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“Holly…” John whispered as he gently shook Holly awake.

She opened her eyes and half sat up, with a puzzled look set upon her face.

“Whoa, I must have fallen asleep while the tape was rewinding,” she chuckled. “What time is it?”

“Yeah, it’s just after ten,” he smiled, as he sat on the edge of his bed, beside her. “How were the kids?”

“Oh, they were great, as usual. They watched a movie in your room and fell asleep here, too. Then I carried them to bed,” she spoke softly, obviously still tired.

“That’s good. Thank-you Holly,” he said gently and then brushed the hair away from her face. “You looked so peaceful sleeping there. I really hated to wake you up,” he said.

She sat up a little more and looked him in the eye.

“It’s okay John; you must have the most comfortable bed ever made,” she said. “Besides, I

liked waking up to see you,” she said and then placed her hand on his left hand which was resting on the bed just grazing her thigh. She watched his eyes travel to where she had just placed her hand.

“It’s always so good to see you, Holly… You are so beautiful; do you know that?” he asked.

Holly blushed, “Thank-you John. I don’t know what to say.”

John reached up with his right hand and caressed the side of her face. She closed her eyes and leaned into his soft touch. He leaned forward and pulled her face closer to his own, just an inch away. Being this close, she could tell he had had a few drinks at dinner.

He looked deep in her eyes and whispered, “Thanks again for sitting. It means the world to me.”

Then he pulled her to his lips and kissed her hard. He parted her lips with his tongue and explored the inside of her mouth. Holly returned his kiss and massaged his tongue with her own. After a long kiss they pulled apart reluctantly.

“Mmmmmm. I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” John whispered.

“Well, what have you been waiting for?” she asked.

“I don’t remember…” he said and pulled her in for another kiss just like their last.

Holly reached up behind his neck and then laid back down on to the duvet-covered bed again. John pressed his upper body firmly on to hers. Then he shifted his wait and legs around and he wrapped his left leg around her right. She could instantly feel that he had been waiting a long time to do more than just kiss her.

Holly began to loosen his tie; she pulled it up over his head and broke their kiss to completely free it from him. John looked at her with an inquisitive look and she just winked at him and began to undo the buttons on his shirt. Then she pulled it off of his shoulders and kissed the right side of his collarbone. Then he took it off the rest of the way and kissed her again, passionately on the lips. John wasn’t nearly as built as Kyle, but hadn’t let himself go over the years either. There was no trace of a beer gut or excess fat, just not the definition her boyfriend has. Holly pulled away and started unbuttoning her own shirt for the second time that night. She half sat up to take it off and looked up at John.

“Are you sure you want to do this Holly?” he asked.

“I’ve wanted this since I first started sitting for you, John,” she blushed then kissed him hard and put her hands behind his neck and pulled him back on top of her.

John’s hands moved behind her back and he slowly worked the hooks on her bra. As he pulled his hands away, he took her bra with them. He kissed her lips, then chin, then her neck, each side of her collarbone, each breast – stopping to suck each nipple – then a trail down her stomach. He stopped at the top hem of her skirt Onwin and looked up at her and grinned.

John unzipped her skirt slowly and gently pulled it and her thong off. He took in the sweet smell of her light feminine juices. His breathing was speeding up with anticipation and Holly felt the warm air gently graze her wetness and she instinctively spread her thighs as an invitation for John. He reached forward and spread her moist labia with his fingers. He bent in and sucked her erect clitoris into his mouth. Holly moaned very loudly and bucked her hips up closer to his face. He inserted two fingers into her hole and her muscles tightened around them and she moaned again, but softer this time. He pulled them in and out, gently massaging her, whilst still sucking her throbbing clit. He curled his fingers into her and she had to bite her lips to keep from screaming, but she still let an audible sound of pleasure escape, letting him know he had found what he was looking for. He inserted a third finger and then increased the pressure at this sweet spot, then began pulling them out and pushing them back in rapidly. He then began to swirl his tongue around her erect clit, sucking it harder and gently nibbling on it. That was nearly all Holly could take. She started rocking her hips furiously to the rhythm of his fingers fucking her. She arched her back, grabbed a pillow from beside her and screamed into it in intense ecstasy. Her entire body shook and she panted heavily as her orgasm, which lasted minutes, subsided.

