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This is a long story, it will take awhile to read. It is also very much a work of fiction, and a fantasy and as such it is NOT a reality based story in many of its details. It takes place in a world where there is no concern about STDs or nosy neighbours. It takes place in a country that recognizes gay marriage. However some of the details in the story are loosely based on actual experience.


Hank felt his heart beating and he concentrated on breathing. He heard the velcro closing on the leather hood that had been placed on his head. He breathed in, testing the holes in the hood for his nose and mouth. He glanced around the room, his eyes peering out through the smallish eye holes in the hood. Then the blindfold was placed over his eyes and taped in place. Hank then opened his mouth and a rubber ball gag, with a strap going around the back of his head was placed in it and tightened. Hank could still breath around it and through his nose.

A hand took his wrist and he was lead out of the room and taken down some stairs into Roy’s den. In his quick tour, 10 minutes earlier, he had seen the ropes with loops dangling from the ceiling and a metal pipe about 2 feet long with metal rings at each end and now he knew he was being led there. His arms were raised and he heard the clicks as the clasps on the frame were attached to the hooks on the bands attached to his wrists. Then he spread his feet apart as Jack told him and the bands on his ankles were clipped to the each end of the pipe. He was only slightly stretched, but he was fully exposed and could feel the air currents of his newly shaved skin. Hank took a deep breath as he imagined what he looked like, naked, standing in the center of the room..

Hank heard Roy and Jack leave the den and had time to think.

It had started 6 days before. He had been working in his front yard when Roy, whom he had known for from work for years and had worked with occasionally on joint projects, and Roy’s partner Jack walked by. They lived 5 blocks away and would stop by and chat during the summer once or twice a month. They asked how his wife Donna was, and he told them she was away, visiting her aging mother on the other side of the country. Several minutes later Roy and Jack started to leave, then Roy said they had some steaks at home and were going to barbeque them that evening and asked if Hank would like to join them. Hank agreed and an hour later, after a shower and change of clothes Hank walked over bringing a nice bottle of French red wine.

The three men got along well. Hank had known Roy’s wife before she divorced him after Roy came out. A couple of years later, Hank was working on a project with Roy when Roy broke up with his first male partner. As there was only a partition between their cubicles in the temporary office the team was working in, Hank heard many of the gory details of the breakup and supported Roy through it. Then Roy had met Jack and the two hit it off extremely well, and soon married.

That had been 2 years before.

The 3 men had chatted, drinking beer, while the steaks cooked. A storm brewed up in the sky so the men moved into the dining room to eat and sipped on red wine. Then Roy’s cell phone rang. Usually Roy ignored it when he had company, but this time he answered, standing up and moving out to the kitchen. It was a short call, with Roy saying they hadn’t found the main act yet.

Roy came back to the table looking a bit worried. Jack looked at him and asked. “So was that Duane?”

“Yeah,” Roy replied “he really wants us to get something good for Don’s fundraiser. Guys are interested in coming but want to know what the excitement is going to be. Damn I wish Sam hadn’t backed out.”

Hank looked quizzically at Roy “A fundraiser for Don, not Don Scott.”

“Yeah, its for him” Roy said “He had a second stroke 6 months ago and needs some extra funds to help renovate his house so he can stay there. His health insurance is picking up lots of costs, but making the house wheelchair accessible and changing the bathroom and the kitchen is expensive. And his ex-partner Jerry, divorced him after his first stroke and took all his savings. Don kept the house and part of his pension, but that’s it.”

“Damn” Hank said, “I worked with Don while he was hooking up with Jerry. He retired a couple of years ago and I lost track of him. I didn’t think Jerry would do a runner when Don needed help. Guess you can never tell.”

They chatted awhile about Don’s condition and his difficulties. Then Roy explained that he, Jack and Duane had decided to throw a fundraiser to help Don do the needed renovations. He and Jack were hosting it at their house, and Duane was the ticket seller. The idea was to have about 10 to 15 guys with decent incomes over and raise some money through the ticket sales, raffles, silent auctions, that type of thing. Roy was cooking up a fabulous meal, as he was known for his great food skills. They had found two musicians who would play a wide variety of music, so escort fatih there would be dancing. They had asked a very flexible younger friend who had agreed to do an erotic strip tease, and end his show by sucking himself off. Jack had persuaded a buddy with an electronics store to donate some electronics for the auction.

