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Early Sunday Evening

“Commando.” he thought as he picked up a pair of jeans and slipped them on over his naked butt. He turned to Kathy and stretched out his fleshy member before adjusting it down the left leg of his pants. Quickly doing up the button he smoothed his palm over the noticeable bulge before slipping on and tucking in a polo shirt.

He stepped into his shoes, “Ready, I’m ready if you are?”

“I’m very ready.” Kathy says to herself as she stands and adjusts her skirt downwards. Will he take the bait, she thinks to herself as she heads for the door.

At the truck, Jr. notices Kathy is somewhat hesitant about getting in.

“Sorry, let me open the door and help you. Mom, finds it easier, if I hold the door open then she slides up and in by holding onto my arm.’ Jr. stated.

Kathy mounted the truck’s running board, her firm ass trapped in the latex suggested what Jr. could not see. Turning around, Kathy sat on the edge of seat and swung her left leg into the cab, obscenely displaying her pussy. Only inches away from Jr.’s wide open eyes, Kathy’s vulva was beginning to glisten with drops of her arousal and the pulsating of its inflamed labia was sending a Morse code message straight to his brain via his penis.

“. . _ _ _ _ .” or for those of you who did not get your boy scout or girl guide badge “Eat Me”

Jr. was never in boy scouts or girl guides but he knew what the throbbing pussy was telling him.

Meanwhile, “Jake this is Mrs. Palmer,” said Brice as he introduce to his son, an old woman wearing a very chic mid-thigh crisply starched thin white shirt dress. Undone almost to the waist it was highlighted with a bright silk absinthe colored scarf done in the French style, so that two uneven tails hung and veiled the sultry opening.

Beth had white holdups on that came up her thin legs to stop under the dress and her small almost frail feet were wrapped in matching green heels. The thin dress suggested the aging form of a woman that was once full figured but one who had worked hard to retain a semblance of her youth. She had a few extra curves but they only added to the allure hinted at by the gauzy fabric.

Jr. who had been horny all day, didn’t care that she could have been his grandmother, but saw instead a interesting woman who was full of life. And with that recognition his cock began to get full of life.

“Welcome you two. So nice to finally meet you Jake, Brice and Barbara have told me so much about you. Drinks anyone? Brice, since your driving I bought some no-alcoholic beer and for you Jake, if you want, there’s a real one or two in there. I’m having a wine, if you want one of those.” said the lady of the house

“Brice would you be so kind as to fire up the BBQ, while your son and I get organized in the kitchen?” Beth continued as she watched Brice head out to the backyard

“Mrs. Palmer, that is a lovely dress.” complimented Jake, as he looked deeply into her eyes with his best Romeo impression.

“Why, this old thing?” Beth said as she raised her hands well above her head and twirled around.

Jake noticed that scalloped sides on the dress rode up to her waist and displayed the top of her stockings over sun tanned thighs. He also noticed between the top of her hose and her waist there no sign of panties of any kind. This caused his interest in her to grow faster than his cock could.

“Yes, that old thing. It is very elegant and with the scarf, you obviously have a real sense of fashion.” flattered Jake as he leaned comfortably against the kitchen counter

“I don’t wear clothes a lot and when I do I like to go all out. About the only chance is when I have guests, which has been infrequent after my husband died a couple of years ago.”

“Why don’t you wear clothes a lot?” asked Jake naively but with a growing sense of interest.

“Well you see, I am a naturalist, a nudist. I work at the club where I met your mom and dad and since I never where clothes there, I just got used to it and don’t wear any around here most of the time. I really do when I have guests so as not to scare them with this old body. See no tan lines.” She said as she bent over coyly and pulled the scarf aside to show off her overall tan over her lightly wrinkled skin from her neck to her navel. Her long pendulous breasts bulged out the front of her dress but remained hidden. Instead of tight cleavage, there was a great expansive valley between the soft gravity challenged mammaries, being presented to him.

“My mom and dad? They’re nudists like you?” Jake asks incredulously as he tried to see more of her breast still trapped by her dress.

“Yes, Jake.” Beth answered cautiously, realizing she let some family secret out of the bag. “They would come maybe half-dozen times a year.” she continued, but knowing that Brice would often cum more often.

“I did not know that, maybe that is where I get it from” Jake offered.

“What do you mean?”

