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“Oh dear, I think I will be sore for days.” Agent 409 moaned as she strained against her bonds. The agent had been bound tightly after their love games. Agent 22 loved snuggling with her lovers tied up while they slept. The intimacy and security it afforded the girls was but one of the many things that drew them to their shared fetish.

“I’m sorry if my play got a little too extreme for you love. I can’t help my self when you are all helpless and trapped in rubber.” The blonde agent apologized.

“Its ok, you know I trust you. Even though it can be a bit scary, it is always so exciting.”

The two sat in the living room of Agent 22’s safe house apartment following their mission and Agent 409s punishment for needing to be rescued by her friend. They were enjoying a light late breakfast of fruits and wine. Agent 22 was feeding her captive from her fork as the two enjoyed the late start to their day. It was nearly noon and the two had slept in late due to the previous night’s activities.

“So what was that work thing you wanted to show me?” Agent 409 asked having finished off the last strawberry. Her friend smiled wickedly.

“Well it was supposed to be a secret but…” She let her sentence trail off as she got up and left the room leaving 409 in suspense. The young agent stretched out as best she could on the couch waiting for her friend’s return. She enjoyed the warm sunlight coming in through the windows as it warmed her bare skin.

She wore only her underwear, a silk set of bra and panties, and several rubber straps wrapped around her body. They crossed her chest and arms holding them in place, down to a band around her knees. This held her legs together but she could still manage a bit of walking. At the moment she was gagless, Agent 22 had removed it so they could eat and now content and well fed she felt like a large lazy cat.

Idly she fantasized about asking the other woman to put her in a pet suit and let her further enjoy the catlike feelings literally. True the 24-hour bet was over, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t indulge in a little fun pet play. 409 let her eyes slip closed and began to drift off for a cat nap.

She was brought back to attention when Agent 22 reentered the room dressed head to toe in a shiny black suit. At first glance, it looked like the standard issue SMART Suit that every agent was issued. She could clearly see the wrist computer, but something about the suit seemed different. It had additions that her suit didn’t have.

There were metal accents around the wrists and neck of the suit. The suit itself was all one piece. Unlike the standard version, the gloves and hood were attached to the main body of the suit. As were the boots, but instead of the heavy standard combat boots, it had sexy high heeled boots. The heel of each boot was a shiny metal stiletto with a gripping rubber cap at the tip and what looked like a sort of hinge at the base where it connected to the shoe.

“So cool, right?” The sexily dressed agent asked.

“What is it?” Agent 409 replied as she sat up to get a better look. She loved how sexy her friend looked, but she had clearly stated this was a work thing and not a personal outfit. She could have understood had it been, she too had several special suits and outfits to feed her needs.

“This my dear pet is the new SMART Suit 2.0.” Trumpeted the confident Agent. “It’s the fully upgraded Synthetic Material Automatic Rubber Technology Mark II. So far its only been issued to us top Agents but they intend on making them the new standard issue. They wanted us to fully test them out before putting them in the field.”

“That is wonderful, what new features have they added?” 409 queried.

“Well as you can see the suit is now one full piece with integrated hood, gloves, and boots. The fibers are 20% thinner while achieving ten times greater strength. This means they are even more airtight than a rubber suit and tough enough to stop assault rifle rounds. The smaller fibers also allow for more flexibility so your movement has no restriction at all, but sadly it also eliminates that sexy squeaking noise.”

“Well that will make sneaking around easier for stealth missions”

“Why must you ruin my fun, little one?” 22 teased. “Speaking of silence, the new boots come with special crafted rubber soles that deaden sound, so the heels will not click when walking. The heals themselves are specialized shock absorbers that allow not only for better stability but also reduce impact so that one can drop from several stories without injury. They can also augment your jumping to greater heights and distances beyond those of Olympic athletes.”

“So they are sexy and functional.” The bound agent laughed. 409 hadn’t found the combat boots terribly sexy and high heels were just impractical on missions, but this was a game changer. She was happy the Agency was finally putting some style into their functional wardrobe.