But the problem was, that another friend’s travel agency was hitting a bad streak so the grand prize, a winter vacation package to the Bahamas, had been cancelled two days before. Roy looked frustrated and said “And Sam, he said he might run a ‘kissing and more’ booth. That would have raised lots of money as Sam said he’d even sell off blow jobs, and as a grand prize for the raffle, go home with the winner. But he backed out and isn’t even going to come. Every time we come up with a great idea, it fizzles after a day or two. We need to come up with a great idea that we can spin into money.”

Ideas were kicked around, with Hank giving one or two suggestions, but nothing seemed to be working. Roy brought out a big piece of homemade chocolate cake and handed it to Hank. Hank sipped his wine then dug into the cake, thinking about Don.

Suddenly, impulsively he spluttered out “Well, would raffling off a virgin, straight ass draw much attention.”

Roy and Jack both looked at Hank, surprise spread over their faces.

“Uh,” Hank continued “I haven’t thought this through, but, well, could you raise much money auctioning off my ass. I’ve occasionally had a fantasy of getting my ass fucked, and if people would spend money to buy tickets to do it, well that would be a great fringe benefit.”

Roy and Jack looked at each other, then Hank.

Roy asked “Are you putting us on Hank, ’cause, yeah, I could see us raising a bunch of money auctioning off that straight virgin ass of your. Plus it would likely mean we’d get 12 guys buying tickets to come. Now we only have 6 and even one of them is saying he might back out.”

“Well,” Hank replied slowly, “I haven’t fully thought it all out. I know I’m interested in trying anal sex. Donna isn’t interested in using a strap-on with me, though. I’ve tried using a couple of different shaped dildos and butt plugs on myself, and it really connects somehow. But it’s so hard using those toys on myself. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to get my ass fucked by a real cock. So, I’m interested, but I need convincing and I need to convince myself.”

That had started the conversation rolling. It went late into the night, exploring different possibilities of how such a raffle could be handled. Jack asked Hank if he’d be interested in other fund raising activities, such as sucking on cocks, giving hand jobs and Hank took a deep breath said it was quite possible.

As Hank was about to leave a couple of hours later, he started to give a positive answer but Roy stopped him “Hank, I want you to think about this, long and hard. Think about it over night. Once we get the word out a virgin straight ass is up for grabs, we can’t back out. You’ve got to think about it hard and imagine what it would feel like to have another guy shove his cock deep into your ass. And if you could open your mouth and take a cock into it and suck on it until he cums. We’ve told you how we could handle the logistics and given you lots of ideas of ways we could, uh, raise funds using your willingness to be used by a bunch of horny gay guys, quite frankly. So think about it, also think about anything you wouldn’t want to do.”

As Hank left, Roy shut the door, turned to Jack and smiled “I told you I always suspected he had a bit of a bi streak, most guys do. And now we’ve got a chance to raise lots of money for Don and Hank could get that itch scratched!”

The next evening, over another steak, Hank had said “Yes, I’ll do it, a couple of conditions. No real pain, I suspect it will hurt a bit, but no sadistic stuff. And I have to remain anonymous.”

“Have you thought about sucking cock?” Roy asked.

Hank nodded “Yeah I’ll do at least one, well, um, two guys”

“Good” Roy smiled, seeing their fundraising goal likely to get close to being met.

“How about the reverse stuff I mentioned last night” Jack asked, “you know, letting someone suck your cock and you fucking some guys ass?”

“That too,” Hank agreed. “That would be hot.”

“I’m sure we can work that out” Roy said “Now we need to get the word out and raise lots of money.”

“Right” Hank said loudly and with enthusiasm. “This will be so hot and exciting. So, yeah, get the word out” and the plan was set in action.

Hank was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of the door bell. The first guests were arriving. Hank’s arms were a bit sore, so he shifted a bit and felt his heart beat faster as soon he knew men he could not see would soon be looking at his naked body.

Drinks and snacks were being served in the same room where Hank was on display. The hood had been Roy’s idea as the best way to keep Hank anonymous. Roy had told escort istanbul him it was likely some people Hank knew would be attending and Hank had no desire for anyone other than Roy and Jack to know he was grand prize. It was Jack who had suggested the blindfold, thinking it would also be more of an erotic pull to raise money. Roy suggested the ball gag in his mouth.

