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The door jangled as I pushed through, getting off the street as quickly as I could before someone saw me go into the adult movie store. After all, people only went into these places for one reason and that was exactly why I was there. I had been sporting a painful hard-on all day and I was going to have to get off soon or go out of my mind.

But with only fifteen dollars until the next day, going to my usual rub and tug was out of the question. Hell, the forty I would have to pay just to get naked wouldn’t even have bought me a happy ending. I would have to tip at least twenty for that and that twenty might have been a million for all my chance of getting it.

This porno theatre would fit the bill nicely though. Ten bucks would get me a nice dark room all to myself, with a video of my choosing. I had been a semi-frequent customer for some time to watch some movies and blow my load into a paper towel. They had some dark and dingy private viewing rooms with comfy if not especially clean or well cared for armchairs for me to add my ass sweat to the hundreds of others before me. I kind of liked the idea though and it kept me coming back.

I wondered through the racks of cocks and cunts graphically displayed on the video boxes before I made my selection, a pregnant lesbian flick with really low production values and even lower artistic merit. I grabbed the empty box and brought it up to the counter. I had been here a million times but the guy who took the box never once showed any signs of recognizing me.

“Got a two for one deal today. Ten gets you into both theatres. You can go back and forth as much as you want,” he said into an open drawer of videos as he tried to find my tape. I had never gone into the theatres before. There were two, a straight and a gay. They occupied the back half of the second floor and were located directly across from each other. I knew where they were and had seen people going in and out because the closet without a door that passed for a bathroom here was down that end and I always washed my cock after jerking off, especially in this place.

I had thought about it in the past but never gone in. Jerking alone was one thing but doing it in front of other men was something totally different. I was only partially surprised to find my already throbbing cock was trying to get even harder in my jeans at the thought. Going with the same inner voice which always seems to get me in trouble, I said, “Ok, I’ll take a ticket for the theatres. Are there many people in them?”

“Dunno. People come and go pretty regularly. Betturkey There will probably be a few. Ten please.” I passed the bill I had fished out earlier and took the little piece of cash register tape which served as my theatre ticket. The stairs were right beside the counter so before I knew it, my aching cock had lead me up to the second floor and to the closed doors of the two theatres, gay on the left, straight on the right. The choice stopped me in my tracks.

I identify myself as bisexual to anyone who will listen, but the straight side of bi, always wanting a nice wet pussy on my face, if given the choice, than a nice hard dick in my mouth. But I did get cravings for cock. Oh yes, there were cravings. I loved having a dick in my ass and roughly being pumped into. I always came really fast when having someone or something inside me, which almost made it not worthwhile to put out all the effort. I loved fucking ass too, but not as much as being fucked myself.

Which do I want, I thought to myself. Being my first time and really looking forward to seeing some tits, I decided on the straight theatre. At least there, I thought, I can sit and jerk off with all the other pervs in peace.

Opening the door caused a flurry of activity by the men already in the room. It only took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the dim light of the big screen TV at the front of the room. The TV was the only source of light in the theatre apart from a little night light at the very back of the room. In the shadows, the theatre looked about the size of two average-sized living rooms, elegantly appointed with about 50 green plastic lawn chairs and not much else. I also noticed the five other men in the room, sitting perfectly still, waiting for me to make the first move, to either join in or arrest them all for lewd conduct. I chose to sit beside two guys already sitting, but a couple seats away, not wanting to seem like a total letch, which I totally was.

Once I had settled myself, I started watching the video and slowly and quietly unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard cock. My actions did not go unnoticed because the others in the room relaxed and went back to what they were doing before I so rudely opened the door. The guy sitting closest to me lifted his shirt to reveal his very long and very solid dick, still glistening with spit from the guy sitting next to him. Taking the hint, his buddy with the short blond crewcut leaned over and took the swollen member between his lips and from what I could tell, half way down his throat Betturkey Giriş as well.

