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Sandra’s nose for trouble never failed her.

It either helped her avoid disaster, or directed her towards something scandalous and fun. She loved her nose. She wasn’t feeling love for this girl Kelly, though.

Sandra found herself at the end of a precarious email chain, one in which Kelly had said too much. The secret of the group hadn’t been given up yet, but she knew it was only a matter of time. And, of course, if they all decided not to invite Kelly to any more social events, she’d narc on them in retaliation. Fuck; she thought, I’ve got enough gossip in my life as it is.

News traveled fast. Ben appeared out of nowhere, doing his best gopher impression over her cubicle wall.

“Hi Sandra. How’s it going?”

She brightened. “It’s going. I’ve got a lot of stuff left to fax to get all the P.O’s in order. How are you?”

“Good. Pretty good. Got three more orders today, so…” He tapped his hand slowly on the wall and stared out the window. Her fears were confirmed; he knew something.

“Hey,” he said, lowering his voice considerably, “I just wanted to ask something. Someone was mentioning this club that you and Stephanie are in, but no one’s saying what it is.”

“Someone”? “Stephanie”? Did the whole office know? “Good,” Sandra said, chuckling a little. “I’m glad no one’s talking so far. I hope it stays that way. I mean, I know it won’t, but still – it’s a private thing between me and the girls.” She focused on his face.

“Oh, okay. That’s totally cool; I won’t bug you about it.”

And he stood there. Ben was about the least threatening guy in the office. He was a little bit crunchy granola; he did a lot of recreational biking, had a slender 5’8″ frame, and had developed a brassy sales personality. She and the other girls mentioned him in conversation sometimes. He had a nice smile and a good posture, but they weren’t exactly, to put it delicately, wetting their panties over him. One thing they did like was that he was a greenhorn; innocent enough that they all wondered how many women he’d been with. He was pure. It made the juxtaposition of his asking about the Janice Club that much more intriguing.

Sandra started doing her straight, dark hair up in a tight pony tail. “What have you heard?”

Ben looked to his left, then brought himself in closer. “I heard it was something where you girls get together and rate guys in the office on their, you know…how sexy they are?”

His answer delighted her; his innocence was affirmed. “Not even close, Ben.” She laughed gently, and he answered with a chuckle. No going back now, she thought to herself. “But definitely not office discussion material. Are you meeting everyone for beer at the Sea Hook tonight?”

Ben looked confused, as if he hadn’t heard about the get-together. “Am I?”

“Yes,” she said, looking back down at her notepad, “you are.”


The bar opened up in the center as a sort of round-robin establishment. There was no quaintness that one would associate with a watering hole located on a pier. But this was Southern California, and the Sea Hook (which had only been open since 1993) specialized in microbrews, shots and good cell phone reception rather than a fisherman’s pint. Sandra was working her fingers over a wet ring on the bar left by a gentleman’s beer a moment earlier. He’d been the triple-threat: tall, dark, handsome, but sadly had a gold band entrapment on his hand. The beer ring was a cool, moist contrast to the air, and she continued massaging the ring into the pounded brass of the bar top, pretending she was working her magic on the circumference of a giant penis. Unbeknownst to her, Ben was feeling something stirring in his own groin as he watched her manicured fingertips going around in circles.

He cleared his head. “So, she was a bitch? ”

“Janice? Yeah. Well, more a hussy than a bitch. She always kept making these little smartass comments about George McAlfy behind his back, and then would flirt with him in his office with the door open. She totally knew we were watching.”

She took another sip of her martini. “She wanted us to think she was the only girl in the office who could seduce an exec and be sexy. As if.”

She flashed a smile to Ben, who smiled back, and then looked down at his beer. She turned to her left and saw Stephanie standing across the bar, with five guys from the company chatting her up.

“That was before Steph came on board. Of course, I gave George’s libido a jump start myself not long ago.”

Ben smiled at her brashness. “Ok. So, why name a club after Janice?”

“Well, you never met Janice, but she had this crazy-ass wild dark hair. It was very curly, and usually tangled, but somehow she made it look so damn good every morning. I don’t know how she did it, but it sure worked for her. Worked on George too.”

She dumped back the sizeable remainder of her martini, and wiped her mouth wantonly with the back of her hand. “So, the Janice Club.”

“Yeah – what is it?”

“Well, it Betturkey actually came about because of Stephanie.”

