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I want to thank Luckybitch22 for all her wonderful help editing this story who without her help would not have been possible. All persons are over the age of 18. This is all the work of fiction. Please enjoy and give me feedback if you all want it to continue.


Stephanie had known Glenn for sometime. She met him on line and knew instantly that he was what she had been looking for, for so long. Glenn was the alpha male she needed in her life. They chatted for almost a year on line before they met in real life, it was everything she had hoped it would be. They had went out dancing and during the night Glenn took her outside, bent her over a car and ripped her thong off, before he fucked her filling her pussy full of his cum. He did not give her time to clean up taking her back inside to dance where he told her,

“I want my cum to leak out of you all night running down your legs to soak your stockings so when you get home your hubby will know you have been fucked”.

She blushed but only nodded in agreement. When they got to Glenn’s room he pulled his cock out and told her, “Get down and suck your masters cock like a good slut.” Which she did making him cum in her mouth swallowing every drop of it. Glenn placed a collar on her before he sent her home and told her to wear it tomorrow night when he came by for dinner. As he put it Dress as the real inner slut you are no matter what hubby says.

The next night Glenn showed up at 6pm as planned, Stephanie opened the door dressed in a short black skirt, white lacy see through top with no bra, black stocking and 4 inch heels and her black collar around her neck. She almost leaped into his arms kissing him then lead him into the living room where her husband sat at a desk working. She made the introductions and both men shook hands with Glenn getting the upper hand in the handshake war. Stephanie made a wonderful meal which was filled with compliments from Glenn on how she looked smelled how good the food was and with each one he always looked at her husband to see him turn a bit red not with anger but more of jealousy. Stephanie cleared the table and they all went into the living room for some drinks.

Glenn knew the time was right “Steph I want you to tell me what you like me doing to you?”

She looked at her husband with a bit of shock in her eyes before bowing her head to say, “I like you to make me swallow your hot cum, I like to feel your big thick hard cock inside of me.”

Glenn smiled as he looked at her husband with his mouth open. “Inside you where?”

Stephanie stood there causing Glenn to come to her side he took her face in his hands made her look at him before saying again,

“Inside you where?”

He swatted her ass hard. She lowered her eyes,

“Inside my womanhood.”

Glenn took the hand he held her chin with and slapped her face just enough to make it sting but not leave a mark. “Say it Steph tell me and your husband what you really like.”

She knew what he was doing and was excited by it as she looked over at her husband she saw he had a hard-on bigger than she ever saw him with.

Stephanie could not speak she was to excited by what Glenn was doing. This was the man that knew all of her deep secrets and was now using them to make her dreams come true.

“Did you like it last night when I took you over the hood of that car fucking you without regard to who saw you? When I filled your pussy with my cum letting it soak your stockings?”

She blushed and shook her head slightly yes. Glenn reached up slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to her waist down her arms.

” These are my tits to suck lick nibble bite and even abuse if I want to aren’t they Stephanie?”

He slapped one causing her to moan she had never been this excited before. Glenn could tell that her husband had just about had all without making him sit still which what is what Glenn had in mind, He walked over to Jason with a hand at the back of his neck

“Lead me to the bedroom while Stephanie gets me some rope.”

Stephanie dashed toward the garage as Glenn was lead to the bedroom all the while talking kind of rubbing it in that Glenn knew all about how Jason was closet cuckold but did not want to admit it and that Glenn was there to help.

They reached the bedroom and Glenn told him.

” Now you have a choice you can strip and sit down or you will be striped after you are tied down, if you do it now, I will make sure you have one hand free to enjoy yourself as Steph and myself are enjoying ourselves so it is your call, you have 10 seconds to decide.”

Jason stripped down to his underwear and started to sit down but Glenn motioned with his hands to lose the underwear just a Stephanie came back with the rope. She rushed into the room and straight to Glenn putting her arm around him as she looked at her loving husband naked with a hard stiff cock in front of her and her Master/lover.

“Stephanie I want you to tie Jason to the chair you can sex hikayeleri leave one hand free from elbow down but that is all we want him to be able to stroke that cock while he watches us!”

Stephanie tied Jason to the chair as Glenn had said then Glenn checked it praising her.

“Good job my little slut now take this and put it in the DVD player for Jason to watch as we go get a shower”.

