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Rebecca made her way through the school. Pausing several times she listened for the sound of footsteps. Hearing none but her own she moved on quickly. Making her way to the main staff room she paused hearing the cleaners talking. Rebecca Vanished into a stairwell waiting for the two cleaners to move on. When they had passed her and turned the corner, she dove swiftly into the staffroom. As on a mission she ran to several desks opening the draws she found her goals. Cigarette packets and quiz answer books. Taking both she made off into the darkening school. Tomorrow she knew she would return and those books would be carefully replaced.

Not only did Rebecca want to cheat and win at the quizzes and exams she wanted the surrounding girls to fail. To achieve this, she was to take the answer books and return with fakes. Rebecca had tired of the goody-two-shoes life that this school forced down upon her. Rebecca went home. The hot weather was now milder and colder at night. Tomorrow morning bright and early she would return.

The next morning, Rebecca surreptitiously made her way across the school grounds. Her goal was the window into a storage room she had left open. Climbing through the dusty old window she was glad to be changed into jeans shorts and boob tube, the school uniform, was frustrating to wear and forced her into underwear. Running commando with a tight boob tube was comfortable to Rebecca. She had spent a year before turning nineteen posing nude on the internet and sucking cock for the right amount of money; she liked the effect that this outfit had on men. With a wistful grin she wondered what sir would think of her outfit, would he pop an erection like that Friday, only a few weeks ago.

Sighing Rebecca walked through the empty school with impunity. No one was here she could do what she liked. She could walk nude. Piss on Madeline’s locker. Sit at sir’s desk and take a few selfies. Shaking her head, she knew what needed to be done. Daydreaming could only get her into trouble.

Pausing in one of the ceiling to floor mirrors Rebecca looked at herself. Biting her bottom lip and posing like a porn slut, she was satisfied to know she still had the look. The incident the other day almost had her throwing herself at Sir, she just wished he was here now. Things would end up different. Rebecca walked into the staff room. Her mind wandering thinking of the things she could do to Sir. Oblivious to another person sitting on the edge of a desk.

With a click, the light came on. Sitting at the end of a desk, was a teacher. “Hello Rebbecca, I have been looking forward to our little meeting.”

Rebecca stopped in her tracks, it was Amelia Gregors.

Across town, Sam was up, Saturday was now the day of recovery and preparation. Recovery from Amelia the night before, preparation for Madeline. Although Madeline and him had sex, he always finished the session with an actual lesson. Today was to be on Shakespear and on how to work with the language. Recovery was drinking plenty of fluids.

Amelia had spent her entire conference time fucking. Even though that should have fulfilled her lust it increased it. Sam’s cock throbbed at the memories of the previous night. There was barely a moment his cock was not buried in one of Amelia’s orifices. And he had ejaculated at least four times and almost drowned her in piss. Now he sat and recuperated as no doubt Madeline would want some of him. As the afternoon cooled, he wondered what Amelia’s apprentice had in store for him.


Rebecca stood in shock. “Ah, miss I am here to see…”

“A teacher?” Amelia paused. “No, I imagine that is the last thing that you wanted to see.”

“I. I Am here for tutoring,” Rebecca said, feeling her confidence grow. “For, for English Literature.” Her confidence was waning.

“Really, we have a remedial class on a Saturday morning, here in the teacher’s lounge.” Amelia paused with a heavy sigh. “You will go to Vander hall for this.”

Rebecca paled at the mention of the juvenile detention facility.

“Actually Rebecca, I think you are just off to prison your age being a factor and all,” Amelia said sadly.

“Miss…” Rebecca started.

“Oh, I know that you don’t want to go there. That is not what I want either. However, your choices seem to show otherwise.” Rebecca crossed her legs and regarded Amelia.

“Is there anything we can do?” Rebecca said pleading.

“My fear, young lady is that those tears are crocodile ones,” Amelia paused. “You think you mersin escort can manipulate and that it’s a power, sadly, I think it is you that is easily manipulated.”

“What,” the emotion switched to anger and confusion. “What the hell do you mean by that.”