I stared open-mouthed and wide-eyed at the scene being played out on the plastic chairs beside me. I didn’t expect when I opened the door that I would be watching a live sex show, especially this close. The guy getting his cock sucked played with his lover’s hair absentmindedly as shocks of pleasure took his body. He opened his eyes after one particularly powerful suck and looked over at me stroking my rod and stared into my eyes for a brief second before he closed his again and went back into his little fantasy world while the blond stud continued to take long strokes off the cock in his mouth.

A faint touch brushed my shoulder, trying to gently push me back into my seat. I looked behind me and saw a tall older man sitting on the edge of his seat, peering into our row, shifting his focus between the cock in my hand and the cock in blondie’s mouth. He had his dick in his hand and was stroking in time the action we were both watching.

I love putting on a show and I was getting harder and closer to shooting my load over anything and everything in front of me, but the watcher had a headstart and fired his cum all over the back of my chair and the already-sticky floor. Seeing him unload almost pushed me over the edge, but I was distracted by the guy getting head thrashing and bucking as he filled up blondie’s mouth with his hot juice. Blondie was doing his best to swallow the entire load but streams of milky cum were trickling out of his mouth and dripping off his chin.

My hand was furiously pounding my own cock as I watched blondie lick the cock clean. I felt my own orgasm building deep in my balls and knew I would never be able to stop it. As I started to twitch and shoot, the watcher behind me reached down and started to catch my cum in his hand. Seeing this guy’s hand filling up with my juice made my orgasm even more intense than I thought was possible and by the time I had stopped I was aching and he had quite a handful of semen.

I watched as he lifted his hand to his mouth and licked some of my cum off his fingers, keeping most of the load in his palm. “Mmm, sweet,” he whispered and then lowered his hand to his own crotch and rubbed my warm jizz onto his cock and balls.

The guy sitting beside me looked up at watcher through orgasm-fogged eyes, motioning him closer with a nod of his head. The watcher leaned forward and hung his sticky cock over the back of the chair and his balls against a waiting tongue. Blondie finished cleaning his lover’s now softening dick and looked up to watch him lick my cum off the watcher’s sack. The watcher’s long but soft cock was rubbing its own juice over this guy’s forehead and into his hair but he just kept licking and sucking the watcher’s balls into his mouth.

Normally, it takes me a while to get horny again, but my cock was hard almost immediately. I don’t think it ever really got soft again after I came, not with all this hot sucking going on. Blondie noticed and pointed down at my dripping rod, licking his lips. I shook my head and he looked surprised. I smiled and nodded at the rock in his lap which hadn’t been satisfied yet, as far as I could tell. He looked down and when he figured out what I wanted to do, he gave me a smile and got out of his chair.

He stood in front of me and wiped his cock against my cheek and across my lips, but instead of allowing me to take it into my waiting mouth, kept walking past my chair and took me by the hand.

I stood and followed him, not knowing what was going to happen but not really caring. I found myself kneeling on the floor in front of him by the little night-light, his back to the wall and his pants around his ankles.

His cock was magnificent. Dark with no tan lines, uncut and rock hard. He even smelled good which is always appreciated. I took one last fond look before opening my eager lips and sucking his head into my mouth. I was rewarded by my lover gasping for air and his cock throbbing against my tongue. I smiled around his shaft…I love making men jump and moan.

I flattened my tongue against the underside of his shaft, tickling the base with the tip. Suddenly, I sucked hard and pulled my head back until just the tip was between my lips, then just as suddenly pushed forward again, taking his full member into my mouth as I felt it nudge the back of my throat.

He let out an inadvertent yelp which I assumed meant he liked it. I knew for sure when Blondie grabbed my head, burying his fingers deep into my hair and started forcefully fucking my face. Far from being surprised, I was hoping he would take me nice and rough: I was just surprised he took so long to start.

My mouth formed a tight vacuum around his shaft and my tongue flicked the underside of his cock head on every stroke. He started pumping my mouth faster and faster and I knew he was getting close. I grabbed his tight ass and pulled him hard towards me, taking all of his meat into my throat. I held him there tightly as he shot stream after stream of his hot semen into my belly.

When the throbbing stopped, I relaxed my grip and gave his beautiful butt one last appreciative squeeze as his softening cock slithered from my mouth.

By the time I was off my knees, I was alone in the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32