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A trip to Charlotte to see old friends found me at a very familiar haunt of mine. It’s a little club called The Breakfast Club, which plays music and movies from the eighties. We hit the dance floor and began to let my inhibitions fly. One by one, my friends either left the dance floor or left the club with someone. I didn’t care. I was lost in the music.

I could feel the beat of it throughout my entire body, and lost myself to it in the middle of the crowded dance floor. All around me, heated bodies swayed, bounced, spun and jumped. Groups of girls in skirts too short and tops too low bobbed their heads and swayed their hips, sipping their pink drinks and giggling. Guys stood off to the side, eyeing the girls, nodding their heads to the music. Couples danced together, in their own little worlds. Seemingly new hook ups got to know each other, hands roaming, hips grinding. As far as I could tell, I was the only one on the dance floor alone. Just the way I liked it. I kept an eye on the people in the room, looking for someone interesting to have fun with. So far no one had caught my eye. Occasionally I would feel hands slide around me from behind, some young man looking to get a little closer. I loved to dance, and dancing close with someone always made me feel good and hot. None of these boys were doing it for me though. No rhythm, tacky moves and grabby hands were not going to turn me on at all. As the song ended and the DJ took a break I headed to the bar, ordering myself a drink and taking it outside. My gang had all gone by this point, leaving me by myself.

The place was packed, but I located a small empty table and sat down to enjoy my drink and watch the crowd. I looked up as two men sat at my table, opposite me. One smiled at me, asking if I minded if I sat there. I shot him my best smile as I looked him over, captivated by his cheeky grin. I told them I didn’t mind at all, and he introduced himself as Roger and then his friend, whose name was Mark. I shook both their hands, telling them my name. I expected them to turn away, and was surprised when they struck up a conversation with me.

I took an instant liking to Roger, his easy smile and lean physique pleasing to the eye. He moved to sit next to me, so close our thighs touched, heads bent close together. At some point Mark must have left, but I didn’t notice, lost in conversation with Roger. I felt his hand on my knee, his fingertips gently caressing my bare leg. I felt my heart kick up a notch, his touch sending a delicious thrill through my body. I thought to myself that I had found my dance partner. As we talked, his hand slowly moved higher up my thigh beneath my skirt and with it my arousal rose too. I concentrated on keeping my breathing level even as my nipples hardened, aching to be touched. His lips brushed gently over mine, and I sighed softly, leaning forward to meet his kiss. His hand squeezed my thigh gently as his tongue parted my lips and slid between them, finding and caressing mine, his kiss setting my arousal on fire. The kiss lingered a long time, becoming fiery and passionate and we broke apart just before a bunch of rowdy people dropped onto our table. Roger stood, suggesting we hit the dance floor.

His fingers linked with mine as he led me through the crowd to the middle of the dance floor. He spun me a few times before drawing me close. My back pressed to his front, he slid his arms around me from behind as I swayed my hips and he moved in time. I felt his breath against my ear as he spoke softly to me. ‘I saw you dancing earlier. Saw all those boys try their luck. Saw how hard your nipples were when you danced with them. Like Ümraniye Escort I can see them now, right through your top.’ His hands wandered my body slowly, from my hips down my thighs and up, over my stomach, my sides and skimming over the curve of my breasts. My nipples hardened further; every time I moved they brushed against the material of my bra, sending waves of pleasure through me and I tried not to gasp. I felt his lips on my neck, kissing me softly, and then his teeth graze my skin as he bit down. He sucked gently on the wound as his hands slid over my stomach again, and he let them brush between my legs. Pure pleasure radiated out from my centre and I bit back a moan. Roger spun me back to face him and his lips found my neck once more. His hands slid down my back over my ass, and he pulled my body tight against his. I felt his nails rake across the tight fabric of my skirt on my ass, and this time I buried my face into his neck, moaning softly.

His knee slid between my legs, until I was resting against his thigh and he set up a gentle rocking rhythm, our bodies moving in time, hips pressed tightly together. I was not wearing panties, and I wondered if he could tell. He lifted his head and smiled at me, our eyes meeting as I realised our movements put a deliciously gentle pressure right on my clit. The look in his eye told me he knew exactly what he was doing, and exactly how it was affecting me.

