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Part 7

I can’t remember the last time I had been kicked in the balls that hard. In fact, I don’t think my balls took a hit like that ever before. When her leg swung up and walloped what was between my legs, I could have sworn the impact actually lifted me off the floor; despite her tiny build, she delivered a scary amount of force, and before I knew it I was on my hands and knees feeling like I could vomit.

I manage to cough out a panicked “Fuck!” between gasps as I catch my breath. There’s no pain like being hit in the balls, every guy knows that; the feeling travels up your body, and you feel a knot in your stomach. Her foot had hit the fragile pair dead-on and didn’t pull away immediately either, instead spitefully dwelling between my legs and digging further into me, for what felt like an eternity. There was an extreme of amount of anger in that kick, I swear. My dick had taken a serious hit too, bent a little from the impact because of the unfortunate angle, and was left numb and weak a moment later. It still throbbed and stung, but I paid my poor cock little attention during it all, the aching pain in my balls being my main concern.

I stay on my knees, staring at the floor, trying to handle the pain. I look like someone who is about the get sick, and I honestly feel that way as well. I instinctually want to put my hands over my balls to protect them, but it’s pointless since the damage is done. “I fucking hate you!” I eventually splurt, my face red with both pain and anger. I don’t hear any witty, annoying response like I usually would, and that scares me. I begin to regret even saying what I said; I should probably be acting totally docile if I know what’s good for me, but it’s so hard to stay composed when in such pain. Shit, did I mess up by saying that? Although those thoughts of doubt linger in the back of my mind, my frustration and pain feature more prominently and I find it hard to stop my emotions pouring out. “Do you hear me?” I gasp, still staring at the floorboards knowing I will regret my words, “I hate you, and I am so fucking done with your games!”

Again, no response, so I find the courage to raise my head and look at my sister. She’s staring down at me through those large dark sunglasses with a look that combines disgust and disappointment into one, but doesn’t for a moment sacrifice her beauty. She also looks more serious than she had all day, but that doesn’t frighten me – or at least, I can’t let her know it does. “Is your scene over, drama queen?” she says impatiently. “OK, good. Now, do you care to explain the little mess you made on my foot?”

Wait a minute… after punishing me like that, she still wants me to explain how I messed up her nail varnish? Ugh, do I gotta give some half-assed apology about how it won’t happen again?

“Look” I begin, “it’s not like I paint nails on a regular basis. I don’t know why you expected me to be abl–“

“You IDIOT,” she suddenly says. “You’re not that dense, are you?”

“Excuse me?” I retort, probably a bit too boldly.

“I’m not talking about the varnish” she continues, annoyed. “How did you not realize that- Ugh, never mind, just look”. She sticks her leg forward so her foot is right on front of my face.

The yellow blemish beyond her nail is the first thing I spot. It’s a mess I made while painting, but as I study her foot before me, I realize there is a second mess I must have made, but didn’t realize in my pain. I am horror-stuck, and quite frankly do not know how to react to the situation. Splattered across her big toe and up her foot almost as far as her ankle, glistening on her skin here and there in small droplets, and even gathering in sticky globs between her smaller toes was, undeniably… an impressively large load of thick, white semen.

I lean back so I’m just on my knees now. I can’t find words. I just stare at her foot as she moves it around to make sure I can’t miss it, so that I can’t deny the fact her foot is glazed in cum – MY cum. Who else’s? It’s mine. I did it. I must have blown my load when she kicked me in the balls and I didn’t even realize. The tiny droplets catch the light as she turns her foot, and little bits begin to drip and hang as she spreads her toes. I don’t think I’ve ever produced so much, it’s honestly surprising. That was me? I look down at my cock, and see to my embarrassment that it is soft and small again… with a small amount of residue still dripping.

“You must like getting kicked in the balls, if it makes you cum”, Sarah finally says as she sits down and crosses her legs, leaving the cum-covered foot dangling in the air. “Maybe if you’re a good boy I’ll give you another one”. She didn’t seem angry, which made me suspicious. I thought she’d kick the crap outta me for what happened, surely. How is she not disgusted? Her chill mood makes me think she has something more sinister prepared.