They both looked back to Stephanie, a five foot, fair-skinned tiny thing with a flat stomach, small breasts, and a perfect bubble for a butt. She refused to wear the platform shoes that were so popular in the area; instead, her elegant toes flexed on her feet inside delicate sandals as she managed a charming, low-toned laugh at a joke one of the consultants was telling. Even from where they were sitting, they could make out all the details of her flawless skin.

“She hooked up with one of the guys downstairs a while back, and we pretty much tortured her into telling us all the details. She said that, the whole time, all the guy did was go on and on and on about her…” Sandra let her words catch in her throat on purpose.

“Her what?” Ben asked quietly.

Sandra followed his eyes to her chest. She smiled. Sandra wasn’t Stephanie; she wasn’t a small girl, but she was very proportionate, and quite easy on the eyes. Tight jeans were a friend to her, and tight sweaters (like the one she was wearing now) didn’t hurt, either. Ben looked both confused and a little embarrassed at having been caught staring at her tits. Sandra liked this; she was starting to get a bit giddy. She decided to step it up a notch.

“Good guess, but no, not those. Stephanie, come here for a sec.”

Steph’s songlike voice trailed off as she dragged herself from the company of her men, and strided over to where Sandy was sitting.

“Hey you two. What’s up? I thought I felt my ears burning over there.” She batted her eyelids.

Sandra leaned over to whisper in Stephanie’s ear. Steph’s lithe little body did an s-curve as she listened to what Sandra was saying. Both of them started laughing, Steph covering her mouth to muffle an excited scream as she feigned falling over. She then whispered something back to Sandra, and the both of them looked towards Ben.

Stephanie’s voice suddenly went baritone, visibly startling him. “How many points, do you suppose, would this be worth?”

Sandra raised her eyebrows. She paused. “I don’t know…at least thirty?”

“Thirty. That’d mean we’d be in the lead.” She cocked her head and looked Ben in the face. “I guess it’s up to him. Ben, let me ask you a question. Do you think I’m cute?”

Ben blushed very slightly and nodded, taking a large swig of his beer. The game was on.


The Janice Club was organized well enough. Usually, the meetings consisted of getting together at Stephanie’s house for Goldschlager shots, where they would all share their exploits and grooming tips. The stories were told on the honor’s system and, for the most part, no one ever had a reason not to believe anyone. The most daring thing that had happened so far in the group (besides a few run-of-the-mill one-night stands with “fans”) was some flashing Stephanie had done at a club. Tonight, she and Sandra were raising the bar and, if all of the rumor and what not didn’t kill the group off, there’d be some awards to hand out at the next get together.

They were standing with their hips touching, both facing the wall. Stephanie was arching her tiny back, her peach-size breasts pushing forward against a very sheer red bra, creating the perfect shelf. Her delicious little swells held a pendant on a necklace between them. Sandra instinctively looked for Stephanie’s nipples to appear from the material of her bra, but they hadn’t yet. She’s so cool about everything, Sandra thought. Sandra herself was in fishnet stockings, black panties, and no bra whatsoever. She thought she looked like an attractive yet undeniably skanky whore – she beamed with pride. She arched her back as well, and Stephanie nodded in approval, a devilish grin on her face as she ogled Sandra’s pendulous tits.

Ben was there with his back against the same wall, his eyes full of a sort of wonder Sandra had only seen in children. They had him wedged in good.

“She’s enjoying herself, Ben. See?” Stephanie’s voice was a purr, the fingers of her left hand raising to Sandra’s right breast as she rested her chin on Sandra’s shoulder. Sandra closed her eyes and bit her lip as she felt Steph’s tiny, demure fingers circle her areola, then squeeze her nipple between two hard fingernails. Stephanie’s throat was against the back of her shoulder blade, and she could feel her breathing grow heavier as she concentrated very carefully on the delicate task her fingertips were performing. Soon Steph’s other hand followed, and she began to gently dial both of Sandra’s nipples in tight circles. The sensation was sharp and good; Sandra moaned involuntarily.

“There, that’s it.” Steph’s voice was now a caress – but confident. Sandra felt herself giving into her short and cocky co-worker’s hands. She squeezed her thighs together, and was suddenly aware that her pussy was now sopping wet and very tingly. Even the sensation of her bare thighs was almost too much for her Betturkey Giriş – and god forbid Stephanie went for her weak spot early.

“Just look at those panties, Ben.”