As his hips moved against mine, and my pussy rubbed against his thigh, my clit became increasingly sensitive. His gaze never broke away from my own, and I could see my lust and desire mirrored in them. He arched his back slightly, and I bit my lip, feeling how hard he was against me. Roger raised his hand, gently brushing my hair away from my face. He cupped my cheek and leant forward, his lips capturing mine in an intensely heated kiss. Our tongues met and danced together as we explored each other’s mouths, all the time our hips rocking together, pulse after pulse of pleasure spreading throughout me. I could feel my wetness growing, knew that some of my wetness must be soaking into his jeans. We moved together, the beat from the music vibrating through my body only adding to my arousal, and already I could feel it rising almost out of my control. Roger broke away form the kiss, grinning at me before leaning close and whispering against my ear, “I can feel how wet you are.” I grinned and pressed harder against him, and he chuckled softly, his breath tickling my ear. My senses were on overload, every touch and caress was driving me wild. I didn’t think I could take it much longer.

“I can feel your wet pussy against me,” he whispered again. “And I can feel your body trembling, and the way you are grinding against me. Did you lose yourself? Did you forget where you were? Do you want to cum for me?”

I stilled my body, panting softly as my mind started to clear and he smiled at me lustfully. A sexy smile spread across my face. “Well, the thought had crossed my mind.” Roger’s hands were firmly on my ass, fingers digging into me as he kept moving, kept that pressure on my clit, rubbed harder against it. Oh God… he was bringing me so close to the edge. My body was trembling sweetly all over, the throbbing in my pussy a constant.

“Keep moving with me,” he said softly, kissing me again.

I moaned quietly into the kiss, picking up is rhythm as I ground against him once more.

“Good girl,” he smiled. “Now don’t stop until you cum for me.” We moved together, faster than before, pressed so close to each other I swear I could feel his heart beat. I felt the sweet intense pressure Anadolu yakası Escort coiling low inside, the trembling spreading across my entire body.

My body tightened and tensed gorgeously, and I had to fight to stay upright. Roger’s hands left my ass, sliding up my back as he held me tightly. I gasped once, so incredibly close, my eyes squeezed shut with the pleasure, and I bit my lip. The music stopped. My eyes flew open at the sudden silence, and I looked around in a daze, trembling with pleasure. The song had ended, and I held back a groan of frustration, clinging desperately to Roger. As I looked up at him, I saw his smile and he winked at me. Damn it, he thought it was funny! As the band introduced the next song, apparently an original, Roger kept constant pressure on my centre, keeping me on edge. I could easily have let go, coming hard right then, not caring who heard me or saw me. Roger shook his head.

“Not yet,” he said in my ear. “Not yet.”

I growled softly at him, but he only chuckled, teasing me further. I heard the drummer hitting his sticks together, and relief flooded through me. As the music started again, and got louder, I rubbed urgently against Roger, panting loudly, not caring. One of his hands slid into my hair, tilting my head back. He kissed me hard, hungrily and passionately before releasing me.

“Cum for me, now,” he whispered roughly in my ear.

I buried my face in his neck, groaning as I arched against him, trembling at first, and then shuddering almost violently as my orgasm hit me. Pure pleasure washed over me in pulses, the intensity making me moan uncontrollably, and I bit on Roger’s shoulders to muffle my cry. His arms tightened around me as he helped hold me up, whispering in my ear to let go completely. I felt my legs shake weakly, my orgasm seeming to last forever. Roger places soft kisses on my neck, his hand stroking my back soothingly as I came down from my high.

