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This novel covers a wide range of explicit sexual practices, so if you are offended, in any way, by stories with strong sexual content that you may consider abhorrent were it practiced in real life, please cease reading now and delete the file.

If you are under 18, you have no right to read any further and MUST delete NOW!


This story was Copyrighted by the author, who retains all rights whatsoever over publication in any form. It must not be published on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit, without the author’s written approval. The file may be reposted to Newsgroups, but must not be changed in any way, must be posted in its entirety and must contain this note “FROM THE AUTHOR” in full.

GENERAL All names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead. All comments and constructive suggestions may be directed to me via the COMMENT tab on my profile.


~Prelude: The Present~

I drove up to the front gate of the estate. I clicked the intercom button and waited. A sultry voice came through the speaker, “Who is it, Darling?”

“Your slut Amy,” I said back. A few seconds before a seductively purred “perfect” came through the speaker. Even over the speaker, that voice got me wet. It would control me the rest of my life. The gate unlocked, and I drove onto the estate lands…..

~Earlier ~

Up in the Bavarian Alps in Bavaria, Southeastern Germany, this estate was unheard of. You couldn’t even Google it. I had heard about it through word of mouth, my friend telling me about “Mistress Snow and her seven Futanari slaves” up in the mountains. This intrigued me. My husband was an executive for BMW and was almost never home. And I was sexually frustrated.

So when my friend explained to me about this fairy tale, I was intrigued but highly skeptical. Snow White isn’t real, is she? I heard she’s a dominating mistress with skin as white as snow? Not one, but seven Futanari slaves? Up in the mountains and no one’s even blabbed on the internet about it? Unbelievable! And yet here was my normally energetic friend, Rebecca, in a daze because all she could think about was the absolute pleasure she had received up in the mountains a month ago. She was only energetic when talking about Mistress Snow.

I had realized thanks, to….whatever was in the mountains, that I had lost my friend. My only ally in this sexually dis-pleasurable world. And I was furious. I called Rebecca and asked her to meet me at the usual coffee shop in 15 minutes. I knew she wasn’t doing anything anyway. She lived off her husband’s checks and ever since last month had locked herself in her house unless I called her out. I got there in five minutes and waited.

Rebecca sulked in, looking depressed about the fact that Mistress Snow’s cock wasn’t in her life. She sat at the table and motioned for the barista to make her norm, an iced latte. The barista came with our drinks. Then she looked at me. “So what did you want to talk about Amy?” she asked. “Well, it’s about you. I’m going to get straight to it, why are you so hung over about this “Mistress Snow” and her “well endowed” servants”?”

Rebecca’s face looked like I had asked some forbidden question. “I told you, Amy, I don’t want to talk about it, I…..” She trailed off. “Why not Rebecca, you mention this mysterious fairytale in the mountains when I say that my husband is away and I’m sexually frustrated. My fingers can’t satisfy my agitated pussy. You hype it up about how up there, they have the biggest cocks. The wettest pussies. And yet, when I ask you for her contacts, you back away. Why Rebecca?!!”

I had slammed my fist on the table and yelled all of that. Now everyone was looking at us. “We should probably go,” Rebecca said. “Yea.”..I meekly added, both of us realizing that we would no longer be able to have coffee there. I offered to drive Rebecca home, knowing she walked here. She agreed and mentioned something about how she loved my car. I had to admit, I did too. I had a need for speed, and with my husband being an executive for BMW, specifically the M division, I got my hands on some cool cars over the years. The car I owned right now, the 2016 BMW M2, was the car that put the Motorsport back in M, if only briefly. But I loved it all the same, as did Rebecca. She seemingly got back a little of the energy she used to have to talk about the M2. Seeing her this way made me happy, so I turned left at the intersection that leads to our neighborhood. “Where are we going?” Rebecca asked. “Nowhere in particular” I smiled looking at the curvy road ahead. “Just taking a longer way home.”

By the time I got Rebecca home, it was already dinner time. So Rebecca invited me to eat with her tonight. It wasn’t unnatural for this to happen. We were two bored & lonely housewives, and friends since college. But I wasn’t over my questions from earlier. And if she wasn’t going to tell me in her right mind, then maybe she’d tell me in her wrong mind.

