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Chapter 2 – Seconds

It’s just as well the pool was cool as I was generating enough heat to warm it all by myself. The reason? The reason was sunning herself on an exercise mat at the edge of the pool. Tall, slim, elegant, fifteen years older than me, and not a stitch of clothing to hide the view! She was facing away from me as she lay at the poolside, and each time I approached her I admired the beautiful curve of waist into hip into thigh, and the proud jut of her shapely ass.

Jane Burt, mother of my friend, Tammy, and subject of my erotic, teenage fantasies from the age of sixteen, when Tammy first took me home to meet her mom. Fantasies that hadn’t been nearly as good as the reality of sliding my aching erection into her soaking pussy not an hour earlier.

Jane turned, coming up onto her elbow as I swam towards her, her smile broadening as I came to a halt, holding onto the rail at the edge of the pool. She blew me a kiss.

“Well?” she said.

“Well, what?” But I knew what she was thinking. The slightly quickened breathing and the erect nipples were the giveaway.

“Well, are you ready for round two?”

I grinned. “You need to ask?”

“I guess not. I remember what young men were like when I was your age, and they don’t change.” Her smile faded, and she held my eyes. “Although, truth to tell, you’re better than I remember.” She moved, standing, and held her hand out to me. “Come on, we’ll have a shower. I think I’d like round two to be in my bed.”

The shower was fun, as Jane was feeling playful, and my dick got a damned good washing. No more than Jane’s tits and pussy, of course, and we were both breathing hard when we turned off the shower and dried ourselves.

Hand in hand, she led me to her bedroom. Not a long way, as the bedroom and bathroom, together with a little sitting-room, formed a suite. The bed was big, wide.

“Nice,” I murmured.

“Bought new after I threw my husband out,” she said. “No way was I sleeping in the bed I caught him screwing his girlfriend in.” She grinned. “You’re the first man to be here.”

“I’m honored.”

“I don’t know about that,” said Jane, coiling her arms around my neck, and kissing my nose. “Do you like oral sex?” she said suddenly, and I sensed that she was strangely hesitant.

Oh, yes! “Giving, or getting?”



“Oh, good! I haven’t had a nice, hard prick in my mouth for ages, or a mouth at my pussy for even longer.” Her eyes were sparkling, and there was a happy smile on her face. “I think I should eat you first, then you can be recovering while you eat me.”

“Sounds like a good plan, Jane. Let’s do it!”

“We will, but first I just want to kiss and cuddle, feel your hands on me, put my hands on you, all of the little things first time lovers do.” She giggled. “Although usually it’s before they fuck, not after!”

“I think I can manage that,” I said, and before she realized what I was doing I’d scooped her up in my arms and laid her on the bed. I settled myself beside her, propped up on one elbow. She smiled up at me, and her arm curled around my neck, bringing my mouth down to meet hers.

The kiss was long, hot, a promise, and I slid my free hand over her belly and up to cup her breast. She trickled a little moan into our kiss, and broke away.

“Suck them,” she whispered.

Well, I may be inexperienced in making love to an older woman, but I’ve always responded well to simple directions. Jane wanted her nipples sucked and I was just the man to do it. I kissed my way down her throat and down into the valley between her breasts, then nuzzled my way to a peak, nursing on the nipple. Jane shuddered, and her hand held me to her breast for a moment. I let the nipple slip from my mouth and kissed my way to the far peak, suckling there, rewarded with another shudder of delight from Jane.

“Oh, yes,” she murmured. “Yes!” Her hand stroked my head, her fingers playing with the hair curling around my ear. She moved, and I sat up to let her raise her torso. She leaned across to kiss me, then sat back a little. “I think it’s time for me to use my mouth for something else.” Her eyes flickered to my erection, and I laughed.

“Yes, please.”

“On your back, Bill, and let me at him!”

The work of moments, and I was on my back, head and shoulders propped up with pillows, my legs parted, and Jane Burt kneeling between them. She reached out, taking my heat in her cool fingers, her other hand cupping my balls. Her lips quirked in a wry smile, and she winked at me.

“I have you in my power, Bill. Your future is in my hands.” She giggled, and I laughed.

“I feel safe there.”

