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Big Tits

Donna rang the hospital and told them that she had a problem with her back and would be unavailable for work.

The problem with her back was that she couldn’t get it off the bed because either Eve or I were keeping it pressed down on the mattress. Alf and Edith had departed and we’d decided to renew our own obligations to each other.

We were having a rest when Eve caused a ‘pause for thought’ by raising the matter of outsiders coming to take part in a group session. We were happy with Alf and Edith, but she suspected that they may ask if their friends Mary and Frank may also be welcome to join in the fun.

She also pointed out that Linda was bringing her friend Helen here specifically for sex. We hadn’t expected things to snowball in the way that they were. The question was; how to control the situation?

After a short discussion we decided that there wasn’t much to be concerned about because:

The first item wasn’t really a problem. Mary and Frank wouldn’t be visiting us until we’d met them first during one of our visits to Edith and Alf’s boat and decided that they were acceptable for our purposes.

The second item was unlikely to be a problem because Linda was coming here for sex. I’d got the impression that as far as Linda was concerned my involvement with her was supposed to be a once only event, (please let that happen), but Helen had suggested that it would be a fuckfest for her; with Donna, Eve and me.

Linda must be made aware that we will decide if anyone else is to be invited into participating in our activities. Her inviting anyone without having asked us first must not happen again.

I had not forgotten that Helen had mentioned an incestuous relationship with her younger sister and there had to be an understanding about how that particular situation was expected to pan out.

Donna said that she thought we were worrying unnecessarily because we only had a small group of outsiders to consider and in fact Alf and Edith were unlikely to want to get involved in a large swinging group.

We could take our time in considering if we wished to invite another couple for a sex session that would keep us happy, or even the occasional single. I rather like the thought of that happening.

What she said did make sense because of the possibility, or even probability, of familiarity and ‘sameness’ causing boredom.

“Stop wriggling Eve, I can’t fuck you if you keep moving your arse around like that.”

I wasn’t bored yet, as Eve was beginning to discover. She was now bent face down over the arm of the sofa with her dress up around her waist, her knickers were on the floor and my cock was making its way up to her cervix.

I wasn’t in any rush to bring her, or me, to a climax. The sensation of a warm, clinging vagina on my cock was not something I wished to hurry through. She’d had no hesitation in getting into her present position and certainly seemed to be enjoying my attentions to her body’s needs.

As I fucked her I began working on her anus. I slid a well lubricated finger against her sphincter and just let it rest there. After a few moments I rubbed my finger around her little opening and felt it twitch and commence to be a little larger.

She knew what was happening and was happy to have it happen. I knew that because she asked me to go and get a condom. I didn’t have to because Donna brought it for me. I pulled out of Eve and Donna kindly placed the condom on my cock so that I didn’t have to remove my finger from Eve’s anus.

She’d obviously decided that having gone to the trouble of fetching the condom; she should have some sort of reward. She took that by lifting her skirt to reveal a dearth of underwear and then stepping up close to me, she grasped my erection to guide it to the entrance of her vagina.

Pulling the shaft upwards, she lowered herself downwards until she had to let go of the shaft to enable it to be buried in her body. I was now fucking Donna with one had wrapped around her soft body and one finger buried in Eve’s anus.

Eve was not amused.

“Donna; that’s not fair, you had your fill of him earlier, why are taking him off me?

“I’m not stealing him love, I’m making sure he’ll be good and stiff when he slides this inside that lovely backdoor of yours. When he does slide it in, you are going to be a lot happier if the door is a lot wider than it is at the moment. In order to give him time to open you up I’m using my equipment to keep his equipment in good order.”

I let the hand around her waist slide down to her bottom, find that inviting cleft and before she could twist away I had a finger in her anus. I formed it into a hook and pulled her as tightly to me as I could and commenced ramming a very rigid and swollen cock up into her.

“Fuck her hard Peter, bang it into her, and make her yell.”

“Oh she’ll yell Eve, I know you can’t see it, but I have a finger buried up her arse and she stays like this until I get a promise from her that she’ll get those Viagra tablets Maltepe Escort tomorrow.

