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Where The Unforeseen Can Be The Way Ahead.

The Eucalyptus Club.

Not Knowing What Today Will Bring Makes Tomorrow A Foregone Conclusion.

A Eucalyptus Club is an exclusive spa private club wholly owned and funded by its member’s from their offshore accounts where the usual rules governing clubs will not apply. It is disguised to the outside world as many things but is unique in that it is a discerning sex club for the elite and extremely wealthy. Who’s Members and their Guests are selected by invitation only.

Their specialty is tailored party theme nights to meet their member’s preferences. Discretion and secrecy being of paramount importance, their staff being selectively recruited locally from Colleges and Universities scouted out and vetted by a number of local talent spotters. Any employees selected after an inaugural work experience period are by invitation only.

My name is Alan my friends name is Steve we are both twenty and will be starting at a local University after completing two years at College to continue our studies after the summer, just now we are both enjoying our long summer break. We have been friends for many years and are often mistaken for brothers and live in the same rural sea side town. We are both still very reserved so tend to hang out a lot together. Today we were playing a doubles game at our local tennis club it is our last league game this season, last season was ok but we aren’t doing very well this season, I don’t know why.

We headed to the showers after our game, undressed together in the locker room, wearing our towels headed to the showers. The club house was of an old Victorian design all the showers were individual tiled cubicles with canvas splash curtains down to the floor. There was a strict rule you were not allowed to share a cubicle. Put down to hygiene but the rumor factory said there was an incident last year; no details.

I went into my cubical and fired up the shower, the pluming was old you either had very hot or ice cold water depending on how many showers were in use, you only knew what you would get when the water hit you. Instinctively you pressed yourself against the wall and pushed the lever left or right, this time I got very hot water, instantly filling the cubical with steam.

Steve wasn’t so lucky he got my cold water as well as his own, you could tell with his chosen words of appreciation. My curtain flew open as Steve came into my cubical darting through the very hot spray, quickly pressing himself against me. I reached up and knocked the shower head outward to spray over the top of both of us. We had done this before I had it down to a fine art. This time we were intimately pressing against each other as the water started to cool down a little.

For some reason this time it felt different, maybe it was the close proximity of the very hot water spraying over us onto the curtain and the steam enveloping around us. As we were pressing against each other I started to feel I was getting aroused, then I felt Steve was getting aroused too as we pressed against each other. We were both soon intertwined with each other and getting more and more aroused by it. I could feel Steve started to rub me, it seemed to flick on my thrill switch too and I started to rub him, by this time our heads were alongside each other’s and touching, adding to the thrill. Our adrenalin was pumping both of us were having palpitations.

Suddenly I felt as though I was about to unload as Steve speeded up inciting me to do the same. We lost it as we both began banging away at each other, suddenly I unloaded then Steve did. We both just looked at each other breathless realizing what we had just done. It was then we heard others come into the showers from the locker room. We were we going to get caught, how could we explain this it was obvious from our anatomy what we had done or were planning to do.

Suddenly the water cooled down someone else must have switched on their shower and shared out the available hot water. It was then we realised that we may be able to sneak out, Steve stuck his head out, clear, then stepped out and into his cubical, switched the now hot water off as I did. Both of us then stepping out discreetly in unison grabbing our towels. In the background we could hear someone enjoying all the hot water we had just released.

We both dried and dressed quickly without saying anything to each other about what had just happened between us. As we headed home our adrenaline was still pumping when we arrived at the rail station. Although nothing sexual happened, something did happen that neither of us could explain. We were to meet the next day at Steve’s although we tried to talk about it on the train we couldn’t and decided to leave it until tomorrow to try and understand what happened between us and why. Something had, maybe it was nice but was embarrassing and was it to be a one off or not.

We both went straight home I had a sleepless night that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about what we had done and why. sex hikayeleri When I awoke in the morning fully aroused and my adrenaline still pumping I still didn’t know how I or Steve felt about it. I must admit I was still excited about it as I walked over to Steve’s.