Hank heard voices and Jack bring some people into the room. Hank didn’t recognize the two voices but he sensed he was being examined. Roy had assured him that his 60 year old body was in good shape and would be attractive to the group that had been invited, who were mainly in their 50s and 60s. Only two would be under 45 and they were the younger partners of men in their 60s.

“So this is the married straight who’s volunteered his ass to raise funds?” one of the men said.

“Hmm, looks ok to me. Johnny, if I win, do you want to do the virgin, you’ll owe me, and you know I’ll collect later, but I know how you fantasize about virgin ass.”

Johnny made a lewd reply and reached out to touch Hank. Hank felt a hand touch his chest and stroke downwards to his waist. It felt different. Hank always had chest hair, but once he’d agreed to be the toy for the evening, Roy and Jack had insisted he shave all his body hair. So the night before, Roy and Jack had shaved him. Hank was amazed at how hard his cock had gotten as Jack shaved his balls. Roy had delicately shaved his butt including the insides of his butt cheeks. Now Hank felt the cool air directly on his body, and now the warm breath of men standing close to him. Suddenly a hand grazed his semi-erect cock causing it to twitch and harden more..

“He feels great Buddy,” Johnny said and Hank felt his butt grasped and squeezed. He felt two hands pull his butt cheeks apart and hot breath on his rosebud.

“OK Johnny ” Hank heard Jack’s voice say, “any further and you’ll have to fork over some funny money. Remember, everyone here tonight has a chance to win but if you want to touch and play with our toy, first you’ve got to pay. Duane will sell you the funny money, and I’ll collect it. Before the draw, it’s 5 funny bills to touch the toy. After the winners of the draw have their turns, then the silent auction winners get their turns, then whoever wants to pay, will get a turn, as long as our toy for the night is up to it. Remember, he is new to this. But he does want to help raise lots of cash for Don’s renovations.”

Hank heard the doorbell again, and soon there were several conversations going on in the room and he was feeling his body being stroked and touched by numerous hands. Jack was collecting lots of 5’s, and hands were roaming over his body. Hank’s cock which had been limp as he waited for the first person to arrive, had now become stiffer. A hand caressed it and someone commented that he wasn’t cut. Someone came up behind him and clutched his butt and a finger found his butthole, and wormed its way in. Hank was glad he’d followed Roy’s suggestion and had put some lube up his butt before his hood had been put on. More hands stroked his body, then to his surprise, he felt a hard cock rub up and down his bum crack..

Jack warned whoever it was not to push it in, as the winner had been promised a virgin asshole.

Hank felt his nipples being squeezed and pulled, then he felt lips on his nipples and someone kissing and sucking on them. Someone else started kissing his neck and Hank was glad he’d talked with Roy and Jack about things he wouldn’t feel comfortable doing. Being kissed on the lips was one of those. Roy’s idea of the ball gag was working to prevent lip kissing. It would also was stopping Hank from talking inadvertently. Hank had decided not to say a word all night as he did not want anyone to recognize his voice..

Hank heard music coming from upstairs as the two musicians started playing. The crowd in the den thinned but Hank could still hear voices and new people were coming in and out picking up drinks and food. Then Hank heard a couple come in and then felt someone licking the top of his feet then working his way up his body.

He heard Jack greet someone warmly, then commented about how eager Sylvie was to lick the toy. Jack told Sylvie in a strict voice not to suck or lick on the Toy’s cock or shove his tongue or anything into the Toy’s ass. Hank stood still soaking in the sensations of Sylvie licking his whole body, missing only his cock. Sylvie even hugged him close as he licked the hood and the ball in his mouth. Hank realized Sylvie was fully nude as he felt whole body skin to skin contact. Hank felt Sylvie’s cock, hard and erect pressing to him, rubbing up against his own cock. An excited jolt went through Hank’s body. Suddenly a hand reached in from the side, pushing them apart, then it closed around Hank’s hard cock and Sylvie’s. Hank realized it must be the voice of Sylvie’s partner’s as he said, “Sylvie, you sure are hot for this one. Jack, here’s another 20 of that funny money. I want Sylvie to stroke escort bayan taksim cocks with the Toy while I hold them together.”

“Just make sure you stop before the Toy comes, we’re saving that for later” Jack said.