Glenn went into the bathroom and started the shower as Stephanie put in the DVD and turned on the TV. She stood shocked as the image filled the screen was of two guys fucking a woman one in her ass and one in her pussy. Her face was hidden until she heard Glenn’s voice

“Yes Stephanie take our cocks you dirty little slut, What would Jason say seeing his sweet innocent wife being fucked by a guy and his nephew?” In the video she let out a huge cry as she came all over Eli’s cock as Glenn fucked her ass deep. She turned and rushed into the bathroom to join Glenn.

“I did not know you taped us and Eli Sir.”

Glenn laughed

“How else is Emily Cummins going to be unless it is taped?”

He reached out unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor and she stepped out of it. Glenn kneeled down and took her panties off and planted a kiss on her shapely ass.

They took a shower together and as always she played with his cock as she could not seem to get enough of having such a big cock in her hands. Glenn fingered her ass as he sucked her nipples but wanted to save the big exploration for the bed in front of Jason. They dried off and returned to the bedroom crawling up into the middle of the bed. They looked over at Jason and noticed he had already covered his stomach in a load of cum. The Video had Stephanie taking two loads of cum on her face and in her mouth as Glenn looked at her he saw her blush.

” That was great Steph you took that like a champ, I remember what you said when we were done. Jason it is not on here but she told us that was the hottest fuck she ever had and that you never cum on her.” The video shut off as Glenn leaned back .

“Well today is about letting go for you and Steph or her new porno slut name Emily Cummins you see, I know what she needs and I give it to her as only I can right now, I am sure you noticed the necklace but do you know what it is?”

Jason looked at Glenn shaking his head no. Glenn then looked over at Stephanie

“Slut tell him and then suck my cock.” Steph looked at her loving husband

“Jason, It is my Master’s collar”

Stephanie dropped her mouth on Glenn’s cock taking it in as deep as she could without gagging.

“Yes Jason since you can or will not fuck her like the slut she wants to be I do she is my slut and will do anything I say as you see here. There is something she has always wanted and tonight I am going to make it happen. What is it she wants that you can not give her? Well buddy it is simple she wants you to admit you get turned on seeing her get fucked and wants you to clean her cum filled pussy of the cum.”

Glenn reached down and pushed her head deeper on his cock and held it there as she gagged.

“So that is the reason you are tied to the chair naked you can not hide a hard cock when naked can you?”

Jason did not know what to say or do until Glenn almost shouted at him

“Can you?”

Jason then said very softly “no”

” Speak up Jason she is not going to be let up to breath til you answer me the way you know you have to.”

Jason knew what he had to do and finally admitted to himself what he was

” No sir I can not”

Glenn let Stephanie’s head go and she took her mouth off his cock, choking and spitting as she did with drool coating her chin.

“Look at her Jason this is what she loves, to be used and yet still be loved you have the love without a doubt but you can never use her can you?”

Jason looked at her and thought she never looked more beautiful than she did then

“No sir.”

Glenn then got Steph on her hands and kness with her ass up and her face on the bed looking toward Jason, He got behind her and spanked her ass causing her to moan with each slap she moaned louder.

“Stephanie tell Jason what you want”

She turned red and kept quite. He spanked her hard and in a commanding voice she heard before


She knew she had to do it in a shaking voice said

“I want my Master to use me for his pleasure, Fuck me like the slut I am Please, sir.”

She looked at Jason and saw he was turned on again as his cock was rock hard. Glenn got behind her and slammed his cock into her super wet pussy. She groaned out loud.

“You see this Jason this is how she craves to be fucked don’t you Slut?”

All Steph could do was moan, Glenn reach down grabbed her hair and almost yanked her back to him. Turning her so Jason could see he kissed her with his tongue invading her mouth.

They broke the kiss and both looked over to Jason. He was slowly stroking his cock. porno hikayeleri Glenn pushed Stephanie’s head back down slapped her ass hard before he stepped up his fucking.

“This is the best pussy I have ever had. Jason I am sure you would not know how it feels to really be milked by a super turned on woman as you fuck her do you?”

Jason shook his head. Glenn pulled out of Stephanie and walked over to Jason took him by the hair and made him look at his cock dripping with pussy juice.