After about 10 minute’s walk I arrived at his house. Steve was home alone his parents had left for work and his sister was staying over with a friend. As I arrived he opened the door, I instantly knew what Steve’s thoughts were about what happened last night. He was wearing a stupid smile on his face and a little short flared tennis skirt that belonged to his sister, I was instantly turned on by it. As it was a warm summer’s day I was wearing my very short, now bulging, blue nylon swim shorts and a similar stupid smile.

We went upstairs to his bedroom, he led the way deliberately taking two steps at a time flashing a pair of bright red knickers from under the short skirt he was wearing. Once in his bedroom I kicked of my trainers and took off my shirt. We both sat down on his bed with our backs against the wall. We started to touch each other, gradually getting more intimate until we both reached our objective and began stroking each other. The tempo and our adrenaline levels started to rise as did other parts of our anatomy.

We both started to get warm and wet as a result of each other’s caressing, in unison we then slipped off our clothes and sat their naked together and touching.

We both rubbed together naked as we hugged each other. I thought it was a sublime feeling, I could feel him pressing in on me as I did on him. I don’t think either of knew what to do next, we sat on his bed together, then lay down facing each other. I felt Steve start to gently stroke me with his fingers, I started to follow him. We were both lying there together stroking each other, not knowing, but fully aware where it would end up.

I started to feel something build up and move inside me, it started with a soft twinge, I never felt anything like that before and not having control over it. Steve picked up on this and started to stoke me a bit more entheausticly. I let him and lay back, I remember my legs opening as he stroked me again and again and again. I could feel something spill out of me as the pressure built up then I felt it also start to gently squirt, he kept stroking me but faster and faster.

Then I started to bump uncontrollably on his bed, I could hear it creek as I bumped up and down. Not before long I was so excited, I no longer had any control, suddenly I unloaded over both of us. He lay back and rubbed my aftermath with his hand on his and my chest, it felt kinky and warm but nice, I never had done that before.

I rolled over on top of him straddling over and sitting on his legs, I remember I said now it’s my turn. As I sat there facing him as he watched me I started to slowly stroke him, as I got a response more from his eyes and silent mouth gestures, he closed his eyes. I slowly increased the pace of my stroking, slowly he responded, as I quickened my pace he slowly started to physically bounce, in harmony with my stroking, as I had done, but this time his legs were pinned down.

I could feel him start to build then as I increased my grip, held it back, his back arched as he tried to unload but I still kept trying to bring him on. He let out such a loud groan that I let my grip go and pointed it in his direction, just as he let go with one enormous squirt. His chest and face took the brunt of it.

As I rolled off him and lay alongside he rolled over me and smeared my erection. We lay there alongside each other laughing and touching each other chest. Steve then leaned over me and started to nibble my nipples, I really liked that and lay back with my arms open, inviting him to continue. Then kneeling over me he sat upright on me by this time I had an erection that was starting to hurt, and I could feel the pressure as it slide up between his buttons. What a feeling.

It was the first time that I ever felt anything like that, I think it was Steve’s too. I started to rub at him, it was a wonderful feeling he was enjoying it, as I undulated I could feel it build within me. Steve sat leaning back letting me, he had closed his eyes his open mouth formed an O’ although I tried I couldn’t build up enough pressure up to climax him. We had to stop and contemplate what we wanted to do next.

We changed position, I adjusted the pillows under Steve, I tried to engage but even now oiled I was struggling. Steve helped me as I started to try and enter, it was difficult to do, then I managed it. First time I only entered part way before I withdrew, next time I pushed harder and touched something firm I could go no further; Steve winced.

I settled into a slow gentle undulating rhythm, I was not getting the sensation I expected, then Steve started to hold me back. The sensation changed to what I expected and it started to build with each stroke, as it built my rhythm became erratic, the more erratic I became porno hikayeleri the more I enjoyed it.

