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I suppose that you could call what happened a ‘Lesbian’ experience; although I haven’t really been drawn to women before or since, except for this woman of course! The action took place a few years ago when we had a severe and sudden snow storm that left people trapped in cars on motorways for twenty four hours and in outlying towns.

I’m an administrator for a large firm in the south-east. I’m 23 pushing 24, shortish, quite slim (thanks to my favourite sports) with small boobs, at least I think so anyway. I shared a flat with a girlfriend, platonically I might add, and had been totally hetro with a long term relationship plus a few short ones in my past.

I had just come to the end of a short one; he was a lot older than me, divorced and had done the whole family thing and really didn’t want to do it again. With hindsight he was right to break up before we got to serious. It was far to late for me as I was crazy about him already.

One of our Directors, Danni, was going on a day trip to visit a supplier of some new software and hardware we were seriously thinking of investing in and as the lead admin girl on that job I went with her.

I’d never really liked her that was the strangest thing of all; she was one of the new style of woman manager, you know; MBA, single large income late thirties/early forties, with that ‘I’m better than you because I’m a woman that unlike you has had to fight through all of the old boys network to get somewhere’. Our kind of organisation was full of them.

We drove to the company in Suffolk in her car, which was of course very upmarket and sporty. On the outward journey the talk was of the software and equipment and how we should handle the discussion — basically I wasn’t allowed to say anything. I confess to falling asleep after a while because we’d had to leave at six.

The meeting went well and we made an order. They treated us to lunch and a tour of the plant and we left them loaded down with complimentary calendars, diaries, mouse mats, mugs and all that kind of thing.

The journey back was not looking good as the weather had closed in. Danni said that we would keep at it and try and beat the storm. We listened to the radio and the ever worsening reports of snow, blocked motorways and stranded drivers.

After a while we started to chat about things in general, and I found out that she had started not quite at the bottom but had still had a fight to get where she was. She asked me how things were as it had been obvious that I was unhappy after the recent break-up. I said that I thought I’d found the right one this time but… and all of that stuff.

I thought she would sniff through her nose and give me the supercilious older woman look. But she didn’t,

“Don’t worry Emma,” she said, “There’s no rush.”

She went on to give me a description of disastrous relationships she’d been in and how you always come through it a better stronger person. I confessed that I’d taken this one really badly and it had done my confidence no good at all.

“Why?” she said incredulously.

I said that I had no boobs to speak of and that I was still very young and that all the nice guys were married.

“What!” she laughed, “Don’t you realise how many of the guys drool over you?”

I said that I didn’t, admittedly a few of the older ones would letch occasionally but I didn’t think I made that much of an impact.

“Em,” she grinned, “The entire male population of the projects department call you ‘the body’. The females are all jealous as hell! Except for Carolyn of course…”

Carolyn was a very tall and slender planner who made no secret of her Lesbianism,

“She thinks you’re, and I quote, ‘fuckin’ gorgeous’. Haven’t you noticed?”

I said I never had, whenever I went through ‘projects’ I always had my nose in the piles of mail I was delivering.

The traffic ground to a halt and a policeman on a motorcycle was cruising the wrong way up the hard shoulder with all of his lights flashing. He stopped and spoke to each driver, advising him or her that the motorway was impassable until the snowploughs arrived. We could wait in the car or turn back.

“Sod sitting in the car,” Danni grinned and turned the car through the already mounting snow. The motorcyclist saw us through a break in the crash barrier and back to the junction where traffic was already being diverted. We drove back down to a local town and stopped at the out of town shopping centre and had a meal and drank coffee in the supermarket restaurant. The AA man on the table next to us said that we should try to find somewhere to stay as it was snow with a forecast of more snow to come and we were well and truly on the wrong side of it.

“Shit,” said Danni. She grinned, “I wonder?” She took out her mobile and dialled a preset number. “Hi Steve, are you at the cottage? Oh, well, I’m stuck and can’t get past the snow on the Motorway, can I hang out at yours until it clears, possibly sleep over if I have to? Brilliant, hatay escort I’ll put something extra in your stocking next time.”

