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Pulling up to the curb near the bookstore one recent night, I happened to notice a nice looking custom van drive by very slowly. Looking intently at the driver as it passed by, I noticed that the driver was a very sexy looking woman, and she gazed at me intently as she passed by. The van pulled up to the curb in front of my car and parked.

Shortly afterwards, the brake lights on the van flashed several times, and I took this as a signal. I opened my door and then made my way up to the driver’s side of the van. Inside was an extremely beautiful woman all decked out in a very sexy sundress with very shapely and slim hose clad legs. The low cut revealing dress barely covered a nice deep valley between two very pretty tits. She obviously wore no bra and I could see her very hard and pointy nipples poking heavily at the sheer material of the sundress. In short, she was very stunning and sexy looking woman.

We casually exchanged the usual small talk while I savored every beautiful inch of her sexy outfit, and all that it revealed. She asked me if I would like to sit and talk a while, and I accepted her invitation gladly. I made my way to the passenger seat and got in beside her. Looking at her more closely now, I could see she was even more beautiful than I first realized. Her sexy sundress had ridden high up her lovely legs, exposing her lacy garter straps hooked to the top of the sheer white hose. She was very attractive and very sexy looking, and I started feeling my dick getting stiff at the sight of this lovely lady setting beside me.

She swiveled her seat in my direction and her dress was so short I could see all the way up to her hose clad thighs to reveal a pair of silky white panties. She now seemed to be putting on a show for me, and my now raging hard dick felt as if it would explode. I reached to caress her hose clad legs and she slid the dress up even higher to reveal her sexy garter and sheer white panties. She was the essence of beauty and she seemed ready to share her treasures with me right here and now. She asked if I wanted to get in the back of the van where it was more comfortable. I followed her into the back of the very plush custom van and closed the curtain behind me. It had a full size bed in the very back of the van. She patted the mattress beside her, and I sat at her side and pulled her to me in an embrace.

The scent of her perfume combined with all the erotic feelings overwhelmed me as the embrace quickly turned into a passionate and sexy kiss. I sucked her tongue deeply into my mouth, and I could hear deep moans escaping her throat as we kissed deeply and passionately. I sucked her hot tongue in and out as if it were a small cock as the passionate moans continued to escape her mouth. I gently lay her back on the bed and start to slowly unbutton her silky dress from top to bottom. I first opened the buttons that were hiding her nearly perfect breasts, while planting wet kisses along the valley between them. A few more buttons later revealed her sexy tits that I so badly wanted to ravish. I love a nice sexy pair, and did she ever have a nice set. The ½ inch long pointy nipples stood out, just begging to be sucked and caressed.

I opened a few more buttons along her silky smooth stomach, kissing the baby smooth skin as it was revealed. Finally I undid the last few buttons and opened up the dress completely. Lying before me was the sexiest and erotic sight I had ever seen. Her silky smooth skin glowed in the dim light of the van. I could see her lovely tits and hard nipples rise and fall with each breath. The sight of her hose clad legs and sexy garter, along with the white sheer panties was breathtaking. My hands roamed all over her silky smooth, baby like skin. Her hose clad legs were extremely beautiful, and sexy and I massaged the full length of them both. I had opportunity before me to make love to one of the most beautiful of women I had ever seen, and I fully intended to do so.

I fully opened up her dress as her pale beauty was now sprawled before me, and was in stark contrast to the dark colored bed covers beneath her. She looked like a glowing goddess, all decked out in sheer çapa escort white garter, panties, and stockings. A sexier sight I had never seen as I heavily inhaled her beauty and her sexuality right then and there. I whispered lightly that I wanted to make passionate love to her tonight. She then responded by opening the buttons on my shirt one by one, stroking my trembling flesh as she did so. Her silky smooth touch had all of the right moves to pleasure a man. She seemed very experienced at the art of making love to a man as every motion of her skin against mine created feelings in me that I had never felt before. I was in pure ecstasy at that very place and time.

She removed my shirt and then planted kisses all over my chest and sucked my hardening nipples in and out of her hot and sexy mouth. Her hands made their way lower and slowly slid my shorts down to reveal my raging hard cock and balls. My cock had never been this hard before; it felt like a steel rod, so stiff and hard. She took its length in her hot hand and massaged it slowly up and down and then she massaged the swollen purple head with the palm of her hand. She really knew how to pleasure a mans hard dick and I moaned with pleasure as she massaged my shaved cock and tight balls. She finally reached down and removed the shorts from my ankles and I was now lying completely naked on her bed with the hardest dick I had ever had, and she was still decked out in the very sexy and erotic outfit.

