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I was walking in the early morning trying to hitch hike out of a rural town when a beat up old farm truck pulled up. I was so grateful I was already crawling in before I noticed what a scum bag the driver was. “Aw shit,” he drawled as I settled in, “with all that hair I thought you was a chick!”

I put on my best nonplussed attitude and asked him where he was going. I tried not to look shocked when he told me he was on his way to his friends house to drink beer and watch porn – at 7am! He leered at me with rotten crooked teeth asking if I was interested in joining them. Trying not to sound too disgusted I decline, relieved when he shrugged muttering whatever.

He said he was headed for the next town but soon took a turn down a gravel side road. He sensed my body stiffen and quickly assured me he just had something to drop off at a local farm before heading on. “It won’t take a minute,” he told with a smile that made me very uncomfortable.

We drove a ways down the dusty road before he turned into a long drive way leading to a run down, ramshackle house. Barking dogs greeted the truck and chased us the last 100 yards. I gave him my best “you gotta be kidding” look when he laughed at them, taunting them through the open window. He pulled into a yard littered with junk lurching to a stop and sprung from the cab of the truck heading for the house before I could say a word. The dogs smelt him but stayed with the truck, and me.

I didn’t dare get out as the pack of scruffy looking beasts prowled about the truck growling menacingly at my slightest move. The scum bag said he wouldn’t be long but it seemed like forever already as the truck began to heat up under the hot summer sun. And I had to piss. Badly.

It wasn’t long before I am trying every trick I know to distract myself from wetting myself. I got so desperate I open the door a crack then nearly pissed myself when the dogs lunged violently at the other side of door. As I sat there trembling with fear I heard a commanding voice calling off the mutts.

A man in the shadows of house beckoned for me to come over. The dogs growled as I exited the cab of the truck but didn’t make a move. The man in the shadows cautioned me to hurry if I’m coming as his dogs don’t generally obey for long. I scurry to the safety of the house.

I only got a fleeting glimpse of him as I ducked through the open door into darkness. After the bright sunlight everything was in deep shadows. I sense that I am in the kitchen as I catch my breath trying to calm myself. With a tense heavy exasperated sigh I turn to query the man who settled the dogs and let me in about where the clown who brought me to this place was. But then something about his stance, his air, made me hesitate and then hold my tongue. I didn’t have to pee anymore.

Out of the corner of my eye I catch the flickering of a tv set in another room and it is then that I realize that I can faintly hear the sounds of sex. They are watching porn. I can’t believe it.

He studies me intently until my nerves force me to look away. Confusion and fear mix to make me tremble slightly and I jump with a start when he moves to the fridge. Not sure what to expect I am relieved when he reaches in and tosses me a beer. Mumbling my thanks to his back as he heads for the front room. With no other choices I sigh and follow cracking the beer open in resignation.

There is another scruffy looking man in the room, older, pot bellied. He and the tool that brought me to this dump are watching the action on screen transfixed, almost comical. There is no place to sit until wordlessly my “host” casually dumps a pile of magazines off a soiled old ottoman indicating it’s for me. Taking a deep breath to calm myself I sit. No one has said anything. I try to make of sense of the crush of bodies on the TV to distract myself from the insanity of where I am. A shiver of fear shakes my body. It’s spooky.

There is a lot of fucking and sucking going on on screen. The general drift of the movie is a young woman being fucked senseless by a bunch of fat old men after they have used her mouth and face as a cum dump. I sip my beer watching nervously, waiting for it to end so we can leave. I try not to notice what the others are doing but I suspect that the guy that got me here is actually rubbing himself. God what next, I’m thinking when the host’s boot lands on the ottoman next to me with a startling thud. I flush red with embarrassment as they all chuckle at my jumpy reaction.

I try to ignore his boot resting against my side flinching when it moves then freezing hoping no one noticed. There is a crescendo of grunting on screen as three men take to the well used woman at once. They pound her mercilessly and she doesn’t look like its all that enjoyable. Having had enough I ask my host where the bathroom is and fume when the knob that got into this snickers about somebody needing to jerk off. I ignore him heading off in the direction indicated.