In reality… I hadn’t even felt the orgasm. It must have been a reactionary thing; I was already hard and probably close the cumming, and the impact must have released altyazılı porno everything unwillingly. The first time I get to cum all day and I didn’t even realize it happened? Just my luck. The majority of the pain having ebbed away, I reach between my legs to try and hide my now not-so-large cock back into the panties. Between the pain and the release, I don’t think I can get it up again any time soon. If my sister wasn’t impressed by its size before, she must be cringing at it now.

Before I successfully hide it away, Sarah chimes in with a “Hands up! Nobody gave you permission move”. I pause, but I don’t put my hands up.

“HANDS UP” she repeats again. Then she eyes me suspiciously. “You weren’t actually serious when you said you were done with my games, were you?”

Honestly, I had blurted the words out in a rage. But now I’m actually thinking about them… Maybe there’s logic to what I said, maybe I should tell my sister I am done being tortured.

Sarah must have noticed how I became more relaxed at the thought of my freedom. She gave me a smile of false warmth, and said:

“Because I’m a kind and caring sister, I’m gonna give you a quick reality check; a recap of your current situation just in case your little brain forgot”. Her fake peppy voice was back. “You’re in a crop top, a bra, panties, thigh-highs and high heels. Every door upstairs is locked, so the only other clothes you can access is my lingerie in the kitchen. And my friends are gonna be over in about 20 minutes. So put those little details together and tell me, are you really thinking of defying me? Because obeying me is the only way you get into shorts and a t-shirt, remember? Correct me if I’m wrong, but listening to me is the only way this works out well for you”

I took in what she said and realized she was dead right. Outside of the video, (if that wasn’t bad enough already) there’s also the fact her friends could see me dressed like this. I think about hiding somewhere in the house, but literally where? The bathroom? I think about ditching the clothes, but for what alternative? Being naked? There’s no point in the denying it, I simply have to obey my sister. At least with the video, I might be able to make a claim that it’s not me in the footage, just some random internet clip that my sister found with a guy that SO HAPPENS to look like me. It’s a weak argument for sure, but it was something I considered. Now though, with her friends coming over, there’ll be no denying it’s me dressed as a slut.

“Well?” she says after a moment of my silence.

“Yes, fine, I’ll obey”. I raise my hands high in the air, letting my flaccid cock exposed to anyone who cared to look. Although, no one did care to look.

“Hmmmm” she says, and pauses for a few seconds. “No, I think I’ll have to make it harder than that”.

My heart stops. She wants to make it harder? Oh my God, what? Why does she need my dick harder? What does she have planned? Why the sudden change in attitude? What–?

My thoughts are cut off when she speaks again, and I am hung on her every word. “I can’t forgive you that easy” she says, and I realize she wasn’t talking about my cock at all when she said she’d have to make it harder. Instead, she probably has another punishment in store.

“You’re definitely gonna obey me from now on?” she asks, peering out over her glasses as a sinister smile creeps across her mouth.

“Yes, I swear” I begin to babble, fearing another punishment.

“Yes, MISS” she corrects me.

“Yes miss” I echo automatically, not wanting to be punished, knowing what it means to disobey her.

“Hmmmmm”. She thinks a moment. “Now, try QUEEN,” she says excitedly.

“I will obey you, Queen” I say. Wow, really? This is considered making matters harder? This is a cakewalk compared to what she’s made me do already.

“Now try KING”


“Yeah, I’m testing out different ones, don’t question me”

Whatever, not like it makes a difference. I robotically roll off the response, “I will obey you, King”.

Sarah contemplates how it sounds, as if she’s at a wine taster. “Not bad, not bad” she says casually. “Now try Daddy”

“I will obey you…Daddy”. There was something weird about that one. It didn’t feel right to say, not dressed the way I was. I felt like I was falling deeper into the role of some slut when I said the word.

“Aww, getting embarrassed?” Sarah said. It must have been obvious it had made me uncomfortable. “Perfect, then that’s the one I’ll have you say”.

Wow, I should have known there was an ulterior motive there. And here I thought she was looking for a title that she found sexy. But nope, she was looking for one that made me feel embarrassed. She has continuously expressed her lack of sexual interest in this situation… so why does my mind keep trying to make such conclusions?

“Sound fair?” She says.

“Yes… Daddy”

“Good” She says. “Your first job as Daddy’s bitch is to go and clean your sticky mess off my feet”.

“Yes, Daddy” zenci porno I mutter, almost under my breath. I am still not entirely OK with saying the word. I turn toward the door, to fetch the tissue that I was originally supposed to get almost 10 minutes ago.