Steph’s words were a blaring alarm to Sandra; she braced for those tiny fingers to start probing her vagina, and knew her screams at this point would probably render all three of them deaf. She whimpered as she felt Steph’s fingers linger at her panty line. The cloth separated from her skin as a finger slid between…a tingle of a sensation, so quick, so fast it hardly make Sandra’s hips jerk forward at all…and then it was gone. Her wet sex had made the action effortless; Stephanie had inserted her middle finger to the knuckle inside of Sandra’s pussy, and had withdrawn it with the quickness and precision of a nurse giving an injection.

“Ooohhh shit – look at that, baby.”

Sandra opened her eyes, half mast with lust, and saw that Stephanie wasn’t speaking to her. She was holding her hand in front of Ben, flexing her dainty fingers slowly, Sandra’s fluids clinging stationary to almost the full length of Stephanie’s middle digit. Stephanie began to brush the side of Ben’s face with her hand, and Ben’s eyes closed again, his face showing a faint strain of effort. As Stephanie streaked his cheek with Sandra’s come, Sandra’s eyes watched Ben’s naked and wiry body undulating, letting her eyes lower to his slender stomach until they locked on his right hand, which was stroking his own small, handsome penis with moderate speed. His pants and underwear were pooled around his ankles, his shoes still on and peeking out from beneath the pile of clothing. Sandra let a broad smile form on her lips. I bet that feels wonderful, she thought, as she concentrated on his jerking off, looking up briefly at the wet marks Steph was making on his face.

Steph focused on her task as if she were painting.

“You know why Sandra’s so wet, don’t you Ben?” Ben shook his head quickly. Steph traced her wet hand across his face, reaching up to force two of her fingers between Ben’s closed lips.

“Open.” He gasped; she quickly thrust them into his mouth and began stroking and swabbing his tongue with them.

“That’s good. She tastes good, doesn’t she?”

He groaned and nodded, slurping loudly, and she increased the pumping action of her fingers, rubbing the underside of his chin with her thumb, encouraging him to suck harder.

“Harder. Drool all over me. There you go.” He took his hand away from his cock and grabbed her arm, engulfing a good portion of her demure palm into his mouth, his saliva beginning to work it’s way down her wrist.

“That’s right!” Steph let go a little laugh of delight. “Get all of it. Lick my palm – it’s sensitive.” Her voice was very cool, but Sandra sensed it was a front; she noticed Steph’s nipples had grown almost a quarter inch through the material of her bra. Sandra felt like finger-fucking herself.

“Time to show him our club trademark, Sandra.”

Stephanie’s voice was heavy with purpose. Sandra leaned over and hooked her fingers through the front of Stephanie’s panties. She pulled downward, and Steph’s secret emerged. Stephanie had absolutely flawless, hairless skin all over her body; Sandra had never even seen so much of a trace on her legs. But underneath her panties lay a glistening, thick brush of beautifully curly, chestnut pussy hair, with a little trail of soft whispies that extended three-fourths of the way to her navel. Sandra gasped – Stephanie’s grooming was indeed an impressive sight. Ben thought so, too. His dropped his head in reverence, and he returned his hand to his cock.

“I love your treasure trail” he managed, his voice a notch above a whisper, heavy with lust.

Steph let out a warm, contented sigh as her thick musk permeated the air. She ran her own fingers through the hair on her lower stomach and let them drift into the thick of her snatch.

“You do? Thank you Ben.” Her voice was breathy as she swirled her fingers around in the moist pool of her labia. “I do get a lot of compliments on it.” She stood up on her tiptoes and brought her mouth close to his ear. “I’ll rub it all over your face later if you’re a good boy.” Ben groaned in response and quickened the pace of his hand on himself.

Sandra suddenly became very selfish, reaching for her own panties and yanking them down. They held snug around the middle of her thighs. Sandra was just as bushy as Stephanie, with coarse, dark hair. Her warm little carpet was tastefully trimmed, yet so dense it was a shock (even to her) to see that her glistening moisture had already made it to the surface, thick and creamy around her swollen pussy lips. Even the tiny paunch in her stomach didn’t hide her hairy cunt from her view as she looked downward. Her eyelids fell halfway over her eyes again, and she began to take in the smell of her own arousal.

“Sandra,” Steph’s voice was urgent, “come here.”

Sandra felt her tugging on the inside of her Betturkey Güncel Giriş arm, her fingers gripping hard. She pulled her in close towards Ben. Sandra watched as Stephanie leaned against Ben’s right shoulder, pressing her breast into the middle of his chest. Sandra followed suit, pressing herself against Ben’s left shoulder, shuddering with excitement as the swell of her own breast stuck to Stephanie’s, their hard nipples scraping against his sternum. Ben groaned a little louder, and Sandra felt his tense, tight arm bounce against her stomach as he started to jerk himself hard.