I then felt it start to form and slowly move forward, I was nearing climax, I convulsed, then again and again. I was fully drained and started to withdraw, rolled over and lay alongside Steve. He asked did I enjoy it too, I said yes, we were both covered in sweat and I felt fully drained. Steve said he enjoyed it too and suggested we get cleaned up and dressed, I looked at him in disappointment.

He said we can do it again, I smiled and said yes. We both pulled on our swim shorts we were in that sort of mood, Steve returned his sisters things as I made up the bed as though nothing had happened. We headed down to his patio to enjoy the sun.

As we lay in the sun I asked Steve how long he had felt that way, he said always, I watched a lot of videos on the internet and knew that’s what I wanted to do. I then asked, have you ever done it before, he said yes, I had an older cousin who liked to do it to me with his two friends, first time was at my eighteenth birthday party, he stayed overnight. I didn’t like it at first then eventually I liked him doing it to me and looked forward to it each time he and his friends visited. One day he disappeared from the scene, not heard of him since.

When I came into the shower cubical with you and was pressing against you to keep out of the hot water it all came back. I knew what I wanted to do and I though you did too. I admitted I did and for quite a while too but didn’t know what to do about it then after you started I knew it was ok.

We had just almost talked ourselves into going back upstairs when Steve’s sister Shelia and her friend Anjou came in, both a year older than us. They headed upstairs saying we have got something to show you. When they came down they were wearing matching almost there pink micro skirts and bikini tops with matching black cuffs and very high heel matching shoes. They stood there giving us a twirl I must admit they were very alluring, Sheila with her long blond hair and long toned legs, Anjou with her dusty skin and endearing wayward smile.

Shelia said this is our new uniforms, we are to be hostesses at a private party. Steve asked what kind of private party? Anjou said ladies only party so you can’t go, it’s being held in a private Country House club out of town on Saturday. Remember Jason and Craig’s friend Tim the photographer, we were doing a photoshoot for him in these outfits when he asked would we be interested in being hostesses, the money is very good. He also paid us cash in hand for the photoshoot, a flat fee then a commission as he sells each photograph, he reckons he can get our photographs into a fashion magazine.

They sat down beside us and Anjou started to hit on Steve by putting her bare legs on his. I could see Steve was getting the message, his sister did too. I reached down and lifted Shelia’s legs to rest on top of mine, although she wasn’t sure of me doing that at first was quickly quite relaxed about it.

Steve asked what king of photographs? Anjou said you know that beach out of town where its clothes optional. Their. We posed in our tennis outfits, then shorts then our bikinis, then these outfits, we also posed topless. After that we went back to his studio in town we did some bedroom poses together. Steve asked any naked, Shelia said a few but nothing obscene just a wee bit erotic. We didn’t know what to say.

Shelia said as she touched my shorts running her finger slowly but firmly down my ever developing bulge, if you are interested he is looking for some male models to photograph for some girly magazines. Money up front then a commission, maybe he can also get you some bar or waiter work at the same club. I have his mobile number and his web site address if you are interested. I kicked in and said ok we will give it some thought, I had visions of someone photographing Steve and me upstairs. No thanks.

Anjou and Shelia went upstairs to get changed. I asked Steve what do you think your and Anjou’s mother will say when they find out about the photographs. They won’t tell them, neither will I. But I don’t think my mother would say anything anyway as she knew what my cousin and his friends were doing with me, sometimes even watched. She and my dad were into photography in a big way, so who knows.

Anjou and Shelia came down in their now not so revealing shorts and tops, said they would take Steve and me out for a burger and beer, from their modelling fees. Being poor students we were always short of money so we accepted their offer. Although we tried to find out more about the type of photographs Tim took, we knew Craig and Jason through the badminton winter league. Tim who lived with his partner Mike had a bit of a reputation regarding the photographs he took. But Anjou and Shelia would not tell us anymore.

Steve phoned me the next morning saying he phoned Tim last night and asked him what he was looking for. He asked us to come and see him and would explain what he is looking seks hikayeleri for, he has an exclusive commission from a fashion magazine that we may be interested in. We have to meet him at eleven to see if we can do what he is looking for, sort of screen test. Although nervous about what we may be getting into, it was also a bit exciting, so I agreed.