It’s a run down, old, sex izle musty smelling shack. Several doors lead off the hallway and as he didn’t tell me which one I have to stick my head in each one as I go by. The general mess shows what slobs live in the place and I shake my head in wonder how anyone could live like this. One room is full of cast off women’s things that on a closer look appear to be either very old or very trashy. A sudden noise makes me jump, looking down the hall I don’t see anyone but feel that they were possibly there. With hair standing on end I rush along to find the toilet. Then wish I hadn’t. What pigs.

I can hear them talking as I return down the hallway straining to catch some of their conversation but it ends abruptly as I get closer. When I get there they have started another movie of what looks like school girls being spanked. Before I can say anything the host suggests that I go get them all another beer. Without any options and not wanting to piss these men off I head for the kitchen. The fridge is full of beer so I grab four and head back.

I offer one to the host but he doesn’t take it. I stand there feeling like an idiot as he watches the movie until I finally ask if he wants it. With out looking at me he mentions quietly that it isn’t open. Oh man, I mutter fumbling to put the other beers down so I can open his. He still makes me hold it out to him before taking it. The other two men smile and nod at him. Without risking it I open another and offer it to the knob. He to ignores me smirking like it must be cool to make me wait. Having had enough I put on the floor beside his chair and get the third beer for the other man.

Intending to not even hand it to him I go to place it by his chair when he voice brings me up short and my stomach lurches as he intones menacingly “Don’t even think about it.” I stand frozen reaching to put the beer down.

Despite the noise from the movie the room seems dead quiet. I slowly rise and offer him the open beer, he makes me wait. I wait. On screen a man lashing some poor girls ass with a cane is informing her that it is about time she learned some manners. “You wanna be taught some manners?” this old guy asks me.

I take a settling breath knowing everyone is listening for my response, before replying “No,” then adding in rush, “Sir,” shocking myself when it comes out as almost a squeak. With out any emotion he looks up at me checking me out. I feel ashamed, scared and uncomprehendingly – cheap!

I offer him the beer and he opens his hand but doesn’t reach for it making me bend over to put it in his hand. When he has his beer his other hand lashes out grasping my wrist. Startled I try to pull away but his grip is like iron. He holds me there as I stare at him wide eyed wondering if I should ask the others to help me, though I doubt they would.

Slowly. Firmly. He pulls my me down until I am crouching at the front of his chair. I try to gently pull my wrist free until his grip tightens painfully. When I stop he releases it a little. I take deep breathes wondering what the hell this is all about and not liking what my options seem to be. To get comfortable I am forced settle onto the floor on my knees beside his chair. He watches the punishment being inflicted on screen intently absentmindedly pulling my hand into his lap. I cringe when I feel the heat of his groin through his filthy overalls knowing that the hardness is his erection. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I scream wordlessly to echo about in my mind.

Taking deep breaths trying to remain calm I attempt to pull away from him again. I can’t stifle my squeal of pain as his nails dig into my wrist. I flush red when I hear the knob snickering behind me. The old guy watches me as he applies even more pressure to his digging nails. Biting my lip to stop myself from crying I implore the old bastard with my eyes to let go. His free hand circles around the back of my neck as I shake head my no. An “Oh yeah, here we go,” from one of the others makes my stomach go cold. I grimace terrified at the old guys passionless stare. I feel something drip from my chin and realise that I am crying.

His hand clenches about the nape of my neck before he releases my wrist. Staring transfixed I watch him unclip the bib of his overalls. I watch with growing terror as he deliberately unbuttons the sides willing myself to flee. When I struggle to stand his grip on my neck tightens possessively. I see the bulge in his pants and know it’s his cock. I know its hard. And I know what he will want me to do. “No please don’t do this,” I implore in a whisper hoping for sympathy.

With a snort he flips open his overalls to expose himself. I gasp. The other two pricks mock me from behind. I have never been this close to another mans cock, his looks massive and is rigid enough to stand nearly straight up from his groin.

I reflexively pull away oblivious to the pain of his hand grasps a bunch of my hair. I hear screaming, pleading, alt yazılı porno realising it’s me but I can’t get away from the harsh slap that makes my ears ring. Still I struggle absorbing two more slaps that bring stars to my eyes. What feels like a punch to the back of my head ceases my will to struggle.

