingly larger groups of specially selected men. All of them franticly group fucking her, as many at once as she could handle and being serviced by her oh-so-sexy mouth – and always ending in larger and larger circle jerks where everyone was expected to shower her naked writhing body with every drop of their sperm. The more she bathed in it the more she herself would come. Hank always kept the honor of being the last man standing over her, adding his above average amount of ejaculate to her white-washed body – shivering in ecstasy, long after everyone had left. What Hank absolutely wanted, needed, was to see her see her whole body absolutely, completely covered in glistening white sperm. But always these sessions fell far, far short of his ultimate goal.

He had been ‘conditioning’ her with ever-growing groups of guys, slowly, not because she was unwilling, far from it, but because of the sheer logistics of getting that many appropriate men together at the same time. She was an exceptionally easy sell. Everyone he had ever asked to participate was immediately interested, once they saw her nude pictures on his phone. But the screening process – making sure they were all ‘clean’: no criminal record, no STDs, good looking, well hung, not crazy, not stalkers…. The list went on and on. Luckily, once someone had participated, they were always ‘up’ for as many sessions as Hank could arrange. But it took time, usually a week or more for each. And although he had been arranging them for almost three months now, he was barely up to fifty ‘participants’. Too slow. His prime goal was a group of three hundred, all at one time.

He had done the math. Once this incredible and difficult goal had been achieved she could have, literally, gallons of spunk all over her. Obscuring her lovely face, coating her magnificent breasts till her nipples were no longer visible. Glazing her entire body in a gloss of pearly white cum. No more one or two Martini Glasses filled with the stuff, that many cocks would supply all that he needed to fulfill his ultimate fantasy. Just the thought of that could make his cock as hard as diamond.

This was Hank’s secret. His perverse fetish that had overwhelmed him ever since he had been a young teen and seen his first Bukkake film on the internet. It had totally mesmerized him. He had never been sure why. But, he had been pursuing the goal of seeing a super-massive Bukkake enacted – on this greatly enhanced scale, upon the body of a gorgeous, buxom, sexy woman – his entire life. It had become his absolute obsession – the most important thing in his life. And ever since he had met Jan, he had acquired the potential to create just that. It thrilled him completely to visualize his beautiful Jan in that extreme position. The porn films he watched always stopped far too short. There were some things in life where more was absolutely better, and Bukkake was definitely one of them. The bigger the better, with no upward limit. He often envisioned entire bathtubs filled with glistening spunk, with sexy Jan languishing within. A five-person hot tub filled with thick bubbling creamy white, with Jan disappearing into the depths. Swimming pools glossed over in warm pearl jam, as Jan did the breast-stroke, swimming the length of it, and climbing out coated in thick alabaster, her gorgeous body completely obscured. His imagination, where his fetish was concerned, was boundless.

This was a point of concern for Hank, as he sometimes wondered if his precious Jan was truly safe with him, under these conditions. But, be that as it may, Hank had spent a lot of his personal fortune getting Jan ready for his ‘experiment’ as he called it, and there was no way he could turn back now. Especially with this new Growth Technology development. This could speed up his timetable considerably. Possibly it might even happen today. Right now. Hank felt his heart skip a beat at the prospect.

He Bycasino giriş knew that the idea excited Jan as well. Often he had described his Gang-Bang Bukkake fantasies about her, in graphic detail. It had always left her panting with lust and needing as much sex as humanly possible, immediately. She would be ready, and if not, she would just have to deal.

Soon, she had shared with Hank her little secret as well. How she had grown up well off as well as well endowed. For as long as she could remember, her rich parents had hosted large ‘Dinner Parties’ that lasted late into the night, several times per week. She had always been forbidden to attend the ‘after parties’ – “Too young for such wickedness.” Her Mother had always said, as the dozens of guests would retire into the large adjacent Ballroom and seal the doors shut. But Jan was curious, and by the time she was eighteen she had found a way to investigate.

She had found an attic alcove in the main mansion that opened to a service platform, directly above the high circular ceiling of the Ballroom. She had removed one of the light fixtures during the day, and could now see down into the whole expanse of the lavish room, through the hole. She had seldom been allowed into the Ballroom, at that point, but she was not prepared for the scene that unfolded below her, within it. At first it was just gross, all these naked ‘old people’, but gradually it became interesting — her parents secret life finally revealed. As she watched, dozens of men and women, some naked, some in exotic lingerie or leather, clustered in groups around the Ballroom. There were backless love-seats, settees and opened futons arranged in a large circle around the floor. Every group had a single beautiful woman in the center surrounded with three or more eager men, this seemed kinky to Jan, but it made sense. Her own forays into sex with boys had been consistently not awesome. The idea of three or more huys at once was exciting to the young woman. So, even though they were all grown-ups, it was still fascinating to watch. Jan noticed that in the center of the circle of all the couches and settees was a large circular bed like a dias, and the naked woman in its center was by far the most beautiful of them all. Raven haired and very busty, it took Jan a moment to realize that this was her Mother. There were at least a dozen men surrounding her, their penises sticking right out, touching and kissing her all over. One was kneeling between her legs thrusting wildly. So this was kinky sex. Interesting.

