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“Oh, Chris,” tutted Geoff as he stepped into the car. “You could at least have shaven.”

“I did shave,” protested Chris. He put the car into drive. “Like three days ago.” He looked at his friend, who wore a bright orange tank top, Speedos, and flip-flops.

Comparatively, Chris felt like a schlub in the board shorts he got for $10 on clearance at Old Navy. But then, he never really knew how to dress himself; he was used to putting on jeans and a flannel shirt and calling it a day. He currently sported a wife beater, ratty baseball cap, swim trunks, and sneakers, eliciting a look of derision from his friend, who for his part had spent $100 on the new designer swimsuit that was practically vacuum-sealed to his package.

“People are going to think you’re my straight older brother or something. Why were you late, anyway? You were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago.”

“Game went into extra innings.”

“Oh my god, do you hear what you’re saying? You’re like a parody of yourself. Well, lucky for you I don’t mind having a little extra time to get ready and have a couple cocktails. Sigh. Chris, you’re so handsome; I will never understand why you insist on showing up to these parties, which you know are full of eligible bachelors, looking like you just rolled out of… well, I don’t even know where.”

“You know I don’t like going to these things,” complained Chris. “I never have anything in common with anybody. I always wind up getting drunk by myself while you go off and fuck some hot guy.’

“You could be fucking hot guys, too! You look great naked.”

“You’ve never seen me naked!”

“I’m trying to be positive, here! Chris, you’re cute, funny, and you have a… well, your body is just fine. Plus you have a great ass, and I can see that even with your clothes on.”

“I don’t bottom.”

“Well maybe you should start! You’re twenty-eight, for goodness’ sake. You need to stop being such a grumpy bear about everything.”

“Hey, I’m not a bear.”

“Keep drinking all that beer and you will be. You know, the cocktails I made tonight were just 70 calories each. And they tasted like pink lemonade!”

“I think I’ll stick with the beer.” Chris patted his friend on the shoulder and smiled. Geoff squeezed his friend’s hand.

Chris was always uncomfortable at these things. He sat awkwardly in the hot tub, rapidly draining his fifth beer. He winced and looked at the label on the bottle. “Only 64 Calories!” it proclaimed. That was another thing he hated about these parties: they always served the worst beer.

He had only come at Geoff’s insistence. “Come on,” he had said, “you haven’t gotten laid in months, and I’m the only gay friend you have.” Chris couldn’t argue; he hadn’t gotten laid in far too long. Naturally, Geoff had left Chris to his own devices some five minutes after arriving. He was currently engaged in conversation with a guy whose shoulders were the size of cantaloupes and whose Speedo looked like it was about to burst open. Chris sighed.

He looked down at his own body, barely visible through the bubbles that coated the surface of the hot water. Chris wasn’t in bad shape; just average. He made it to the gym about once a week. Fine; once every two. He was a sizeable guy, though. 6’2″, with long arms and legs and big hands and feet. And, he had to admit, a big ass. He had a good amount of light brown hair covering his chest, narrowing to a trail that led down his stomach into his baggy board shorts. That was another thing: it always seemed like every other gay guy at these patio parties wore swim suits comprised of less fabric than the napkin his beer sat on.

Said beer was disappointingly light in his hand. He looked; empty. He threw his head back and exhaled. Now he was going to have to get out of the tub. He rose slowly and lifted his legs out of the tub. His drenched board shorts sat low on his hips. He sauntered over to the cooler and opened it. He ran his hands through the ice. Come on, he thought, just one real beer, please? None. He sighed and grabbed three of the light “beers.” No point in getting out of the tub if he didn’t have to. He plopped himself back down into the hot tub, relishing the feel of the water jet against his chest, and popped open a bottle.

“Having a good time?”

Chris looked up. A thin, toned guy stood at the edge of the hot tub. Even from Chris’ vantage point, the guy looked to be on the short side. He wore a pair of lime green Speedo-type swim trunks that barely covered him. His chest was hairless. He looked young generally and had dirty blonde hair.

“Uh, I guess so.”

The guy stepped into the tub and sat next to Chris. “I’m Jamie. You looked lonely.”

“Just bored, really.” Huh, thought Chris. Jamie seemed to be a typical, twinky, zero-body-fat type of guy. Chris wondered if Jamie was interested in him, and if so, why. Almost suspicious. Jesus, Chris, he though to himself. No wonder you never get laid. Just relax. “Oh, uh, I’m Chris.” He extended his hand to shake Jamie’s. Smooth, he thought to himself, and cringed internally.

“Well, kocaeli escort it’s nice to meet you, Chris.” Jamie shook the extended hand. “Are you here alone?”

