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Circa 2002

It’s funny how a few key moments in life can lead to a whole turn of events that alter the course forever. You would never think something as minor as the introduction of a sex toy would be the nail lost from the horseshoe. I believe that getting Amy into sex toys, and me encouraging her to use them, was one of those key moments. Over our time living separate, Amy would get experienced, and also comfortable with using her toys to get herself off.

A few months after the new toy experience, Amy graduated college and moved to the city with a few roommates for the summer, not far from where I lived. Now that we lived close once again, she’d stay over at my place 3-4 nights per week. Sex was great and frequent, and the toys started to work their way regularly into our sex sessions. I would now also regularly slip a finger into her pussy next to my dick, or push hard on the fat base vibrator, causing it to go too far inside and stretch her. Amy would always complain about being sore, and we sometimes could not have sex for a few days after, but these sessions always gave her great orgasms, and there was no doubt she loved it at the moment. This became a common occurrence in our sex life that would last for years. Stretching her a little too far in the heat of the moment, and her paying for it afterwards with a sore vagina.

One night after such a session where I had the fat base of the vibrator stuffed half way in her pussy, she said, “You are going to stretch my pussy out.”

“You didn’t seem to mind at the time.” I responded.

“I know it makes me cum,” she said, “Like really, really, hard, but I fell so stretched after. Okay, just don’t do it too much.”

I could sense she was torn here. She obviously liked having her little pussy stretched, but probably felt some shame and was worried about becoming the loose girl guys joke about.

Shortly after this exchange, we were out clubbing with our friends and had gone home a little early to have some quality bedroom time, and we were both a little drunk. I was using her vibrator and giving her a pretty good tongue lashing. She was bucking her hips when I started pushing on the bottom of toy to force it deeper. She pulled her legs up to her head by the back of her knees, leaving her pussy open and exposed, and was close to orgasm. I had my hand on the bottom of the vibrator and was pushing with considerable force when the thick ball of the vibrator, a 2 x 2 ¼ inch knot, finally slipped all the way into her pussy. She convulsed Onwin wildly and juices flowed from her pussy onto my face. She then kicked her legs down and the vibrator slipped out as she bit her arm and tried to muffle her scream. After she was calm enough to see clearly again, I climbed on top of her and slipped my cock in her. My cock slipped in with no pop and little resistance. He pussy felt so warm, wet, and loose. I was pretty drunk, and her pussy was stretched out, so I lasted a while before I could cum and we both passed out shortly after. For the entire next week, I could not get the picture of the how huge the knot looked in her pussy, stretching her lips tightly, out of my head. She was sore for several days after this.

Amy’s short term rental was up about this time, and we found a nice one-bedroom apartment. Life moved quickly. Regularly I would slip a finger into her pussy with my cock, and on a few occasions, I managed to get the whole knot of the vibrator into her pussy. Doing this would always leave her sore after, but the extra finger no longer did. It was many months of this type of regular play, but I did notice a slight change in her pussy at this time. Even without a vibrator warm-up, my cock no longer popped into her pussy. It was still tight, but it slid in a lot easier. She still had the muscle control and could clamp down tightly on my cock, it just seemed like she was able to accommodate more a little easier than she once did. One thing was obvious whether she would admit it or not, she obviously enjoyed having her pussy stretched. I too loved the feeling of her pussy after a good stretching session when she was a little looser than normal.

Somewhere around this time, we had gone to a 50 birthday party for one of her mom’s friends. One of the guests had gotten a huge dildo for a gag gift. Looking back, I would not consider it huge now, but it seemed huge to us then. It was probably 9 or 10 inches long and 2 ¼ to 2 ½ inches thick. It was the joke of the party and Amy’s mom shoving it in her face was the first time Amy had saw it. “Oh my god!” She exclaimed, “It’s huge, look at it!”

Throughout the night, Amy paid more attention to the big fake cock that anyone else. I don’t think anyone really noticed, but I did. She kept picking it up and inspecting it to make a comments about the size. She was clearly very interested in it.