“I had a feeling you’d be a hairy muff guy, Ben” Stephanie hissed into Ben’s ear. He groaned in response.

“How are you liking your surprise?” Sandra chuckled playfully into his other ear. His jaw straining with effort, Ben managed to smile.

“You’re both awesome” he sighed happily, following with a sharp intake of air, as if he were pained. Sandra looked down between their quivering bodies and saw that Stephanie had clenched his balls firmly between her fingers.

Steph began to roll and squeeze them. “We’re awesome? Show us how awesome, Ben. Right now. Rub it against mine first.”

Ben turned slightly, and Sandra focused her attention back on his ear, sucking it into her mouth as Ben began to groan and jerk in earnest. She heard Steph let out a tremendous sigh of pleasure as her face broke into a large, wicked open-mouthed smile. Ben was rubbing the spongy, wide tip of his cock through Stephanie’s thick hair, up and down her clit. Their groans were steady, rhythmic, wonderfully scandalous to Sandra’s ears.

“Now Sandra. Comb Sandra.”

Comb Sandra? She guessed at what Steph meant, and blushed in advance before feeling the hot length of Ben’s cock lying directly against the center of her own sex. At first she felt Ben’s knuckles against her pussy, moving rapidly up and down as he stroked himself, but soon the head of his cock began to push and circle against her own swollen clit, causing Sandra to arch herself hard against his probing. Ben was clearly relishing the feel of her pubis as he pushed his cock around and through her dense, wet thicket, his breath coming in short, hard gasps. Sandra sucked harder on his ear, her own stifled moans encouraging him to continue the lewdest sort of masturbation he’d ever experienced. She was able to feel the hole at the tip of his penis spreading open against her clit, as the head swelled to the size of a small plumb. Ben was almost there, and Sandra was on the verge.

“Come on, dirty boy. Make sure you get it on both of us.”

Stephanie’s command let Ben know she had no interest in letting him suffer any longer. Not able to decide how or what to do, Ben rotated his hips and rubbed his cock into both of their cunts, his knees beginning to wobble as his chin went up and his head went back against the wall. He was unsteady. Stephanie made a matter-of-fact gesture and, slapping Ben’s hand aside, ran her upturned palm under his cock and let her dainty fingers wrap firmly around his shaft. She looked down and concentrated as she began to tug him towards herself. Ben used his arms to hold himself against the wall as Sandra brought both her hands forward, grasping the head of his cock between her thumbs and forefingers while Stephanie worked his shaft. She moved her thumbs in a circular motion on the head of his cock, alternately spreading and closing his gaping hole, centered in the middle of a very purple and very hot head.

Ben cried out. Neither Steph nor Sandra changed the rhythm of their ministrations as the first two streams of Ben’s come shot out across Sandra’s fingers and onto the underside of Stephanie’s dainty arm. They knew he wouldn’t be done for a bit. Still kneading and pulling, they watched as Ben’s teeth clenched, a small sound escaping his mouth. A third, heavier, thicker eruption of come jetted from his cock, hard enough to hit both of their stomachs, making him wail. Sandra ground her pussy into Ben’s thigh as she felt his hot semen hit her below her tits; Stephanie then took his leaking cock and wiped him roughly through the course hair of her pussy. Sandra watched as Ben’s spasms continued; he whispered Stephanie’s name, and she was pleasantly surprised to see one final spurt spew forth and get caught in Steph’s moist, chestnut pussy curls. Steph murmured when she felt his come splatter against her there, and released him gently, gripping his stomach with her fingertips affectionately before she returned her hands to her own body, rubbing his come into the skin of her taught, muscular stomach, letting them drift down to her cunt. Sandra grabbed Ben by the shoulders and had him lean his wiry weight against her.

“We found our boy, didn’t we Sandra?” Steph said, her voice far more passionate than it’d been a minute before.

“Yes”, Sandra answered. She gently cradled Ben’s small, wet package in her hand, hearing him gasp and realizing he was sensitive in the aftermath of his orgasm. She pulled him close and clasped his cock and balls tightly against her bushy sex, rocking gently on her feet with him as they both watched Stephanie work two fingers into her own pussy, masturbating furiously for both of them, her palm spreading his whitish sperm through the thick hair of her lower stomach and cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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