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By the end of my sophomore year at university, I had accrued a pile of student debt, and still had two more years to go. I went outside my dorm room for a smoke. As I sat on the steps, blowing smoke rings, I finally relaxed. Another girl in the dorm came out, and lit up too.

We began chatting, and I told her about my money problems. She said that I should think about becoming a smoking model. I was surprised to hear that she had earned over two thousand dollars working for a website that featured women smoking. Apparently, some people found the habit quite erotic.

She gave me the domain name of the site, so I checked it out. I was relieved to discover that all the smoking models were fully clothed. I filled out the online application, took a selfie, and sent it along with the application. Within an hour, I received an email with a date and place for an interview.

I had never considered modeling. I had always considered myself an ugly-duckling. As a redhead, my skin was pale and covered with freckles. In fact, I kept my orange hair long to help cover up the spots that dotted my face. My brother often said that I looked like a plucked chicken, and I couldn’t disagree. However, I was tall, thin, with perky breasts, all of which the boys had found interesting.

Desperate for money, I decided to give the modeling thing a try. Fortunately, the studio was only a short drive from the campus, and I had no trouble finding it. I really wanted a smoke to calm my nerves, but resisted, in case I needed to smoke when I got there.

I parked in front of large residential home—not sure if I had the right place, I walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. The door opened, to reveal an elegant woman wearing a long red dress and high heels. She was full-figured, but fit, and had beautiful black hair. She introduced herself as Ellen, and seemed pleased to meet me. She led into the living room, and motioned for me to sit on the couch.

“Is this your first modeling job?” she said.

“Yes,” I said, fidgeting.

“Not to worry, you are quite pretty, have lovely skin, and redheads are popular on our site,” she said, smiling reassuringly.

I studied her features. Ellen was part Asian, and she came across sincere. Something about her, just engendered trust. She got a contract and went over it with me. I signed it right then and there.

A young man came in, said she introduced us. His name was Pete. To my surprise, Ellen told me that he would be my videographer for the shoot, which was happening right now! He was extremely handsome, with black wavy hair, a muscular frame, and a disarming smile. I cautiously followed him down a long flight of stairs into the basement, worried that I had gotten myself in over my head.

The basement was divided into numerous small rooms or “studios,” with curtains separating them. As we walked by one, I noticed a pretty young woman in a bright yellow sundress, standing with her hands on her hips, smoking, while a cameraman circled around her, apparently filming her. Pete touch my elbow, indicating I should follow him. He escorted me to an empty studio.

I bağdatcaddesi escort was very nervous, and my face blushed bright red, as I turned to face Pete. He flashed me another smile.

“Not to worry red, our clients will fall in love with you—I already have,” he said, winking.

I relaxed a bit, straightened my orange blouse and skirt, combed my hair, set down my purse, and walked to the center of the room. Pete handed me a back of 120 white cigarettes. I had never smoked one before, but got my lighter out, and prepared to light it.

“Not yet! Wait until I’m recording,” he said, laughing.

His was so damn cute. I could feel my panties getting moist. Once he was set up, I placed the cigarette between my lips, lit it, and inhaled deeply. I turned my head sideways, and leisurely blew a tight column of white smoke that reached several feet before breaking up. I took another drag, gave him a shy smile, and exhaled a series of tiny perfect smoke rings.

I put a hand on my hip, and performed my best French-inhale, before exhaling another narrow column of smoke. The air was now filled with wisps of white vapor. I finished the cigarette, dropped it to the concrete floor, and extinguished it with my high heel. Pete zoomed in for a close up of my foot twisting on the butt, then panned back to my face. I blew a kiss at the camera, and winked.

“Cut! That was so hot!” Pete said.

“Thanks,” I said, blushing again.

The worst thing about being a redhead was that my pale skin turned crimson with the least provocation. And when I blushed, my freckles really stood. Pete told me that my complexion was incredibly sexy, which is just what I needed to hear. I gathered my things, and followed him back upstairs.

Ellen was waiting for us. She asked me how I thought it went. Before I could answer, Pete began raving about what a sexy smoker I was, and how everyone was going to love the shoot. After he left, Ellen had me sit down at their dining table. She wrote me a check for $1,000. I was stunned, as the contract had only called for $500 per scene.

“I watched Pete’s feed up here, as he was recording you. No question, you are going to be a super high demand model. I would like to have you shoot several more scenes today. In fact, if you’re interested, I would like to offer you $4,000 for a nude shoot,” she said.

I was speechless. This wasn’t what I had anticipated, and it scared the crap out of me. She quickly explained about a private area of the website, where clients paid top dollar for custom videos. I told her that I had no desire to become a porn star. She assured me that this site was classy. I was still apprehensive about having a nude video of me on the Internet, but the money was quite tempting.

“Tell you what. Go down to the studio with Pete and shoot the nude scene. If you aren’t comfortable with the result, we will erase it, and you can keep the 4K anyway,” she said.

I wasn’t sure I could trust her, but that much cash would go a long way in keeping me in school. So, I swallowed hard, and said, “Okay.”

For my privacy, this beykoz escort time Pete drew the drapes in the room downstairs. He had me change into a black leather dress, with really high heels. I had never worn anything so risqué. And felt awkward in the tight fight leather. However, he was so appreciative of my grab that I actually began feeling sexy in it.