She told me to lay back and enjoy myself and then she proceeded to make passionate love to me so completely. She roamed her hands over every square inch of my trembling flesh. She touched, sucked, and licked in places no one else ever had. She kissed me deeply and licked my face, neck, and shoulders and then proceeded to suck and bite my hardened nipples. She French kissed my belly button, which drives me wild with lust. She then oiled me up and rubbed those beautiful tities all over me.

Just as I thought I could stand no more, she started concentrating on my raging hard dick. She stroked the swollen oiled up cock slowly up and down with firm pressure. She would occasionally lick the swollen purple head with her sexy pink tongue and spread the remaining liquid along the length of my extremely hard dick to add lubrication to her stroking of my rigid cock. Her other hand paid great attention to my swollen man pearls as she enveloped the pearly wet globes with her hand and massaged and tugged on them gently while still planting sexy wet kisses along my stomach and shaved pubic area.

Her next play was to suck the swollen cock head just inside her now dripping wet mouth and swirl her hot tongue around the swollen gland. I could now feel the hot saliva dripping down the length of my cock and balls and into my man crack. She then traced the length of my wet crack with her fingers as she continued to suck the crimson cock head. Suddenly she engulfed the entire length of my rigid cock all the way to its base. The stiff dick now disappeared from view as she impaled her throat with the entire 6-inch length of my hot cock She looked up at me with glowing eyes as she expertly paid oral homage to my manhood. She was a very experienced cock lover as she showed me how making love to a man’s raging hard cock is really supposed to be done.

After what seemed to be hours of oral pleasure being given to my hot dick, she slowly ran her tongue along the entire length of my ass crack. I could feel her hot tongue as it passed over the now wet and excited hole. She then inserted a finger into the moist opening. She held it there for a short while before applying light but steady pressure to her finger. Suddenly her finger popped deeply into my man pussy as she continued to lick the length of my hot butt crack. She withdrew the finger with a popping sound, and replaced it with her hot dripping tongue. She plunged her hot little snake in and out of my aching hole until I was dizzy with extreme pleasure. The moisture from her tongue made little snapping noises as she butt fucked me deeply with her tongue. I was writhing in pleasure as she tongue fucked my hot and open asshole. istanbul escort bayan We both moaned in unison as she made passion filled oral love to my dripping wet manhole. This got me on the very edge of cumming so I stopped her, as I wanted this to last much longer.

I suddenly felt the urge to see more of her petite and perfect body completely naked. I reached for her and began to unhook the garter straps from the top of her sexy white hose. I then slid the garter off of her tiny hourglass waist and onto the floor. She was now trembling and I could feel the heat from her sex as my hand reached down to caress her mound. It was hot as flames and seemed as if it were swollen to twice its normal size. It was then that I realized that this beautiful, sexy woman had a steaming hot dick underneath those sheer white panties.

My dick grew even harder as I realized that I was going to make love to the most beautiful shemale I had ever seen. I could see the outline of a hot looking shemale cock underneath the sexy panties. I gently stroked her hot little she-cock through the smooth, silky material of her sexy panties as she moaned with pleasure. I leaned down and placed kisses all over her silky panty clad cock and balls. I then tucked my fingers into the waistband of those sexy panties and slowly slid them across her shapely hose clad legs. I could feel her trembling as the most beautiful 5 inch cut dick sprang into view. I was ecstatic just looking at the small hard cock that had just been barely hidden from view by the silky sheer material of her panties. My thoughts raced as I took the silky panties and rubbed them gently over her smooth boy-like skin before dropping the sexy sheer panties on the floor. Here lying before me was a perfectly cut and shaved shemale dick and balls. The swollen crimson head now glistened with excitement and pre-come.

I reached out to touch the small, but exciting looking cock that belonged to this very sexy shemale. It had to be the hottest piece of human flesh I had ever felt as the warmth flowed from the hot little dick into me. For an instant I could only admire the sexy little dick I held in my hand. It was absolutely beautiful and extremely hot to the touch. I stroked the hot little cock up and down as she began to moan in ecstasy at my manipulations of her lovely little shemale cock. Her shaven balls were small and also hot to the touch as I wrapped my hand around her beautiful little twin pearls.

I leaned over to taste her hot little shemale pole and she trembled with excitement as my hot mouth snake wrapped around the beautifully swollen little dick head. I sucked her hot cock as eagerly as she had done to mine. I teased the purple head for a short while, and then suddenly engulfed the hot dick all the way into my mouth until it disappeared from sight. I could see the look of ecstasy in her eyes as her hot little cock was buried deep in my now dripping wet mouth. I slowly bobbed up and down on the beautiful she-cock, occasionally sucking her shaved twin pearls deeply into my hot dripping wet mouth. I then realized that since her hot cock was so small that I could deep throat it and suck her hot little balls into my mouth at the same time.