“And check these out.” Agent 22 held up her hands to show off the metal cuffs around her wrists, tuzla escort “The cuffs and collar are hermetic seals that pump air out of the suit, essentially vacuum packing you into the suit. When paired with scuba gear or a gas mask they are completely sealed from the outside world increasing their effectiveness one thousand percent. Not only that the cuffs also contain a number of gadgets like magnetic climbing claws and our improved grappling hook. They even installed wrist-mounted dart guns, no more lugging around those Hush Puppies.”

409’s eyes sparkled as 22 showed her each of the new additions to the suit. She was especially intrigued by the hermetic seal. She had vac-beds and pneumatic suits and loved how much tighter the suits were when the air was pumped out causing the rubber to cling to her like a second skin. It would be harder to focus on her missions when her suit would be sticking to her sweaty skin as the rubber rode up in her crotch and ass.

She couldn’t wait until the Agency issued her one. She wanted badly to run her hands over Agent 22’s rubber coated body if she wasn’t tied up. Perhaps 409 could persuade her friend to allow her to try it on. The two agents were so absorbed in their rubber fantasies that they were not prepared for the sudden attack.

The large front windows exploded inwards as commandos crashed through them. The intruders were dressed head to toe in rubber. Their shiny black suits protected them from the flying glass as they entered. Each wore a featureless black helmet obscuring their faces. The helmets contained computerized heads-up display which identified the targets and alerted them to threats. Each woman carried a suppressed automatic Ak-74u.

They opened fire on Agent 22, who reacted with lightning speed, diving behind one of the large sectional couches. Pinned behind the couch with automatic fire Agent 22 couldn’t find an opening to strike back. Not that she really could, as she had no weapons other than what was in her suit and none of it could stand up to the enemy’s firepower. Using a shard of glass as a mirror she peeked out of cover. She could see four of them but couldn’t see Agent 409.

Agent 409 had rolled off the couch and beneath the coffee table. She had no weapons and was bound, this extremely limited her options of fighting back. Her hiding place would not be safe for long. While the enemy was concentrated on the other agent it would only be a matter of time before they targeted her. She counted breaths and waited for a lull in the shooting.

The commandos were staggering their reloads, allowing them to keep a steady stream of fire on the cornered agent. It was clear that they were highly trained and skilled. Agent 409 couldn’t wait forever and made her move. She pulled her knees up against her chest and planted her feet against the bottom of the table. When the nearest attacker paused to reload she launched the table into her.

Keeping her momentum going she somersaulted into a crouch and rushed the next closest assailant. The bound girl rammed into the off-balance stormtrooper. When Agent 409 tried to follow up with a high kick to the enemies chin, forgetting she was still bound, the latex strap around her knees tripped her. The poor agent crashed to the floor in a heap knocking the air out of her lungs.

Using the moment of confusion Agent 22 threw a side pillow away from the couch as a distraction. While the remaining commando shot the decoy in reflex the agent vaulted over the couch like a sexy rubber jungle cat. Her charge was stopped midway to her target when one of the other attackers tossed a white sphere at her chest.

Upon impact, it expanded instantly. The sudden impact of the object expanding to a five-foot diameter knocked Agent 22 backward. She managed to recover and roll with the fall coming up in a crouch facing the obstruction. It looked like a large white rubber balloon as it bounced in the air in front of her. She made to dart around it and it jigged to block her. When she went the other way, it did too.

In desperation, she threw her self at the flimsy looking latex globe. It was like tacking a weather balloon. The skin gave easily and stretched around her incoming body. Before the Agent could try to get away it had enveloped her entire body with only her head sticking out of the top. She was somehow now inside the thing and to her surprise, there was a hiss of air as it rapidly began to deflate.

Before she knew it she was trapped inside a skin-tight rubber cocoon. Normally this would have been ecstasy for the blonde heroine, but this was a serious emergency and no time to indulge her fetishes. The more she struggled the tighter and tighter the latex sack became until she could barely breath let alone move.

When the poor girl was securely mobile, the woman who had thrown the rubber trap, removed a roll of adhesive tape from her utility belt and a pair of cotton panties. She stuffed the panties into the subdued Agent’s mouth and wrapped the tape around her lower face göztepe escort until nearly half the roll was gone. Then she leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“The Baroness sends her regards.”

