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Author’s Statement: I am a new writer and this is my first submission. I want to write good stories and will accept all feedback. All I ask is that you be gentle since this is my first posting.


Just as most nurses have, I’ve seen my share of unusual things. I’ve worked in hospitals, as a private duty nurse and in doctor’s offices. There’s no shortage of work for a skilled nurse with certifications, but after many years of nursing, I wanted a position that had regular hours and something resembling a normal schedule

That opportunity was offered to me five years ago by a group of physicians who were opening a new, high tech practice specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. When I met the docs and heard their plans, I was excited about the possibilities with them. A few weeks later, when they offered me the position of head office nurse, I jumped at it. Not only was the salary good, but I’d be able to do hiring for the staff, and that was something I was very interested in.

I happened to be at my parent’s house for a family cookout when I told them about the new position. They were all happy for me, especially my big brother, Ted. Once he found out it was an Ob/Gyn office, he kidded me all day, saying he’d be happy to “fill-in” for any gynecology exams if the doctors happen to call in sick.

This same kind of kidding from my brother continued for years. Every time I saw him he’d remind me of his offer to stand-in for any doctors that were gone. Each time he’d lay it on pretty thick, telling me as he chuckled, that he could do a very thorough exam and send the woman home with a smile on her face. He always laughed when he said it, and I knew exactly what he was inferring. As time went on, he’d ask me questions about gyno exams, for example, “Do women get turned on by the examinations?”, and “Do most women shave their pubic hair?”, or “What exactly is a pap smear?”

I knew he was just being inquisitive, as most men are, about the female body, so it never really bothered me. But, over time, his comments and his questions seemed to consume every bit of time we spent together and I finally confronted him about it.

“Come on,” Ted said, trying to defend himself, “I’m just curious, that’s all. What normal man wouldn’t love a job like that — seeing naked women all day.”

“Well, maybe you should settle down and get married.” I replied to my brother. “Then you can have your own woman to examine and satisfy your doctor fantasies.”

“Sally,” he answered, “believe me, when and if I ever do get married, it’ll be to a lady that would indulge my interests in the female body, that’s for sure.”

I thought that would end his kidding and his questions, but it didn’t. It continued, and his questions got more and more provocative. He was asking me about inverted nipples, menstrual cycles and uneven breasts. Normally, his questions didn’t really embarrass me, but, when he asked me what a hymen looked like, I turned beet red and just walked away.

At the end of the summer last year, all of us were at my parent’s house again, and I knew what to expect from my brother — more of the same badgering. But, to my surprise, he never brought it up once. I even gave him several opportunities, and he never said a thing. After all the years of kidding and questions, and offering to be a ‘fill-in’ doctor, he never alluded to it at all.

No more than a week after that, I got a phone call from my friend Kate one evening after work. We talked for a few minutes about the normal stuff, and then the conversation turned to work — specifically, my work at the Ob/Gyn office. After a few minutes, she asked me a question I never expected.

“Sally,” Kate said, “the real reason I called was to ask you about something that you’re probably going to think is a little weird.”

Being a nurse, this happens to me all the time. Friends and relatives will call and ask me something they’re too embarrassed to ask their own doctor. It comes with the territory and I’m used to it. So, I told Kate not to worry about it, adding that she could ask me anything at all.

“Thanks.” Kate replied. “Here goes…….”

“Sally,” she began, “I have this friend at work who just told us today she was going to give her two weeks notice and is moving back to Minnesota where her family is.”

“Well, the thing is…… uh,” Kate added, “I wanted to do something special for her before she left. She’s a pretty good friend, but she made me promise not to throw her a ‘going away party’ or make a big deal of it.”

“Okay.” I said, listening closely and waiting for her to get around to asking what she was trying to ask me.

“She and I were out bar hopping one night, and we were just being stupid, talking about guys and what turned us on….” Kate said. “Well anyway, my friend has always had kind of a doctor fantasy — where she goes for her female exam and the doctor gets her all hot and bothered, you know….. touches her all over and gets her off….. and uh, well, I gaziantep escort was just wondering if there were any doctors where you work that might be interested in helping my friend, you know….. live her fantasy out.”