She smiled. “I’m glad. I don’t think Brad ever felt comfortable with me holding him by the balls.” She gave a snort of laughter. “Fuck him! He’s well out of my life, now. For the moment, until my daughter steals you from me, you’re the man in my life.” She grinned at me. “Enough chat, my mouth is needed for other things, especially that pretty erection you’ve grown for me again.” She moved bağdatcaddesi escort forward, bent, and her hair fell forwards, shielding her actions from my view, but I felt it. Oh, boy, did I feel it! The heat and wetness of her mouth slid down over me, her tongue weaving lazy patterns on my rod. Down she went, until for a moment I thought she was going to deep-throat me, but she came back up again, until only the head of my dick was in her mouth, her tongue licking over the sensitive nerves on my glans. She began to bob her head, only an inch or two, but it was enough for me to feel myself begin that slow, wonderful journey that leads from stimulation to ecstasy.

A thought struck me and I chuckled. Jane kept up her bobbing, but her brows rose in query. I shook my head.

“I don’t know how many porn films you’ve seen, Jane, but the cock sucking always seems to be busy, and not like we’re doing, with you bringing me on slow and easy.”

She lifted her head off me, but her fingers kept up the stimulation. “Haven’t watched porn for ages, now you mention it, but I know what you mean.” She grinned. “Why? Do you want to film us? There’s a digital camcorder downstairs, and a tripod.”

I wasn’t quite sure what she had in mind, but my prick jumped in reflex, and Jane laughed.

“Somebody likes the idea.” She cocked her head. “Call me kinky, but the idea appeals to me, too. Record this, record you eating me, and record ourselves fucking. We can watch it for stimulation later!”

“The only stimulation I need is you wanting me, Jane.”

“Good answer, Bill.” She winked. “Maybe another time, I don’t want to lose momentum now, do I?” Her head went down and her lips closed over me again. Despite what I’d said about slow versus busy, the real versus the acted, her gentle stimulation and the warmth of her mouth was bringing me closer to the brink, quicker than I’d expected.

“Not long now, sweetheart,” I murmured, and she winked as she caught my eye, her head, her mouth, keeping up the stimulation, the never ceasing stimulation of the increasingly bone-tingling sensations she was building in me.

It had to come to an end, and it was going to be sooner rather than later, I figured, given the sensations Jane was causing in me. Her head was moving a little faster now, and I think she knew what she was doing to me. I was close now, and she needed to know.

“Jane, sweetheart, I’m getting awful close.” Her eyes met mine and she winked again, never ceasing her movements. I smiled and let her bring me up to the agony and ecstasy of climax.

I came hard, but Jane knew that, as she was frantically swallowing every drop I gave her, sucking and licking at me as I slowed, her tongue weaving soft patterns on me as I softened, and only the occasional twitch disturbed the afterglow. Her tongue made a last sweep around the head of my dick, and she let it slip from her mouth with a soft ‘pop’.

“Enjoy that?” she said. “I did.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her, a long, slow, kiss, a kiss filled with — with what? There was only one word that suited the moment. I kissed her with love. Yes, and tasted myself, too. I pulled back.

“Yes,” I said, and kissed her again. “I enjoyed that.”

She nodded. “I haven’t lost my touch then?” There was an impish gleam in her eye.

“No way,” I said, laughing.

“Good. My turn next?”

“Your turn? Of course it’s your turn. But I need a rest first. You’ve drained me.”

“Okay. You have a little rest, and I’ll get the camera and tripod,” she said, moving off the bed and standing.

“You meant it, then, about filming us?”

She grimaced, shrugging. “You don’t mind, do you? I guess I’m a tad kinky.” I think she was a little anxious, too, never mind kinky.

I hastened to reassure her. “Mind? Of course not, but what about you? If anyone other than us sees it, they’ll see that I managed to make love to a lovely, wonderful woman, whereas she had to make do with an inexperienced college graduate, still wet behind the ears.” And I want to see the video, too.

Jane laughed. “You know something, Bill? You’re an absolute bullshit artist!”

I shrugged. “So, sue me.”

“I’d rather fuck you! Bill, okay, my recent experience has been limited, I’ll admit. You’re the first since my divorce, but back in my late teens, before I married Brad, I had lovers. It may be selective memory, although I don’t think it is, but you’re the one who made me feel the best, so there. And I include my ex in that number. Now, get that tongue limbered up and practice your puckering while Jane ‘Spielberg’ Burt gets her camera.”

Hell of an exit line, you have to agree, no?

She was back in moments with the camera and tripod. She looked around, then at me. “Where should I set up? Any thoughts?”

“Are you going to record us fucking, as well as me eating you?”

“I think so, yes.”

“In that case, I think if the camera is nearer the head of the bed, angled slightly towards the foot, and on a wide-angle setting to take in all of beykoz escort the action.”

She grinned. “All of the action, eh? Sounds good.” She busied herself with the camera, adjusting focus and angle. “Bill? Will you move to approximately where you’ll be when you’re eating me?”