Limp in his grip I watch his shiny cock grow larger as he draws my face into his groin. I can see pre-cum dripping from the huge purple tip, there is a funky sweat smell that makes me gag as he holds my face inches from his throbbing member. His hand forces my head to turn towards his smiling face. His eyes are beady and eager, his smile chilling, “Don’t you dare bite me bitch,” he growls turning my face back towards his cock.

He forces my head with one hand while guiding his erection with the other. He gently rubs the slick tip over my lips. Back and forth, coating them with his slimy pre-cum. He pushes on the back of my head forcing the purple tip of his large gnarly cock between my lips against my teeth. Another push and the thing is in my mouth. It is a horrible sensation but when he senses my resistance he twists his handful of my hair mercilessly until resign myself to the fact that I am going to have his cock in my mouth.

“Suck it,” I hear him moan and with sob I comply knowing instinctively that to fight this brute would be useless and certainly painful. I purse my lips around the head of his cock as he uses his grip to bob my head up and down on it. More pre-cum is oozing from the tip making my lips and his cock slick. The smell of him is overwhelming and nauseating.

I can hear the other two yelling encouragement over the roar of blood in my ears and the squealing of some tormented soul on the tv. Having no other choice I try to get the experience of being face fucked over with by flicking my tongue over his knob hoping that the fat old bastard won’t cum in my mouth. “Oh yeah baby,” he groans, “that’s it, lick daddy good!” And then to the others, “This bitch likes it. She wants it all!”

His hand forces the pace of my humiliation. Any attempt to pull away angers him and it feels like he is ripping my hair out. His other hand grips my head giving him more control. I find if I use my tongue to caress his tip on the up strokes he is less harsh. So I do. Tears from the pain, from the humiliation, from the feelings of total helplessness coarse down my cheeks. I actually sob over this mans cock that has turned me into his puppet. He moans louder and the others cackle in the background encouraging him.

The rape of my mouth has taken on a rhythm. I twirl my tongue over the knob of his cock a couple of times and his hands force my head into his groin plunging his erection into my throat until I purse my lips gently about him, then pulling me back up until the tip is in my lips and my tongue is twirling again.

Resigned to my situation I miss the moment when he hesitates with my mouth half way down his cock. Confused I try to caress him my tongue when he grunts, his cock pulses and a spurt of hot cum explodes into my throat. Taken completely by surprise I freeze. He thrusts his hips upwards sending his cock into my cum filled throat when a second spurt fills my mouth. I try to pull away. I can hear him cry out loudly in pleasure as he thrusts his cock again and again between my lips flooding my mouth with his goo until it explodes out of me.

I feel his cum spew from my lips. It sprays from my nostrils. I feel like I’m drowning in cum. His grip on my hair makes me wail into his crotch as the taste of his cum, the smell of his cum, the hot sticky feel of his cum overwhelms my senses. I feel the blackness of passing out reaching out to seize me as I squirm desperately impaled on his still hard cock.

When he finally pulls me off I am vaguely aware of cheering as I desperately try to deal with the huge volume of cum the old bastard has spewed into my mouth. It drools from my lips, drips from my nose, I feel it on my cheeks and chin. I am left panting for every cum filled breath.

Stunned I am only vaguely aware of the debate now raging around me as to who gets to be next. As the realisation what they are arguing about sinks in my body slumps listlessly in resignation being held upright only by my tormentors grip on my hair. He uses his grip to turn my tear streaked cum covered face towards him so he can watch my reaction when he announces, “No one gets this sorry bitch until she cleans up the mess she made.” The look in his eyes makes me shudder and tells me that there is going to be a lot more to my ordeal before it is over as I sniff back a cum scented tear dripping from my nose.

Smiling at my lack of defiance he turns my head towards his lap. His cock has partially deflated and rests slick, wetly in his cum covered pubes. A pool of clear fluid collects on his oily white flesh. As my face is propelled towards it, it seems like some one else’s tongue is sticking out to lick him clean. altyazılı sex izle Disembodied I witness my lips sucking away at his cum soaked pubes. My tongue licking the salty slickness from his cock, probing the tip, seeking the remnants of his orgasm. “Yeah that’s a good girl. Get it all,” he encourages my mouth, lips and tongue.