There was a long period of silence between us after Kate stopped talking, and the first thing that went through my mind was that I needed to stop her right there and tell her unequivocally and firmly, ‘No’.

But, I held off because I’ve known Kate for a long time and she’s one of those people that has a genuinely golden heart and in some strange way, I can really see her trying to set something like this up as a nice gesture for her friend.

Now, any woman can tell you that a female exam can be embarrassing and humiliating. You’re lying there on a table with your legs spread open so a doctor can look at, touch and poke things inside your vagina. And, as a nurse, I know for a fact that most women aren’t sexually stimulated by their annual check-ups. Yes, I admit I’ve seen some that appear to be aroused, but the vast majority of women consider it a necessary evil and they go through with it to avoid serious female problems in the future.

As nurses, we’re required to watch what the doctor does — and we do that. I usually stand a few feet, right behind the docs shoulder, so I can see where his hands are and what they are doing. I’ve seen so many exams, I know what kind of touching, and how much touching is normal. And despite the fact that all my docs are professionals and I’ve never seen them do anything inappropriate, I’m here to tell you that sometimes, it does happens — the patient can get stimulated in a certain way and they show visible signs of being sexually aroused.

Most nurses have a catch phrase, or a signal, they use when they think the patient is becoming sexually excited. When the doctor sees or hears the signal, they end the exam as quickly as possible and leave the room. It’s better to stop all contact rather than risk litigation or lose your license.

So, when Kate asked me her question, it immediately sent up red flags.

“Kate,” I replied, “tell me the truth now….. is this for you, or is it really for a friend of yours?”

“No, Sally!” Kate gasped. “Really, it’s for my friend at work, Shannon. No kidding, she’s really got this thing about doctors and since I know you work for a gyno, I was just thinking maybe you could help make it happen.”

“Listen,” I answered, “I assure you, no doctor is going to agree to do anything like that. Their insurance is high enough already, and if they were to get sued by some woman making charges against them, it would be catastrophic for the whole practice.”

Kate was silent for several seconds. “I guess you’re right.” She finally said. “I was just trying to see if it was possible. She’s got this major fantasy about being examined in a very unprofessional way and you’re the only one I know in the medical field. So, uh, just forget it.”

Kate changed the subject to something else, and shortly after that, she said she had to go. I apologized for not being able to help her with her friend’s doctor fantasy and she said she understood. I knew she was disappointed, but, there wasn’t much I could do about it. There was no way I was going to jeopardize my job or put any of my docs in a position to ruin their careers.

That night though, I couldn’t get my conversation with Kate off my mind. It wasn’t hard to believe her friend had a thing for doctors. I’d definitely seen some of our patients glow when the doctor felt their breasts or nipples, and I’ve seen a few patients that were more eager than others to assume their position in the stirrups. Like I said, it goes with the territory.

Then, it hit me. All those conversations with my brother, Ted, came back to me and I did the unthinkable — I seriously thought about the possibilities of getting Kate’s friend together with my brother in the doctor’s office! I blushed at the sheer naughtiness of it, and all through the night, I couldn’t sleep a wink thinking how I might orchestrate it safely. Is it possible I could I trust Kate, her friend and my lecherous brother enough to pull it off?

I worked myself up so much thinking about it, my hands found their way into my panties twice during the night, rubbing myself to several earth shattering orgasms, and each time, I visualized this unknown Shannon person being touched, fondled, groped and even screwed while she lie there on the exam table. Visions of her being opened up while Ted did things to her consumed my brain that night, and by the time I got up the next morning, I was a heap of nervous and excited energy.

I called Kate before seven o’clock that morning. “Let’s just say I could arrange something like that for your friend.” I began. “What assurance would I have that she’d never say anything? I could get into a lot of trouble for something like this, you know.”

Kate was excited that I’d even considered it, konya escort and she told me she’d talk to Shannon as soon as she got to work to see if she’d be interested in something like a ‘Special, Once In A Lifetime Gyno Exam’. “I understand.” Kate assured me. “She’d have to swear to keep this a secret forever”.