Steve it turned out was her brother who owned a small cottage about thirty odd miles back the way we came. Danni bought some milk, bread and eggs, and we headed off down some very small lanes that were filling with snow.

At last we arrived at his cottage, it was a tiny two-up, two-down labourers cottage and Danni swung her car onto its drive expertly. We climbed out into foot deep snow. My shoes were meant for a business meeting not for the country and my feet were freezing almost straight away, my light jacket wasn’t doing a lot to keep out the cold either.

Danni struck out along the side of the house and I thought to the back door. Instead with the light of a torch she was running down the garden. She fumbled under a statue of a nymph or something and returned with a key. This it turned out opened the shed. In the shed was paint tin that she opened with a screwdriver and pulled another key. This opened the back door and we were soon in the kitchen.

I stood shivering while Danni pressed a few buttons on the boiler and turned on the lights.

“Steve works in the city and stays with his girlfriend during the week, they only come out here at the weekend.” She filled a kettle and made coffee.

We walked into the living room and she switched on the TV and the gas fire. Next she slipped off her shoes and took off her trousers!

I looked down at mine, which were also damp almost to my knee.

“Let’s get them dry,” she said holding out her hand.

“I’m fine really,” I said with my teeth chattering.

“Don’t be daft,” she grinned, “Come on over here by the fire,”

Once by the fire I saw the sense of it and took my trousers off. I was wearing one of my tiniest strings as my trousers where rather tight, and sat down self consciously to cover my cheeks. Danni however was hanging both our trousers over a radiator. As she did I noticed that she was wearing really tight high cut French knickers showing almost as much bum as I was.

I relaxed a bit. Ok she was my boss, but normally I didn’t even blink when I changed in changing rooms or at the gym.

She took off her jacket, and sat next to me on the sofa, rubbing her neck.

“I hope Steve has some contact lens solution, all of the driving has made my eyes ache. I’m going to have to take them out and put my glasses on.” We stared at the gas pouring around the coals hypnotically. My bladder gave me a push.

I asked where the loo was and she sent me upstairs into the tiny bathroom, and I was just finishing standing to flush when Danni walked straight into the room, full on to my bare puss. She had taken off her jacket and the white blouse was very sheer, showing the lace of the camisole she was wearing.

“That better?” she said. I said that it was. “Let me have you knicks,” she said, as she slipped hers down showing her untrimmed red puss in stark contrast to my bikini trim.

“I’m sorry?” I asked stunned.

“You don’t want to wear the same ones tomorrow do you?”

“Err… not really no,”

“And you wouldn’t want to borrow a pair of Steve’s girlfriends either would you,”


“Well then, we’ll both have a bath and warm up, and wash our knicks in with some stuff Steve has to do, they’ll be dry by the morning on the radiator.”

“Good thinking,” I said with a touch of nervousness.

“Why I’m a manager,” she smiled, “I’ll get the coffee while you start.”

“Where I am I sleeping,” I asked wanting to know where I should hang my jacket.

“Oh through there,” she said, “huge double, Steve won’t mind. There’s a couple of towelling gowns in there too — I think he pinches them from hotels!”

The bedroom looked really posh but was definitely a boy’s room, evident by the dark furniture, the wetsuit hanging from picture rail and the Pirelli calendar.

Danni was right, he did have a collection of gowns and I took the one from the back of the pile.

I turned on the tap and I thought about a shower rather than a bath. Danni was right of course, and I luxuriated under the hot spray feeling it warming me through to my bones. I stole some of Steve’s girlfriend’s conditioner; it was a good one and far more expensive than the huge bottles of cheap stuff I normally use, and left it in my hair to work it’s magic. With eyes closed against the blast of the power shower I casually ran a hand through my tiny tuft of pubic hair and across my puss lightly brushing over the lips a few times.

“Would you like a glass of wine as well?” It was Danni, a steaming mug in one hand and a wine glass she was sipping from in the other. She put the mug down on a small shelf by the bath and it was plain she had seen me, well, I wasn’t playing with myself as such but it looked that way, and given another couple of minutes I probably would have been. I flushed in embarrassment and mumbled a thank you leaving my hand to hang over my puss as if I’d meant to. My nips stuck out so much they almost hurt!