“I like to be naked too, but I never get a chance. I think I malatya escort am an exhibitionist.” Jake admits as he unconsciously but openly ran his long index finger over his lengthening cock.

Leaning back against the counter about six feet across from Jake, Mrs. Palmer posed the question “It’s been a long time since I have had a tall handsome stranger in my kitchen. Is there something you would like to show me now?” she continued as she adjusted the scarf to frame the opening in the front of her dress.

Jake was left staring at beautiful old woman who was more than flirting with him. The deeply plunging neckline, left little question as to what she was interested in.

“Yes, there is as a matter of fact.”

Brice was just about to enter the kitchen from the patio when he stopped as he saw the two of them flirting with each other. Beth had her scarf out of the way and was flaunting her body and Jake was slowly stroking the outside of his jeans where his hard cock had created a clearly visible ridge. Well, he thought, he’s a good kid, she’s a nice lady, perhaps this will is okay.

Retreating back to the BBQ, he calls out “How are the steaks doing, I’m starved and out here all alone.” The opening of the sliding door a few seconds later, gave the duo a chance to stop overtly tantalizing each other, and pretend to get to work.

“Are you two doing OK in here?” Brice asks as he walks forward noticing that the absinthe colored scarf is now back in place, while his son’s erection seems to hidden behind a strategically held set of place mats.

“Great. Mrs. Palmer was just going over a few things with me as we starting to get things out…for the table.” Jake offered a bit too quickly, giving away the fact that something had been going on. Looking at Mrs. Palmer, he sees that she is blushing.

“Sorry, Brice. We got carried away in here and lost track of time.” The steaks have marinated and are ready for the grill. I have baked potatoes in the oven that should be ready when you are done and I have a great fresh organic salad. Shall we join you outside and be backseat cooks?” Beth asks with a light laugh.

“No, that won’t be necessary, but I will be back in ten minutes with dinner. It’s a beautiful night out.” Brice offers as he heads out the door with the platter of meat.

“Yes, I love it out.” Beth stated boldly while looking at Jake who smiled broadly at the suggestion.

Setting the kitchen timer for seven minutes, Beth says to Jake, “Now where were we?” before moving to her original spot along the kitchen counter and flipping the scarf back over her shoulders to wantonly display herself to the young boy. Beth reaches down to undo the few remaining buttons before letting the dress open to display her aging body.

Jake was mesmerized, as he looked at her breasts like elongated egg plants sagging almost to her belly button. The swell of her stomach, became a shelf for her breasts before giving way to a thin grey patch of trimmed pubic hair. Her thighs although not taut and toned looked enthralling as they melted into the white hold ups. She ran her hands down over drooping pendulum like breasts catching the long heavy extended nipples in her fingers to stretch them out even more. Then leaning back against the counter she tilted her pelvis forward to exhibit her willing labia for his gratification.

Jake is awestruck, as he watched Mrs. Palmer present herself to him. Looking at her face for the first time, he sees that she is focused on his crotch as he brings both his hands down to isolate his cock in his jeans to emphasize its location and size before beginning to rub it obscenely through his jeans.

“Your turn, Jake. Show me.”

With those instructions, he looked to his left, to make sure his dad was not around before undoing his belt and opening the top button on his jeans. He slowly pulls the zipper open before sliding his hand inside his white underwear to cup his excited cock. He works his fingers over his inflamed length trying to get himself as hard as possible before exposing himself. Believing that he is as hard as he as even been, perhaps even harder than when he masturbated in front of Mrs. Sullivan on Friday night, he felt it was time to show himself to her.

Slowly lowering the zipper he focused his attention on Mrs. Palmer. She watched eagerly as pulled down the front of his jeans and to expose the straining white cotton that was struggling to keep his excited tool in check. He willed his cock to get even stiffer as he peeled down the waistband of his shorts to expose the head of his cock to the warm kitchen air. Slowly he slid down the stressed elastic band to reveal more and more of his meaty tool. The head, then the corona, then the long firm underside ridge exposed itself to Mrs. Palmer’s voyeuristic stare.

As he continued to expose himself to this recently met stranger, Jake felt more and more excited. Not only did he want to show her, she wanted to see him. She malatya escort bayan wanted to see his cock. She wanted.