I gave Kate one of my email addresses I don’t usually use, and told her to give it to her friend, Shannon. “Tell her to email me with what her fantasy entails, and we’ll go from there. I’m not promising anything, but, there’s a chance she might get what she’s looking for. And tell her I’d have to be there….. and I mean in the room the whole time. That’s not negotiable, either. I’d be taking a huge risk, so, I would be there, too.”

Kate was overjoyed, acting almost giddy with excitement. I hate to admit it, but I was, too. Once I hung up with Kate, I threw myself on the bed, shoved my fingers down into my panties and rubbed myself to the thought of watching one of my ‘patients’ being examined by my big brother — even going as far as to fantasize that I stood next to him while he pulled his penis out of his trousers had sex with this woman!

Many bizarre things went through my mind as I got ready and then drove to work. ‘How big was my brother’s penis?’, and ‘How far would something like this go? Just touching? Oral Sex? Vaginal intercourse? Anal sex?’

Anal sex? Shit. No way! What the hell was I thinking!

I was able to calm down a little by the time I put my purse down and got a cup of coffee from the break room. On my way out of the break room, though, I passed a notice reminding all the staff that the office was going to be closed next week, Thursday and Friday, so the doctors could attend a seminar in New York. My eyes flew open as I remembered how we carefully scheduled the last appointments for mid day on Wednesday so the docs could get out of town on time.

It seemed like fate was bringing things together, carefully aligning pieces of a plan that might allow me to make this happen for this Shannon woman. By the time I got back to my desk, I was getting slippery between my legs. I considered making a trip to the ladies room to relieve my itch and wipe myself off, but, it was about time to open the doors and the first patients would be here any minute.

During the first two hours of appointments, it was incredibly hard to concentrate on my duties. During one woman’s exam, my mind drifted off and I started to daydream as I stood behind the doctor while he performed the external and internal vaginal exams on the patient. In my mind, I was seeing my brother sitting on the rolling stool between that woman’s legs with the bright light illuminating her vagina so clearly. “Gawd! That light makes everything so clear!” I thought as I peered between her legs watching the doctor’s gloved fingers gently separate and inspect her labia.

This patient was very well trimmed. Actually, she was completely bare down there, except for the proverbial landing strip on her pubic mound, and as he began to palpitate her vagina, her clitoris came into view and I wondered what my brother would do right then. Would he touch it? Would he rub it? Would he lean down and lick it? My mind was taking me places that I shouldn’t be going, and even though I knew I needed to pay attention to what the doc was doing, I had a hard time getting Shannon’s fantasy out of my mind. What made it worse was this woman was one of our younger patients. She was in her mid-twenties and very cute. She had one of those beautiful vaginas every woman wants to have, and, oh Gawd — I didn’t know if it was the KY the doctor was using or what, but she was wet and glistening — almost to the point of flowing. I couldn’t tear my eyes away if I wanted to, and as I watched the doctor do the exam, I knew without any doubt it wouldn’t be long before my own wetness was started flowing.

I’m not sure how I got through the morning, but I did. Cradling my head in my hands at my desk during lunch time, I gave in and decided to check my email — the email address I’d given to Kate to give to her friend, Shannon.

I went through the motions of entering the user name and password calmly enough, and when I saw there was new mail in the inbox, my heart jumped and I clicked on the inbox folder. There, just thirty minutes old, was an email with the subject line “Hello from Kate’s Friend”.

The note was long, and I mean very long. It started out warmly as she introduced herself as Kate’s friend from work. She explained how she was moving away and what the timing was going to be for her move. Then, she expressed her gratitude to Kate, and to me, for the favor we were doing for her and swore to me a solemn oath she’d never tell anyone what we were discussing.

In very eloquent words, she asked for forgiveness and understanding for what she was about to say in her email, and then very methodically, she explained in detail what her fantasy was. I sat riveted to kayseri escort my chair, reading each line of her email twice — maybe three times — to make sure I read it correctly. By the time I was done, I was almost breathless. But, I went back to the start of the email and read it again just to be sure I hadn’t missed anything.