“That you think you can manipulate me, that these tears would change my mind.” Amelia yawned, the previous evening’s activities had taken a lot out of her. “Rebecca, you may think you are a powerful young woman. In fact, you are a child.”

“Lady…” Rebecca began.

“There is a police car waiting outside, I have many tapes and piles of evidence.”

“What do you want,” Rebecca’s tone changed. “If you wanted me gone, those police would be in here with you.”

“And that’s that amazing social perception I expect from you.” Amelia paused. “Yes if I wanted you gone it would have been Friday evening with the stolen cigarettes and quiz answer keys.”

Rebecca baulked, “You knew then.”

“Oh sweet,” Amelia said standing, “You are a kitten fighting a tiger.”

Rebecca smirked, “what do you want, Amelia?”

“Oh we are getting tough, you can use my first name. Kitten, I have more than enough for you to get retr as an adult for your crimes. I am however offering a different path.”

Rebecca stopped, “what do you mean.”

“Mean?” Amelia walked over to the young woman. “Mean, we drop this ridiculous facade, I can see right through you, secondly we move some things around to give you power so that this,” she indicated the quizzes held in Rebecca’s shaking hands. “That this shit does not happen again.”

“Ok,” Rebecca said as Amelia’s face hovered inches from her own.

“Burn me child, and I will break you,” her voice full of ice-cold malice, it almost made Rebecca wet herself. “Do as I say and we will go far,” Amelia finished with a cherry tone.


The doorbell startled Sam. He climbed out of his easy chair and realised he was still in his maroon robe. Shrugging at his laziness he made his way to the front door. Opening it he was exposed to the bright happy Madeline. Dressed in a high-cut, white, one-piece, swimmers a towel around her waist. Sam almost drooled.

“Hi, sir!” She bounced enthusiastically into Sam’s house.

Sam felt his cock grow. Madeline dropped the towel, exposing the sight of the narrow cut. The bathers went down over her perfect hips and tightly encircled her pubic mound and emphasised her pussy lips.

Madeline paused, Sam had yet to say a word and his mouth hung agape. With glee, she noticed that the robe was slightly undone and Sam was naked beneath, his cock was hardening as they stood there. In that moment she decided to ratchet things up.

“Oh, Sir, I really need to pee,” Madeline clutched at her abdomen and bent forward in a manic-like way to emphasise her need to piss.

Sam continued to stare, now his cock head was poking out of the robe.

“Oh please, I drank so much before training and then had a coffee on the way,” Madeline finished with a little moan and I needed to pee dance. “Please sir, if I don’t go soon I may wet myself and you must punish me then.” Desperation was seeping into her voice.

Sam grinned.

Madeline returned the grin. Then with a slight squat began to pee. It poured out through the gusset of her suit, soaking the floor beneath her. Madeline’s swimmers became slightly see-through and exposed pissy wet pussy lips and damp pubic hair.

Sam reacted by moaning, his cock dribbled slightly, a long stringy mess of pre-cum.

Madeline grunted and another shorter stream poured out of her, the towel dropped moments before was soaking the hot clear piss up.

“Madeline, I will have to punish you,” Sam said, his cock leading the way dripping pre-cum.

“Oh I count on it sir,” Madeline went to remove the swimmers from her shoulders, expecting Sam to want her nude.

“No, please,” Sam begged, hand outstretched.

“Ooh,” Madeline said with a grin and a wink understanding it immediately. “Sir you like the one-piece,” she said pulling the piss wet gusset tighter into her warm, wet, cunt.

Dumbly Sam nodded a big grin racing across his face.

“So how will sir punish me, down on all fours? Madeline said this as she pointed her ass at Sam, slightly bending making sure he saw that the thin swimsuit material barely covered her asshole and taint. A moan was all the signal she needed.

Kneeling tits first into a puddle of her piss, kocaeli escort her ass high into the air and her hot school teacher behind her, another wicked thought crossed Madeline’s mind. Reaching over she opened her bag and pulled a big pump bottle of lube out. They were going to have some fun.