Dinner etiler escort prep started off about expected. I helped Rebecca cook and we played around in the kitchen. We drank some Hennessey while we cooked. Maybe a little too much because I kept slapping or squeezing her ass in which case, she’d playfully slap my hand away. We were making Asian beef burgers with minted watermelon and watermelon salad with mint and crispy prosciutto.

When explaining to me how she wanted the melon cut, I saddled up behind her, to where I was grinding on her ass. I put my arms around her and rested them on the front of her thighs. I then rested my head on her shoulder. Getting a little bit turned on, I decided to go all the way. “Hey, what about these Melons here” I whispered in her ear and slowly swayed with her body. She closed her eyes and breathed shallowly, melting into me before catching herself. “What other melons Amy, there’s only one in front of me.”

“There are three melons in front of you Rebecca. The one on the cutting board…and these two.”

I reached up and cupped a pair of double Ds. My touch must have been electric, with Rebecca moaning on contact. Rebecca, even in a rut, was still in shape at 26 years old. Tanned, with an hourglass figure, a big ass, big tits and long slender shapely legs, I was happy to let her know how sexy she was. I continued to grind against her, pushing her against the counter as I slid a hand into her panties. “Damn, she’s soaked,” I thought as I started to probe around her cunt, finding her clit and giving it a squeeze.

This caused Rebecca to gasp and lean over the counter. But I wasn’t done. I pulled on her ponytail and pulled her back up. “Yesss baby more” she moaned out. I licked and sucked on her neck, holding her throat from behind as I thrust on her ass, pushing my fingers deeper into her cunt with the help of the counter. I probed my fingers around inside her soaked cunt before finding her G spot. She came on the spot, falling to her knees as my fingers slipped out of her cunt and writhing in ecstasy. I licked my fingers as she looked up at me.

I took off my shirt and unclasped my bra. I took off my panties and rubbed myself, my short skirt still on. Not to toot my own horn, but I didn’t look so bad myself. Had C cups, a plump ass, was short so my legs were toned and sensual. My stomach was on point. I had a cute face. My skin had a fair white tone to it and I wore my raven black hair in pigtails. I was as Asian as you get, looks wise.

Rebecca still apparently confused, shoved her face in my cunt before pulling away and asking, “May I service you, Mistress Snow?” At first, I thought she was playing around. That she was making fun of my last name. It was Snow, after all. But when I saw the way her eyes were glazed over, I grabbed a seat and told her to start licking. She kissed my inner thighs, working her way to her target but backing away before her lips touched my sex. Her continuous licking, kissing and sucking got me hot and bothered, my pussy leaking with anticipation. “Stop teasing me Bekah,” a nickname I seldom used for her, “just lick my cunt you slut.” She complied with a muffled “yes Mistress Snow” before shoving her tongue into my cunt, looking up at me hungrily.

She licked around and around, up and down. She got every inch of my pussy. She fucked me with her tongue, but when she stuck her finger into me, it was too much. When did she get this good? Was this Mistress Snows doing? More questions, but they were pushed out of my mind as a rush came over me. “Ahhh ahhh I’m cumming Bekah …I’m ohh shit.” It was too late of a warning. She pulled her tongue out of my cunt an sucked on my clit. She shoved more of her fingers in my pussy and one in my ass. All hope was lost. The dam in my pussy broke and I gushed out like a tsunami. “AHHHHHHHHH FUCK YESS BABY IM CUMMMIINNGGMMMM.”

I grabbed her head, and pulled her into my pussy, cumming all over her face. When I let go, Rebecca pulled away, my juice all over her, and she readjusted herself on her knees while I regained my composure, still squirting a bit. When I came to, I realized I had squirted all over her and the kitchen floor. “Sorry Rebecca, I ….” I trailed off, realizing she wasn’t listening. She was still in that dazed state. It was then it clicked. I had fully lost my friend to this Mistress Snow and I had had enough! “Rebecca, why are you hung up about this Mistress Snow,” I asked. She answered, in a very creepy way, void of emotion. Like she wasn’t talking to me but to Mistress Snow Herself. “Because I couldn’t be the one to serve you. I couldn’t be your heiress. I knew submissiveness first and not how to dominate. I only wanted to serve, not co-rule.”

What does any of that mean? I thought. I asked another question. “And why wouldn’t you tell me her coordinates or how to contact her?”

