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The Decorators

Hubby and I decided that the bedroom needed decorating. Hubby told me that he would sort out a decorator from the fitted bedroom and design department at his works. After a quick phone call he told me that work would be started on Monday.

On Monday morning the decorator arrived with a spotty young lad I guessed to be about eighteen. I showed them up to the room and the decorators said they would get started and move the furniture to one of the spare rooms.

After about an hour I shouted up to see if they fancied a cup of tea. Both shouted back yes. I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on. As I made the tea I noticed that the banging and bumping had stopped. “They’ve soon sorted that lot out.” I said to myself.

As I took the tea upstairs I could hear whispers and sniggering coming from the bedroom. To my horror I found what they were sniggering at!

Both men were knelt down looking through the photographs Albert and Ronnie took of me in my schoolgirl outfit (read Ch.03). Each photo they looked at showed me in some form of undress with my backside being spanked. “What’s going on!” I shouted, “Where did you get those?”

“They fell out of the wardrobe.” Said the lad.

“I bet they did!” I was really annoyed and began to scoop up the photographs. The Decorator and the lad got up and carried on with the work, each had a smile on his face, while my poor face went red.

For the next two days Hubby was home, he had arranged to have them off at work. We both got a few jobs done around the house and left the decorators upstairs working.

On Thursday Hubby went off to work, and I got myself showered and went down stairs to have a bit off breakfast. After I had finished I went to go upstairs to get changed when there was a knock on the door it was the decorator.

“Where is your friend?” I asked looking outside.

“I’ve sent him on some errands. He’ll be back to pick me up at twelve. We should be finished by then and we need to get started on a job elsewhere. Your husband has said to leave the furniture, he will sort that out” He replied.

I let the decorator in and we both went upstairs, him to carry on with the bedroom and I went into the temporary bedroom to get changed. I went to put on my jeans when the thought of yalova escort the decorator seeing my photos crossed my mind. My body began to tingle as I realised that a “game” was afoot. I threw my jeans to the side and looked into my wardrobe. In less than five minutes I was wearing my pleated white tennis skirt, a tight white T-shirt, a pair of white high heel shoes, and my white thong.

I nipped downstairs, made a drink and I took him up a cuppa. As I walked into the bedroom he was picking up his coverings. “Tea up” I said.

“Thanks, I need that.” He said as he looked me up and took the mug to have a drink, “It looks like I’ll be done sooner than I thought.” His eyes roamed my body.

“Really.” I said with interest.

“Yes I’ve just got to tidy my things up and then I’ll be off.” He said.

I walked to the window opened it up and keeping my legs straight bent out. I felt the skirt ride up and I knew he had a very good view of my willing bum. I turned my head towards the bedroom “You’ll have to get hold of your young friend and get him to pick you up.” I looked back out.

“He’s not got a mobile so I’ll have to stay till he comes.” I heard the decorator say. A hand slowly drifted across my rear, I wiggled my bum on it for more, and it clasped one of my bum cheeks.

I come away from the window and looked at the decorator, “I’m a very naughty girl letting you see and feel my bottom.”

The decorator replied “Yes and naughty girls need to be punished! Go over to the ladder and bend over!”

I quickly moved to his stepladders near to the wall, I bent right over and used the middle rungs of the ladder for support. I felt him come close to me his hand rubbed along one of my legs then it flipped up the skirt to expose my tasty twin moons.

“I’ve been dreaming of doing this since I saw this arse of yours stuck out on them pictures getting punished.” He rubbed my bottom then Slap! Slap! Slap! His hand smacked my behind slow and rhythmically. Slap! Slap! Slap!

The stepladders rocked as my body pushed against them, I hoped they could hold up for me. Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Touch those lower rungs!” he commanded.

I bent further over to touch the second to the bottom rung; my bum was now sticking edirne escort right out waiting for its punishment. It wasn’t long in waiting. Slap! Slap! Slap! His speed had increased and the discipline began to get harder. My body craved for his touch and my rump was beginning to get warm.

