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Hey everyone! This is my first story about a fantasy I had. Hope to continue the story. New to all this so hope you enjoy. Please excuse any glaring grammar issues and if you have any let me know and I can fix! If you want to collab let me know too!


Mark’s laptop monitor illuminated the dark hotel room as he stared at his screen. Mark had multiple, conflicting tabs opened up. Everything from a gay hook up site to the latest and straightest black guy white girl video populating porn sites. Mark sat naked with a glass of whiskey next to him, and next to that a personal, larger than needed tub of coconut oil.

Mark was a straight 28 year old male. He was fine looking – with boyish features and mysterious eyes. He worked in advertising and recently got dumped by his now ex-girlfriend of four years. He was on his first work trip since the breakup, traveling to New York City to pitch and land the creative for a big campaign for a new men’s shower gel.

Mark, growing bored of porn, started to cruise mrm forums and look for anyone posting about jacking off. After the breakup he couldn’t even think about sex. He couldn’t jack off or anything. But in this hotel room, on this night, he regained composure to start masturbating again. He was edging for hours to hot porn but needed something even more intense. He eventually found himself on sites more aggressive, gay specific networks, messaging guys about bating to hot sex sessions – everything from DP’s to MMF’s.

As has been his experience – he cruised up and down the personals M4M and couldn’t find anything he liked. He went back to the video with his favorite porn star, reached into the tub of coconut oil, took a nice gap out and started to stroke his cock again. He felt good, his eyes locked into the screen.

But Mark wanted more. As he furiously masturbated to his favorite beautiful pornstar as she furiously fucked a huge black man – he imagined himself stuffing her, then imagined himself getting stuffed. At that moment he stopped himself and leaned back.

His cock started to deflate from the rock hard seven-glistening-inches he had going. He looked at the clock, 12:04am.

“Fuck,” he said to himself. He had to get to bed. He had to nail this presentation.

He walked over to his bed and fell onto it. He was naked, kind of drunk, horny, and had been edging for what felt like hours. He grabbed his phone and noticed a new posting, one that fit exactly what he was looking for.

M4M – Older For Younger Guy to JO With

It’s really simple, just looking for a local hookup with another guy(s) for JO fun. A man on man bate connection. Open to touching but focused on hot pussy porn. I am a GL married man in an active-less marriage looking for masculine connection – 52, laid back dude, 5’9″, 180, minimal hair, slim build, 6 inches cut, salt and pepper hair.

Mark wrote a simple response back. Gave his stats: 6’2 170lbs slim & toned 7 thick inches cut.


Hello sir, just saw your DL post and it seemed like Betturkey a real, actual post and it sounded kinda hot. I’m new to this but down to watch some hot porn with a bud and jack. If things go further I could be down. Bonus points that you are older – seems kinda hot. If interested I’m at a great hotel downtown.

Mark hovered his cursor above ‘SEND’. He contemplated stopping right there but couldn’t stop himself from re-reading the post. He finally clicked ‘SEND’ and closed his laptop for a minute.

Mark walked over to the mini-bar and poured two Johnny Walkers into a glass and walked around the room, butt naked, glistening from sweat and coconut oil.

He then opened the computer and clicked refresh.


He took a sip and clicked refresh again. His eyes widened and his cock twitched.

RE: yes!

Hey bud, ditto on the response – the rest have been all fakes or flakes. You seem real and fun. I like you are a little inexperienced and younger. I actually live in soho near the hotel. My partner is traveling this week – want to swing by my apartment for a drink and talk?

– Brad

Attached was a hot photo – full body of an older man, fit, shaved chest, stubble and his cock erect standing fully naked in front of a mirror, one hand wrapped around his member.

Mark immediately started slowly stroking his cock looking at the photo for a minute. then another minute. He started to ask himself, “Should I go through with this? Should I really do this?”

His brain said go to sleep and get some rest, his cock said he needs to bate before bed and with a bud would be fun. Mark replied to the post that he’d be down and Brad fired back with the address and his phone number.

Mark got dressed, brushed his teeth, grabbed some condoms. He took one last look in the mirror. One last look at himself as a “straight” guy. He fixed his hair and headed down.

He walked outside the hotel in the winter cold and followed on his phone where to go. A seven minute walk that felt like one. How did he get here so fast? It was a beautiful luxury high rise building – Mark would have to talk to the overnight desk clerk to get access to room 960 on the 9th floor.

Mark walked into the lobby, looking clean and fresh and asked to be let up to see Brad in 960. The desk clerk looked at him coley. Feeling uncomfortable – Mark blurted out, “I have a delivery for him.”

The desk clerk nodded and pointed Mark to the elevator. The doors closed and Mark started to breathe heavily. He couldn’t believe what he was doing. He looked at his phone and it was 1:20am with a text from Brad he missed. The doors opened on the 9th floor and Mark looked around. He followed the numbers and when he reached 920 he could hear faint sounds of a woman getting fucked.

He was freaking out – but when he put his ear up to the door he could hear the fucking sounded clearly like it was coming from a TV or laptop and not an actual person in the room. He sighed to himself, “Well, this must be Betturkey Giriş the place.”

He knocked and no answer. Finally he took a deep breath and turned the door knob and it opened. The fucking got louder and he quickly closed the door behind him.

