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Female Ejaculation

I have always enjoyed women using me in a dominant fashion. Especially when I’m helpless. This is based on a real life story.

My wife & I have done some wonderful things together & I’m always improving to make it more comfortable for her.

I built a smotherbox several years ago & she has smothered me in it for hours at a time while she sits at the computer etc. I recently built a 4’x8′ platform to go around it so she can easily step on my exposed face while she casually walks around on the platform. It makes a great workout area.

I asked if she would workout on me & she decided to try. I was tied up & totally helpless.

She stepped on my face & bounced a few times to test it. She seemed satisfied & proceeded to find a workout video.

She smiled as it started & she took a position walking in place on my face to warm up. She wore a mini skirt so I could see her soft white panties on her sexy ass. She continued her warm up smiling down at me occasionally between steps. çekmeköy escort

Her foot placement was firm & consistent. When she completed the warm up she went right into a workout. She was now focused on the video instructor no more smiles she had a look of determination on her face & her feet slammed mercilessly into my face. There was some hard stomping, twisting, jumping jacks, etc. She was fast & powerful.

After 30 min she took a break to switch videos & laugh at me a little. She said the next one would be brutal. Kick boxing. A lot of forceful moves standing on one leg. She started without a warmup & got right into it for 45 min. Never stopping to check on me. Every time her foot came down or any time she was standing on one foot it was on my face crushing me beneath her beautiful powerful body.

My face was sore & I groaned in pain but it only seemed to motivate her more & she put more energy into it.

She eventually started a cool down by taking a cevizli escort seat on my face & stretching for several minutes smothering me in her now sweat soaked panties.

She got up & went to the bathroom etc.

When she came back she moved the platform away but left me tied up in the smotherbox to use as her chair.

She set her coffee & breakfast on the coffee table next to the laptop & sat on my face.

My nose was in her pussy & I struggled to breathe, as she ate breakfast & began using the computer.

We had sex the night before & she was wearing the same panties. She smelled so amazing but she was pressing so hard with her weight I almost couldn’t smell her.

She obviously didn’t care, I could hear her sipping her coffee & typing away on the computer. Once in awhile she would giggle at something funny.

After some time had passed, she turned on some music & she began to sing & bounce to it pushing my nose deeper into her pussy so I couldn’t erenköy escort breathe at all. I tried to protest, but to no avail. She continued to enjoy herself & even lifted her skirt & made eye contact with the sweetest smile. Damn! She looked so sexy. She continued for an hour or so.

She got up for a bathroom break.

When she returned she rode my cock & talked dirty saying “I’m gonna sit on you after you cum & make you eat it for the rest of the day!” She rode it hard for about a minute. It didn’t take much & i came so hard it hurt. She rode it a few more strokes & got up.

She now stood over me spread her ass cheeks & sat down firmly forcing my nose into her ripe ass as she rubbed it in.

I eagerly licked at her wet pussy as she settled back & got to work on the computer again smashing my nose deep in her ass so I couldn’t breathe again. She leaned forward & as I would inhale she would fart right on my nose then sit back to smother me again. She had purposely eaten gassy food for this occasion. She would sometimes laugh & wiggle rubbing it in. She continued to smother & fart on me while I cleaned & pleasured her over & over until I had been confined for 5 hours total. It was truly an amazing time & I would love to do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32