As she watched, Mrs. Palmer extended her arm down so her fingers could cup her vulva. Feeling the vulnerable soft lips with her frail thin fingers, sent a shiver through her body, that caused her legs to quiver. Jake noticed her excitement and slipped his underwear down below his swelling balls. The meaty inflamed head of his cock began to leak lubricating juices onto his fingers. Paying special attention to the aching urges of his cock head, he smeared the clear silky fluid over his cock to give it a glistening sheen.

Mrs. Palmer kept time with his movements. He stroked, she stroked. He waited, she waited. It was the most intense feeling that Jake had ever encountered. He gripped his cock harder as the strokes became more reckless. He couldn’t wait. He didn’t wait. With an animalistic groan, a huge load arced out of his cock to fly through the air landing on the kitchen floor. A second rope of his semen flew toward Mrs. Palmer as she watched it land on her foot. She gulped in amazement in amazement at not only the speed of his ejaculations but the copious amounts that were being spewed out. His wild pumping fist sent more and more spurts of the sticky cum flying in all directions. With a final thrust, a watery river poured out of the end of cock to run down over his fingers before dripping onto the floor.. OH my, she thought, that was so wanton, so out of control that it both scared and excited her.

PING, PING, PING went the kitchen timer.

“Jake, your dad will be in soon.” cried out Mrs. Palmer coming out of her trance like arousal.

“OMG, I’m so sorry, Mrs. Palmer. I got carried away. I’m so sorry.” Jake apologized so profusely that Beth had to laugh.

“Don’t apologize, I wanted that. I wanted to see you and I know you want me to watch you. It was so exciting. Shall we call that round one and if you want perhaps we could have round two after dinner.”

Jake who was frantically stuffing his still engorged cock back into his pants, looked at her with disappointment. “I’ve come with my dad. We have only one car. He was going to drive me home.”

“I’ve got an idea. Just follow my lead.” instructed Mrs. Palmer as she did up the few buttons on her shirt dress before flipping her silk scarf back over to the front. “Now, can you get some paper towel and clean that up, before I slip on it. I’m too old and stiff to get down to it.”

With a big smile, Jake replies, “I’m stiff too but I know what you mean.”

On his hands and knees cleaning up his discharge, Mrs. Palmer comes over to where he is kneeling to give him a hug on the head. Sitting up a bit Jr. finds he is at her floppy tit level and mouths her extended nipple through her dress, as she pushes it into his mouth. As he does this she slides her hand over his forehead and brings it around to his face and lets him smell the hand that had held her vulva. Its tell-tale musky odor indicated to him that she was ready for more. He slid his mouth from her breast to her fingers and sought to taste the scent by taking them into his mouth.

Brice didn’t know what to make of the scene as he came in from outside. Jake on his hands and knees and Beth, her crotch almost in Jakes face, directing him where to clean up.

“Jake made a small mistake and is cleaning it up. Nothing to worry about, it’s just a shame to waste what was spilled.” Mrs. Palmer offered with a subtle smile to Jake. Just put the platter of steaks on the table and I’ll get the baked spuds from oven.

“Jake, when you are done, please wash your hands and join us at the table.”

Brice gave Jake a disappointed stare as if to say — I told you to be on your best behavior.

Meanwhile back at the house, Kathy was waiting for Jr. to make his move. She had hinted, she offered the bait and was now reeling him in. While watching Jr. getting dressed, her arousal had flowed out of her and saturated her red bushy pubic hair. Tonight’s blend of pheromones was strong and the aroma emanating from her around vulva was an intoxicating offer to Jr.’s young senses.

Jr. placed a hand on the inside of each knee and pushed Kathy’s legs apart. He took in the prize where the two toned thighs met under the aqua skirt. Urging her legs upward, enabled her skirt to ride up on her thighs and slide toward her crotch. This permitted her legs to splay even wider. With a murmur of delight he leaned in, only to be overcome with the bouquet of sex.

Kathy leaned back with her elbows on the leather seat to watch the action. Jr. tried to take his time by planting light kisses down the inside of her thighs. The swelling labia had other ideas as they grew enticingly larger and the sexual perfume overwhelmed him faster than he had planned. The sensuous quivers of her partially hidden lips and the irresistible smell of her sex, eliminated any attempt at romance on his part. It became lust as escort malatya he suddenly pushed his face forward and buried it in her cunt.