“Now hold still, I’m going to insert another two fingers into you and if you’re wise you’ll stop rubbing your clit or you’ll bring yourself off before I get my cock inside you, and I’ll still fuck you whether you want me to or not.”

As I spoke, I was finger fucking Donna’s rear door and cock fucking her front door. I wasn’t being deliberately rough with my finger, but I was slapping my cock into her as hard as I could manage in a vertical position and finally it paid off, she came.

It was noisy, it was intense and she almost flattened my cock with her vaginal muscles. As soon as she she’d stopped shaking and gasping I removed my bits from her bits and motioned Donna to spray the condom with lube. She did so and I removed my fingers from Eve’s bottom and placed the head of a now throbbing cock against her sphincter.

“I’m going into you now; I’m not going to push hard and I will go slowly until I’m all the way inside your rectum, but then I shall pull out and spray us both with lube and then I’ll go back into you. The difference will be that from then on I will thrust my cock into you without stopping and begin fucking your gorgeous bottom.

“I’m going to fuck you until you cum and then I’m going to pull out of you, get this condom off and take you upstairs and fuck your vagina until I cum.

“When I’ve finished fucking you, Donna is going to go ’69’ with you and when you’ve had enough of her I’m going to fuck you again.”

I talked a good sex scene, but it had the desired effect on Eve. She was so aroused by the thoughts of what I was describing that she climaxed almost immediately. I thankfully pulled out of her rear, removed the condom and took her on the bed upstairs.

I was relieved that Eve and Donna had obtained, and now took, the contraceptive pill because I had not yet had my vasectomy and I pumped my load into her about five minutes later. Donna; who thought she was going to have a rest, was now forced to use her fingers to extract as much of my semen from Eve’s vagina as she could before mounting her.

This of course aroused Eve to the extent that she could hardly wait to eat Donna’s labia and insert her tongue into the lovely pink slit which Donna was presenting to her..

Eve was no fool, if she stopped pleasuring Donna too soon she’d get me thrusting myself into whichever hole I fancied almost immediately afterwards so she had to go for the long haul with Donna. Of course this gave me time to rest.

Both Donna and Eve had become noticeably happier persons since we’d become so closely involved. Like me, they loved having sex and were usually ready and willing to participate. They were enthusiastic and versatile and I was such a very fortunate and grateful recipient of their attributes, but even they had to rest and recuperate and so occasionally they appeared to be less than willing to bear the brunt of my recuperative ability.

I wondered just how they were going to cope after Donna obtained the Viagra.

The rest of the week went by in a blur of sex, housework, shopping and sex. Eve and I aired and dusted the three houses while Donna worked her notice at the hospital. I visited my shops to find that, as usual, I needn’t have bothered and my accountant was happy with his findings. This made me so happy that I went home and made Eve happy, and tired.

Donna kept her word and provided a large supply of Viagra tablets, but before I was allowed anywhere near them I had to have a medical check to ensure that I had no heart or blood pressure problems. The quickest way was to go privately and so I was relieved of a large sum in order to be relieved to find that I was free of medical problems.

We had made our arrangements for accommodating the girls. Linda was staying with her mother, which bed she slept in was for them to decide. Donna had said that she wasn’t about to have sex with her own daughter and I’m sure she meant it, but I thought that time and events could weaken that resolve.

Helen was having a bedroom in Eve’s house, but it was doubtful if she’d see it very often.

My place was to be the ‘social centre’. What this really meant was that this is the place where the majority of our activities would take place,

especially as I had a king size bed available for use should more manoeuvring room be required.

Donna gave me a small plastic bottle. Inside were little blue pills which she knew I was going to be in need of in the very near future. They also came with an instruction not to take more than one every two days. I just hoped I could manage two days without them.

Three, possibly four, hot and wet vagina’s to satisfy seemed a tall order on one tablet every two days. I just hoped they would take some of the pressure off me by satisfying each other occasionally.

When Linda and Helen arrived it was to a flurry of hugs and kisses from Linda and as Helen was introduced to us she Kartal Escort proffered a self-conscious hand shake. When she got to Eve she was taken into an embrace and left in no doubt about what lay in store for her.