“No, I’m actually here with…” Chris scanned the party for Geoff. He saw his friend across the patio, his barely-clad ass gyrating as he made out with his former conversation partner. “A friend. What about you?”

“I’m new in town. I don’t know many of these guys aside from the host. You, uh, seemed to be the one person even more out-of-place than I am.”

Chris chuckled, “Yeah, thanks. You’re right, though. These parties aren’t really my scene.”

“Oh, come on. There are, like, almost thirty guys here, you can’t tell me that you can’t start up a conversation with any of them.”

“You got me. I’m just lazy.” Chris smiled, and they both laughed. Was this guy flirting with him? Huh.

Suddenly the attention of both guys was stolen by a commotion across the patio. “Come on, bitches!” a party-goer shouted. “Let’s see some ass!” With that, the drunk party guest stripped off his tight, boxy swim trunks and ran naked toward the pool that sat at the bottom of the patio steps. Cool water droplets from the pool landed on Chris’ bare chest in the wake of the young man’s cannonball. He sank a bit deeper into the hot tub to shield himself. Jamie shielded himself with his hands.

The young man’s actions had a domino effect among the rest of the party guests, who were hollering and dropping their own swimsuits as they ran to join their friend in the pool. Chris looked and saw Geoff’s bare ass before it disappeared into a spray of foam as his friend hit the water. He finished the first of his round of three beers. He looked to Jamie, who was elated.

“Come on!” said Jamie, turning again to face Chris. “Let’s join them!”

“Oh no. This is what I mean when I say these things aren’t my scene. You can go have fun if you want, but I’m not flashing my fat ass in front of a pool of twinks. I’m gonna stay here, warm and cozy with my beer.”

“Oh, come on. It’ll be fun! Plus, I, uh, was kind of checking you out earlier, and you look like you have a great ass.” Jamie moved closer to Chris, his arm pressing against him. He put a hand on Chris’ chest and gave him a light kiss.

Chris was taken aback. “I… uh, that was nice.”

“We can do more if you come in the pool with me. Here, I’ll go first.” Jamie put his arms beneath the bubbles. When they emerged, his hand held the lime green swim trunks. Jamie threw his suit across the patio. He gave Chris a seductive look.

Chris was still caught off guard. “Wow. That’s uh… wow. Yeah, I’m not doing that.”

Jamie again placed a hand on Chris’ hairy chest. Chris could feel the boy’s bare leg press against his. Jamie again kissed him.

“Come on,” Jamie said softly, rubbing Chris’ chest. “You’re the hottest one here; why not let everybody see it? All you have to do is…” Jamie pulled the drawstring that held Chris’ board shorts closed, undoing the knot.

“H-hey now…” stammered Chris. Can’t we just stay here and, uh, make out or whatever?”

Jamie gave him a devilish look. “Mm. Stubborn. I can deal with stubborn. We’ll do it your way. But, uh, if we’re going to stay here, can you be a gentleman and go get me a beer?” Another kiss.

Chris smiled at him. Maybe this party wouldn’t be such a waste, after all. He rose and looked toward the pool. For all the foam and spray, he could barely make out the naked figures splashing around. Squinting, he thought he saw Geoff riding naked on the shoulders of the guy from before. Good for hi- “HEY!”

Distracted by the commotion in the pool, Chris hadn’t noticed that Jamie had shifted behind him and, when Chris engaged in trying to find his friend, had yanked down the board shorts he had forgotten to re-tie. Chris immediately covered his dick and balls with both hands and attempted to turn and face Jamie.

Had Chris thought this through, he would have realized that spinning around quickly while his ankles were constrained by the board shorts was a bad idea. He stumbled and fell on his ass back into the hot tub, causing a large splash. That distraction was all Jamie needed to snatch the board shorts off Chris’ feet, leaving him completely naked, his hands still protecting his modesty. Chris looked up to see Jamie smiling from ear to ear, holding the board shorts above the water, a trophy.

“This is your fault, you know. Why do you wear such a huge, baggy swimsuit? You’re just begging someone here to yank it off.”

Chris stared slack-jawed for a second. “Ha, ha. Okay, fine, you got me. Now give it back.”

“This? Oh, Hell no. If you want it, you’ll have to come get it.” Jamie rose, giving Chris an eyeful of his toned, smooth body, and good-sized dick.

“You… You, ah…” Chris found it suddenly difficult to form words. He shook his head. Snap out of it, he thought. Concentrate on the situation at hand: junk hanging out, need shorts. “Don’t you dare. And I’m not being cute or whatever, kocaeli escort bayan just come back here and give me the shorts.” He held out a hand, grateful for the bubbles that obscured his body.