“Because I didn’t want my friend Amy to end up longing for your cock like I do. Mistress, may I serve you again?” Stunned by this, I found in myself that more fire had been added escorts to my hatred for this “Mistress Snow.” No sex life, no friend, I was going to confront her. But I was scared by another thing. The smoldering lust which was building up for this “Mistress Snow” inside me. But for now, my friend was on her knees, awaiting my command. I didn’t have it in me to say no to that face. “Yes dear, you may serve me.” And the rest of the night went down like that. With her on her knees going down on me.

The next day, I had Rebecca explain to me how she found out about Mistress Snow. Apparently, it is on the internet. I just didn’t look hard enough. The site talked about a mistress in the mountains and how she’s looking for an heiress. How various woman have gone up there to receive the ultimate pleasure? But if you aren’t what Mistress Snow is looking for, she will let you go in a month and u will spend the rest of your life craving her, much like how Rebecca was.

Speaking of Bekah, she was between my legs, lapping happily away at my cunt while I researched and only stopping when I asked a question and she had to tell me what I need. She was still not in her right mind, her eyes glazed over as they were when I first came onto her. It’s been two days since then. I felt bad that I had been the trigger. The one to put her in this slutty zombified state. But my pussy happily enjoyed her constantly being down there and Bekah, even though she couldn’t, never ounce protested being a cunt muncher…my cunt muncher.

The website also stated that you had to write a letter and put in in the red mailbox on Karlishub Ave. The very last one before it turns into Oberhausen Drive. The letter itself had to be about why you were a suitable slut and why u particularly wanted to be under the command of Mistress Snow. The letter must be brief, no longer than two paragraphs. It also said to name who informed you of Mistress Snow. So I wrote my letter, it read…

Dear Mistress Snow

My name is Amy Snow. I was recommended to you by a fellow slut named Rebecca Hollister. I am a housewife living basically all by myself. But I am a wanton slut. I crave big juicy cocks a lot. I love to suck cocks like they were my meals. I love to eat cunt too, letting the pussy juice roll into my throat. It makes me insatiable. But alas, I can do none of that because I’m married. My friend/slut Rebecca has currently become my cunt muncher, but that is not enough anymore. My husband is not capable of satisfying this lust even if he tried. I need you. You & your extreme pleasure. I’m an Asian whore. 5’4, plump C-cup breast, a nice round ass and a nice belly. I have fair skin and raven black hair in pigtails. Please, think about it.

~Your Slut~

~ Amy Snow ~

And then I waited. I had sent the letter off in an envelope with some pictures of me with Bekah between my legs. It was to let her know I wasn’t lying, but the small act of voyeurism, knowing someone I didn’t know would see them, turned me on. So the waiting began. Two weeks later, I was starting to get worried. Rebecca was still in her dazed state and was starting to become more rabid in her sexual attacks. One time, I got home and she jumped on me in the open doorway, pulling my panties to the side and driving her tongue into my pussy, for anyone to see. Rumors were going around the neighborhood that we were having an affair. I was starting to get cold stares. But I didn’t care. I was worried about my friend and if she wanted my pussy, she could have it. On Wednesday, I finally got an envelope back with the address and to be there in 3 days. I was ecstatic. The time had come to fix my friend and get answers to this myth.

~ The Present ~

I drove up the road, trying to clear my mind. I was only acting the part, I did not come here to get fucked, and I came here to fuck. I was wearing red silk thigh highs with a flower pattern on the rim, a red school girl short skirt, and sexy red silk panties with a garter belt. Above the waist, I put on a sexy red lace bra and a plaid knotted up shirt, showing all the cleavage I had, and a collar that said slut on it. I pulled the M2 in front of the entrance and got out.

This mansion looked really new. I walked to the front entrance. The door had a sign that said “No thots allowed” but the no was crossed out. “I guess I’m welcome than” I laughed to myself. I rang the doorbell and waited a moment. A woman answered, wearing a silk cloak with white lace patterns of apples, flowers, and snowflakes. When she looked up, I could see her skin was white as snow and “Snow White” immediately popped into my mind. I instantly, my body reacting before my mind could, fell to my knees. She spoke in the sexiest voice I ever heard, with a silky smoothness to it. “You…must be Amy Snow, am I right my slut?” The mere sound of her voice made my pussy wet. She reached down to my collar and read the word “slut” aloud.

Then she laughed. The surreal nature of the situation had me really wet as I said, “yes, your slut Mistress Snow.”