She was a 5ft 6in tall, dark-eyed, extremely pretty and shapely girl with prominent breasts, black curly hair and a deep sexy voice. I could see why Linda had succumbed.

Once Helen had been given a key to Eve’s house and shown where her room was we had dinner and then moved into the lounge.

There was an obvious anticipatory tension in the two girls, but we adults kept up a light chatter as we opened and served a very nice wine.

We wanted them relaxed, not drunk, so they got a little less wine in their glasses than we did. When I felt that they were less tense I decided that I should get things out in the open and so I said:

“Helen, I think it’s time to clarify a few things. You already know what the situation is here so I’ll move straight on to the way things work and then you’ll need to decide if you wish to continue. Remember one thing above all else. What happens between us is to stay between us.

Donna, Eve and I are an example of the phrase ‘friends with benefits’. The benefit is of course sexual activity. Sex when and where we want.

If you decide to stay with us, you will be expected to take part, whole heartedly in any sexual activity that is, or is about to be, occurring.

“You must know that you’re a very attractive young lady and that all of us would love to get into your knickers, just be advised that it is our intention to do just that, but it will not necessarily be in private, we do enjoy threesomes. Are you still interested?”

She nodded and said: “I want to be a friend”.

“Then I shall leave you to be entertained by Donna and Eve, because Linda and I have a prior engagement to attend to.”

“Linda; If you’re still intent on having me, you’d do well get yourself upstairs now.”

Linda stood and told me that she was already wet with anticipation and then added that she and Helen had been on the pill for a week just to make sure there would be no accidents. I didn’t tell her that I was also on the pill.

I took a long time in getting her clothes off and enjoyed every drawn-out removal action. I had a hard time getting past her bare breasts. I had really wanted to fondle them for longer, but Linda was now in a hurry to get her jeans and knickers off because she wanted to get her hands on my cock just as much as I wanted her to.

Once we’d both undressed we closed up and began running our hands over each other’s bodies. Standing in the middle of my bedroom with a gorgeous, and naked, girl telling me what she wanted me to do to her was as close to paradise as I was ever likely to get and as she got on her knees and grasped my erect cock, the time had finally arrived for me to comply with all her demands.

As my erection entered her hot mouth, my hands held her head still so that I could fuck her face. She wanted me to do it and it would have been churlish of me not to do so.

I had to stop her from bringing me off because she really didn’t seem to want to stop. As we climbed onto the bed she told me that she often thought of the first time she’d done that for me and it always made her wet and wish we’d actually fucked. I had the presence of mind to take the spray lube with me.

I told her that I was hoping that what was about to happen to her was worth the waiting.

“Don’t mess me about Linda, get your thighs apart, I want to eat you until you’re running with juice.”

I knelt beside her with my head towards her vulva and then placed my knees on either side of her head and lowered my face to her smooth, and hairless, labia. My tongue parted her labial lips and I slurped on the wetness already beginning to leak from her sex opening.

Next I moved it to the clitoral hood. I sucked on it until her little pink bud grew into something more solid and waiting to be stimulated and nibbled.

Her hips were now beginning to lift off the bed and she was pulling down on my cock and squeezing it as hard as she could, but her small hands were never going to cause my rigid shaft any distress, if anything she made it harder.

I placed a finger on the pink inner flesh of her sex and then up to her clitoris and rubbed until she began to beg me to fuck her.

“Please Peter; please fuck me now before I cum. Peter please fuck me.”

I stopped what I was doing, climbed off her and positioned myself between her legs. Linda brought her knees up and reached between her legs to grasp my cock and place it where it would do her most good.

“Fuck me Peter, please do it.”

I leant forward slightly so that my cock head moved a little further into her vaginal opening, then I stopped.

“I’m not sure I should be doing this.

“I think you should reconsider what it is you’re asking me to do.”


“Well Kurtköy Escort if you’re certain that’s what you want.”

I dropped onto my forearms and began to enter her. She was so tight I had difficulty getting it into her and I had to resort to the lube. After some tentative tries I had success and my cock began to slide inside her.