I feel but can’t grasp what the cold metal is racing over my back is. Nor what the sudden rush of air over my back and buttocks means,. It is surreal, it seems like my clothes are melting from my body. Somehow I have become naked, fear of what will happen when I finish licking clean the mess I made makes me attend to this brutes sticky, smelly, slimy cock and balls more eagerly. He loves it, “Yeah baby!” he cries, “that’s a good lil’girl, get daddy all nice and clean.” Pathetically I respond with more energy hoping this will appease them.

It doesn’t. When my tongue and lips get to be too much for his sensitive cock he pulls me away by the hair. My squeal of pain and fright mingles with the sound from the tv where now some girl is suspended from a tree in the woods pleading with some one off screen to please let her go. “Yes please let me go,” my quivering voice makes him chuckle.

He holds me kneeling before him by the hair. Giving my head a sideways shake he asks smiling, “You don’t wanna go anywhere do you?”

His smile makes me go cold and shivering I mumble meekly a quavering, “No.”

“You wanna stay here and play with daddy and his friends don’t you girlie?” he inquiries smugly knowing I have no choice.

I stare at him for a second, the last ounce of my will screaming in my head “NO you fucker I DON’T!!” Before nodding resignedly as I hear my voice whisper, “Yes,” and then “Daddy.” Knowing by his smile that it has pleased him.

The other two voice their approval and fall on me when with dismissive flick of his wrist the old brute discards me. I don’t even try to fend them off as they haul me to the centre of the room on my knees both struggling to get their pants open in a race to be my next blow job. The knob loses as the other mans erection slaps into my face. I don’t get a good look at it before it is being thrust against my lips while the knob whines about having found me and being next. The other mans cock possessively plunges into my mouth as he laughs at the knob telling him to wait, that he’ll get a turn at sloppy thirds.

I feel so vulnerable there naked on knees with a mans cock sliding between my cum slick lips while others watch and wait to be next. Fear of being really hurt seizes me and I fixate on servicing the cock in my mouth trying to remember things that girls have done to me that would please this bastard and get this over with. I can’t believe it when it when the line, “Suck just one cock and you’re a cocksucker for life.” plays through my head to a tv laugh track. I fight back a sniffling tear and let the bastard fuck my face.

The knobs cock bobs in my periphery vision as I hone my skills as a cock sucker. I close my eyes and try to pretend to be somebody else. Somebody who enjoys having a mans cock sliding between their cum slick lips. Out of no where I feel the splat of something hot against the side of my face. Followed by another that is accompanied by howls laughter and anger. My eyes spring open to witness the tip of the knobs veiny erection spurt cum towards my face while the host ridicules him for cumming so quickly.

“Fuckin’ bitch,” the knob snarls, like it is my fault he came prematurely, as he rubs the tip of his cock in the sticky goo of his orgasm on my cheek, “fuckin’bitch will pay for this!” He screams sending my body to convulsions of trembling fear. It’s not my fault I whimper onto the cock in my mouth.

Distracted I once again miss the signs of impending orgasm to be shocked my a surge of mouth filling cum. Hot sticky awful tasting cum. I try to pull away but hands hold my head for my mouth to receive more choking cum. They seem to enjoy me drowning in the cum. I try to swallow it but more takes its place. I am breathing, snorting, drooling cum as I am pushed away and collapse onto the hard filthy floor gasping for cum tainted breath.

Incapable of resistance I gurgle a cumy squeal of fright as the Knob pulls me roughly to my knees by my hair making me stare at his deflated cock protruding veiny, oily looking from a dark patch of smelly pubes. Clear fluid oozes from the tip as he pulls my face towards him. Thinking it is going in my mouth I open it to accept him but the Knob stops sneering down at enjoying my supplicant frightened pose. Holding me there he uses his free hand to take his cock and smear the oozing fluid over my face. Across my forehead, down my nose, giggling at his fun, slapping my cheeks with his heavy meat.

I endure this humiliation watching his cock inflate with every slap against my cheeks. He pulls my head back stretching my neck harshly before resting his cock on my lips. Dutifully I lick the underside of the tip, then the shaft as he forces my face down between his legs. The smell of his excited sex sweat is overpowering, “Yeah bitch,” he gasps above me, “lick my balls you stupid cunt.” He demands, spreading his legs forcing my face beneath him. Desperately I obey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32