“Of course.” I shuffled down on the bed and got to my knees, then went to my elbows. “Here?”

“Looks good. Okay, camera running, auto focus on. No lights, but camera, action! Here I come, Bill.” She leaped up onto the bed, and the next thing I knew she was flat on her back, sliding down to put a leg on each side of me. “I’m ready,” she murmured.

“Jane? Before we start? Who will ever see this, apart, obviously, from me and you?”

She gazed at me for a moment, then shrugged. “Tammy?” She was hesitant.

“You’d show her a video of her mom getting fucked?”

Jane made a face. “Honest, Bill, I don’t know. She said she wants me around when she makes love to you. Quite how close ‘around’ is, we never actually discussed.” She paused, thoughtful, and when she spoke she sounded unsure, not at all like the Jane Burt I knew. “Could you share a bed with me and Tammy at the same time?”

Now there was a question and a half! “I’d love the opportunity to try,” I said, trying desperately not to appear as eager as I was.

“I bet you would! It could happen, Bill. I’ve shared a bed with two men, back in my college days, but never with a man and a woman. Something to look forward to, perhaps.”

“Two men, eh? I’ve only ever shared a bed with one woman at a time.” I chuckled. “One’s as much as I think I can handle. Wait and see?”

“I think so, yes.” She laughed. “I know I’m kinky, Bill, but so does Tammy, you know?”

“And you’re luring poor, innocent Bill Evans into your double web of kinky debauchery, eh?”

She snorted. “You want in, mister innocent?”

“Yes, please!”

“Okay, you’re in! Now, eat me!”

“Yes, ma’am, at once, ma’am.”

I bent, leaning forward, to kiss her. The kiss was soft, gentle, a promise. I broke it, and let my lips trail down, over her chin, her upper chest, making brief diversions to each nipple, erect, hard. I let her feel my teeth, and she shuddered. I softened the contact to a kiss, and moved down, trailing feather-light kisses over her belly, down, moving ever closer to her mons. Surprising her, moving across and down her thigh, kissing her knee, then letting my mouth move up the inside of her thigh, ever closer. Surprising her again by moving to her other thigh, her knee, moving back up the inside of her thigh, and this time kissing her mons.

I could smell her, the rich aroma of the female human animal in heat, and I breathed deeply, feeling my prick lengthening, hardening. I moved back slightly, lowering my head, extending my tongue, then sweeping it up her cleft from the pucker of her anus to her clitoris. I pointed my tongue and drove it into her core, then I gave myself up to the moment, letting my mouth move over her, my tongue exploring every crevice, every fold, my lips kissing her everywhere, sucking, licking, my lips nipping at her.

She was holding my head now, her fingers in my hair, and her breathing was quickening. She tasted good, savory-sweet, hot, pungent, and my erection was near full-grown now, so that I had to lift my ass and bring my knees forward to give it room. I heard a soft chuckle from Jane, followed by a gasp as I swept my tongue across her clit. She was wet, her juices flowing freely, and I lapped at her, enjoying her taste in my mouth; enjoying, too, the little gasps and yelps she was uttering as my mouth moved over her.

I savored her, enjoying, as I always did, the flavor of a woman, and I let my mouth tell Jane that I was enjoying it. I guess the noises she was making were my clue that she, too, was enjoying it. Her breathing had quickened until she was almost panting. I’d guessed she was close, but her climax still took me by surprise as her thighs clamped on my ears and her fingers tightened in my hair, and a strangled scream came from her mouth, her pussy pulsing, trying to milk a non-existent prick of its seed.

I let her settle a moment, then nipped at her clitoris with my lips, causing another minor eruption. She pushed me away as I moved in for a third, but there was a smile on her face, along with a slick of sweat in the late summer heat.

“Enough, sweetheart,” she said. “For the moment, at least.” I sat back, and her eyes flicked to my erection. A slow look of absolute lust spread over her face, and her eyes came to mine.

“I want that in me, Bill, please, and I want it now!” she said, softening the order with a smile, blowing me a kiss. I moved over her and she guided me in. A wriggle or two, and I was balls-deep in her snug pussy. I made a couple of long, deep strokes, then hooked her legs with mine and rolled us over until she was on top. Startled, she looked down at me.

“Ride me?”

She grinned, like a school-kid, and pushed herself erect, then eased up until I almost slipped out and came down caddebostan escort on me again, just as the phone rang. We stared at each other.

“Tammy?” I said.

Jane grinned again. “Very probably. If it is, I have to answer it, Bill.”

“Of course you do. Here,” I said, passing her the cordless handset from its charger beside the bed.