“I can see why they call you ‘the body’ Em, you’re perfect. A girl without my non-jealous outlook could go off someone with a body like yours.” She sat on the loo quite unselfconsciously for a pee.

Danni seemed to be looking past me, I saw why; the tiles were all mirrored and the ones that weren’t steamed were giving her a perfect view of all of the bits she couldn’t see already! “That trim looks lovely Em,” she said standing and blotting her puss, as if discussing pubic hairstyles was a standard conversation between us.

“Oh,” I said trying to sound sophisticated, “I did it for a teeny bikini on holiday a couple of years back and kept it ever since, it’s a lot easier,” I backed into the spray and rinsed the conditioner from my hair.

“It also gives me an idea of what your hair colour looks like without the highlights,” I’d had blond streaks put in my hair at the same time as all of the other girls in the office had. I peaked my eyes open slightly against the water and conditioner cascading down my face. Danni had taken a long gulp of her wine and was staring at my puss and my tits in turn. I turned around, and switched the water from the shower to fill the bath. Now, I have no idea why I did what I did next; Danni had put down her almost empty glass and was unfolding a towel to pass to me. I bent down with my back to her and made a great display of wiping shower gel bubbles and conditioner towards the plughole. At the same time I also made a great display of arse and my puss to Danni. From the mirror tiles I saw she was making the most of the view. Finally I put the plug in, and stepped out onto the hand towel she placed there for me and accepted the towel, which she half wrapped around me.

“I really can’t understand what your hang up is about your boobs,” she said as I rubbed the long towel across my back, “They’re lovely.” She was undoing the buttons of her blouse.

“Not very big though,” I said pushing them out a bit.

“But a lovely shape though, Em,” She slipped her blouse off and hooked it over a hanger on the top of the door. The lace camisole was almost glued to her and she pulled it over her head letting her boobs fall free from it. They were perfect.

“Now those are boobs,” I said watching as they moved of their own accord.

“Sag a bit now though,” it was her turn to stick her chest out now, and although she was a bit taller than me, they almost touched. Her nips were up too.

She turned around and hung the camisole over a chair. Then she returned the favour and leant over the bath feeling the temperature of the water and pouring some bubble bath in and swishing it about.

Her bum was biggish but a good shape with just the hint of orange peel in the dimples. The long groove between her buttocks tapered past a tiny brown dot to the hair covered slit that disappeared into her thighs. She added cold then stood back up again. I had wrapped the towel around me and tucked the end between my boobs, She looked in the mirror over the small sink, “D’you think a trim like yours would look good on me?” I couldn’t decide if this was a joke or not and just giggled.

“I don’t like it hanging out from the side of my knicks,” she said brushing it the same way I had, “I do sometimes trim it back a bit but never like yours.”

She opened the cupboard and with a small ‘aha’ stood triumphantly with a pack of disposable razors.

She sipped some more wine as she stepped in, the action giving me a perfect view of the curly edges of her lips below the fuzz.

“Pass me my glass Em,” she sighed as she hung her arms on the side and slid into the water up to her boobs, “Ah, perfection.” She drank the last of her wine and I offered to go and fill the glass again. She told me to bring the other glass and the bottle back up and we could share. I thought I would also give her time to shave herself and made no effort to rush back!

On my return I sat on the edge of the bath and topped her glass pouring myself a generous measure, “Cheers,” we both said, “To a warm night and a thaw tomorrow!” she added with a smile.

She peaked down her body and lifted her groin from the water, it was partially shaved at the sides but there was still a huge ginger tuft standing proud in the middle.

“How do I look?” she said.

“Needs more trimming, you’ll need some scissors,”

“Look in cupboard, he’s bound to have a pair,” she sat up and I saw more bare flesh where once had been red hair.

“Here,” I said, handing them across. I picked up my wine glass and had a sip and watched in fascination as she trimmed.

“Oh sod it,” she giggled sipping more of her second glass and taking the bar of soap, lathered the last of the hair and shaved it all off.

I’d never completely shaved my bush ever but watching as she ran the razor with care across her sex quite made me think how nice it would look. Her next request quite took me back.