With that, she turned and took another of the white spheres from her belt and tossed it on the floor. It bounced once then expanded like the first had. Once it was at full size it bobbed in the air a few times before honing in on the stunned 409. It glided over her and then began to lower its self onto her.

409 gasped when the rubber pressed down on her encasing her whole body. For a few seconds, she couldn’t breathe as its skin molded to her face blocking her nose and mouth. It felt like the time Agent 22 had tried to smother her with an inflated balloon as part of their little breath play games. It was over quickly and Agent 409 found her self-trapped inside the white rubber balloon. It cradled her bound form gently from the floor as it floated across the room and squeezed itself out the broken window. The shards of glass didn’t harm it as it was nearly indestructible and designed to protect its cargo.

The Baroness’s rubber commandos followed it out of the apartment and up zip lines to the waiting airship that hovered soundlessly above the city. Its optical camouflage made it completely invisible, except for the open hatch through which the sphere and the women ascended.

From the bridge of her personal airship; the Domina, the Baroness reveled in her victory. The Agents had been no match for her new elite squad of rubber commandos. Selected from the best and most loyal of her lovely dolls, they each were given deep and thorough reprogramming in advanced combat tactics. Armed with the best equipment available stolen from the Agency its self and upgraded by the Baroness’s R&D, not even their best agents stood a chance.

The SMART suits had been enhanced with Advance Intuition Modules. Designated the AIM helmets, they gave her soldiers enhanced perception in operations. The computer HUD’s could identify and target enemies even through cover. The helmets not only provided closed atmosphere containment, allowing them to function as scuba regulators and gas masks, they gave the wearer as sort of terrifying uniform anonymity. The blank drone like appearance secretly tickled the Baroness’s fancy as she played with the idea of equipping all her girls with them. The thought of a hive of faceless rubber drones excited her darkest urges.

She was most pleased with the “Rovers”, they had worked better than the projections had stated. They were modeled after an old science fiction show that the Baroness had enjoyed. In their deactivated states they were about the size of a tennis ball, but when activated could achieve a number of sizes, shapes, and density. They could be used for all sorts of tasks from capturing and subduing targets, to transporting cargo. They could even be deployed in as cover, the density and elasticity of the latex membrane that comprised ninety percent of the Rover could stop all manner of bullets and explosions.

Though developing the nanomesh rubber had been expensive and challenging, the biggest problem had been in dealing with the R&D staff. They had had a little too much fun with the Rovers capabilities, playing pranks on one another or using them for personal “fun”. She had had to discipline the entire staff when they had all been discovered encased and bound in the nanomesh rubber, indulging their base pleasures without their mistress’s permission. That indecent alone had delayed the project by a month while the entire R&D division was in isolation punishment. Though once they returned they were not only better behaved, they had been inspired with new ideas for the Rovers.

The Baroness lounged in her luxurious captain’s chair, sipping brandy and smoking as she watched the Unit come back on board. She now had her sweet little Agent 409 back, and she had so many plans for the girl that she couldn’t wait to start. The villainess squirmed in delight in her skin tight latex dress. The feeling of a child on Christmas morning had her in a good mood, after the set back of losing her prey the day before.

When she had regained consciousness, in the elevator at the industrial complex, she had been furious. More than one of her poor girls had suffered a well-heated bottom and would be unable to sit for days. Now the dark clouds had parted and mistakes corrected, her mood was lifted. Soon she would have her toy and all the time in the world to seduce the girl. On her private island, there would be no escape and no rescue. Agent 409 would be hers.

“Man the helm, I am going down to greet our guest”.

The first mate, dressed in a pristine white rubber Captains uniform, could only grunt through her tight rubber gag. All of the ship crew were dressed and gagged similarly per the Baroness’s orders. They obeyed without question, even in her terrible anger when scared of her they obeyed. Their brainwashing did not allow for disobedience, and each one was üsküdar escort madly in love with their mistress. Thought the girls, a little dimmer than before the process, did retain their individual personalities and even engaged in interpersonal relationships. This did not stop them from willingly giving their lives for the Baroness. This is how she maintained her absolute grip on her subordinates

The evil woman’s stiletto heels clicked on the metal floor as she sauntered to the entrance bay. It would take several hours before they would arrive back at their base and she planned to put that time to good use. Like a favorite pet, she missed her little Agent 409 when they were apart. True the girl was a constant thorn in her side with that annoying Agency constantly sending their little spies to disrupt her plans. But there was something special about 409.