The room was illuminated only by the tv screen.

Mark entered the living room and no one was there. Just a couch with an indent of a recent body, a tub of lube was on the table and a hot video of Mark’s favorite getting railed on the screen.

But, not a person in sight.

As Mark looked around a voice from the kitchen called out “Mark?”

Mark turned around and saw an outline of a man silhouetted. The man stepped forward, into the light of the TV and Mark saw Brad for the first time – shirt off, tight underwear on and two drinks in his hands.

“I hope you like whiskey, that’s all I have – cheers.”

Brad handed the drink to Mark and they cheered.

“Thanks for coming over so quick,”

“Yeah no problem, I was just down the road and couldn’t sleep.” Mark fumbled after tasting the delicious whiskey.

Mark looked back at the TV, “This is a hot video,” he didn’t know what to say, he was so nervous.

“Yeah I got a ton – love watching her taking it,” Brad said as he walked by Mark, his hand reached out slightly stroking Mark’s back as he walked passed him and filled the indent of a body on the couch.

Immediately up next on the TV screen was another of his favorites, a mature blonde getting DP’d by two hung guys.

Mark looked at the middle of the couch and thought he’d sit next too but not too close to Brad. He sat down and watched the video intently. He took another drink and finally started to massage the outside of his pants.

“She’s so hot” said Brad.

Brad then took of his shorts and was completely naked sitting next to Mark. Brad grabbed some lube and greased his cock. Just staring at the 40 inch TV.

Watching every second of Brad’s movements, Mark’s cock became instantly hard. He continued to rub on the outside of his pants, his eyes fixated on Brad’s greased cock. Mark finally looked up and Brad was just staring at him stroking. Brad smiled and that was all Mark needed to know.

Mark unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. He spit in his hand and started to stroke, just as a new young hot couple hit the screen. He was finally doing it. He was stroking next to another guy. It was fun, it was chill, there was no pressure. Just two guys bating together.

“Get comfortable man – I don’t want to be the only one naked,” Brad said to Mark. Mark immediately took off his shirt and slid the pants completely off and put them to the side. He was now butt naked with another man, an older man, stroking to hot porn.

Brad handed Mark the tub of lube, “here use some of this.”

Mark started to lube his cock – it felt fantastic. But then he noticed something. The hot pornstar’s noises and fucking sounded great – but he hadn’t looked at the screen in minutes. He was staring at Brad’s cock as he stroked. He finally took his eyes off of Brad’s cock and looked up and immediately locked eyes with Brad. Brad was eye fucking the shit out of Mark and Mark was turned on.

Mark switched positions and instead of side by side he pushed himself up to the other side of the couch. Brad did the same and they were on opposite sides of the couch, facing each other, their legs overlapping each other and stroking vigorously. Just looking at each others bodies. Mark was so turned on.


“What’s up?” Brad said not missing a beat.

“This is hot Brad, thanks for inviting me over” Mark said between breathes. “It’s hot watching you stroke yourself,” he continued.

“Welcome man – you have a great cock and good endurance” Brad said.

“Thanks” Mark blushed.

“I want to watch you cum all over yourself,” Brad said.

Mark instantly got hard and started to stroke harder. Staring into Brad’s eyes and looking back down at his cock. It was so hot to see another man so horny, hard and into him. The thought that him masturbating was making Brad that hard drove Mark over the edge. Mark continued to stroke and buck his hips like he was fucking his hand.

Then it happened. Brad grabbed another gob of lube and climbed on top of Mark. Mark didn’t know what to do. Brad grabbed Marks cock and started to stroke it.

Mark let out a loud “OH FUCK!”

He’d never had another man grab his cock. It was his first time and it felt incredible as Brad stroked him. Stroking it in ways he never felt or new existed. Brad, hovering over Mark whispered in his ear, “Cum for me big guy.”

Mark couldn’t handle it – he started fucking Brad’s hand even harder. He looked to the left and saw her on the TV taking two cocks at the same time and all he could think about was that being him. Brad stroked him harder, “Cum for me!”

Mark let out a gasp and bucked his hip, just then a stream of thick white cum hit Brad’s chest and dripped down onto Mark’s. Mark couldn’t believe how hot of an orgasm he was unleashing as stream after stream was spewing everywhere. Brad’s hand was drenched in Mark’s cum as he slowed down his stroke.

Finally Brad gave one lick on Mark’s chest getting at a large drop of cum, then started to lick his hand and knuckles that were dripping with Mark’s cum.

“I…I…don’t know,” Mark stammered through his breaths.

Brad stopped him, “Mark are you fine?”

Mark nodded.

“Do you feel great?”

Mark nodded again.

“Then there’s nothing to say.”

Brad rolled off and they laid next to each other in bed facing the ceiling panting. Mark had a million thoughts going through his brain. He looked at the clock at it was approaching 2AM.

Mark looked down and saw Brad’s cock still erect. He was in fight or flight mode, leave or take it to the next level. Mark made a decision that would change everything for him.

Mark spit in his hand and gripped Brad’s cock. He then nuzzled his nose near Brad’s ear, licked his lobe and whispered,”I want to make an older man cum.”

Brad looked at him, his cock stiffening even more,

“Right now.”

To completely be continued!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32