“When I ask you a fucking question you answer me, Look at her juice on my cock have you ever had your cock that wet before? “

Jason swallowed before replying

“No Sir.”

Glenn let him go and went back almost slamming his cock into her waiting pussy.

” How does it feel Slut? You like that cock in your slut pussy?”

She was thrusting back to him feeling him reach the entrance of her cervix

“Yes Sir I LOVE IT fuck me harder please sir make me cum on your cock sir PLEASE!”

Glenn picked up his pace

“You may cum when I say so slut. “

He felt his balls pounding on her clit and knew he was close to cumming in her pussy. He was swelling fucking harder he heard her let out a grunt as he felt himself enter the tip of her cervix. Glenn threw back his head and moaned as he swelled one last time shoving his cock in holding still.

“Cum for me as I fill you up Stephanie Cum on my cock NOW! “

Stephanie screamed out as her pussy clamped down on the large cock filling her.

“Cumming now sir Oh my gawd yes.” They stayed that way until Glenn’s cock deflated and slipped out. Glenn flipped Stephanie over spreading her legs so Jason could see it. The cum started to ooze out .Glenn went over and untied Jason. He took Jason by the back of the head and positioned him in front of Stephanie’s well fucked pussy. Glenn took his hand and spread her pussy.

“Tell Jason what you want Slut?”

Stephanie was so turned on she started talking as soon as she heard him!

“Eat my cum filled pussy Jason show me what you really are, suck my Masters cum from me please.”

Jason just looked at the cum dripping out pooling under her ass. He felt the hand on his head and pushed back on it but Glenn held fast and shoved his face into her pussy. Glenn rubbed it covering Jason’s face with his cum.

“Clean it out Now you cuckold! Show Stephanie what a good husband you can and will be!”

Jason began to lick and suck the cum filled pussy just to be able to breathe but soon learned he loved the taste.

Glenn saw Jason reaching down to his cock and was going to stroke it but grabbed his hands holding them behind him. ” You want to cum Jason then admit what you are!”

Jason spoke but was not audible with his mouth in Stephanie’s pussy. Glenn took him by the hair raised him up.

” Tell us Jason what are you?”

Jason looked at Stephanie in the eyes he almost wanted to cry but knew his fate was sealed.

“Baby I love you, you know that but you married a cuckold please forgive me baby.”

Stephanie hearing that had tears in her eyes as she grabbed his head,

“Suck my cum filled pussy now baby we will talk later with Master, Make me cum like a good husband would.”

Glenn stood back now and watched as Jason ate his cum out of Stephanie. He now knew he had Jason where he wanted as well as Stephanie. She took her foot and was rubbing her husband’s cock with it as she pulled his head deeper into her pussy.

“Suck it See how big Master Glenn stretched that pussy with his cock?” All Jason could do was moan. It was true her pussy was gapped open bigger than he ever saw it. He did not want to admit it but seeing and tasting it turned him on and with the added friction of her foot he was close to cumming. Glenn saw him start to move his hips more into her foot and knew what was coming. Stephanie yelled as her body tensed up and she had the biggest orgasm of the night.

Glenn pulled Jason back into the chair

“Sit there and do not move!”

Glenn turn back to Stephanie before he added


Stephanie almost laughed out loud hearing that. She did love her husband with all her heart, over all he was a good man , he made a good living for them both, they had a nice home and cars she had very nice clothes and she did not want for anything, Well anything except to be used as a slut. To have no real control over what she does she had to have that man that was the alpha male and as much as she wished hoped and prayed for it over the years Jason was not it at all. She knew Glenn was the one she had been dreaming about even if he did not have a BIG cock it was his attitude and the confidence he had.

Stephanie was laying back on the bed trying to catch her breathe, Glenn looked at her and then told her

“I will be right back Don’t fucking move.”

Glenn went back to the living room to get a small black bag he had brought with him and then took the trip back to the bedroom. Jason seks hikayeleri was stroking his cock as he looked at his loving wife’s pussy throb still. He laid the bag on the bed opened it and took out some hand cuffs. He took Stephanie’s hands over her head locking them to the headboard. Glenn then took out nipple clamps and placed them on her tits making sure they were snug but not to tight as he knew she was new to it.

