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Chapter 1

It wasn’t that I’d led a sheltered life. It was just that I wasn’t really aware of sex or anything that turned me on until I was in my final months of school. Maybe it was the summer that year just after I’d turned 18 that got something going in my body . . . and in my head.

My slightly older sister Rebecca or “Bec” or even, when I want something badly, “Becca” who is a year and 7 months older, had the same sort of experience although she was into boys before I even noticed that they existed I think!

My first orgasm wasn’t that long ago and it is still so vivid that I can describe how it was achieved, how it surprised me and how I was hooked for life to this extraordinary sensation . . . perhaps that’s where the word “sensational” comes from!

It was such a life changing experience that I marked it in my diary with a big tick and the number 1 next to it. The very next day was another tick and the number 2! Now there are 1,253 ticks marked in my diaries.

But back to tick number 1. I really didn’t know what it was. I had never heard the word “Orgasm” or any other euphemism for it! Unlike, probably many, other girls, I didn’t start exploring until very recently, but found it immediately pleasurable, particularly in bed at night as I settled down to sleep. I enjoyed the feelings and how it made me sleepy after a little pleasuring with my fingers. That night of the first tick was a very warm summer Saturday night and I had dressed in a short little summer nightie and hadn’t bothered with any panties. I had showered and Mum had put fresh sheets on my bed. I went to bed looking forward to going to the beach the next day and I remember stretching as I lay under just a crisp sheet which felt good on my legs and my tummy as my nightie had ridden up when I slipped into bed. I squirmed about a bit and ran my hands up my tummy, pushing my nightie up so I could feel my growing breasts. I loved to check them and had a way of measuring them with my hands. They were getting bigger and I loved the feeling of them . . . still do. They were new and exciting and vaguely I knew that I was becoming a woman because of them.

My nipples were very exciting and the feeling of them getting hard as I pinched and flicked them was the sort of delight that made me sigh and feel that my life was good and that the future was exciting. Playing with my nipples as they got hard had another effect on me. I got this feeling in my tummy and in my girl bits. I couldn’t resist touching myself down there. Even at this early stage I had developed a ritual. With both hands I reached down the inside of my thighs and stroked the soft skin back up to the crease where my tummy starts. This stroking caused my knees to fall apart and as I continued they moved further apart and my pelvis rolled back.

My hands then began to roam my tummy, occasionally grazing over my breasts and nipples that seemed even harder and bigger. It was delicious and languid. Back down to my lower tummy and through the sparse pubic hair that I was starting to grow. There were little blond curls starting to appear at this stage and I was very proud of them, checking them in the mirror after I’d showered. Even then, I knew I liked to be naked, to feel the air on my skin. It did something to me inside and made me happy.

I’d still not touched my girl bits but I could feel a change, like a swelling in my lips and with my knees gradually moving apart, I could tell that I was moist down there . . . and warm. My hands went to that area where my legs joined across to my “front bottom” as I called it then. My fingers shaped around the lips, touching underneath and feeling the soft skin that went down to my “back bottom”, words that I had learned from my Mother.

I was breathing quickly now and the anticipation was almost too much to bear. I knew where I wanted my fingers to go. Slowly I allowed my fingers to creep into my folds, finding the slick wetness and heat intoxicating to my senses. I used all my fingers, one hand for each side of my labia, working from the bottom up toward the spot I had found on previous explorations. I was almost afraid to go there. Something told me this was wrong, that I shouldn’t be doing this. But I had always been rebellious, doing things I shouldn’t do. So, I pressed on, feeling the excitement build, the butterflies in my tummy and the ecstasy in my brain.

With my right index finger I traced the depths of the centre of my little slit and felt the indentation that I’d explored before and then on upward to that little nub that craved my attention and the small flap that hid this spot most of the time. It was delicious and before I knew it, I was retracing my finger along this path. My left hand had somehow slid up to my breasts and was playing with my now rock hard nipples in turn without me even thinking to do this.

My knees were now spread as wide as I could get them and my feet were levitating. I kicked the sheet off and pulled my nightie up till canlı bahis it was around my neck. That was uncomfortable so quick as a flash I pulled it over my head. Naked now I ran my hands back down my body, the cool night air feeling so good on my burning skin. I almost panicked at the loss of my stroking and nipple play and quickly resumed as my knees came up higher and wider, opening myself to my ministrations.