To say the email was naughty would be a serious understatement. To say it was erotic would be incorrect, too. If I tried to characterize it as nasty — that still wouldn’t describe the things she wrote. The closest word I can come up with is that it her email was sheer pornography.

This woman’s fantasy called for her to be sexually examined, touched, fondled, stroked, licked, sucked and, yes — you guessed it – fucked. She wanted to play the part of a submissive, naive young woman who was having her first ever female exam. She was very clear that she wanted to be undressed personally by the doctor and exposed and exhibited in any way the doctor wanted. She wanted to be embarrassed — asked questions about her body and her sexual experience. She even made a point of saying she’d do anything that was asked of her, even performing oral sex on the doctor, or letting him have sex with her.

“I don’t want this to be a normal doctor visit.” Shannon wrote. “I would want it to be sexual from the very instant I arrived. I’d want the doctor to take any and all liberties with me that he desires. I’m on birth control, and I’m clean, so there’s nothing to worry about in that regard. He can use me in any manner he wishes.”

The email itself was nastier than pornography, and as I read it the third time, I keyed in on something she kept repeating — that she wanted to be submissive, embarrassed, and be thoroughly used.

I shook my head from side to side as I thought about everything she said in her note. The last paragraph of her email said she knew her fantasy made her sound like she was a slut, but, she assured me she didn’t have much sexual experience at all. She claimed to have had sex only a small handful of times, and with only two different men. She described herself as the “Quiet Librarian” type, and begged me to understand and forgive her for her nasty fantasy.

“I understand you need to be present.” Shannon wrote as a post script. “I’m okay with that as long as you are. I’ve never had any sexual relations with a woman before, but, I’m not against it, and I wouldn’t reject it if it happened. Once I’m in the exam room, you have my word that I’ll do exactly what I’m told, regardless of who tells me to do it. And please, Sally,” she added, “I’m trusting you to keep all this just between you and me. I’m begging you not to discuss these details with Kate. I’d just die if she knew these things about me.”

Even though I wanted to reply to her right then, I couldn’t bring myself to hit the reply icon. Instead, I marked the email as ‘new’, signed out and closed my browser. Sitting back in my chair, I took a deep breath right as one of the docs knocked on my office door and poked his head in.

“Sally?” He began, “Are you feeling alright? You look flushed.”

Then, making his way over to my desk, he placed his hand on my forehead. “You feel hot.” He said. “You’ve got a fever. We don’t need you getting everyone else sick if you’re coming down with something. Why don’t you go on home and get some rest?”

He didn’t have to ask me twice, and no more than fifteen minutes later, I was pulling out of the parking lot thinking about what I was going to say to Shannon in my reply email. By the time I got home, I had a good idea what I wanted to say to Shannon, but I forced myself to get changed into some comfy sweats and a t-shirt before I sat down at my computer.

It was almost 4:00 PM before I hit the ‘Send’ button on my email. I’d easily typed three pages of words in my reply. Along the way, I’d removed my shorts and started to diddle myself while I wrote. That got to be too much trouble, so I went to get a towel, laid it in the chair, stripped off my panties and put my faithful G-Spot vibrator right up my vajayjay.

Sure, having the vibe in me made it hard to concentrate, but at least I could type my email with both hands now. I answered all of Shannon’s questions, posed a few of my own and told her I’d never breathe a word about any of this to our mutual friend, Kate. I gave her an idea of what I had in mind, and asked if next Friday afternoon would work for her.

I knew no one would be in the office if we were closed that day, especially on a Friday afternoon. I told her I thought I could get her a doctor that would be interested in what she had in mind, and I reiterated the fact that I was going to be there the whole time, and that I’d be in the exam room, too. I intentionally stayed away from her comments about relations with other women for no other reason but to see if she brought it up again. Honestly, I’ll admit to having some curiosity about other women, but, I’ve never acted on it.

I was honest with Shannon telling her I was a little uneasy about the whole thing at first, and I blushed when I told her how I’d been consumed with the idea since Kate brought it up to me. I proposed that we work out the details via email as soon as we could this week, and then if we both agreed to go through with it, next Friday afternoon would be the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32