Amelia Gregor’s opened the door to her house. Walking in she beckoned the thickly set and rather curvy Rebecca to enter.

“My humble abode,” she said.

“That’s quite a view,” Rebecca remarked incredulously.

Amelia led on, into the room beyond her high heels crinkling on the drop plastic in the room. “Come on.”

“Are you renovating,” Rebecca said looking around the immaculate room.

“No not at all,” Amelia responded flatly.

“Ok, Monday I will forward the papers to have you adopted. From there you will become my daughter in name only.” Amelia looked at her.

“I don’t know what to say,” Rebecca said her face going pale.

“I can’t imagine anyone has a go-to response.” Amelia looked at Rebecca and smiled, “Let me show you to your room.”


Sam had pushed aside the thin swimsuit gusset and had devoured the area covered. Swirling tongue had cleaned Madeline’s slightly agape asshole, the brown flower now glistening in anticipation. His tongue had smeared her hot cunt lips apart and lubricated them further. His hands spread her ass cheeks and fingers found the sensitive sphincter and twirled on its taboo surface. All this elicited gasps and moans from Madeline.

Reaching behind Madeline passed Sam the lube. “Cover me in it,” she said lustily.

Sam went quickly to work, spurred on by the throbbing coming from his now erect and girthy cock. Alternating between pumping lube into his palm and then smearing it on, it seemed like a sheen of lust. Fingers slipped between folds of Madeline’s drooling cunt. His finger popped into her slowly opening brown flower.

“Yesss,” Madeline hissed. “Push, push a few more in,” she said with a pant.

Sam obliged whilst pumping huge quantities of lube down her crack to trickle into her anus as now four fingers slid easily in up to the palm. Sam was shaking with excitement and certain that his cock would explode.

“Hey sir,” Madeline squeaked looking over her shoulder, “time for a big thumbs up,” Madeline emphasised this by putting her hand in the thumbs up pose.

Sam tentatively squeezed his thumb in, the vision of his fist slowly disappearing up Madeline’s ass with a squelch almost made he cum there and then. Only the idea of soon plunging his cock into this mess made him hold back. To Sam’s shock, Madeline pushed back his wrist now gripped by her spasming anus.

“Fist fuck me, sir.”


Meanwhile, at Ameilia’s house, Rebecca had been shown around. The two were now in the large sunlight library; they both silently sipped tea and sat in matching wingbacks.

“There will be rules,” Amelia said breaking the silence. “However, I know about your,” she paused, searching for a word, “entertainment, you do with the other girls, I won’t stand in your way. I will encourage it.”

Rebecca looked at her gob smacked, deciding that truth was the only option. “Ah miss, that is to make money I get paid for those texts.” She flinched, expecting the worst.

“I’d rather hoped that was the case, there was no way that I thought a young thing would do that for Mr Harrison,” Amelia said this with a rather huge grin on her face. “I just could not see a young beautiful woman like you fall in love with that smelly man. Let alone insert a school water bottle into your tight little vagina.”

“No, he paid… Wait have you seen that?” Rebecca said. “I wondered where he was.”

“Oh I confiscated his phone concerned there may be underage material, thankfully I was wrong. Amelia slid the hem of her skirt up her leg exposing the garter, her pale white hip and her lack of underwear. “No it was quite inspiring.” she shifted herself forward in the chair. “Tell me, Rebecca, how much do you enjoy inserting things in there and telling dirty old men how much you want to suck their cocks and drink their piss.”

Rebecca was getting flustered, seeing Ms Gregors’s long pale legs made her snatch drool and her stomach tighten. Her face was either hot or getting red. “Miss, are you trying to seduce me?”

“Oh, I think it’s far kinkier that you call me mummy, now that I will adopt you,” Amelia said with glee as she started samsun escort to unbutton her shirt exposing a red bra and large pale tits.


Sam, moaning, his clenched fist was now deeply penetrating Madeline’s bowels. Gently he pumped it, Madeline responded to each thrust with a grunt. He slowly built speed and noted that one of her hands alternated between rubbing her enlarged and aroused clit and sliding into the jellified depths of her steaming cunt. Soon she started to shake and cry out, before suddenly pushing down hard on his fist. At that moment, at the height of her orgasm, his fist buried in her ass, Madeline pissed.