Suddenly I was aware of a sound I was making in my throat and was startled when my Mum called through the door: “Ellen, Ellen, are you alright dear?”

In World Record time I pulled the sheet back up and feigning sleepiness I replied: “Ohh, yes Mum, I was dreaming . . .”

“Go back to sleep Sweetheart, big day tomorrow . . .”

No sooner had Mum’s footsteps receded than I was uncovered again and my fingers were back to their mischief. Grabbing my nightie, I stuffed it into my mouth to stifle the sounds that I couldn’t help make.

In the past I had sort of reached a plateau of excitement and was satisfied with the feeling I made for myself. But that hot summer night was different. I knew that there was more to this. Sensing an ending, I couldn’t stop!

This state I was in was building in a way I had never experienced before. My heart was pounding, I was breathing hard, my body was so hot I was sweating all over. My vagina was swollen and so wet with my slippery secretion. My left hand was pumping my fingers into my hole and my right hand was a blur as my fingers flew on my little nub at the top of my slit.

Then something started to happen. My whole body went rigid and I think only the back of my head and my heels were touching the bed. This incredible feeling burst in me, particularly in my vagina, way up inside. I screamed into my nightie.

What had I done? Had I broken something? Had I killed myself with this intense pleasure? I remember being frightened at what I had done. But what had I done?

As I slumped down onto my bed, a strange languidness and calm came over me. My tired fingers slipped away from their frantic work and with an effort I pulled my sheet up over me. I remember a sense of peace and contentment. I was happy and I smiled to myself. So good. Something this wonderful can’t be bad I reasoned.

Chapter 2

The beach was wonderful. It was a scorcher of a day and the sea was so inviting, cool and calm with just that beautiful swell that lifts you up so you can see the beach and then lets you down into a secret hollow where you can be alone. My family stayed sheltering under their beach umbrella and I just lased in the cool sea and recalled last night. Just the thought of my secret discovery brought that warm feeling back in my tummy and made me feel good . . . and somehow different to how I felt yesterday. Something had changed.

I swam about all on my own and suddenly got the idea that I wanted to be naked. Carefully I undid my bikini top, took it off and wrapped it around my wrist. Then I slipped my bottoms off and held onto them tightly. I was swimming at a crowded beach . . . naked! What a feeling! I swam around and even floated on my back with my very erect nipples and the tops of my breasts popping out of the water. I opened my legs wide, reached down and opened my lips to feel the cool water enter my folds. It was so exciting and dangerous so close to other swimmers. I was suddenly afraid . . . what if I lost my bikini?

But, I was reluctant to put it back on. Suddenly there was a man swimming out towards me. He was close and I wondered if he had seen me. Desperately I put my bikini bottoms back on, ending up totally underwater as I did this. Half way up my legs I realised that they were back-to-front and had to start again!

When I surfaced the swimmer was only feet from me, swimming with a strong freestyle, head in the water and breathing to my side. He suddenly stopped, and treading water, looked at me and smiled, holding my gaze for a couple of seconds, smiled again and said: “Nice!” Then swam on. What, the sea? Me? My breasts? He’d seen my naked breasts! Maybe even seen me struggling to put my bottoms back on. I ducked my head under to see how far I could see in the beautifully clear water. Maybe he did see!

Butterflies in my tummy mixed with excitement in my brain. I was breathing faster and felt a bit out of breath. Slowly I put my top back on and when I reached inside to pull each breast up inside my top, I relished the feel of my nipples. I squeezed them and rolled them between my fingers. I was wet and it wasn’t just the sea!

Back on the beach I couldn’t settle, ate little of Mum’s beautiful salad lunch and even a walk along the beach didn’t settle me. I looked for the swimmer I had encountered in my near nakedness but couldn’t see him. I wanted to go home. To the privacy of my room. To my bed. My nakedness, and what I knew I was going to do again, as soon as possible!

Chapter 3

It was late afternoon 3d slot oyunları when we got home and my older sister Bec won first shower in the bathroom we shared. I went to my room, took off my bikini and put on a summer robe. Then I sat with my diary and drew a big tick and the number 1 on yesterday’s page.

Anxious for my shower, I went to the bathroom and called from outside: “Will you be long Bec?