We met outside Tim’s studio and went in together more excited than concerned. Tim outlined what he wanted to do and how much we could expect to earn; quite a lot. He then introduced us to Simon, Si he prefers to be called, he was very camp in appearance and manor but very likeable and funny with it.

We all clambered into Tim’s big BMW four by four and headed out of town to a larger studio in a farm complex that he had shares in, we were to use studio four. Tim left us with Si in the dressing room to get organised and ready for a screening photo shoot. It wasn’t what we expected, we were to cross dress for a ladyboy online clothes catalogue. Why not.

First we had to strip off for Si, as we stood there naked and now partially aroused by the experience, which Si seemed to enjoy as he looked us over. We had makeup applied, all over and I do mean all over, and a tight fitting cap placed over our hair before he fitted a hair piece, mines was short and black Steve’s was long and blond like his sisters. Si instructed and showed us how to pose move and talk, he had very warm and caring hands and an effeminate voice which we were to mimic when in character, which made it all the more enjoyable.

Eventually we were give sexy underwear and dresses to wear, mines was a little black number, Steve’s was a more revealing low cut ensemble. I could see he was really enjoying wearing it, I was still a little bit self-conscious, we were both to wear very high heeled shoes that were no more than straps. When I stood up I almost fell over but Si wrapped his hands round me, must admit it was a very nice feeling, and steadied me until I got my balance and could walk in them. Steve just stood up and walked over to me unaided and said, don’t ask.

Si took us to the studio that Tim had already set up, they was a sitting room, bed room and an erotic games dungeon, complete with whips and things. Steve was on first in the sitting room, Si showed him how to pose, sitting, standing and walking as Tim still photographed him.

Then it was my turn but in the bedroom, getting dressed and undressed and posing as Tim banged away with his camera. I was really enjoying it, very erotic and seductive, by the time I had finished I was flowing with posing without any help. Si said I was a natural. I changed outfits four times, as I got changed, Steve was posing and as I posed he got changed. It was very hard work.

We had a coffee break where Si produced some strong Dutch rope coffee that he had bought in Amsterdam on his last trip. It was very strong but nice almost addictive as you drank it. Si also said he added his own special ingredients to it, to give you a photoshoot energy boost. It certainly did that, by the time we had finished our second cup we were both super charged.

We were asked this time would we like to have a photo portfolio each and pose naked and erotically together and individually. It was to be a private portfolio just for us. It was Steve who was entheaustic this time, I was a bit concerned but went with the flow. Steve had a natural flow to his posing I was initially very wooden but after being photographed naked a few times and in compromising positions the taboo of it all seemed to evaporate. I put it down to Si’s energising coffee.

It was Si who encouraged us to become more adventurists and engage in sexual activities together as Tim photographed us live on a video camera this time. It wasn’t long before we were preforming together, I don’t remember much of the detail, but I do remember being on a sexual high while doing whatever we were doing.

When we received a flash drive a couple of days later from Tim and reviewed its content after Tim and Si had photoshopped them, it was clear that we had both entheausticly engaged in athletic sex with each other, some had very close up shots of us engaging and climaxing. Initially I was concerned about what we had done together but we both knew that was what we wanted to do and we had the only copy of the video.

That night when Steve’s parents were down south visiting some friends for two weeks and Sheila and Anjou were doing their club night that Tim had organised. I stayed over with Steve and we re-enacted, a few times, what we had done together on the video. That was to be the first of many nights together.

Shelia and Anjou arrived home about ten the next morning and were still on a high about their training day and first two full nights work at the club. Shelia said the day after our photoshoot they had their introductory training day and first night’s work. Dressed in their revealing and provocative outfits delivered drinks to customers and clearing away any empty glasses. That night they only worked in the general lounge which had subdued lighting where clients dressed skimpily and revealing with any activities subdued and discreet, they both got the odd stray hand caressing them, which they were told to expect and show pleasure in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32