I plunged down deeply on the she-cock and managed to suck her hot balls into my mouth as well. She looked at me intently and moaned as I manipulated all of her hot sex together into my wet mouth. I had never had such erotic feelings as the heat from her cock and balls steamed into my dripping mouth. Her eyes closed as the deepest moans yet escaped from her sexy shemale mouth. I let the luscious pair of dripping wet balls plop from my hot mouth and proceeded to deep throat the hot little cock again and again. I could see the sheer eroticism in her eyes as her hot little shemale dick got sucked as deep as possible on every stroke.

Suddenly I felt her hot little balls contract and the time was now upon us to experience the ultimate human pleasure of orgasm. Her face contorted as the flow of hot she-cream erupted from her burning hot little dick. The hot silky cream came spurting out of her balls and swollen purple cock güngören escort head like a river. There were massive amounts of hot cream and I tried hard to get it all. I plunged deeply onto the spurting hot cock in order to let the hot cream slide down my gulping throat. As her orgasm slowly subsided, I had managed to contain every luscious drop of her hot she-cream for my personal enjoyment.

This was by far the most erotic sex I had ever had in my life up until now. She was so beautiful and mystifying lying completely naked and free before me. She almost glowed with sexuality and I realized how lucky a man I was having had the chance to make passionate love to this beautiful human being lying naked before me. She suddenly spoke in a very feminine voice and asked me if I would “Fuck me now please”. I did not even answer her question with words; instead I used actions in place of mere words. I gently pulled her half way off of the bed with her knees on the van floor so I could have access to the nicest, most shapely butt you would ever find, and here it was being offered to me.

I pulled two pillows off of the bed and placed them under my knees for padding. I gently stroked a single finger along the length of her crack, which was still wet and warm from the earlier oral action. I then replaced the finger with my hot wet tongue and licked slowly up and down the entire length of her pretty butt cleavage. I suddenly remembered how she had tongue fucked me and I how much I loved it. There was no way I was not going to do the same for her. My tongue found her pretty little opening and took on a life of its own. I orally fucked her perfect little ass for what seemed like hours as she moaned and growled in extreme ecstasy as my hot dripping wet tongue worshiped her pretty little ass.

Her tiny pucker was hot and very wet as I placed my raging hard dick against it. I inserted just the swollen head and then quickly retracted it. She then begged me to put my hot cock deep insider her. I still wanted to tease her a little more and pushed the purple head in just a little farther this time and then pulled out again with a slightly wet popping sound. She moaned and then again pleaded with me to fill her with my hot raging cock. I pushed it in little more deeply this time, but still not all the way in. Urgently she reached both her hands around behind me and grabbed me by my ass cheeks and pulled my stiff cock fully inside her as moans of ecstasy again escaped from her sexy, and very kissable pink lips.

I held my hard dick deep inside her for several minutes just savoring her deepest inner heat. She then started moving around beneath me trying to get just a little more of my hot cock inside her tight little shemale ass. I slowly started pumping my hot meat in and out in a slow but steady rhythm as she continued to emit moans of ecstasy. I fucked her and made sweet love to her at the same time. I played with her hard nipples and massaged her neck and shoulders as I drove my stiff boner into her hot shemale ass as deeply as possible with each inward stroke. I then pulled my hot dick out of her and replaced it with my tongue once again. She emitted the loudest moans yet as my stiff tongue slid easily and deeply into her hot little shemale butt.

She was almost screaming as I again shifted tactics and re-inserted my still hard cock as deep into her sexy shemale ass as it would go. I felt the heat of her hot little balls against mine as I fucked in and out of her hot little hole. She was now actually screaming as I continued to fuck her sexy little asshole with the ultimate of passion in mind. The erotic feelings were quickly building up to a fever pitch inside me, and I knew it was almost time for the most intense human pleasure known to man; the orgasm.

My shaved balls contracted as stream after stream of hot silky man cream filled her steaming hot love hole. She screamed even more as I buried it deeply once again in order to fill completely her with with my love. I thought my balls were going to follow the hot streams of man cream deep into her depths. I have never experienced a hotter or more intense orgasm in my life. This was the most erotic and enjoyable sex I had ever had. She is 100 % gorgeous and sexy in every way and she is very polite and comfortable to be with. We see each other regularly now and we have steaming hot sex several times a week, but that is another story in itself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32