“No, I’m just getting out, come in.”

It had been years since Bec and I had been in the bathroom together so I was a little surprised, but I opened the door and went in to sit on the edge of the bath. Bec emerged from the shower and reached for her towel. I sat, watching her dry her beautiful body, almost unable to take my eyes off her magnificent breasts that were about twice the size of mine at that time. Bec was a little sunburned and winced a little as she patted herself dry with her towel.

I stood, took off my dressing gown and danced around Bec to get to the shower.

“Wait!” said Bec.

I stopped and half turned to her.

“Ellie, you are very beautiful you know. You have a beautiful figure. I was surprised when I saw you in your bikini today! She smiled and as I turned more towards her I saw Bec look me up and down.

“Thank you Bec.” I said. “But I’m a bit sad about these.” I said as I cupped my breasts.

“Why? They are beautiful and you have the perfect shape!”

“Oh, they’re too small I think” as I nodded to Bec’s which she was holding her towel in front of.

Bec let her towel drop and looking down said: “Yes, they are pretty nice aren’t they. But they were just like yours a year or so ago.” Her perfectly matched and very pert creamy breasts have light brown areolas with nipples that were very erect at that moment. Bec brushed one with her hand as she pulled her towel back up and I saw her sharp intake of breath.

I turned to enter the shower as Bec said: “Come to my room once you are out of the shower . . . we could both do with some moisturiser on our sunburn!”

The shower process must have been automatic as my head was full of images of Bec’s beautiful nakedness and her invitation to her room. The butterflies and warmth in my tummy were back and I couldn’t help touching and sliding my fingers into my folds. But I resisted going any further as I didn’t think I could do it standing up!

After drying myself carefully and brushing my hair I tied my towel around myself just above my breasts and padded to Bec’s door, which was slightly open.

“Come in Ellie. I’ve just been dozing, waiting for you.” Bec was sitting on her bed with her towel loosely around her waist, her proud breasts free and swaying slightly as she turned to watch me enter. I shut the door behind me.

“The moisturiser . . .” said Bec, getting up and walking totally naked to her dressing table. I sat on the edge of her bed and watched her walk back to me. Her figure was stunning and flawless with a small triangle of sparse blond curls above her puffy lips. My tummy did a backflip and I was unable to utter a sound. I had never really seen another naked person before and her utter beauty was a physical shock.

Bec stopped just in front of me and looked at, what must have been, my stunned face. “OK?” she said in some concern.

Shaking my head I almost whispered: “Yeah, its just . . . I’ve never seen . . .”

Bec finished my sentence: “. . . another nude body!” and giggled. “It’s OK, we’re all pretty much the same . . . at least we girls are!” and we both giggled.

Bec reached out and took hold of my towel. Slowly she tugged it and then took my hand. “Come . . .” she said and led me to her dressing table where the large mirror bounced our images back.

“See, we’re pretty much the same Ell. In another year we’ll look like twins! Now lets get some moisturiser on our sunburn. Here, let me put some on your back.”

I sat on the edge of the bed again, no towel . . . totally naked and it felt wonderful. Bec knelt behind me on her bed and I shivered as she squeezed cold moisturiser onto my shoulders. Then her hands started to smooth it around and I moaned in pleasure at the touch of her hands on my body. Never before had someone touched my naked body and even though it was my back, it was exquisite.

Bec worked in silence and then said: “Lay down on your tummy and I’ll do the backs of your legs.”

I crawled up her bed and lay with my head on her pillow. More cold on the tops of my legs and then her fingers smoothing the liquid up my thighs, down my calves and then back up to the tops of my thighs and my bum where my bikini left a bit of pink skin from the sun. Oh, that touch! Before I knew it I lifted my bum and sighed.

“That nice?” said Bec softly.

“Oh yes . . . so nice.” I said into Bec’s pillow.

“It’s so nice to be touched. I love it. Susan and I used to spend hours touching, mostly when we stayed over. Now I let Rocky touch me a bit klasik slot and that’s really nice.”

“Rocky, that hunky German guy I saw you with the other day?”

“He’s Swedish actually. But yes, him. He’s so nice, not at all pushy and knows how to make me feel good without feeling he’s going to pounce on me.”

“Oh!” was all I could say as Bec straddled my legs and continued to massage the moisturiser into my lower back and bum. I wasn’t really sunburned much, but I was not about to tell Bec to stop.