“Let’s get this piece of string off.” He said and tugged the thong down my legs, ” Now then is that delicious arse ready for some more?”

I pleaded, “Yes! Please more!” His hand hit my backside with a loud crack and he carried on.

After a short while the spanking stopped. The decorator helped me up and led me to the centre of the room.

“Right take those things off!” he snapped and took a step back.

I slowly undid my skirt and it fell to the floor. As I lifted my T-shirt I heard him breath in as my boobs were exposed. I felt helpless, but I tingled with excitement, as he looked upon my naked figure. Instinctively I used my arms to cover what I could of my body.

He had a broad smile on his face, “You’ve no time to cover your shame. Get on that floor on your hands and knees, bum stuck in the air!”

I did as he ordered and got onto some dirty coverings he had used to cover the floor while he was working.

He carried on, “A naughty girl of your calibre needs something special for a punishment. Not just those little taps I gave to you.” He came over to me and knelt down. I closed my eyes and waited.

Splat! All of a sudden my bottom went wet, I instantly opened my eyes and turned my head towards him. Splat! I watched him dip a large brush into a bucket and smack my behind with it. Splat! My poor red derrière was feeling the chill of wallpaper paste! Splat! This was new and in a way quite pleasant, I could feel the paste splatter all over my arse and legs as each blow was struck.

“Is it cold and wet? Let’s warm it up.” He said more to himself than me. His hand once more began to spank my rear, this time with a lot more energy!

I was in ecstasy and I screamed for more. I tried to lift my bum up higher and began to sob with excitement as his hand kissed my backside.

He suddenly stopped and got up, I wondered what could be happening, and then I heard the doorbell. The decorator went over to the window, erzurum escort looked out and shouted, “All right I won’t be a minute!” He turned back to me, “It’s my apprentice, he’s come to pick me up.”

I quickly got up and was about to go to the bathroom to clean up when the decorator said, “Oh no! Naughty girls go when they are told! Stand in the corner! Hands on heads!” I walked back into the room; head bowed, and did as he commanded. He watched me then walked towards me, brush in hand. Splat! The decorator began to pack his things up and take them downstairs, I could feel the paste running down my leg, and I had to stifle a giggle because it was ticklish.

After he had taken most of his stuff downstairs he came back into the room, “Right I’ll finish putting the stuff in the van and you tidy up here.” I turned to see whom he was talking to and looked straight into the bulging eyes of the lad! The decorator noticed me looking back and shouted, “Face the wall and turn when you are told too!” I heard him walk towards me. Slap! My poor bum.

Behind me I could here movement and what sounded like the noise of brushing. After a few minutes I heard the lad shout “I’ve finished!”

Foot steps came up the stairs then I heard the decorator say “What about her!”

I turned slightly to see the lad say “But I…”

Before he could finish the decorator said “You clean up everything after me. Get some water and a cloth and get that paste off.” The lad looked at me a bit unsure then disappeared.

After a couple of minutes he returned with a bucket and a couple of cloths.

The decorator pointed over to me “I’m off to the van. Do a good job off cleaning because I maybe back at any minute.”

The lad walked cautiously over to me, dipped a cloth into the bucket and began to rub it over my behind and down my legs. Hearing no protest the cloth began rub harder and sometimes a hand wipe the paste away. My body began to get excited again at the touch of this young man; I stuck my bottom out and stretched my arms out to support myself on the wall. The wet cloth glided over my right leg, along the crack of my behind, between my legs, and then back down along my left leg.

“Right finish up! We’re going” The decorator shouted from downstairs.

“You’ll have to dry yourself lady.” Said the lad hurriedly and ran downstairs.

I went to the bathroom to clean up and get changed. The decorator had really done a good job on both the bedroom and me! I would have to talk Hubby into decorating the other rooms, with an introduction to the paste, the brush and my backside!

The end

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