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This story is based off a fantasy it is entirely made up. All characters are over 18 and you must be over 18 to read this.

I always appreciate feedback and comments, and I am aware that I am not the best with punctuation and grammar no reason to beat me up over it… Thanks


After entering the house and stripping at the door as you instructed I fold my clothes and place them in a lock box by the door. I then lock the lock hanging from the outside of the box and make my way to the living room where you’re waiting patiently. As I approach I see you are wearing a bra, panties and socks and holding a glass of wine. I stop in front of you handing over the key before placing both hands on top of my head interlocking my fingers, then spreading my legs wide as we discussed in our email exchange. Leaving my cock and balls dangling and fully exposed to whatever you have planned.

I just stand there staring straight ahead knowing full well once I entered the house and locked my clothes away my body and more importantly genitals became your playground. My clothes wouldn’t be returned until you were done having your fun and completely satisfied. It isn’t long after your done giving me a once over, and remarking that though you thought my cock looked bigger in the photos then in person, though not to worry as it would still do. Did your left foot start inching its way up to my balls where once it makes contact you begin to flick your toes back and forth over them causing them to swing between my legs. This causes more giggles from you and more drinking in your amusement. My cock is resting on top of your foot as you continue playing with my balls for several minutes before stopping and lowering your leg. You let me know that you like the shaved look as well.

Then you’re right foot moves up making contact with my now semi hard cock. Flicking it with your toes watching as grows erect. You giggle at the site of this. Making remarks how it doesn’t take much to get some guys going. As well noting that Ataşehir Escort I am clearly a grower and not a shower, but it is still just an average piece of meat. You continue to laugh and giggle to yourself as you keeping bouncing my hard cock and now my dangling balls with your toes. You then force my cock up and flat against my body pushing it into my body and watching as precum begins to ooze from the head. This makes you rub your foot in full strokes up and down my length. Then you look up and catching me watching. I try to move my eyes back up and face straight ahead but it’s too late. You stop your fun move your foot away and sit up, wrapping your hands around my balls and pulling me forward. Then informing me that is strike one for disobeying your order to not watch unless instructed to. You let me know I will be punished for that later, but right now I am to lay on the floor in front of you. Once in position you continue your fun.

Only my balls are easy access now so you sandwich them between your feet and slowly push in on them till you have a tight grip then began to pull on them stretching them outward. Once pulled out as far as they will go you move your feet up and down, this causes my cock to bounce up and down like a puppet on a string. Your laughter gets louder but your fun continues, as my cock now has precum not just leaking but flying everywhere. It probably shouldn’t feel as good as it does, but to me it’s amazing and is now leaking like a running facet.

You suddenly release my balls as they flop back against my body, then you have me sit up legs spread wide. My balls now resting on the floor I had precum running down the length of my cock and over my balls soaking them.

You then bend down placing a book on the floor in front of my balls and with your foot you push my cock down on to the book and begin to rub your foot up and down the length like your trying to make my cock one with the book. It’s not painful in anyway and the extra attention your heel gives my sensitive Bostancı Escort fat cock head causes more precum to drool out. After several strokes you stop with your heel clamped down on my cock head causing the pee slit to remain open showing the juices leaking out. You then move your other foot toward my face and instructed me to only use my mouth and remove the sock as its time you want to feel skin on skin. I begin to carefully grip the sock with my teeth and pull making sure I don’t bite your skin. It takes several minutes but I get the sock off dropping it on the floor next to us. Once removed you move your foot down and scoop up the precum with your now barefoot and bring it to my lips where you coat my lips with my own juice. You then remove your foot from my cock and replace it with your now barefoot, and then have me remove your other sock. Once removed you continue rubbing your foot against my rock hard cock that shouldn’t be enjoying this but yet he is.

My balls begin to ache and I begin to moan more now. without warning u stop moving your feet and pushing down on my full aching balls ruining my impending orgasm you remind me that I don’t have permission to cum yet. Besides the fun you have planned is just getting started.

With that you have me roll over onto my hands and knees where I begin to crawl around the house with you walking behind me and every so often lightly tapping my balls with your feet. You again have me stop and then have me kneel near a coffee table placing my cock on top of the table. As you step up you instruct me to keep my eyes forward again as to not see what you’re doing. Then you hand me a set of dice and tell me to roll it, knowing better than to question your motive I do as instructed and roll a seven. You giggle letting me know that is the number of orgasms my cock must yield before fun will end. You then have me roll them again, and I get a little nervous when I see a 12 come up. Clapping your hands and laughing in clear excitement you inform Kadıköy Escort me that is the number of objects in the house you are going to use on my cock and balls in your quest to make me cum 7 times. You then inform me to just roll one of the dice, which I do and get a 3. That is the number of objects I will use to punish you for your early disobedience and that if I should choose to disobey you anymore that I will have to roll the dice to determine the extent of my punishment.

After that is said you tell me to move my hips back and then forward again. As I come forward I feel my cock is again under your heel. Only this time it isn’t on the table it is sandwiched between your foot and what feels like a flip flop. You press down just enough to hold it in place and have me move my hips back and forth as if I am having sex with your flip flop. The juices are flowing now and I can really feel myself getting close my moaning continues and you know that I am close. You have me stop and roll onto my back and close my eyes. Getting off the table you pick up my legs until I’m upside down with my cock pointing directly at my face. I know this based on the position as well I can feel the precum dripping onto my face. I feel your sock cover hand reach down and begin to stroke my cock. It doesn’t take long before I hit the point of no return, and I hear you give me permission to blow my load.

Which shoots out like a bullet striking me in the face spurt after spurt as you make sure it coats as much of my face as possible. For several minutes you continue to stroke my now sensitive cock and need my balls trying to get every last drop out. Then you have me move my arms around to hold myself up in this position you release my genitals. I am unaware of where you go but when you return up place a zip lock bag over my cock and balls then wrap a hair tie around the base making sure it stays in place. Letting me know you don’t want any juice to go to waste. So it will be collected in the bag for later. Also that I am not to wipe any of the cum from my face as you are enjoying seeing your master piece that is a work in progress.

Then you have me crawl over to the couch were you resume your position sitting there and drinking your wine, and I am to massage your feet and get them ready for round 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32