“Where are you going?” My sister says. She tries to ask the question as casually as possible, but is stifling a laugh.

“What do you mean, I –“

“No, no, no. Turn” she says, gesturing with her arm for me to come back to her.

I comply. “On your knees”, she says. I am hesitant a moment. Then, she looks at me with the most dreadful scowl, as if to say “do not make me explain your situation AGAIN”. Knowing the drill at this point, I get to my knees.

“Hands and knees, I should say” She says asshe lies back on the couch and stares at the ceiling, stretching out as if she’d just finished a long day’s work, when the only energy she exerted today was into my balls.

Needless to say, I follow her commands, but I have no idea why she wants me back on my hands and knees. Does she want me in a submissive position just to drive home the whole “Daddy” thing? I hadn’t even called her that the last few times I spoke and she barely noticed. But then, she sits up a little. “Well” she says, with a level of scary authority in her voice, “Get cleaning”.

“But you just told me get down on my hands and knees? How can I-“

She sticks her wet, gleaming foot forward, golden skin spattered with ropes of my sticky mess. It’s less than an inch from my face, and I can see the white stuff pooling in certain spots between her toes, parts solidifying up along the petite foot and glazing it in a pearly coating. My face was close enough to even catch the smell of semen, mixed with a subtle scent of some perfume.

“Again, I don’t get how I can do anything on my hands and knees” I complain. It would be unfair if she punished me for not being able to clean her foot, when she’s the one commanding me to stay on the floor. “If you want me to go get tissues, I happily will,” I say, “but I don’t see how I can be of much use here. Please, you have to-“

“You’ve got a mouth, don’t you?”

Part 8:

At this point, I know the drill. If I act defensive or repulsed or defiant, my sister won’t give me shorts and a t-shirt. Then her friends call over and see me dressed in lacy underwear, thigh highs, heels and a bra. And on top of that, my sister will still have that video of me for the world to see, assuming her friends don’t take their own videos; nothing would be stopping them.

My mind is racing with all the terrible possibilities, and I realize how fucking stupid I’ve been. Literally every time I’ve denied my sister, it has ended badly for me. So how can I be so stupid as to keep doing it again and again? Is there any point in kicking up a fuss about how I don’t want to do this or that? Where has that gotten me today? “Just swallow your damn pride and do as she says” I think to myself, and I open my mouth, lips quivering, and extend a scared little tongue towards her cum-covered foot.

I try closing my eyes but Sarah instantly denies me that privilege. She doesn’t just want me to do it, she wants me to look like *I WANT* to do it. With my eyes open again and my tongue still sticking out idiotically, I quickly scan her foot for a place that needs cleaning, and by that I mean a place covered in my own semen. To be honest, it’s everywhere, I just don’t know where to begin. I spot a heavy blob of it on the bridge of her foot, beyond her toes. “As good a place to start as I any” I think nervously, and dip my head forward and plant my tongue right into my own jizz.

At first, I don’t taste a thing. My tongue just feels wet, so I unhesitantly press it further down like I’m licking up ice-cream that melted down my hand or something. Yeah, that’s actually not a bad way to think about it. With that thought in mind, I can get through thi–

I recoil and gag. The taste just kicked in. And the cum is all over my tongue so it’s impossible to avoid the taste. It’s salty and strange and something that would take a while for anyone to get used to. The stuff is also pretty warm still, and that doesn’t add any pleasure. I gag again and my lip curls in repulsion. I must have looked like I was about to spit it all out, because my sister sits up and chimes in with a “Every drop that came out of you is going back in, so don’t you DARE”. I shut my mouth and stare at her, horrified. I guess I will be swallowing more than my pride today. The warm goo rolls around on my tongue inside my mouth, and I struggle both with trying to swallow it, and trying to suppress gags. I must have looked like a pitiful thing, my face reddening and my eyes close to watering. But my sister showed no sympathy. “Listen, bro” she says, with a tone of false pity as she places a consoling hand on my shoulder, “spitters are quitters, right?”

“RIGHT?” she repeats when I don’t immediately answer, raising her voice, her face now right in mine. The sudden aldatma porno aggression caught me off guard, and I found myself nodding frantically. So when she said “Then, do it,” I didn’t even think twice about it, and before I knew it the warm glob that sat on my tongue was sailing down my throat. It felt so strange. My own seed was going back into me; I didn’t like that observation at all.