She blew me a kiss, still sitting on me, with the full length of my prick inside her. “Hello? … Tammy? … Hi, baby! Everything okay?” A pause. “Bummer, but that means we see you at the weekend … yes, Bill looked after me … we went to the cove, had a walk along the cliff-top path … yes, it was lovely. We were going to have a burger, but the concession had rather too strong a smell of burnt grease, so we came back here for one, then had ourselves a swim.” Another pause, and Jane winked at me. “Yes, hon, we did, and yes, it’s as nice as we hoped … yes, very pretty … sorry? Oh, he’s here now … what’s he doing? He’s listening to my end of the conversation, lying on my bed with no clothes on.” I could hear the shriek of delight clearly. “Me? I’m sitting on him … yes, it’s in me right this moment, and it feels lovely.”

I seized the moment, and flexed my hardness in Jane’s depths. She gasped.

“No, hon, I’m fine. This stud of ours just flexed his prick in my pussy … yes, hon, it feels fucking great.” Jane laughed. “Okay, hon, I’ll put him on.” She held out the phone to me, and I took it.

“Hi, Tammy.”

“Hi, Bill. Um, I guess Mom told you my cunning plan?”

“For her to warm me up and get me ready for you coming home? Yep, she did.”

Her voice was hesitant. “Was I imagining things, these last months? Do you want me?”

“No, sweetheart, it wasn’t your imagination, it was me being slow. I do want you, sweetheart, I do. Very, very much,” I said. “I can hardly wait for you to get home again.”

A giggle. “Mom will look after you for me, and you’ll be seeing me sooner than expected. There was a fire in one of the labs, and they’re sending us home for two weeks, after this induction week, until they have a chance to get things fixed. So I’ll see you, and I mean all of you,” she added with another giggle, “on Saturday.”

“I’ll look forward to it, Tammy, and to seeing all of you, too.”

“Bill, is your email address still the same?”

“It is, yes. Planning on writing?”

“Yes, of course, and I’m sending you a picture a day, until I get home. First one tonight. Expect it in about an hour.” Another laugh. “That should just about give you and Mom time to finish what I interrupted, shouldn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess, if she lets me live.”

“I’ll make sure she does. Put her back on, please, and I’ll see you on Saturday. Coming to the airport with Mom?”

“Try and stop me! Okay, Tammy, here’s your mom.”

I passed the phone back to Jane. Jane, who had been bouncing lightly on my erection as I talked to Tammy. Jane, who kept right on bouncing with the phone at her ear.

“Hi, honey … yes, of course I’ll let him live. Exhausted beyond reprieve is no good to either of us, is it? … I’m pleased you agree … sorry? … oh, yes, I’m sure he will … no, he’s staying over, tonight and tomorrow … yes, hon, we will try to get some sleep. Maybe not a lot, but some … okay, ring us when you know your arrival time and we’ll pick you up at the airport … love you, too, hon. See you Saturday … bye, baby.” She held the phone out to me. “Tammy wants to say goodbye.”

“Hi, Tammy.”

“Hi, Bill. If you’re staying over, use the PC in my room to access your email, okay?”

“Do I need a password?”

“Yes, but you have your own user on it. User name is Bill, and the password is cunningPlan. All one word, lower case, with a capital ‘P’ on plan. Okay?”

“User name Bill, password cunningPlan. Got it.”

“Okay, got to go. Bye for now, hon.”

“Bye, sweetheart.”

“Look after Mom.”

“My word on it.”

“I’m gone!” she said, and the line went dead. I fumbled the handset back into the holder and looked up at Jane. She smiled.

“Looks like this fuck buddy thing is gonna be interrupted a little sooner than we thought, Bill.”

“Interrupted, or terminated?”

“Ah. Interrupted?”

“Gets my vote. Jane, you’re a wonderful lover, and I suspect your daughter is going to take after you, but she’s only home for two weeks, and I suspect she might want her mom to keep me away from the other girls when she’s back at college.”

Jane laughed, a happy chortle. “Someone else with a cunning plan,but you might just have the truth of it there. We’ll just have to wait until Saturday to know. In the meantime,” she said, squeezing down on my slightly-softened erection. “In the meantime, we have some unfinished business.” And she began to rise and fall on me again, a gentle, happy smile on her face, and I marveled anew at the rapport there seemed to be between mother and daughter, a rapport which seemed to be extending to me.


“Yes, hon?”

“There’s a pair of tits up here could do with some nice handling. What you’d say?”

“I say yes, of course.” I smiled up at her as she leaned forward slightly, and my hands moved up to cup her twin lovelies, the nipples erect under my touch, her breasts soft, resilient, warm, a delight to the male touch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32