He carefully described how I should undress, where I should look, and how I should smoke during the shoot. All the while, he constantly commented on how hot I looked. His comments were really turning me on. By the time he gave me another 120, my panties were wet. I waited to light it, until he gave the go ahead.

With my legs spread just little, one hand on my hip, I lit the cigarette with the other. I inhaled, tossed the lighter in a nearby chair, smiled, and then let a small wisp of smoke escape through my lips, while sucking it up my nostrils. I took another long drag, let the cigarette dangle from my red lips, and exhaled slowly through both my nostrils again.

Pete seemed to be appreciative of the French-exhales, as he began rubbing his crotch with his free hand. I fought the urge to stare at the bulge growing in his jeans. I let the cigarette dangle from my lips, as I peeled off my dress, ever so slowly. I took several deep drags, letting the smoke seep out of my parted lips, enveloping my face. When I got the dress off, I stood there, with just my panties and bra on.

I took another long drag, and blew a tight cone of smoke that reached Pete’s face five feet away. He smiled at me, and kept rubbing his crotch. After another inhale, I blew a series of perfect tiny smoke rings, and then removed my bra. My nipples were erect and hard. He stared at them, as stepped a little closer for a better shot of my pert breasts. However, his other hand never stopped pinching the now large bulge in his pants.

With the cigarette dangling from my lips, I reached down and pulled off my panties, and then stood up. I walked slowly over to Pete, he motioned for me to stop, but I kept going until I was right in front of him and the camera. I carefully inserted the panties into his gapping mouth, he accepted them without a word. I smiled and stepped back to the center of the room.

A part of me was shocked at my wanton behavior, but another part was so excited, it left me breathless. Another deep drag, and this time I exhaled to the side, a white column so tight that it held together for a long time. I gave Pete my best come hither smile, enjoying the sight of him munching on my soaked panties, knowing he was tasting my pussy juices.

After my next inhale, I let a little smoke escape from my open mouth, before snapping it back in, and then blew another tight cone of smoke at him. Pete unzipped his jeans, pulled out his long thick cock, and began jerking off. I had to fight the impulse to go over and suck it. I pretended my cigarette was his cock, and slid it into my mouth, and sucked hard, watching him intensely the whole time.

Without thinking, my left hand went down to my wet pussy, and I easily slipped two fingers in. I took another caddebostan escort drag, and moaned as the smoke rolled out of my mouth, while my fingers plunged in and out of me. It was so erotic, watching him jerk off, as I masturbated too. I know he wanted to fuck me, as much as I wanted him to, but we kept our distance.

With the rapid pumping of my fingers, my knees buckled a bit. Pete shifted the camera down to keep me in frame. After another long drag, I tried to blow more smoke rings, but my concentration was elsewhere, and the smoke came out in tiny buffs, along with my accompanying moans. I was close to coming, and by the look of things, so was Pete.

I was almost down to the filter, when I came. A series of incredible strong spasms rocked my body. I dropped to my knees, but kept thrusting my fingers in and out of my pussy. Suddenly, cum gushed out of my pussy, squirting everywhere. I had never had a wet orgasm before, and it felt amazing! Somehow, I managed to keep the cigarette tightly pinched between my lips, as my body convulsed with waves of pleasure.

Pete shot his wad, which landed just feet in front of me. It required several squirts to drain his cock. I took once last inhale, smiled at him, and blew a thick column of smoke at the ceiling. Then, I let the butt drop to the floor, got up, and put it out with my heel. He somehow had the presence of mind to film my actions, while still holding his cock.

“Cut!” he said through the panties.

I walked over to him and removed my drenched underwear from his mouth. He kissed me, parting my lips with his tongue. I could taste my own pussy, as his tongue burrowed deep into eager mouth. I reached down and stroked his cock. He groaned in appreciation, loudly, but unexpectedly pulled away.

“Remember, this video feed goes upstairs. Ellen is likely watching,” he whispered in my ear.

My face flushed red, as I quickly gathered my clothes and got dressed. He slipped his still swollen cock back in his pants, and zipped them up. When we went up the stairs together, it felt like the walk of shame. Ellen opened the basement door, just as we reached the top. She didn’t say a word, until Pete had left the living room.

“Well, that was interesting,” she said.

“I don’t know what came over me…sorry…it’s all my fault,” I said, as my head hung down in shame.

“Oh, no sweetie, I loved it!” she said.

“You did?!” I said.

“That was the hottest clip we have ever recorded!” she said, excitedly.

“Would you entertain doing another, even more explicit scene with Pete?” she said.

I paused, my pale skin bright crimson, from embarrassment. My last ambition in life was to do porn, but I really liked what had just happened downstairs.

“While you think about it, just let me just say that we could pay you $11,000 for an afternoon of that kind of smoking sex. We have a very, very special clientele, willing to shell out a lot for that kind of content, and they can be relied on not to post it on the open net,” she said.

Shit. The money sounded incredible, and I lusted for Pete. What was the harm in letting a few pervs watch him fuck me, while I smoked?

“Okay,” I said, blushing again.

She got another contract, filled it in, and I signed it, with a shaky hand. The shoot was set for next week. As I drove home, I had to smoke, to calm my nerves. What I had I gotten myself into?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32