While she wasn’t the best agent, the girl had talent and potential that the Baroness felt was being wasted as a lap dog for those bureaucrats. Being the Baroness’s lap dog would suit her abilities much better. The Baroness amused her self for a moment with the idea of turning the girl into a ‘real’ lapdog. How cute she would look dressed in a bitch suit happily wagging her tail. These thoughts were starting to make the Baroness literally drip with anticipation.

She was greeted with salutes as each of her commando’s snapped to attention as she entered. The Rover bobbed gently in the air and in its pearly depts, the silhouette of the captive agent could be seen. The Baroness ran one crimson nailed hand along the latex membrane’s surface, enjoying its smooth texture. Shivers of pleasure ran down her spine.

“How pleased I am you girls brought me back a little souvenir from your mission, and I absolutely love the packaging.” The Baroness joked, “But I don’t think I can wait to open it. Why don’t you let our guest out.”

One of the commandos stepped forward and touched the balloon’s surface. There was a loud popping noise and it dumped the surprised Agent 409 on the cold metal floor. The deactivated rubber ball rolled across the floor and stopped when it hit the Baroness’s foot. She picked it up and rolled it between her hands as she gloated over 409.

“Here we are again my pet. No matter how many times you escape you can’t help but run back to my arms again. I am starting to think you are infatuated with me.” She taunted.

“Go fuck yourself you twisted bitch.” Agent 409 snarled at her enemy. Like lightning, the Baroness’s hand struck her across the face in a brutal open-handed slap. 409’s head rang like a bell and she could taste blood in her mouth. She had still been dazed from being inside the Rover and so hadn’t been ready for the Baroness’s slap.

“Now, now. Good girls mind their language because they know a filthy mouth will earn them a good gagging. But then again a good girl’s like to be gagged, don’t they?” The Baroness smiled and stroked the girl’s cheek with one finger. Agent 409 spit blood into the villain’s face causing her to reel back in disgust.

The Baroness’s face twisted in in rage and she snapped at one of the commando’s to gag the girl. Agent 409 was pulled to her feet and rubber gag was shoved into her mouth. Once it was locked shut, the commando attached an inflation bulb, like the ones used on surgical pressure cuffs, to the gag. She then handed it to the Baroness who smiled wickedly and began to squeeze the pump. With each pump, the thick balloon-like part of the gag in her mouth slowly began to inflate.

The sadistic woman continued the process until 409’s mouth was stuffed full and her jaws were stretched to their limit leaving her unable to make a single sound. The taste of rubber filled her mouth and the size of the inflated gag nearly choked her. She was forced to concentrate on breathing through her nose until it was seized by her kidnapper. Her air cut off she couldn’t breathe and panic hit her as her lungs tried to suck in air they couldn’t reach.

“Everything you have is only because I allow it. Your needs, freedom and even your air, are all mined to give or take away. So you had better tread carefully my little super spy. Just because you are special doesn’t mean I will not be strict with you. Be a good little girl and I will spoil you greatly, but if you displease me I will not hesitate to punish you. In fact, I know I will enjoy it, and with time so will you.” The Baroness hissed in 409’s ear as she held the agent’s nose, and her life, between her fingers.

Watching the girl squirm in her clutches was almost more than the Baroness could take. She wanted so badly to take her then and there on the bay floor while her servants watched her conquest of the agent. But that wasn’t good enough for her little Agent 409. She wasn’t some common slut, to be used all willy-nilly, no she was the kind of girl you had to seduce through long, hard, and possibly painful, hours of naughty love games.

She had the Commandos untie the rubber straps, so undignified, that bound Agent 409 and instructed her to put her hands behind her back. Knowing she couldn’t escape, especially since she was at gunpoint, she complied. The Agent’s hands were secured behind her back before she was lead down several hallways to a beautifully appointed stateroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32