I open my mouth, tongue dangling out as if to prove to my sister that I had swallowed it all. I was breathing heavy as if I had run a marathon. Sarah gives me a confused and annoyed look, as if to say “the fuck do you want, a medal?” and shoves her foot back in my face. There was still so much more to clean up…

But I couldn’t hesitate. I couldn’t even look like I was reluctant. So, although I dread what I must do, I take her foot by the heel and bring it right up to my mouth. Her wet glistening toes wiggle a half-inch from my lips. Forgetting the taste and the humiliation, I focus solely on the clean-up; I think of the most efficient way to make those little toes pristine again, and so I open wide, slip all four of her small toes into my mouth, and suck any and all fluid from between them, on them, over them. I don’t even think about whether it might make her angry that her toes are in my mouth, I just took the plunge and cleaned them up in one swift move, slurping cum out from every nook and cranny.

When I’m finished with her toes, I lay back and I find myself smiling. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because it’s another step closer to finishing this horrible task, or maybe it’s because I got a huge chunk done-and-dusted quicker than I could have guessed. Or maybe… maybe it’s because it wasn’t as bad as it seemed at first. Her toes were pretty, smooth in my mouth, and smelled amazing. And as it turned out, cum WAS a taste you could get used to pretty quickly. A strange, unique flavor, but certainly not disgusting…

(NOT that I’d eat cum willingly! I have no choice right now!)

I look at my sister’s four small toes. There’s a little saliva but there isn’t a sign of semen. The taste of it only faintly lingers on my tongue, and I suddenly realize… it’s all in my belly. There was so much more than that tiny glob I initially gagged on, and yet I downed it like a cat does milk. It was so easy I barely even realize I had done it. Ha! The rest will be a piece of cake! I feel like I’ve conquered Sarah’s attempt at punishment, and I return to finishing the job (though I make sure not to complete the task too easily, as I don’t want her thinking the punishment was inadequate and that I need a new one).

I slurp up another mouthful, a shiny stream running down the side of her foot, almost down to her smallest toe. I arch my head awkwardly to catch it with my tongue before it drips to the floor. “Easy on all the spit, bro”, Sarah says, wiggling her four small toes to get a feel for how wet they are from my saliva. I feel them tap against my chin as they move. Sarah doesn’t seem too upset about the wetness though, and is instead beginning to ease back into a relaxing position. I think she’s just happy that I am doing her bidding; she always seems most happy when I do that. And as long as she’s in a good mood, I’m safe. So, no point in stopping my clean-up!

Before long the taste is nothing to me, and her foot is spotless and gleaming. I even managed to remove the the polish since it hadn’t fully dried (after cum, the taste of nail polish didn’t phase me one bit). I sit back, this time on my butt; the cleaning was exhausting work, surprisingly. I sit there, tongue hanging out lazily, lips a bit numb from the slurping and sucking. I kinda regret sitting on my butt, since the cold floor beneath me was a constant reminder that my underwear did not fully cover my poor ass… but, I was too tired and stubborn to move now.

I enjoyed the rest for all of two minutes. “Close your mouth, you whore”. My sister was standing up again, and her chill mood was around no more.

I instantly shut my mouth, and gulp in fear (I feel a sudden strain, as even my throat has been put through the ringer with that clean-up job).

“Stand” Sarah says, and I stand.

“My friends will be hear in about 10 minutes. We will want drinks and snacks ready by then. I’m thinking popcorn, but I’d also want-“

“But, wait a minute!” I say, panic consuming me.

She stops talking and stares at me with a face that says “this better be good”.

“I…I…What about my change in clothes?”

See puts a finger to her cheek, slowly tapping as she thought about what I said. It’s as if my suggestion was something she never even considered.

“Give me one good reason why I should give you these?” She opens up her robe again, and reveals her slender body in its two tiny pieces of clothing.

“Because… because I just ate my own cum for you! Isn’t that enough? Didn’t you say before that those clothes would be my reward for doing stuff for you?”

I could see a smirk hidden on those dark lips of hers. She seemed to relish at me verbally admitting to eating my own cum. I could feel my face redden. “Oh my God” I thought, “I really DID eat my own cum. What the fuck was I thinking?” But I couldn’t give my sister any satisfaction, so I tried to keep a straight face, just like she was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32