He dug in with both heels and pushed forward to root in the furrow of her crotch. He slid his hands down her legs and under her skirt to grasp her ass. He lifted her up effortlessly as her skirt fell away, leaving her naked and vulnerable to his insistent mouth and tongue. She watched the youthful enthusiasm he brought to her aching private parts. Jr. chewed her lips, tongued the entry to her vagina with abandon.

She moved her elbows and fell back on the seat of the truck to let him bring her off. Her buttocks lay on his hands feeling the leather between his fingers. She tilted her pelvis to allow his mouth easier access. She looked down her torso, between her breasts which had sagged out to the side, because the thin latex could not hold their weight. She moaned and threw her head back as he slipped a finger into her, swabbing her lubrication over the soft pink inner lips. He sucked some of her juice out and let it dribble from his mouth over her perineum before rimming her ass with his tongue.

His aching rod needed release and he stepped up between her outstretched legs onto the running boards and began to undo his jeans. The lack of underwear, allow his rampant cock to spring out and quickly press against her spongy yielding mons, the rough jeans scraping the inside of her tender thighs.

She looked up immediately and said, “No, not without a condom.” as she squeezed her legs together to restrict further movement.

“In the glove box, ……quickly.” Jr. gasped trying to hold back his release.

Kathy reached to open the glove box and quickly found, under the box of clean-wipes, a silver foil condom package that she handed to Jr. He tore it open with his teeth and then struggled to put it on while retaining both his balance and his place between her legs. Finally rolling it down his spasming cock, he pushed his cock down and rammed forcefully and deeply into her waiting cunt. Other than his mother, he had never had sex with a married woman. He had never had a friend of his mother. He had never had such an unbridled sexual experience. He looked down to see her stroking her clit as he ravished her red love box.

Kathy looked up to watch him. He did not last long in the shower and came even quicker now. The condom filled with his semen as he thrust like a dog in heat against her sex. He was about to pull out and fall on her in exhaustion when he heard.

“You came? What about me. I haven’t finished. Get back down there and finish me off.” Kathy spoke out loudly in a demanding tone. She had appreciated his youthful exuberance but he needed some patience and basic training if she was going to make him a good lover.

Stunned with her vocal demands, never-the-less he stepped down from the running board and with the condom slipping off his shriveling cock and his jeans around his ankles, buried his face in her now antibacterial smelling cunt to lick her to completion. He nibbled her clit while two of his fingers substituted for his cock. As a swimmer he had good lung capacity and did not come up for air until she pulled his ears and put his head in a vice like grip with her thighs as she came in a rolling wave.

Jr. heard “yes…..Yes……YES….” as he felt her falling back on the seat and offering the praise, “Exquisite. That was exquisite.”

The silence that featured the two of them catching their breaths was broken by Kathy, looking down the length of her body saying “Could you please hand me a couple of clean-wipes.”

During the dinner with Beth, Jake and Brice talked about general things, but Jake as busting with curiosity. “How come you never told me that mom and you are nudists?”

The question caught Brice off guard and he looked steely eyed at Beth, who blushed with embarrassment.

‘Well we tried it years ago and found we liked it but with my business and more importantly your mother’s church friends, we felt we had to hide it. If you found out you might accidentally tell your friends, we would be embarrassed and not be as accepted as we are. Now that we are older we are less worried about such things, but we are still cautious. I’m glad you finally know. I’m sorry you had to find out this way.” Brice replied in a very contrite manner. “Beth is a long time friend and your mother and I help her with the women’s auxiliary at the club. That’s where I was for an hour this afternoon. It’s also one of the reasons we bought the house here. One of the members, we met years ago here, owned it and they recently wanted to relocate.”

Beth seemed relieved that Brice did not bite her head off about leaking the news to Jake and that Jake seemed to be cool with the explanation.

“That’s cool dad, I actually heard it from Danny this afternoon that you were there last night with Mrs. Sullivan. That got me wondering. If you want to do it that kind of thing I think it’s great. The fact that mom’s goes too is awesome. I never would have guessed.” Jake offered enthusiastically before speaking with some caution. “You can be sure I won’t tell anyone back home. I’ll also tell Jr. that he has to keep it quiet, since he was on the boat with us today. Maybe someday you can take me with you. ‘I’m pretty sure I’d like to go, but I’d be nervous.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32