Jan watched for at least an hour. The sounds and even the smells were strangely exciting. This was the big secret. As she continued to watch, men kept leaving the woman they were servicing and racing over to a medium sized crystal punchbowl on a table near the dias. They would touch themselves and then shoot sperm into the bowl, then move on to another beauty. After a while the bowl got about half full and all the sex came to an end. Everyone gathered around her Mother, still lying on the round bed, and performed a kind of ceremony with everyone chanting and walking around the bed while her Mother slowly, lasciviously rolled and wriggled on the bedsheets in a horizontal dance. The man she recognized as her father lifted the punchbowl and held it over his head. Jan’s Mother laid on her back and pressed her large breasts together with both hands. She arched her back, threw her head back and brought her knees up as he slowly poured the milky white fluid all over her. On her breasts, on her face, all over her. She writhed in it and cried out alarmingly. At first Jan thought she was dying, but on closer inspection, the woman really seemed to be enjoying it. All the people chanting called her the Goddess of Cum, over and over as she kept moaning and wiggling. Soon, the rest of the women crept up and began licking the cum from her curvaceous body. It took a while since there was so much white stuff. That was enough. Jan crept back to her room but on the way, she realized that her pussy was soaking wet.

Jan had watched her parents a lot after that. It was different almost every time – costumes, dildos, clamps, S&M, water tanks. Often, it was just fifty men and her Mother. No other women. That was always messy, and afterwards her Mom would lay there, covered in white slime with no one to lick it off her, spasming and orgasming all night long. Jan wasn’t sure if it was this lifestyle that she had grown up in that had made her so unresponsive to ‘normal’ sex. She guessed that she had inherited more than big breasts from her Mom. She soon discovered that sperm made her cum as well. Guess she was a Cum Goddess too. Oh, well….

So that was Jan’s twisted secret. Born into a sex cult. Probably abused as a beautiful busty, young girl by many of the men who regularly visited her Mother. Hank knew it was unfortunate for her, but, it was what it was. Nothing to do about it. And it was fortunate for Bycasino deneme bonusu him. Jan was his ultimate dream-girl. She was into the very fetish that enslaved him, and the fact that she was so very sexually arousing had been an enormous bonus. But the best asset the girl had, by far, was her physical reaction to sperm. She loved it, true enough, but she had every reason to. It made her cum. She didn’t seem to enjoy coital sex that much (always disappointed by the lack of sensation in her vagina, unless the man was exceptionally hung). But cum was magic to her. It didn’t matter if it was pouring into her mouth, shooting up her ass, spattered all over her sexy face or squirted deep into her womb, it triggered her orgasms better than anything else she knew, And the more the better – she seemed to have no upward limit. Hank was manically driven to test that theory, absolutely.

If he was totally honest, this had been the entire motivation for his intense pursuit of the size-changing technology that had made him rich and both he and Jan into super heroes. Hank had fantasized hundreds of times about having her shrink down, as they both could now do, to a single inch in size and lying there naked as he knelt above her and masturbated. His ejaculate at that size would be like a relentless fire hose of spunk – engulfing her beautiful body entirely. Drowning her in thick, white goo. That would certainly test her upward limits and possibly even satiate his overwhelming desire. But he doubted even that would be enough.

This thought had been the driving force in his months of endless shrinking technology research. But it finally bore fruit. He had been ecstatic and could not wait to share it with Jan. Unfortunately, when he invited her to actually try this kinky use of their powers, she balked at the idea – the size proportional difference was just too great, and far too dangerous for her at such a small size. She said, although interesting, it made her feel far too vulnerable. His lust for this had been so fierce that he had considered forcing it upon her, but his feelings for the woman prevailed. There were times when his ‘addictions’ made him fear for his sanity. So he had settled for helping her to join him as a super hero and to subjecting her to ever-growing, bigger and bigger Bukkake sessions. It had been very disappointing.

But now, his long term plan could finally be achieved. The growth technology had worked and it could be easily fine-tuned and incremental, unlike the shrinking, which only allowed for one massive step – down to one-inch height. Now, If only he didn’t scare her off. He must proceed very carefully so as not to make her feel too vulnerable. Then again, maybe vulnerable was exactly what was called for here, right now, in their bedroom. The thought made his cock thicken.

“I… see what you mean. Sounds very exciting.” said Hank, glowing blue and growing again until he was towering over her at eight feet tall again. He gently grabbed her shoulders with his larger hands and, turning her, pulled her tight up against him. He had to crouch a bit so his hardening cock would press between the cleft of her ass. He bent forward, kissing her long neck and reaching deftly between her large breasts to undo the full-front zipper. He knew she wore nothing at all beneath the black vinyl cat suit, so he slowly glided the zipper down her body until it was far below her navel.

“Mmmmm, Mr. Johnson, you’re getting so big.” she whispered.

“It gets much, much bigger.”

Jan’s breath quickened noticeably as she felt Hank’s whole body slowly begin to expand uniformly behind her amidst a dim blue glow. He stopped at nine feet tall this time. He turned her as if weightless and stepped out of his boxer briefs revealing a huge totally shaved hard-on, now fifteen inches in length and as thick as her forearm. His naked testicles hung there like two tennis balls in a pouch. The thought of what was to come had given him the hardest erection of his life.

“That’s the largest cock… I’ve ever seen.” Jan’s voice was breathless with lust. She hadn’t yet peeled off the skintight black vinyl but the widening gap of the open zipper revealed a provocative glimpse of her swaying breasts underneath as she moved slowly forward. His body was so large now that she just had to bend slightly at the waist to reach him. Grasping his impressive cock in both hands (it took both to fully encircle), she guided it to her parting lips. The tip was now as large as a good sized plum but she was able to engulf it with her practiced mouth, slowly sliding it toward her throat. It was just too big to deep throat, which had never happened to Jan before, so she contented herself with sliding the large head in and out of her hot wet mouth, again and again, as far in as she could, then sucking and licking as she slid it back out. Only a few inches of the large prick actually entered her, the rest of the shaft she held in both hands. Hank watched Jan’s efforts with keen interest, his over-large hands caressing her breasts through the vinyl fabric making her nipples protrude visibly. He tucked one hand under and eased one glorious globe free, rolling and tweaking her engorged nipple with his thick fingers. Her breast seemed small in his hand now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32