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He shuddered as he heard the loudspeaker announce what he did not want to hear; “Flight 279 for Seattle has been cancelled.”

Once again, he would have a long night in another airport. He walked over to the payphone bank, called home to relay this news. A long sigh, as he hung up the phone and turned to leave. His distracted mind was not on the alert and he walked right into someone. “Excuse me” he said without looking. “It’s quite alright” was the melodic response. He looked up, and took in the lovely woman he had bumped in to. She caught his glance, and held his eyes, for a lusciously long time. He felt that wonderful heat in the pit of his stomach, and to his surprise, felt his penis stir. A strange mixture of allure and a little guilt, created his sheepish smile. Even with this, he was unable, or not willing to let go of her gaze.

“Calling home with the bad news too?” she asked.

“Yes, and it went over like a lead balloon,” he replied.

“My name is Miranda, and I would love your company as we wait to find out what the airline plans to do about us getting home.”

“David, is my name, and I would be honored to accompany M’Lady through this time of uncertainty,” he quipped, getting some of his wits back he offered Miranda his arm.

She took it with a throaty laugh, and he once again marveled at what her melodic voice could do to his physical being.

He watched her as they walked, her long auburn hair, tied low on her head, almost to her shoulders. Her green eyes were quite mesmerizing as he remembered holding their gaze. Her body was that of an athlete, small, yet tight and chiseled. Her beauty was quite astonishing, and totally welcome. Not only was it her physical beauty, which was quite noticeable, but it was the way she carried herself, with the confidence of one who knows her own allure, and does not put any of it on.

They walked together to the airline desk, only to find out the severe weather had canceled just about every sky bound vehicle. “I would suggest getting a room,” said the harried agent.

“I like the sound of that suggestion” said Miranda with a wonderful sultry tone to her voice.

We took the air porter shuttle to one of the airport strip hotels. On the way over, Miranda said she would get a room, and for me to wait for her in the small bar, off the side of the lobby. “A double, we can share the expense” she smiled, once again sending sex izle my body into gyrations.

I sat at a small table, ordered a club soda and Rose’s Lime.

I watched Miranda cross the lobby on her way to the bar, and enjoyed immensely what I saw. I noticed my eyes were not the only ones glued to this incredible creature as she walked. I could see her nipples harden against the smooth, cool, opaque blouse, as her eyes caught mine, and held me there, once again. Now, my penis was not just stirring, but was in the midst of a total erection. Her sensuous walk, along with holding my eyes in hers, was an extremely erotic moment. She glided to the table, and slid smoothly next to me. As she sat next to me, her hand grazed my thigh, and then stopped, her fingers only inches away from my now very uncomfortable erection. “May I have a sip?” she asked. I lifted my glass to her lips in response, and we stared as I gave her my drink. “Mmmmmmmm, my favorite” she cooed. “Although the music is nice, I really would like to get up to the room, and get out of these clothes, would you mind?”

“That is a wonderful idea.”

When we finally arrived inside the room (the 5 minute trip seemed to take an eternity), we both threw our bags down and fell onto the first bed. Miranda turned and smiled at me, and I reached over to kiss her. She did not back away, in fact met my kiss and raised me, by taking my hand and putting it on her breast. The feel of her lovely, round breast covered in the soft silk, was a wonderful treat to my hand, and gave her a warm squeeze to show my appreciation. She threw her head back, emitting a throaty moan, and thus gave me a perfect pathway to the pearl buttons of her blouse. As I undid the top buttons, my tongue and lips caressed her neck, tasting her, and gorging myself in her scent. As I finished with her buttons, I slid the blouse away from her shoulders to expose those lovely orbs to my now eager mouth. I could feel her enjoyment as her hands held me firmly to her breasts, as if I wished to leave. As I started my kiss trail down her chest, I felt her move, and she turned me over onto my back, held herself above me, smiled and said ‘I want to undress you.”

Without awaiting my positive response to the rhetorical request, she sat upright on me, first undoing and removing my shirt, and then, undid my belt, and slid my pants off, letting them drop to the floor. sikiş izle “My, she said as she gazed longingly at my erection, it appears I arouse you somewhat,” she said in that wonderful erotic tone of hers. She then pulled the elastic of my silk boxers to lift them over my rock hard cock, slid them too to the floor, and then kissed her way up my legs, to take my torrid penis into her mouth.