“Hopefully, bagcilar escort you make it past the month trial period” she purred as she stepped inside. She told me to follow her as it was cold outside and I got up and followed her into the house. There was a long hallway lit with candles and erotic paintings all on the walls. I watched them, each one looking like it was based off a real person or a spoof of famous painting like the one of the Mona Lisa but she was naked. And finally, I saw the picture of what was undoubtedly Rebecca. In the picture, she was naked with Mistress Snow holding her leash and holding two other cocks in her hand. Covered with cum all over her body, face, and hair, she was smiling, cum dripping from her mouth too.

The picture was erotic but this quickly snapped me out of my horny state and refocused me as to why I was here, the fire relit in me. The fire of my lust, however, was also still raging, my pussy soaking my silk panties. We walked into the reception room where finally she said, “We have arrived.” With a sway of her hips, she snapped her fingers and turned around to look at me, that sultry smile still there. All in one motion, I realized behind Mistress Snow was standing in front of a fireplace, which lit up after she snapped. In front of it was a chair that looked like a throne. Next to the fireplace, were two hallways where three girls each came out. They were wearing silk cowl hoods but were naked from the chest down with a chain lingerie being the only other thing on them.

What stood out to me though, was their exposed cocks? Each one had to be about nine to eleven inches and they were very thick. They stood to attention as the six girls got on their knees, 3 on each side of the carpet. It clicked to me that the website and Rebecca both said there were seven. I felt a cock rub against my leg. I turned around to see a girl in a cowl hood and chain costume just like the others and looked straight down at her cock. Definitely eleven inches. And as thick as about five inches in circumference, not counting the head. A tempting sight. I looked back at the girl, but she too had gotten on her knees and crawled past me. I turned around to look back at Mistress Snow.

She smiled that dazzling smile at me again & licked her lips. In one movement, her cloak fell off to reveal that she was wearing sexy dominatrix attire. Black heels, grey thigh highs with a silk black border line. A black garter belt connecting her silk and leather panties. Her corset also connected to these panties and covered none of her back as it was tied together with red lace as was a portion in the front covering her belly button. The corset had to straps that led to a leather choker. She wore lace arm sleeves that ended at her fingers. She had on brick red lipstick and black eyeliner with a red ribbon in her hair. All that just accentuated the fact that her skin was in fact snow white. Unblemished and pure, I was mesmerized by it. What mesmerized me more was the giant cock bulging out of her panties. Easily 16 inches, it dripped pre-cum and the aroma was getting to me. Her blue eyes pierced me before smiling.

She turned around and started walking to her throne. I snapped out of my gaze. This was my chance. I had come here to avenge Rebecca and no matter how alluring Mistress Snow or the cocks that every woman here possessed was, I was going to fulfill my mission. I ran and tackled Mistress Snow. She looked surprised as I said, “Bitch, I didn’t come here to get fucked. I came here to fuck you. You changed my friend Rebecca. She used to be energetic, yet you turned her down. The fuck is wrong with you? Do you know how many women you’ve done this to? How do I fix my friend? Do you have anything to say for yourself bitch? C’mon answer me.”

Mistress Snow’s shocked face turned into a genuinely happy smile. “I knew

you were the one, Amy Snow.”

“Huh, dafuck do you mean I’m the one?” I asked, confused as all hell. It was then I felt my skirt was brushed up, my panties were pulled aside and an eleven-inch cock was shoved all the way inside my cunt. I gasped at how deep it was inside me, cursing myself for getting wet, for allowing the penetration to be this easy. But it felt fulling, this was the biggest cock to ever be inside me. Her cock was buried deep in my cunt snatch, all eleven inches there and pushing against my womb. I fell to all fours and gasped again as the Futa started thrusting, breaking my walls in the process. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as my tongue flicked out, my mouth making a perfect O.

“What ….mmmm…are you…ahhh… after?” I asked Mistress Snow. “I’m after someone who can be my heiress. My partner in crime. But nobody possessed the dominance it requires. To be dominant, you must first be submissive. But if you are only submissive, that does not help me. It’s why all those women are out there in Germany, wishing and thinking about servicing my cock.” she said. Mistress Snow sat down on her throne and a Futa slave crawled over and unzipped the zipper I hadn’t noticed before on her panties, fully releasing the Mistress’s cock. The Futa than began to suck on Mistress Snows balls while stroking her shaft. I would’ve kept staring, if not for the fact that the Futa inside me had started thrusting even harder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32