Jamie gave a devilish grin and, without a word, stepped out of the hot tub and began walking toward the house.

“Jamie! Jamie, I said give me those…! Fuck!” Chris watched as Jamie disappeared into the sliding door of the house. He looked around him. Lost in the commotion in the pool, nobody else at the party had noticed what happened. Small favors, thought Chris. He considered his options. He could sit here and wait for Jamie to come back. But what if he didn’t? He could try to grab one of the discarded swimsuits lying around the patio without anybody seeing him. Right, like he could fit into one of those. Damn, Jamie has a nice ass….No, no; concentrate. The only thing he could do would be to make a dash for the house and hope that he could find Jamie and get the suit back. And all he had wanted was to sit in the hot tub and drink some beer. Sigh.

Chris took another look around. The other party guests didn’t even know he was alive. Chris took a breath and exhaled. Placing his hands tightly around his crotch, he rose, stepped out of the hot tub, and ran — shuffled, really – to the best of his ability into the house. Please nobody see my ass; please nobody see my ass.

He stepped through the sliding door and looked around. Nobody. Everyone must be in the pool, he thought. Keeping his hands in place, he began walking down the hall. “Jamie! Jamie, where are you?” he rasped. No need to attract attention to himself. He became aware that he was dripping all over the carpet. Fuck. “Jamie!”

“In here!” The voice emerged from a room down the hall.

Chris quickly shuffled down the hall and peered into the room, which was lit only by a desk lamp. It was a bedroom. On the bed, his legs spread, his growing cock in full view, was Jamie. He still held the board shorts in his hand. “Hey there.”

“C’mon, give those back. I chased you all the way in here.”

“Come on, yourself. You want these, you have to come over here and get them, just like I told you.”

That was it. Chris had officially had it up to here. He hadn’t wanted to come here in the first place, and in the time he had been at the party he had been abandoned by his friend, forced to drink shitty beer, made to feel insecure about his appearance, and now this little twink had stripped him and was fucking with him.

“You want me to come over there?” said Chris, his voice louder and deeper. “You want me to come over there?” Chris took his hands away from his crotch. He wasn’t a porn star, but he had a good dick. Hard, it was about seven inches and thick. Currently it was semi-hard, and swung when he removed his hands. He hadn’t realized how turned on he had gotten by looking at the boy waiting for him on the bed. ” I think you better get your ass over here.”

Jamie’s eyes were glued to the eyes of the expanding cock of the angry masculine stud standing before him.

“I said get your fucking ass over here!”

Jamie scrambled to his feet, and approached Chris, standing an inch away from him. “Yes, sir!” Jamie beamed, his own hard-on raging.

“You don’t need to be standing up for his,” said Chris. Putting his hands on the boy’s shoulders, he forced him to his knees.

Jamie didn’t need any more instruction than that. He immediately grabbed Chris’ rapidly expanding cock and took it in his mouth. He hungrily started sucking it, delighting in how it grew to its full, rock-hard length in seconds. Jamie wrapped his tongue around the head, took the entire shaft down his throat, shoved his face into the dark hair that surrounded the cock.

“Good boy,” said Chris. His earlier awkwardness had been replaced by lust. This is crazy, he thought. I never get like this. I’ve never wanted to treat somebody like this before. Chris went with it, reaching a hand down and grabbing Jamie’s hair. The boy’s mouth felt great taking his cock. He held the back of Jamie’s head as he began to fuck his face, shoving his cock deep down the twink’s throat. He threw his head back. “Fuck yeah. Still wanna try and fuck with me?” He increased his pace and threw his hips into it.

Jamie loved taking Chris’ entire length in his mouth, and the way the man guided his head with his big, strong hand. Jamie reached around with both hands, taking handfuls of Chris’ meaty ass. He squeezed.

Chris could feel the boy’s hands on his ass. He used the leverage to get his cock deeper than before down Jamie’s throat. He thrust hard. Still holding Jamie’s head with his hand, Chris felt Jamie’s hands begin to fondle and probe his ass. He realized that Jamie was going to find his asshole and finger-fuck him.

“Uh-uh,” said Chris. He removed the boy’s head from his cock and pulled back on Jamie’s hair, tilting his head upward. “I don’t get fucked.” Chris bent his knees and lifted Jamie up by his midsection. Twisting, he threw Jamie back across escort kocaeli the room onto the bed, where he landed and bounced on his stomach.

Jamie looked behind him in time to see Chris rushing him from behind and getting on top of him. Jamie’s cock was dripping pre-cum. He had wanted all night for this guy — this man — to fuck him, and it was finally going to happen. He instinctively raised his ass, offering it to Chris.