Now I have had blowjobs, and I have been made love to, orally, but I have never felt what Miranda made me feel that night. There was something in her movements, just the right amount of teasing, biting, and roughness, to make me know, I was in for an orgasm of monumental proportions. It was as if she knew what my thoughts were, as every movement was in symphony with my wanton desires. I felt her hands hold my cheeks behind me, and I was quite impressed with her strength. She spread my cheeks, and I could feel her fingers moving toward my anal portal. She had lubricated her hands with the mixture of her saliva and my precum, so she slid her finger inside me quite easily.

The sensation of this was almost too much to bear, and once again, it was as if she felt this, and she held everything still for just a moment, to let this wave finally pass. As she felt me slide from the brink, she started up again, this time in earnest. Her finger moving with some force now as she fucked me in the ass, to the same tempo her mouth fucked my penis. As she slid her second finger into me, she found my prostate, and just as she sucked me all the way into her mouth, she pushed against my prostate, creating a volcanic eruption of cum. My back arched, my toes turned, as I pushed myself into her.

She hungrily and insatiably drank all my cum, and then came to kiss me, to let me taste myself in her mouth. I seemed to hang there, suspended in time for so long, held in this erotic witch’s power, as if she were a magician, and I her levitated subject. She held me there with her sexual powers, until I could no longer hold myself up. I fell back into the bed, totally satiated, in a wonderful state of post-orgasmic glow. When I was finally able to open my eyes, her lovely face was right over mine, and I reached up to kiss her. She took my mouth and tongue with a hearty appetite, as I rolled her over to her back. Her blouse was long gone, but she needed to be released from the confines of her skirt.

As I undid türk porno the zipper and slid it over her legs, I kissed her strong runners calves and thighs. I engulfed myself in her musky scent, as my face hovered over her black silk panties. She started to say something, but my lust was filling my head and ears, so I did not hear her. It was almost as if the uninhibited erotic woman was becoming shy, or hesitant, as my hands reach to remove her panties. As I slid them down it felt as if there were something “catching” and I couldn’t figure out what was happening. When I finally got the panties off and to the floor, I found out the reason. Miranda had ragging, 7″ hardon!!!!

Now I am not gay, or had any real bi experiences, yet, when I saw the hard man meat in front of my face, I took to it, just as I had in my most secret, sexual dreams. My hands reached for her, holding that throbbing penis. I had to admit, it felt wonderful, and excited my attentions. I could feel her relax at my touch, knowing I was not going to stop, at seeing her until now, hidden surprise. It was quite a sensation to hold my hand over her erection, grasp it in my hand, and pump her as I had my own for way too many years. I reveled in watching the lust in her eyes and face as I pumped her rigid tool. My other hand cupper her balls, and rotated between gently caressing, and roughly squeezing them, both creating moans of pleasure from Miranda.

I watched the pre cum ooze from her penile opening with wonder. I could not fight the urge, and really did not want to, for I knew, I had to taste her. My hands brought her penis to my mouth, and I flicked my tongue tip over her opening, to get a small taste of the pre-cum. This caused quite a stir in Miranda, as I felt her hips thrust up to my mouth. I then put the tip totally inside my mouth, and enjoyed this sensation tremendously, but Miranda could not wait for me to take this “first” in my slow steps. I felt her strong hands on the back of my head, as she pulled me down all the way of her rock hard shaft.

At first, I gagged, for I had been deep throated, but of course, had never practiced this myself. I found it quite easy after a bit, to relax, and follow her hands on my head as I face fucked her. Her moans were increasing, both in amount and timbre, as I felt her first shudders begin. I began to suck as my mouth went up and down her shaft, and we seemed to join together in this dance. Her thrusts started to border on violent, and I found it difficult to keep her in my mouth, but I did, for I was now ready to taste my first male membered orgasm. Her hips moved in staccato thrusts, her moans echoing off the bedroom ceiling.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32