“Oh my god hurts so good sir”

Glenn knew they were not hurting as much as she said, he knew it was more for Jason than for him. Glenn walked back over to Jason his cock flopping as he walked.

“Sissy stop jerking that clit and look at me, Take my cock in your hand and stroke it get me hard so I can fuck your beautiful wife in her tight ass.”

Jason looked at Glenn scared to move.

Glenn took his hands from behind his back and grabbed Jason by the closet nipple and put a clamp on it tighter than he had Stephanie’s. Jason screamed out with pain and the freight of it all as it happened so fast.

“Now stroke my cock like I told you to or you may get one on your nuts.” Jason slowly took Glenn’s cock in his hand and started to slowly stroke it. He felt the heat from it and how big and strong it was so much different than his own cock. Glenn looked at Stephanie as she was watching her husband submit to Glenn.

“Jason you want to see me fuck Steph’s ass don’t you?”

Jason moaned as he started stroking faster causing Glenn to swell more. Glenn grabbed him by the hair and made him look him in the eyes,

“Answer me Jason you want to see this big cock stretch your sweet sexy wife’s small ass open don’t you?” Jason swallowed hard, “Yes sir.”

Glenn was still looking at Stephanie and saw her pussy was starting to leak. She was turned on hearing her husband say he wanted to watch her get ass fucked. She had always thought about it and often dreamed of it but never thought it would happen. Her legs twitched as she watched Jason stroking Glenn’s cock making him harder. Glenn decided to turn it up some and see how far Stephanie wanted it to go.

“Stephanie should I make Jason really get my cock ready for that ass baby? “

She did not know what he meant and just looked and shook more.

“Shall I have Jason lube your ass for me? “

Stephanie then knew where he was headed.

“Yes Sir please have him prep my ass for you sir.”

Glenn smiled, “You heard her sissy go get the lube and prep her ass NOW!”

Jason scrambled to the bedside table to get the lube. He got on the bed and laid down almost as if he was going to eat her pussy again. He squirted some lube on his fingers spread her ass and slowly worked into her ass. Glenn straddled Stephanie and let his cock rest on her clit as he held her legs up. Jason was so close to her that Glenn knew he could thrust his cock forward and have it in his mouth. Glenn put her legs behind his arm took his camera and thrust his cock to Jason’s mouth.

Jason moved the first time but continued to work getting a second finger into her ass. Glenn let him alone for a minute before he done it again with Jason’s mouth was slightly parted. This time his cock went into Jason’s mouth and before Jason could pull back Glenn had a picture of it. He reached down and held Jason on his cock.

” Stephanie he has my cock in his mouth. Maybe I will just mouth fuck him first.”

He felt both of them shiver at the thought of Glenn mouth fucking Jason. Glenn felt Jason try to breath causing him to move his tongue around the cock in his mouth. Glenn moaned as he felt it.

Glenn pushed more of his cock into Jason’s mouth and felt him trying to adjust to it. Jason had two fingers in Stephanie’s ass holding still not knowing what would happen next.

” Well looks like we will have to work on this Jason don’t you think?”

Jason shook his head knowing he did not want to be thought of as gay by his wife. Stephanie was humping her ass to get more of his fingers in her ass. Glenn knew where he wanted it to go next getting up he let his cock slip out of Jason’s mouth with a pop. Glenn reached and took his phone from his pants.

“Hey it’s me I got us something lined up and it is so good you will hate me if I do not get you in on it so get over here the back door will be open come on in.” Glenn gave the address and hung up. Glenn took Jason by the hair

“Back to watching time you see her take a real cock in her slut ass don’t you think?”

Glenn put her legs on his shoulders and lined up his cock sliding it in.

“Look at it Jason see how her ass stretches to take my cock, Damn she has a super tight ass bet you never felt it milk you like it is me!” Glenn started fucking her ass driving her into the mattress with each thrust. Stephanie was in heaven having her husband watch her getting fucked in the ass and thinking he was enjoying it even if Glenn was making him watch it. Glenn leaned down and whispered to Stephanie

“You are loving this, going to make me flood your sweet ass soon. Just wait it will be better for you.”

Thrusting faster he started to swell before grunting out

“I’m Cumming take my cum in your ass!”

Stephanie felt him start to shoot and moaned as she orgasmed with him,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32