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The sweet and savory smell of food cooking was all it took to wake up Spot. He stretched out in a big, full body stretch. Flexing his muscular hamstrings and massive shoulders. His brown chest hair covered most of his body like fur. Master made sure Spot kept his public parts clean, mainly his cock, balls, and his “good doggy fuckhole” which he kept stretched and inviting by keeping his pitbull buttplug in all day. Spot’s full beard would have been the envy of any red blooded lumberjack. Master kept it trimmed and oiled so it glistened and dripped whenever Spot took a drink from his water bowl.

Feeling the urge to relieve himself, Spot crawled off of his pile of blankets at the foot of Master’s bed. Almost prancing on all fours, Spot made his way down the stairs and over to the front door. Getting into the begging position, Asian squats with legs wide apart, his paws together at chest level in proper doggy begging position. Master wasn’t in the living room. Spot whined and scratched the door with his paw.

“I heard you. I’m coming, Spot.” Master walks out of the kitchen. Spot could smell eggs and bacon frying. His thick veiny cock jumped and spurted a little as he semi-orgasmed, spilling some precum on the floor. Spot; tongue out in a pant and a big goofy smile on his big face as master ruffled his hair.

“You can smell breakfast, can’t you boy! But first you need to clean up your mess and then pee.” Master pointed down at the fresh precum trails on the hardwood floor. Spot instantly begin feverishly licking up any Ümraniye Escort marks of precum. Making sure to swallow after every lick. Outside, The cool morning air felt good on his swollen balls as they swung above the ground unprotected. It was a good thing Spot had tall thighs or he would have been dragging his 8′ uncut penis everywhere he went. The fresh morning dew on the lawn felt funny on his knees. He liked that feeling. Rolling over on his back a few times, got him covered in morning dew and bits of good smelling grass.

“Spot! Pee time!” Master called sternly after giving Spot a minute to play and get his energy out. There were always a few calves around the lawn in the morning. Master had them doing the gardening work and other chores around the big farm house. The calves were younger cows that were acquired soon after their eighteenth birthday. They still had a lot of fight in them and Master had to use a firm hand while raising them. Master likes it when Spot helps with their training. Spot liked helping them too. They were responsible for cleaning up after Spot.

Spot looked up and down for his currently favorite calf. A young half white, half Hispanic calf who arrived three days ago. Master had found him with a couple of charges of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. Lucky Master knew the kind officer and was able to negotiate a more agreeable settlement. The young man would do community work in the form of cow training on the farm. He had been resistant to the idea, but when compared to the alternative of 15 years in jail, he soon consented for 3 years as a Anadolu Yakası Escort cow.

Of course all cows start as calves and he was assigned the lawn mower duties. He would push the mower back and forth over master’s huge lawn, his naked body glistening from the sweat of hard work. His young cock and balls, swinging freely over a freshly shaven body. Being young and having a very low body-fat percent, the calf’s muscles rippled and stretched taut under his bronze skin every time he moved.

Spot took an instant liking to this calf and soon was using him for all clean up duties. The first morning the calf had balked and tried to get away as Spot was introducing himself and took a friendly butt sniff. Master had to teach the young calf respect for Spot, his favorite dog. With a painfully red, caned bottom, the calf knelt on all fours and presented himself for Spot to inspect.

He was shivering as Spot moved from his face to his ass and petite penis and nut sack. Spot gave it a tentative lick and it jumped in excitement. He took a big whiff of the calf’s tight boypussy. It flexed and winked back at him. Master smiled and spread some Vaseline over the wrinkly hole. From training, Spot recognized the move as permission from master to enjoy a calf or cow.

As soon as Master stepped back, Spot jumped on top of the calf and pinned him in a crouching position, his hard doggy cock hot and ready for the young calf pussy. He humped mindlessly for a while using the calf’s tight cheeks to get him even harder. Master stepped in and guided Spot’s hot dick into the young boypussy. It slid İstanbul Escort in the entire length on the first thrust. The young calf mooed and scrambled like all the first timers do. Spot had been trained well and kept a firm grip on the calf’s neck and hair whenever he fucked them. This one started to moo in time with Spot’s thrust.

On all fours with his black bangs partially covering his face, the calf mooed in a low husky voice. Spot pushed deep inside him, waking up the submissive beast he always was. Master brought a small metal bowl and placed it under the calf’s growing penis. Slowly with one hand, master started milking the calf’s one teat. Gently at first, then with more force and grip as the calf’s four inch thin cock got harder and hotter. Rubbing his palm quickly against the hole in the cock’s head, it pulsed forward towards the bowl as the calf’s hips rocked in paralytic seizure as it orgasmed. Spurts of milky goo splattered into the bowl as master made sure to squeeze out every last drop of boy-milk.

Then, walking around to the calf’s head, he fed the young one it’s own milk. It instinctively wretched it’s head from the bowl. A disapproving “tsk” sounded out and Spot let out a full body growl. Tightening his grip on the calf’s hair, he forced it’s face back in a respectful bow towards Master and then into the bowl. They always fought it at first, some even vomited the first few times. But they all eventually realized their place and would soon obey without hesitation. Wild animals must be domesticated.

This time the calf slurped and licked the metal bowl clean. Occasionally interrupted by Spot’s vigorous attempts to breed the young calf.

Silly dog. Calves can’t get pregnant, but it’s not needed in order for them to produce milk. Just a healthy diet and good exercise will create the best milk and Master knows just how to train the toughest calves into docile cows.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32