Roger’s hand slid once more into my hair, and he tugged my head back. I smiled lazily, and he laughed. “I’m not quite done with you yet.” He led me to the side of the dance floor and up a flight of steps. My smile widened as we came out on the balcony that runs around the main floor, a strictly VIP area. I looked around, but there was no one else there. Roger turned to face me, pushing me into the wall and kissing me hard. His hands slid beneath my shirt, pushing my bra aside and cupping my breasts. I moaned as his fingers pinched my nipples roughly, and arched into him. He moved us away from the wall, walking me backwards until my back hit the railing of the balcony. He spun me to face away from him, bending me forward slightly, pulling my legs back from the rail so he had room to kneel in front of me. The first touch of his tongue made me gasp; the second drew a full moan of pleasure. As he circled my clit teasingly, I rocked my hips, pressing my cunt firmly against his mouth. It felt amazing to have his lips and tongue on me while I looked down at all the dancers. His lips surrounded my clit and he drew it into his mouth, sucking softly on the hard nub. I cried out as electric thrills ran through me. All too soon, Roger’s mouth left me. He stood in front of me, his lips crashing down on my own, and his tongue sought mine, sharing my taste. My hand slid down his body, into his pants to wrap around his cock. I squeezed playfully, and he groaned roughly.

He moved behind me again, lifting the back of my skirt. I spread my legs further, steadying myself on the railing. I could hear Roger undoing his pants, and then felt the head of his cock against my ass. I İstanbul Escort swayed my hips, rubbing teasingly against him. I felt his cock move, and then it was pressing against my pussy, skidding across my wetness. One of Roger’s hands settled on my hip, the other slid into my hair. He pulled a little roughly, turning my head and making my back arch. As he kissed me hard, he pushed forward, and I groaned as his length slammed into me, hard and deep, stretching me deliciously. His thrusts were long and hard, each jolting my body. I rocked my hips in time with him, panting hard. His hand released my hair and slid down my back before settling on my hip and pulling me harder toward him. I licked my lips, watching the crowd as I was being fucked by Roger, the sensations almost surreal. Then I spotted him on the corner of the dance floor. A man standing alone, his eyes locked on the balcony. Our gazes met, and he raised his drink slightly, acknowledging me. My hands tightened on the railing, this realization of being watched kicking up the intensity. My body rocked harder against Roger, his cock stroking inside me so deeply, filling me completely with each movement. His hand slid around my hip, and his fingers skidded over my clit. I cried out, my hips bucking at the sensation, my clit so sensitive from my first orgasm. All the while, the man on the dance floor watched. He moved and took a seat on one of the couches. My eyes followed his every move, and I saw as he began to rub himself gently as he watched us. I groaned softly at the sight, feeling tingles begin to rise in my body, the sweet trembling of release so close.

Roger’s fingers rubbed over my clit furiously and I ground back, needing more, my moans getting louder. He thrust harder into me, and I could feel his own need rising… our voyeur on the dance floor rubbing himself harder. God, it was all too much. I pushed harder back against Roger, a cry ripping from my throat as my body tightened and tensed once more, and I hung on the edge. I felt his torso against my back as he leaned forward.

“Not yet, not until I say so,” he warned.

I whimpered as I tried to hold back, desperately clinging to reality. I was too far gone, and I moaned intensely as I started to cum, my body bucking hard against Roger. I felt my pussy clench around him deep inside me, and he groaned gutturally, slamming into me again and again as I came. As my orgasm subsided, he pulled out and turned me around, grinning at me.

“I thought I said not yet? You’ll just have to make me cum with that gorgeous mouth of yours.” His hand slid into my hair and he tugged me gently down, until I was kneeling before him. Without hesitation I took him into my mouth, sucking softly on his shaft, tasting our combined juices. He moaned softly, and began to move his hips, guiding my mouth over him. I let him guide me, my tongue swirling around his cock, flicking over the sensitive head. Both his hands fisted in my hair as he thrust into my mouth, pushing himself completely within, and I moaned softly, sending vibrations along his shaft. I felt his back arch, and he pulled me to him, letting out a guttural groan. His cock throbbed in my mouth, and shuddered violently as he exploded between my lips, his seed splashing across my tongue, the back of my throat. Finally I felt him relax, and I leaned back, licking my lips and grinning up at him.

His hands stroked my hair gently as he pulled me to my feet, kissing me hungrily. When we broke apart, he suggested I return the next night. I smiled wickedly and declined his offer, telling him that this was a one night thing for us.

As I turned to leave, I peeked over the railing, looking for the man who had been watching. Roger chuckled behind me, “If you’re looking for our little audience, he left. But not before he thoroughly enjoyed himself.” I shook my head, laughing, and descended the stairs looking for my next deliciously sinful fix.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32