I still got in my fair share of porn, and the more I watched huge dildo and huge cock porn, which was becoming more abundant, the Onwin Giriş more I became obsessed with seeing her pussy get stretched. I would look for the girls that look like Amy, and always imagined her face on the girl. I decided it was time to get some more sex toys and ordered a big jelly vibrator, a clit stimulator, and some lube. When the vibrator showed up, it looked huge at 2 inches thick and 9 inches long. I knew Amy was going to be a little apprehensive about the size of it. The clit stimulator was very strong, and I knew she would like that toy. I think I walked around for days constantly getting hard, thinking of Amy’s pussy stretching to accommodate that huge toy. That Friday we went out to dinner and I had lazily stashed the huge vibrator under my nightstand so I could have access to it later when we got home. She spotted it before I had a chance to unveil it and I walked into the bedroom to see it in her hand with a puzzled look on her face. “What the fuck is this?”

“It’s your new toy.” I responded.

“It’s huge. You’re a pervert.” She questioned me, “You want to stick this in my pussy?”

“It’s not that big, I bet you’ll like it.” I smiled back.

“Okay, I’ll try it, but if it hurts, you’ll have to stop.”

That fact that Amy gave in easily was my cue that she was curious and actually wanted it in her pussy. After all, I figured all girls are at least curious about what a big cock will feel like. I grabbed her, threw her to the bed, quickly had her clothes off, and kissed her deeply. I slid my hand down to her pussy and it was soaked. Apparently she was more turned on by the new toy than I had expected. One finger slipped in with ease and I added a second. Within minutes, I was licking her pussy and sucking her clit.

“Start with the small one.” She purred.

I grabbed the old vibrator and slipped it into her juicy pussy with ease. We switched positions and she started to suck my cock while I reached around and fucked her with the vibrator. After using the old toy for a while, I asked, “Are you ready?”

“Go slow.” She commanded.

I knew the thick toy would fit into her pussy since I had worked the 2 x 2 1/4 knot of the other toy into her pussy several times over the recent months. Granted that took a good amount of warm up and it tapered out from 1 ½ wide, while this toy had a fat, blunt, 2 inch thick head. I knew it would be a challenge, but doable. I grabbed the huge toy, lubed it up, and pointed it at her pussy. I rubbed it over Onwin Güncel Giriş her pussy lips for a few moments, admiring the relative size of it compared to her small tummy, and pushed firmly at the end while licking her clit. The thick head abruptly popped into her.

“Ouch. It hurts.” She whined.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“No, just give me a minute to adjust. It might not work though.” She returned.

Her pussy felt like it had a death grip on the vibrator as I forced it a few inches into her pussy. She was tense at first and I just left it in place while I licked her pussy. Then she started to moan and buck her hips while she adjusted to its size. I kept licking her clit and over the next several minutes, had slowly pushed the vibrator in as far as it would go. It was probably seven inches deep, and was as deep as anything she had taken, and thicker than anything she’d ever taken. Slowly, I started to work the huge toy in and out of her pussy. I could see her pussy lips pull out and away from her body as it gripped the huge cock on the way out. I continually picked up the pace and was eventually fully fucking her with it. She seemed to be on another planet. I could almost not believe it. I was fucking her mercilessly, pulling it almost all of the way out and jamming it in as far as it would go, about 7 inches deep. I was punishing her pussy with the biggest cock she’d ever had inside of her, and she was loving it like a little cock crazed whore. She was screaming and bucking like I had never seen before. I could sense her orgasm building and concentrated on her clit as I gave the dildo one last very hard shove. She exploded into one of her biggest orgasms I had ever seen as the back of her pussy gave way and the dildo slipped a little deeper, and was now a good 8 inches deep inside her pussy. I could not believe I got something that thick so deep inside her little pussy. She had a long powerful orgasm, and I did not let her push the vibrator out, but kept it deep inside her. When she finally stopped cumming, I pulled it out, her pussy still gripping it tightly, with a plop sound.

“Oh my god. That was crazy.” She said dreamily, her chest heaving, as she finally calmed down enough to catch her breath and speak.

My cock was dripping pre cum as I slid above her. She winced in pain as my cock dipped into her, but her pussy was hot, wet, and loose. I slipped in to the base with no resistance and her pussy felt sloppy. I started hammering her, but could tell she was in discomfort after the pounding I had just given her pussy with the oversized toy. The whole thing was too much and even though her pussy was much looser than normal, I soon released my load inside of her. My softening cock just slid out and we drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32