Parting the boy’s legs with his strong arms, Chris looked at the bedside table and saw a bottle of lube. My compliments to the host, he thought. He grabbed the bottle, taking stock of the willing as in front of him. Not bad. Chris poured lube on the waiting hole. “This what you thought you were going to do to me?” Chris slid his finger deep into Jamie’s ass.

Jamie moaned like a bitch in heat. He had never been more turned on in his life. “Yes!”

“Mm. Well, you don’t get to fuck me. But I’m gonna fuck you.” Chris withdrew his finger and lined his cock up with the boy’s hole. He pushed, and moaned lightly as his cock invaded Jamie’s ass.

Jamie couldn’t contain himself. “Yes! Oh, god, yes! Fuck me! Oh, please fuck me!”

“You asked for it.” Chris rose to his knees and, grabbing Jamie by the hips, pulled the boy in so that Chris’ cock was deep in his ass. Chris started fucking him. Not just fucking; really fucking. Chris didn’t know what had come over him. Usually he was awkward in bed, but now he felt like a fucking porn star. He had never fucked anybody like this. His took long strokes in and out of the Jamie’s ass, and slammed him with each thrust, giving it to him deep.

Jamie was practically blinded by ecstasy. This stud’s cock owning his ass was the best thing he had ever felt. He was pushing his ass back onto the solid cock in time with Chris’ thrusts, getting it as deep inside him as possible. He couldn’t even form words through his moaning.

Chris grunted as he continued his assault on Jamie’s ass. “Like that? Goddamn, you’re a whore for my cock, aren’t you?” Chris reached back and landed a hard slap on Jamie’s ass. He liked the control he had over the boy, turning his anger back on him. Over Jamie’s moaning, he could hear the sound of his hips slapping against his firm ass.

“Yes! Oh god, fuck the hell out of me!”

“I’m gonna do better than that,” Chris said, pounding the ass extra hard to get Jamie’s attention. “I’m gonna give you my cum. You want that?”

“Fuck yeah! Cum deep inside me!”

“Only ‘cuz you’ve been good.” Chris gripped Jamie’s hips and started to slam him as hard as he possibly could, putting his strong thighs and ass into it. He somehow managed to get even deeper into him. Fuck, he thought. I’m gonna cum in this little bitch.

Chris withdrew his dick to the tip and shoved the entire thing in with all his strength. That was it. Chris exploded into Jamie’s ass, leaning over the boy and biting his shoulder as he did to muffle his groans. He could feel the tight ass around his cock as he shot jets of cum.

Jamie made no attempt to muffle his pleasure. He moaned even louder than before as he felt both Chris’ cock throbbing inside him, and the ropes of hot cum pumping into him. He felt Chris’ burly body covering him, completely owning him inside and out.

Chris took smaller strokes in and out of Jamie’s ass as he finished pumping his cum into him. His arms were wrapped around the boy’s chest, and he breathed sharply on the back of his neck. Fuck, he thought. That was awesome. He shoved his cock deep into Jamie’s ass once more, snickering at the gasp of pleasure he elicited. He listened to Jamie breathing hard, to his own deep breaths, to the silence of the room. But, wait, that almost sounded like…




“Woo! Way to go, Chris!”

Chris rose to his knees and turned his head to look at the door. Standing there were all the guests of the party. They completely crowded the doorway, with those not in front ducking, standing on their toes, or pushing others out of the way to get a look. They had put their suits back on after getting out of the pool, and many of them were clapping and hollering. Geoff, of course, was front and center.

Chris’ jaw dropped. “Did you…”

“Just watch you fuck the living Hell out of Jamie? Get an eyeful of your hot ass pumping in and out of him? Watch your big cock sliding deep inside him? All of the above. And by the way, now I’ve seen you naked.”

“Thanks, Geoff.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Chris turned to look at Jamie, whose face was still plastered with a giant smile. “Did you know about this?”

“Honey, I was dead to the world with that job you were doing on my ass. I don’t even care who saw; that was amazing.”

Chris smirked. He looked back at the crowd, now aware that many of them were ogling his naked body. He lowered his head and chuckled. Fine, he thought. Might as well own up to it.

Chris slid his cock completely out of Jamie’s ass. Of course, he thought, it hasn’t gone down at all. Like this isn’t embarrassing enough. Hopping off the bed, Chris turned and faced his admirers, putting a smug smile on his face. He sauntered toward them, trying to ignore the eyes glued to his throbbing cock. He stopped in front of Geoff and put his hands on his hips. He motioned downward with his eyes, indicating his board shorts, which were now in Geoff’s hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32