“We’re all girls together aren’t we, could you get the last few for me?” she asked, “I’m just as likely to slice off my clit from this angle.” She handed me the razor and lifted her legs from the water. I dropped to the side of the bath and looked down. She was holding her lips open giving me for the very first time a view into the pinkness of another woman’s pussy.

Not saying anything I very gently placed my fingertips by hers and pushed the labia gently to one side and scrapped down removing a few stray hairs, repeating the process on both sides. I lifted her legs slightly and scrapped down, and she held her breath and bit her lip and I stroked the razor around the area of her anus.

“All finished,” I said with a rapid exhalation. It was bad enough with a blade around my own puss let alone my boss’s.

“Thanks Em,” she said with a big smile and leant forward and pulled the plug.

Standing, she turned on the shower spray and stepped into the stream of water rinsing soap and the occasional hair away. “Better clear all this up or I’ll get my brother in the shit with his girlfriend… Oh I say, that looks great!” she was looking at the reflection of her new pussy and I must confess it looked really nice — even as another woman and I told her so.

Taking a handful of toilet paper she bent down again and picked the short wiry red hairs from the plughole. Again I had the sight of her lips pinched between her thighs and the tight anus peaking out.

I handed her the towel and she proceeded to dry her body. Now I looked I could see that there was almost no fat on her. Even though some of the bitchier girls in the office used to comment on the size of her arse. Only the slightest rise to her tummy hinted at the changes brought on by her age.

“I’m going to turn in Danni,” I said, “It’s been a long day,” I grinned.

“No problem, I’m going to have another glass, would you like a nightcap?”

The wine was particularly good and I said that I would.

“I’ll bring it through.”

I lifted her brother’s lovely duvet and slid under it. There was a slightest smell of after-shave and deodorant, no different to the last few guys I’d slept with. I reflected that it was a good idea that I’d washed away my perfume and deodorant — he’d never be able to convince a suspicious woman of our story!

Danni appeared, still naked with the last of the wine and her clothes.

“We’re all switched off and locked up downstairs,” she said placing her glass on the bedside table. “Budge over Em,” she lifted the Duvet and slid in next to me!

“Oh,” I said, “I didn’t realise…”

“Two bedrooms but only one bed,” she said, “Sofa is to small to kip on, I know I’ve tried it before.”

But, as she had said before, the bed was huge and I had plenty of room to sleep knowing that I’d never touch her unless I rolled over in the night — some distance!

“Ah, that’s lovely,” she said as she relaxed back into the bed clothes. She piled her pillows and sat up, with the duvet pulled tight across her breasts. She picked up her glass and took a sip, and putting it down, picked up a remote control. She pressed a few buttons and the TV came to life. She flicked through the channels and got the nine o’clock news that spoke of the snowstorms. On the other channels were some pretend drama’s.

“Let’s see what video he’s watching,” the screen blanked for a fraction of a second until the picture cleared to show a couple shagging in rather graphic detail – It was a porno film!

“Oh,” said Danni, “A question of sport! My naughty little brother.”

As the movie continued we commenced a running commentary on the atrocious acting and wafer thin story line. Quite soon it was apparent that each scene was snog, major blow job, swift cunnilingus, girl on her back, hands and knees, lots of grunting and groaning and ooh’s and aah’s, another interesting position showing his dick going in and out before he pulled out and she wanked and/or sucked him till he came over her and she crooned over his dick.

We lay in bed giggling at the movie. Our tiredness, the relaxing effect of the bath and the wine had the effect of shifting almost all of our inhibitions and the video had done for whatever we might have had left, and the room had gone very, very quiet. Danni’s hand was beneath the duvet and she was at least feeling herself for sure. Whether this was her new trim or whether she was playing I wasn’t sure but I know that I was turned on. I put my hand down and did the same as her. The girl in the film was being roughly shagged from behind over a table and was really getting into it. She groaned for him to ‘stick it up her ass’ and he did so. I’d heard of it of course but had never had it or seen it done. Her face grimaced in what was meant to be exquisite pain. I thought that I really must try that one day, after all a few guys had played with my anus before and it had been really horny.

Finally as the actress approached her climax, he withdrew and she took him and wanked him with such gusto that he shot come over her face and into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32