Hank could feel Sylvie’s hands holding his waist then felt him flex his hips, rubbing his hard cock next to his as they were encompassed in the other man’s hands. It was a new and strange sensation for Hank, another man’s hand holding his hardening cock, and a third man’s hard cock rubbing against it. Then he felt the hands holding the two cocks together stroke both cocks at once, rubbing them together. Hank normally would have cum quickly with that amount of erotic stimulation but he knew he had some “performance anxiety” and that it would take awhile for him to cum even with such exciting action.

Hank then heard another voice entering the room. Hank was concentrating on not coming, glad that he wasn’t feeling his balls boiling. Then he recognized the new voice. It was Stan’s. He’d worked with Stan over the years, and served on a voluntary board with him and, just the month before, had gone to Stan’s 60th birthday party. Now Stan was seeing him naked, on display with two other men playing with his hard cock. Stan had brought someone named Les who was sent to fetch drinks and food while Stan chatted with Jack. Hank realized that Stan and Jack were chatting and watching Sylvie and his partner playing with his cock. Stan was curious about who the Toy was, but Jack gave no hints, other than what had been told to all attendees – a friend of Don’s, a straight guy, married for over 30 years to the same woman, an anal virgin, who’d never sucked a cock, nor had his cock sucked by a guy. Someone wanting new experiences.

“Well he’s certainly getting one already. I bet he’s never had his cock touched by another hard cock before, let alone stroked along side it.” Stan said wryly.

Finally Sylvie and his friend stopped stroking Hank’s cock and moved to get some drinks and food. Hank could hear Stan’s and Jack’s voices getting nearer and Stan counting “5, 10, 15, there that should cover what Les and I want to do now to the Toy”

Hank could feel his body being poked and squeezed while Stan talked, commenting on finding muscles on his arms and back. Stan gripped Hank’s butt and said “love the shape he’s in. Pretty good shape for his late 50’s. Here, Les, bend down, yeah, on your knees, now lick his ass.”

Hank thought he’d been thoroughly felt up and licked and touched before, but was surprised by the sensations Les was giving him. He’d never felt anything like it as Les’ tongue explored the space between his ass cheeks. His tongue quickly flicked over Hank’s rosebud and he heard Stan laugh, “Look, his cock is stiffening again and bouncing. Amazing job Les, amazing”

Hank then felt a pair of hands exploring his body, and run over his cock. Hank felt his cock stiffen even more, knowing it was Stan groping his cock excited him. Les let his grip on Hank’s hips go and pulled his lips and tongue away from Hank’s butt. Hank heard Stan say “Jack, I’m delighted you found this Toy. I sure hope I win. Is there any way I can increase my odds. I’m horny tonight and the thought of taking a straight virgin’s ass is so hot it’s almost got me cumming in my pants!.”

“Well, the deal is Stan” Jack said, ” each of you get the same chance to win, all of you paid a pretty penny for your tickets and each ticket gives you each a chance.. There are six big prizes. The first guy is the big winner and gets to take his virgin ass. The next 2 get seconds and thirds. The next three winners get blow jobs. The Toy has never given one, but the excitement of getting your cock sucked by a virgin mouth will offset his amteur status. Then we’ve got a silent auction and whoever wins that gets to suck the Toy’s cock or have someone else do it. And another silent auction winner will get the opportunity for the Toy to fuck his ass. We decided the Toy should get to try being a top too. Again, it won’t be a skilled ass fucking, but it will be the first for the Toy. There might be some other action too you can bid on. So you’d better hope either you or Les win one of those draws, if you want to do his virgin ass.”

As Jack had been talking Stan and Les had been exploring Hank’s body, stroking it, prodding it, pulling his nipples, pulling out the hood of his uncut cock, shoving fingers up his ass. Then he felt Les go behind him and pull his now naked body to him, while in front of Hank, Stan too, pulled his now fully naked body to Hank’s. Both of them flexed their hips, simulating fucking Hank between them. Hank not only felt their skin and the humping motions, but their hard cocks pressed to him. It was an amazing sensation. Les’ cock was pressed the length of Hank’s ass and he felt the hard rod stroking quickly between his ass cheeks. Les sped up, Hank could feel his hot breath on his back and sweat building up between the two of them. In front Stan’s cock was rubbing hard along Hank’s cock and was stroking his stomach as Stan was taller. Les grunted then groaned and Hank felt Les’ warm wet spunk hit his back. Stan moved back from Hank without cumming and Les moved away. Jack said, “That’s another 50, ’cause Les came on the Toy before the draw”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32