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I have an interview today at a company that I want to work at. I am so excited, and hopefully I can impress the interviewer and land this job. I make sure that I am looking very nice. My hair is long brown and I put it in an up do. I apply my make-up and put on some perfume. I am wearing a very sexy sundress, since it is still summer. It is very silky and soft on me. The dress accentuates all the right places. It is very thin. I decide not to wear any panties, as I don’t want any panty lines to show. I am wearing a very silky bra as well. I want to make a good impression.

I fill out the job application, and the receptionist tells me to wait. I am so nervous, but I really want to work at this company. Eventually, the Human Resources person comes into the reception area. She asks me to follow her. She is very nice and we make small talk on the way to your office. She tells me that this company is a great place to work and she wishes me luck on my interview. She tells me to go into the office and Mr. Jones will be there to interview me.

I walk into your office and you are sitting behind a beautiful custom oak desk. You ask me to sit down and I hand you my resume. You are wearing jeans with a Polo shirt, and I am immediately turned on. You start talking to me in a tone of voice that sends chills down my spine, and immediately gets my nipples aroused. Now you can’t help yourself, your eyes rest on my beautifully shaped, erect nipples.

You tell me that we will move to the couch for a more casual type of interview. I can tell that you are looking at my body, and I can feel your eyes undressing me. I gently uncross my legs, I am not wearing any panties, so you’re able Betturkey to take a glance at my bald pussy.

We start talking about the position that you have to offer me. It is an Administrative position. I am looking deep into your eyes, while you talk. For some reason, I find you so attractive. I feel my nipples getting harder and more erect, while we talk. My nipples are so hard at this point. I know they are sticking straight out. I feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter as you are talking to me.

The interview is going well, but all of a sudden you lean in and start to kiss me. We start to French kiss, our tongues dancing in each others mouth. The kisses are very deep and very wet. We are not talking now and your hands are all over my body. It is the oddest thing, but I am so turned on and I am like butter in your hands.

My dress at this point has eased itself up toward my hips. I gently uncross my legs. Your hand is now moving up my thigh and then you put your fingers into my pussy. I am so wet and excited. Your thumb starts to massage my clitoris and your fingers are playing in my pussy. I start to moan and whimper.

You lay me down and spread my legs, and your head is now between my thighs. You start to do short licks around my pussy and then longer licks. Your tongue now starts to dart in and out of my of my wet cunt. I am so wet and my legs start to quiver. My body is releasing my sweet creamy cum and you are lapping up my sweet pussy juices. My cum is so thick and white and it is dripping along my ass.

I can’t stand it any longer, and I kneel down and unzip your pants. I pull down your boxers to your feet. I am fondling Betturkey Giriş your balls, I start to lick and suck them. Your balls are so warm and fleshy in my hands. I am squeezing them lightly and smoothing them down. Your pre-cum is glistening on the top of your head and I must taste it. I take a lick of your sweet, salty cum; it tastes like a salty candy in my mouth.

My tongue is playing with your pee hole, and I am sucking all the cum that is dripping out of your very hard cock. I start to trace the outline of your cock with my tongue. Licking your shaft from base to head, and then down your shaft again.

I begin to play with your cock. Rubbing it from your base to your head, moving your flesh with each stroke. First, very slowly and then faster. Your cock is so hard, and you are moaning. I begin to play with both hands, smoothing down your balls, as I slap your hard cock across my face. Hitting my nose and chin with your very long, very thick cock.

I slowly glide your cock into my mouth. Bringing you inch by inch down my throat, taking you deep. My cheeks are bulging, and spit oozes from the corners of my mouth. I grab your ass and start to finger you. I move you, and your cock, closer to my mouth. My fingers are plunging into your ass and you are moaning.

My nose is pressed against your stomach, swallowing your very hard cock. I can feel your cock twitching in my mouth. You start to cum and you spray your hot cum down my throat. Oh, it tastes so good. I swallow it down in one gulp.

We decide we will fuck. We remove the rest of our clothes. You tell me to bend over your desk and you guide your very hard, thick cock Betturkey Güncel Giriş into my dripping wet cunt. It feels amazing. You are thrusting deeper and deeper. Your hands are all over my breasts. Your fingers are pinching, twirling and twisting my nipples. I lean back and we are kissing so deep and so passionately. You grab my ass and you start to spank me. The spanking is so hard, but feels so good. No words are ever spoken. We are just enjoying each other and the great sex.

You open your drawer and pull out some lube. You apply it over my tight asshole, and slowly glide your cock into my ass. I gasp a little, as it hurts. You take your time and glide it in very slowly. Once inside you really start to fuck my tight asshole. You are spanking my cheeks, which feel a little sore, but it feels amazing while you are fucking me. The thrusts are so deep, and while you are fucking my sweet ass, I am fucking my pussy with 3 fingers.

I am so wet and my pussy starts to cream all over my fingers. I then take my fingers out of my wet cunt and feed them to you. You are sucking on my fingers and enjoying my sweet cream. You lick it all up, and continue to fuck me harder and faster. You start to cum in my ass and then take your cock out.

I then get on my knees and start to lick up our cum. Our cum tastes amazing. I lick and swallow it all up. I then start to suck your cock, taking it deeper and deeper into my throat. I am making all those wet, sucking noises as I just want to finish you off. Our cum is so amazing and I swallow it down my throat.

I get up and we start to kiss, our hands are all over each others bodies. We are not sure what happened here, but it was an amazing afternoon. We get dressed, and you tell me that I should report to work on Monday. You wink and say that you will see me then.

I am so happy that I got the job. I do wonder if it was because of my qualifications or was it the great sex that I had given him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32