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Today was the day that I would be meeting my lover. You see I play second life, and for some months now I had been involved in a virtual relationship with a young lady. In recent weeks, it had become hotter and hotter with us exchanging real life photos and talking on the phone, and we would end the nights together playing with our pussies on the webcam.

Her name was Amanda, she was 23 with red hair and green eyes, and she was short, only 5’2 and 105 pounds. She had the perkiest little a cup titties with perfect Hershey kiss shaped nipples. I guess since I told you about Amanda, I should probably give you some background on myself too. My name is Sarah; I stand about 5’6 and weigh 117 pounds. I have a C cup and a nice flat stomach leading to a shaved pussy.

The doorbell finally rings, and there she is, the most beautiful creature I have laid eyes upon standing on my porch, her bag in hand smiling nervously. I say “Hi you must be Amanda, please come in let me get your bag.”

I undress her with my eyes, desperate to taste her pouty red lips. I guide her into my house, setting her bag at the foot of the stairs, taking her hand and leading her to the couch. I ask her if she would like diyarbakır escort something to drink, she says “I would love a beer if you have any.” I go and get her a nice cold bottle, then I sit close to her on the couch, making nervous small talk, and as we chat, we keep leaning closer and closer, our bodies pressing into each other, skin tingling at the touch.

I think to myself this is it, now or never, lean in close, and place my lips to hers. She responds kissing me hungrily our tongues wagging, twisting together as we lower ourselves down. I crawl on top of her, my fingers exploring her smooth skin, hot to the touch.

She grabs the back of my head, pulling me close, making out passionately; I reach under her shirt, pushing her bra up as my hands massage her lovely lady mounds. Her hands move down my back to the hem of my t-shirt, pulling it up revealing that I had chosen to go braless this day, she breaks our kiss, pulling it over my head, whispering “let’s go to the bedroom.”

I reluctantly rise off of her, taking her by the hand once more, leading her to the bedroom. As we run down the hall we leave a trail of clothes on the floor, not wanting to waste any time. We fall into bed, our lips meeting once more, our bodies pressed together as we kiss. Amanda takes charge, rolling over on top of me, her lips tracing a line down my neck, her knee forcing my legs apart; I feel her hand on my moist slit, her fingers desperately pushing their way through my hot folds. She trails her hair across my body as she takes my nipple into her mouth clasping it in her teeth tugging on it as a faint moan escapes my lips. I put my hand on top of her head, running my fingers through her amber hair, urging her to go lower. She trails her tongue down my belly, taking her time teasing me. Slowly but surely she works her way to my steamy pussy, licking my lips, her nails digging into my thighs. She flicks her tongue over my clit, my moans getting louder and louder as she eats me. Her tongue is quickly working its way in and out of my body, driving me closer and closer to orgasm. She works two fingers into my throbbing wet slit, and closes her mouth around my clit, sucking on it as she fucks me with her hand. I grab hold of her hair, pulling it as I scream out in ecstasy my cum squirting from within me, the best orgasm of my life. I drag her back to my lips, kissing her, tasting myself on her. I smile and say, “Baby, that was amazing, but now it’s my turn.”

I reach into the drawer next to the bed, pulling out my favorite pink vibrator that had been used many a night with dear Amanda turning it on I trail it over her body, circling her hardened nipples, tracing it down her stomach and over her thighs, I slide it deep inside of her. As I fuck her with the vibrator, I press my lips to hers, shoving my tongue into her mouth, and working around. Gently I begin to kiss down her neck, sucking on her flesh, leaving little bite marks as I go, down to her tiny tits, flicking my tongue over them. I kiss down her body as the vibrator does its job, her pussy juices coating my hand, I flick my tongue over her button feeling her body tense beneath me. I work it faster and faster, my teeth clamped around her engorged clit, hearing her moan “FUCK ME HARD DON’T STOP SARRA DON’T STOP.”

Her hand grabs my hair roughly shoving my face hard against her as she begins to buck her hips moaning, her cum covering my face and lips. I continue to force the vibrator in and out of her as her orgasm subsides, crawling back up her body, holding her in my arms she whispers ” I love you Sarra.”

I tell her that I love her too, and we fall asleep content in each other’s arms, sticky from our love making.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32