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This is the second chapter of a story about two eighteen-year-old guys and their first sexual experiences together.

It was a couple more weeks before Sean and I were alone again, but I couldn’t get our mutual masturbation session out of my mind. I found myself jerking off thinking about his cock and imagining what it would be like to jerk him off and even suck him off. I must have come about four times in one day when I started thinking about it.

One night, I overheard one of my sisters talking with a friend about how they wanted to try out the friend’s Ouija Board. I thought it would be fun to scare them because they were so gullible, and I told Sean about my idea. He said we should hide somewhere and make noises like there really was a ghost in the house. I thought of the perfect place: a crawl space beneath the basement staircase in my house. So Sean and I hid there and waited for it to get dark when my sister and her friend would probably start playing with their Ouija Board. It was actually quite comfortable in the crawl space because two old, soft mattresses were stored there. The crawl space had a door that we could close, so we were completely alone in out own private little space. At first we just talked softly about what we planned to do to scare the girls. But then a funny thing happened. gungoren escort Sean started rubbing my chest!

“You would let me rub your chest!” he teased, but he didn’t stop. I didn’t want him to stop either because it felt so good.

“Well, only if you let me rub yours too,” I responded, suddenly feeling brave.

Sean leaned back, and I started rubbing his chest on top of his shirt. Soon, he started rubbing my chest again.

“This feels nice,” he responded.

“It would probably feel even better if we had our shirts off.” I couldn’t believe how bold I felt, but it seemed like my fantasies might finally come true and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity.

“Okay,” Sean replied and pulled his t-shirt over his head. I did the same and began rubbing each other’s chests again. We must of been doing it for only a few moments, but it felt like an eternity before Sean slowly moved his hand down my chest to the top of my shorts.

“What would you do if I didn’t stop?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied at first. “Maybe I’d do the same to you.”

Sean didn’t move and his hand stayed where it was, resting on my lower abdomen.

“Mark, are you gay?” he finally asked.

I stopped rubbing his chest, but I noticed he still hadn’t moved istanbul escorts his hand. “I think I might be at least a little bit gay,” I answered.

“I think I might be a little gay too. But I don’t know how to do it.”

I placed my hand on his. “Well, we could try some of the things we saw in your brother’s porn movie.”

Sean smiled, then frowned. “Do you want to do it here, now?”

I thought about it for a moment. As comfortable as it was here, there was always the chance that someone would come into the crawl space looking for something and catch us.

“I have a better idea. Let’s take these mattresses up to my room. I at least have a lock on my door.”

So we each grabbed a mattress and headed up stairs. When we reached my room, I had another idea. I really liked the atmosphere of the crawl space and I wanted to recreate it if I could.

“Why don’t we make a tent in my room. You know, like we used to years ago with some blankets?”

Sean smiled and I knew he thought it would be a good idea too.”

I grabbed an extra large blanket from the linen closet outside my room, and making sure I locked my door again, began draping the blanket over the mattresses on the floor. If I anchored it on my bed and then placed the other end over my stereo, it bayrampasa escort would make a low, but nice “tent roof” over the mattresses. I then remembered to get some sheets and blankets for the mattresses since I had a feeling Sean would probably spend the night. The thought made my cock hard, and when I returned a second time from the the linen closet, I knew I was ready.

“Well, what do we do now?” he asked.

“Let’s start where we left off,” I answered and pulled off my t-shirt, then my shoes. Sean did the same and followed me into the tent. Once inside, we started rubbing each other’s chest.

“What would you do if I said I wanted to kiss you?” Sean asked.

“I’d want to kiss you back.”

I had kissed a couple girls before, and while they were a little softer, kissing Sean felt really good, especially since my cock was still hard. My heart was pounding with excitement, and I decided to be bold again. I slipped my hands into the back of Sean’s shorts, until I could feel his smooth ass cheeks and his crack. he moaned into my mouth and then slipped his hands into the back of my shorts.

We continued kissing passionately, rubbing and squeezing each other’s ass, when I decided to make the next step. I pulled back and Sean looked at he expectedly. I smiled and began undoing his shorts, and he began on mine. After they were unfastened, we each raised our bodies up so we could each slip off each other’s shorts. Now, in only our briefs, we began kissing each other and rubbing each other all over.

To be continued in Part Three…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32