“Mmmmm, my God, John… That was absolutely amazing!!” Holly breathed, after she had finally come down again.

John smiled and replied by moving up towards her, and kissing her with an extreme passion; thus she tasted her own juices from his sweet kiss. He pressed the weight of his body against hers and Holly ran her fingers along his back, gently but firmly digging her manicured nails into the soft skin. She held their embrace and slowly sat up, forcing him to his knees.

She broke away from their tender kiss and began undoing his belt. She finally pulled it loose from his pants and undid the top button, then pulled the zipper down, too. She let them fall to his knees and onto the bed. Then she ran her fingers teasingly around the inside edge of his boxers from front to back, stopping when they met each other at the very back. She then put her hands in them, palms on his muscular ass, and pulled his boxers down slowly by rubbing her hands from the top of his butt cheeks down to the back of his knees. When she had them off, Holly noticed that John was bigger than Kyle, by at least an inch, and wider too; she liked what she saw and ran her long nails gently along the length of his shaft from base to tip. Then she kissed the tip of it and laid back down onto the bed again. John reached down his legs and pulled his pants and boxers off completely. He tossed them and his socks and shoes to the floor at the end of the bed. Holly reached for his hand and pulled him back on top of her.

They continued to kiss, touch and fondle each other and Holly felt him pressing between her thighs. She ached to have him inside of her, but she wanted to give him a taste of the pleasure he had already shown her. She held onto him, rolled on top of him, and then ended the playful dance their tongues were sharing. She pecked him on the lips again and smiled as she slowly started crawling backwards over him on the bed. She stopped with her knees between his, where she could reach his throbbing member, which she did. She gripped it at the base with her right hand and squeezed it firmly while she kissed the tip gently. With this first Onwin Giriş soft touch, John let a low moan escape his lips. Holly held her firm grip and brought her fist up his shaft until it met her lips, which were tight around his cock head. She continued to jack him off while she worked on his sensitive head. She licked his slit, from the tip to where it met his shaft, with the underside of her tongue. Then she flicked her tongue across this spot, which received throaty groans from John. Holly again sucked his pulsating head into her mouth, but this time let more and more slip into her mouth. As her mouth slid further and further down the shaft of John’s penis, Holly’s hand strokes became shorter and quicker until she had to release her grip so that her lips could replace her hand altogether. Holly sucked hard on his cock and bobbed her head up and down, deep throating him, and massaging his penile flesh with her wet tongue. While she was doing this she was fondling his balls, rolling them softly in her right hand. With her left hand she pressed firmly at the sensitive spot between his cock and his ass. This nearly sent John through the roof. He groaned very loudly and raised his hips off of the bed, pushing his cock even further into Holly’s mouth. Holly knew he was getting close to orgasm and so she worked even harder; she increased the pressure and speed of her sucking, bobbing her head up and down in long, quick motions. She also began to squeeze and tug at his balls, rather than the soft fondling she was doing before; Holly also increased the pressure at his sensitive spot with her left hand. John began bucking his hips into Holly’s face, meeting her rhythm, moaning. Holly once again returned her attention to his cock head and sucked hard, swirling her tongue around the rim. She moved her right hand from his balls to his shaft and began stroking him up and down, hard and fast. When Holly pressed into him harder with her left hand John screamed out, “OHHH, HOLLY! Uhnnnhuhnnn….” And shot his load into her waiting, wanting mouth. Holly released the pressure of her left hand, and slowed her strokes down, gently pumping out all of the cum he was able to give up to Holly, whom had decided that she enjoyed this after all.