“Turn over Ellie, I’ll do your front too.”

I said nothing but surely Bec could hear my heart beating out of my chest! Slowly I turned over and Bec lifted up until I was settled on my back, then sat down again on my thighs. She looked at me and smiled a “just relax” smile at me. I think I was trembling.

The moisturiser was up on the pillow and Bec reached for the bottle, her tummy and left breast coming so close to making contact with my tummy and breast. It was tantalising. I was afraid of that potential contact. Yet, I wanted it too.

Bec moved down to my feet and spread moisturiser on my feet, shins, knees and thighs. Kneeling above my legs Bec’s hands slid and kneaded as she worked up to the junction of my legs and torso. Her thumbs slid down into that soft and yielding space between my legs and up again just short of my labia. I couldn’t breath. Would she touch me there? Did my legs just slip apart a little? Is my wetness showing? Was Bec looking at my girl bits or just watching what she was doing? Surely my heart was going to jump out of my mouth . . .

Hands slid up either side, over the crease and onto my tummy. My eyes were closed and I felt moisturiser being poured into my belly button. It was cold and I giggled. Bec sort of growled and began a circular motion with her hands, working out with the moisturiser until her hands reached my pubic bone where she lifted the pressure and lightly grazed her fingers, or was it her fingernails through my sparse pubic hairs.

An involuntary sigh escaped my lips. I squirmed a bit and Bec lifted up, thinking that her weight on my knees was perhaps too much. I closed my eyes again, but they shot open when Bec squirted moisturiser on my breasts! It was cold and I grabbed her hand with the moisturiser bottle, causing more to squirt onto Bec’s arms.

Laughing we wrestled in the slipperiness and suddenly we were hugging each other, body to body, sliding in our moisturising mess. It was a beautiful feeling of closeness with my lovely sister.

Suddenly we both stopped our mock wrestle and realised our closeness and intimacy. Bec looked down at me and said softly: “I’m so glad you’re my little sister Ellie . . . I do love you so!”

I wrapped my arms around Bec’s neck and pulled her close to me.

“Oh thank you Becca, I love you too and . . .”

But I was interrupted, we were interrupted, by our Mum from just outside the door: “Girls, dinner is ready and Dad has a surprise for us all. Come on . . .”

We froze. What if she had come in?

Bec was up and dressing before I could move. I grabbed my robe and headed for the door, then stopped and said: “Bec, after dinner, can we talk? There’s something I want to ask you about . . . well, a few things actually!”

“I’d like that. I’ll come to your room.” replied my beautiful sister.

Chapter 4

Dinner was obviously special with wine and a wonderful desert that Mum had made. Dad poured both Bec and me a small glass of wine too. This was a first!

Then Dad made his announcement that we were all going to Europe for Christmas to stay with his family in Switzerland. Dad had immigrated to Australia when he was 19 and hadn’t been back since although his Mum and Dad, our Grandparents had visited us twice. Now we were going to have a winter Christmas with his extended family. And, our trip would also take us to Rome, Paris and London! 5 weeks of travelling and seeing family, places we have dreamed of going! We hugged and kissed our parents, so excited. We would be leaving in just 4 weeks!

After dinner Bec and I went upstairs, already talking about clothes we would have to get for the cold of Europe. We didn’t even own heavy coats or gloves! Bec went to her room and said: “Just give me a minute Ellie.”

I sat on my bed, so many thoughts running through my head . . . Europe, Bec and our moisturising, my need to repeat what I’d done last night. Was that only last night? It seemed like so much had happened in just 24 hours!

Bec slid into my bedroom, closed the door behind her and reaching for the sky, yelled: “Europe . . . here we come!” Bouncing onto my bed in her little summer PJ’s she excitedly said: “Oh Ellie, we are going to have so much fun! And think of the guys we’ll meet . . .”

We sat cross-legged on my bed lost in our thoughts for a moment. Then Bec said: “So what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Well . . . it’s a bit embarrassing . . .”

“Ellie, we’re sisters, close sisters (she giggled) and we can talk about anything! What is it?”

“Well, last night I . . . well, something happened. I was sort of feeling around . . . down here (I indicated my girl bits) and, well, something sort of exploded . . . and . . .”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32