It was a huge stream that soaked him and sprayed his erect phallus. Sam slowly removed his fist, her anus sat agape, wanton and begging to be filled by his throbbing cock. Sam got up onto his knees and moved around to directly behind Madeline. His lust almost choked him now and he dragged his cock through the lube, piss and cunt juice mess that was Madeline’s cunt, he slid it achingly along her taint, finally reaching his destination. Her fat, gaping, puckered anus. With a determined thrust, he pushed into her. A wet sloppy fart was pushed out as he drove his aching prick the full length into her bowels.

“Oh sir, I love your dick.”

“Madeline, you keep wearing that one piece around and I might marry you.”


Amelia was nude her pale skin was perfect. Her nipples were red puffy and erect. Her cunt wet and getting wetter as she walked over to her young target. Each step was carefully chosen to stress the swing of her huge tits and round apple ass. Rebecca looked at her with growing lust.

Rebecca stood now unsure, what to do with her hands as Amelia closed the distance between them. Standing so close Amelia’s perfume and growing pussy scent filled her senses.

Rebecca wanted to devour the woman in front of her, and be devoured by her. Carefully she brought her hands up and cupped Amelia’s huge tits squeezing them and almost salivating at the pleasurable feeling they were to have in her hands. She almost jumped, but then slid into Amelia’s hands. Rebecca felt her boob tube pulled down around her waist and her sizable breasts bounce free.

“Oh lovely,” Amelia said, her hands resting on Rebecca’s waist. The hands pushed on the thick young women’s shorts and slid them off her ample hips and ass to hear them slide with a clatter to the hardwood floor beneath. Both women were naked now. Amelia pulled Rebecca towards her, both sets of breasts now squished together.

Amelia still wearing her glasses looked down her nose at Rebecca and smiled. “We will have lots of fun, won’t we?”

Rebecca tore her gaze away from the squished mammaries and looked Amelia in the face, biting her bottom lip she spoke. “Yes, mummy.”


Madeline’s gaped ass farted with each moaning thrust of Sam’s sensitive cock. Behind her, in a leapfrog position, Sam fucked Madeline like a metronome. Feeling every inch of her forbidden hole and the pleasure of trapped air rushing out of her loose bowels and tickling his cock. Madeline grasped Sam’s feet and shuddered with ecstasy.

Sam stopped mid thrust and grasped his cock by the base. He pulled out of Madeline’s abused asshole and stood shakily. Like a pro, Madeline swung around and got on her knees. The shoulder straps of her one-piece swimsuit had slipped down her arms in the process of them fucking her ass. Her tits and cleavage were all on display.

Madeline looked up at Sam. “Sir, can you piss on my face?”

Sam moaned. He was bereft of words the throbbing in his slick and aching cock was overpowering.

“Please, sir.”

Sam took one, then two steps towards the slutty nymphet. Madeline looked up at him, her huge eyes locked on him.

With a smile, she spoke and reached out for his cock. “Come on sir, cum on my face, you want to.”

Sam could not contain himself anymore. Madeline’s dainty fingers barely wrapped around the shiny purple head and he erupted. Two long, thick, creamy ropes of baby batter exploded from his cock. He slashed a line of white cum across Madeline’s face and tits. Sam moaned louder launching more and more cum at Madeline.

Eventually panting, Sam leant against the wall and slid to the floor. There he sat wide-eyed but not seeing as his breathing and spasming cock recovered.

Madeline was scooping handfuls of the cum and eating it, between slurps she spoke.

“Sir, wasn’t Miss Gregors going to join us today?”

“Had,” he panted, “to do,” the stars that were flashing in front of him, now slowly retreated. “She had to,” he tried again but found his breath was still coming in ragged waves. “School, work.” Sam now focused on breathing.

“That’s a shame. I was looking forward to eating some pussy,” Madeline said with a sigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32