Moments later, when John had stopped panting, and was able to open his eyes again, he looked up in to hers, and said, “Holly! That was…wow. That was just amazing.” Holly smiled and lay back down beside John. She propped herself up on her elbow and leaned over to kiss him softly. He put his hands behind her head, pulling her harder into his lips, eagerly returning her kiss. Then he pressed her back into the bed and moved his hands down to her breasts. He began to fondle, squeeze and caress them. He pressed his chest into hers and she could feel his heart beat rapidly against her right breast. He lay on top of her and Holly could feel that his cock had hardened again quickly. He rubbed her pussy with the tip of his cock, teasing her. She raised her hips trying desperately to coax him in. After he had slid his head into her gently he suddenly entered her: half way with his first thrust, completely with his second. He was somewhat bigger than Kyle and so she had to accommodate that. Holly let a guttural moan escape her lips through their kiss. He slowly began to move his member in and out of Holly’s tight pussy.

John’s mouth changed its direction of attention and he started to suck Holly’s right nipple. He massaged the other with his hand and the extra stimulation was readily accepted. She bucked her hips into his and met his every thrust. They were rocking their hips into each other at perfectly timed Onwin Güncel Giriş intervals. And this time it was John’s turn to moan, as his balls tightened. Holly tightened her muscles around his cock and then John moaned again. He quickened his pace and Holly continued to meet his thrusts with her hips. Their breathing got heavier, too heavy to kiss, and their hearts raced.

Holly wrapped her legs around John and crossed them firmly on his clenched butt and pulled him in deeper with his every thrust. The added pressures made her muscles tighten again and she moaned loudly. She reached her arms around him and ran her fingernails down his sweaty back. At this point, their breathing was very shallow, and their chests were heaving as they panted. Holly loved the feeling of John’s cock inside of her and just as she thought to herself, ‘God, this feels so damn good; I don’t ever want it to end!’ she felt John’s penis pulsate and contract. Holly knew that it was going to have to end soon because John was on the verge of his second orgasm. Holly tightened her vaginal muscles around his cock and he groaned and his hot, thick cum deep into Holly’s sex hole. The feeling of it all sent Holly into yet another orgasmic frenzy, and this time she actually did scream out. They rode out their orgasms together and then he leant down and kissed her passionately.

He broke their kiss, pecked her softly on the lips again and said, “That literally was a dream come true.”

Holly smiled, “It was for me too, John.”

John slowly pulled out of her and sat up. Holly followed. They slowly got their clothes back on in silence, and then Holly kissed him again.

“You know…I got the promotion…” John said.

“YOU DID?!?! Wow! Congratulations, John!” Holly exclaimed and threw her arms around his neck.

John put his arms around her waist and held her. “Thanks, but…It’s going to keep me really busy…I’m going to have to go out a lot more…” John said as his voice trailed off…

“OHHH… So you’re going to need me to sit for you a lot more now? Is that it?” Holly asked, slyly.

“Yes, Holly. You’re going to have to be here, at LEAST 3 times a week, sometimes more… I’ll definitely have to tip you… Well, it looks like I started tonight…” John said, glancing at his bed, strewn with blankets.

“Oh! WELL! In THAT case…. I’d be more than happy to,” Holly said, and kissed him. “But I really do have to get going now…”

“Right, of course,” he said, reaching in his back pocket for his wallet. As he did Holly went to the VCR and ejected her movie. He handed her three 20’s, and then reached in for another $20. “There, double, as promised, plus an extra tip, just because my promotion has left me in an extra generous mood. Thanks again for sitting on such short notice,” he said.

Holly was amazed! $80 for a couple of hours of “babysitting”!?! She just left them alone with a video… And, God, she’d have done it for free after what happened tonight! “Wow, John. I don’t need all this money…God I feel like a prostitute, ha-ha.”

“NO! Holly that is NOT what the money is for. This is ONLY for baby-sitting. I did …what we did, because I wanted to; because I wanted you. I am in no way paying you for it. Please, don’t take it like that,” John said, clearly distressed.

“He he, thanks John, but I was just teasing,” she said and gave him a playful shove, then a kiss on the cheek. “See you soon!” she said and bounced down the hall, grabbed her things, and stepped out of the front door.

On her way home, down the street, she stopped to think about what just happened. She just made amazing love to Mr. McKay! That was something she had fantasized about for years, and it had finally happened!! She smiled and thought to herself, ‘Between Kyle and John, babysitting will take on a whole new meaning!’

She couldn’t wait until next time John called!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32