She was stretched wide and I had to go very slowly, but oh what a fantastic feeling that was. I felt the impediment and I felt it give as I eased my cock down her vagina. She winced and gasped out in pain for a second and then said:

“That’s that out of my life now please, fuck me and don’t you dare stop until I cum.

I fucked her. With the girth of my cock I had to be careful not to be too enthusiastic so hard and fast was not an option and therefor it was deliciously slow and tender until finally she asked me to go faster and harder.

“Faster; FUCK ME FASTER, go deeper, go slower. Oh that is fantastic, keep doing that. OH YES. I love that, I wish Helen could do that to me.

Sometime later we came, together.

As we collapsed in a sweating heap there was a round of applause and Donna said that she hadn’t intended to be a voyeur, but when a mother hears he daughter demanding to be fucked, at the top of her voice, she thought she ought to investigate.

“It was worth watching, but I think it may be hard to get that bloodstain out of that sheet. Linda love, would you like me to run you a bath?”

“Oh yes please mum. Grief I’m sore.”

I was then that I spotted something I shouldn’t have. Donna had her mobile in her hand. I didn’t say anything, but I would keep a close watch on it.

As Linda had a bath I had a shower and left her to soak in peace.

While this was going on Donna had replaced the stained sheet and put the duvet back on the bed. I had a happy feeling that it would spend more time in the cupboard than on the bed during the next week.

Downstairs I found Eve sitting on the sofa with Helen sitting sideways in her lap so that her fantastic breasts were available for Eve to fondle. She grinned when she saw me.

“If she’d shouted any louder they’d have heard it on the canal, why did you tease her?”

“I wanted to be certain that she really wanted it.”

“If your cock is still capable of an erection I think you should let this young lady see it, she really should be aware of what she’s going to get.”

I had a better idea. I dropped my trousers.

“Helen, get my cock out.”

She really was submissive, she pulled my boxers down and stared as my cock slowly stiffened and rose up to point at her face.

Eve was rubbing her thumbs across Helen’s nipples and then she dropped a hand to her bald vulva and I saw a finger delve deeper down to find Helen’s clitoris.

“Suck his cock Helen; come on, suck it. You managed to suck my clit for long enough so now try getting your mouth around that.”

Helen reached out and tentatively took hold of my cock. She leant forward and opened her mouth to get her lips around the head and then stopped.

“I’ve never done this before; I’ll never get this in my mouth.”

Eve whispered in her ear:

“Just imagine that lovely rigid shaft sliding into you. Would you like him to fuck you right now love?”

As she said this she was mauling Helen’s breasts and stimulating her clitoris. Helen withdrew her mouth from my cock and said that she wanted me to fuck her, but she wanted it to happen on a bed with plenty of room and time and tomorrow would be perfect. Her thighs parted to allow easier access for Eve’s finger, but this was more than I could bear to merely watch.

“Helen; get off Eve’s lap, sit on the sofa properly and slide forward.”

She did as she was told and I eased her legs apart, thrust my face against her sex and licked inside her soft body. She tasted sweet and her sexual aroma was of hot cinders, but it was me that was on fire.

I sucked, licked, and nibbled her and I would have mounted her there and then, but Eve had been watching very closely. When she saw Helen lift her legs up and further apart to make her sex fully accessible, she reached between my legs, grasped my cock and used it as a handle to pull me backwards away from what had become a willing target.

“Not now Peter, Helen wanted you on a bed with a proper seduction scene and that’s what she’s going to get. If you want to put that inside something soft, wet and willing, then take me.”

That was a very acceptable alternative, I would do that. I stripped my shirt and socks off and asked her to get on her back. It didn’t take long. She lay on her back on the carpet, opened her legs wide and lifted them then pushed her arms between then and held them to present me with the sight I really do love most of all.

I knelt between her thighs and inserted what she wanted where I wanted it. I was aware of Helen sitting alongside us and before my mind sank into the rising sea of lust I told her that she had better get some rest because she wouldn’t be getting any tomorrow.

I leant above Eve who said:

“Come on Peter; show Helen what she’ll be doing after she recovers from tomorrow’s inauguration.”

Helen leant forward and used her thumb to rub Eve’s clit as she said:

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32