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A.N. Back at it again with the damn doggies!

Took a little longer than I wanted but better late than ever like always 🙂 Quick special thank you to the people who’ve pledged to me! The amount of support I’ve gotten is so nice! So thanks to you all, you guys are helping me literally live so thank you for making these stories happen 🙂


Don’t worry though, more books of The Lost Boy are coming right up :333 This is planned to be like a song of ice and fire level of novels here, so don’t fret, we ain’t done with The Lost Boy just yet.

The Following Contains: Werewolf dickgirls, Incubus boy, dicks, in butt, 😀

Have fun!


Three Days Later: Den Mother’s Roadhouse

Ian’s hands lay palm down on the Urul’s chest, resting on her large mammaries as he bounced up and down on her pelvis. Her red, veiny, canine cock rapidly pumping into his ass and two plump balls slapping the jiggling flesh with each upward hump.

“Ugggh fuck…yeah boy! Ooohh…ride me…ride this doggy cock!” She encouraged from beneath him.

He was squatting over her body, feet planted firmly down on either side of her and using the leverage he had from both the floor and her breasts to ride her hard.

His face was flushed and his lips parted, panting heavily, giving girly squeaks and squeals with the exertion of their activity. A very noticeable layer of sweat covered every inch of his flesh, sweaty locks of black hair were matted to his forehead and the rest of his skin was blushing about as red as his face was. But his own perspiration was not the only fluid he was covered in. The half-breed boy was also covered nearly head to toe in something else.

Doggy cum.

Every day while he was essentially kidnapped and held ‘against his will’ in the presence of Helle and the Den Mother’s he was forced to service as many of her Urul as he could. The days were filled with cock after cock being stuffed into his mouth, down his throat, frotting against his own, one in each hand, one up his ass. They made sure to rail him wherever they could. Slapping his chest with their hard dicks, jerking off over him while he was spit roasted upside down. Sandwiching their shafts between his little feet while he was fucked from both ends. Six to eight wolfs at a time, over the last three days he was fucked every way that he could be fucked. Only stopping when Helle gave the word, allowing him a fifteen-minute break three times a day for rest and water, then of course some sleep at night. She wasn’t cruel after all, and he may be half-demon, but continuously exerting yourself like he had been with her wolves probably would wear anyone down.

Plus, she still couldn’t shake the feeling of some shame in what she was doing here. Of course it wasn’t clean and of course it may paint her as cruel and evil. But she was trying to see things over the long haul, with war coming to Shelter she knew that this young boy didn’t have the know how to protect it. So she needed him to submit to her, give her command over Shelter so that way she could lead the defense of the town along with help from the Succubi which would be procured by Samantha.

Once all of that was dead and done, like she planned before she’d make it up to the boy. Show him that being her little biker bitch boy would be a life of luxury. And she would get to fuck that amaaaaazing ass of his whenever she wanted, she’d treat him like a princess with the best sex and comforts she could provide, the harsh methods she used to get everything moving would all be swept away into the past and all would be forgiven.

The only problem was…he wouldn’t…fucking…submit!

Even now as Helle stood, arms folded over her chest with her foot tapping in the corner, watching Ian ride one of her girls like a pornstar, after taking on five other cocks at the same time…

She thought back to how he handled them all. Five girls, all wolfed out in their true forms, claws and sharp teeth bared at the young, naked, and vulnerable half human.

His body bent backward with his legs spread wide over the same Urul under him, feet on the floor and his head tilted far back to face the ceiling.

Only he couldn’t exactly see the ceiling as the Urul’s massive testicles continuously plopped down onto his eyes and nose obscuring his view. Her long, fat dick plunged into his mouth and down his throat pipe. The other Urul around her could see the bulge in his neck every time she sank into it. “Oooohhhohohhhh…” She moaned in a chesty giggle, feeling his velvety smooth throat swallow, the muscles flexing and massaging her shaft.

To his right he held one of their cocks in his small hand, unable to get his slender fingers all the way around the girthy shaft, but his hand still pumped it expertly and fast. Jerking off the cock hard even as his hips tecavüz porno gyrated, stirring the prick inside him.

On his left were two more Urul, but somehow, he was handling them one-handed. His hand was too small to fit one Urul cock in it, how he managed to jerk off two at the same time baffled Helle.

Ian was frotting the two Uruls girl cocks together, both of them in turn seemed to be focusing more on each other from this lewd act, groping each other’s tits,making out and moaning into their lips while Ian stroked their warm, fleshy rods in unison.

Needless to say, the girls gave out, blowing their loads and squirting thick white spunk all about Ian’s body and down his throat. And now here they were, the five Urul around him lying in heaps on the floor. Dicks going soft and panting more than even Ian was. The werewolf he was riding looked to be on the very edge of bliss from his expertise, the wiggle of his feminine hips and the tight gripping muscles of his love hole. Helle knew how good it was, and even now she wanted it again. Her own she-cock was like a rock, straining her jeans, but she was also a tad frustrated.

Obviously just fucking him into oblivion wasn’t going to work like she hoped it would. She needed to think of something else, but first she needed a drink. Helle paused at the doorway. “Clean him up and lock him in when you’re done.” The exhausted Urul barely acknowledged her as she left. All the while contemplating how she was going to handle this, “Fine…obviously I underestimated that boys ability to take a good dicking. Hmm…Maybe if I’m a little more public about it…” She thought heading down the hallway and towards the steps, “If I want to own this town, with my pretty Incubus boy on my lap, I’ll need to show the town that’s what I’m gonna do. Maybe he’ll see things my way then.”

Ian listened intently, over the wolves harsh barks and groans of pleasure. Writhing under him, the Urul was on the verge of yet another climax while the others recovered around him. He listened to Helle’s boots slowly trailing off until they were far enough away that he felt it was safe to speak now.

Each huff of breath escaping him suddenly stopped and his movements on the Urul’s hips ceased almost completely. Continuing to grip her with his inner muscles, his booty start to slowly grind, teasing her throbbing cock, edging it until it hovered on the precipice of her orgasm but no further.

This didn’t go unnoticed by the biker and she let out her own girly moan in protest, “Hey!” She sat up on her elbows. “Did I tell you to stop? Ride my cock breeding bitch!” She reached up and snatched Ian’s chin, her sharp claws teasing the sides of his delicate face.

Ian felt a tingle in his core as she grabbed him like this, and he could feel the influence of…’The voice…’ wanting to speak up again. But Ian bit his tongue and shoved it back down, he had been fucked more than enough by them. And he needed to focus to keep his plan in motion.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” He said, suddenly pushing the wolfs wrist away from his face and shifting his legs down to now straddle her cowgirl style. “You want me to drain those heavy balls? Milk all the cum right out of you, and let my ass drink up every single drop?” He swiveled his hips and allowed his aura to weakly pulse.

Unbeknownst to many of the Urul, while they were receiving worlds of pleasure from his sexy, lithe little body. He was holding back the energy of his demon blood, keeping them from experiencing the mind melting sex like he and his Mommies, along with a couple of others had felt.

The Urul looked confused, “What?”

Suddenly Ian leaned down, placing his arms on both sides of her head, and ground his hips down once again. “You know…what I am…don’t you doggy?” He tilted his head cutely, then his eyes flicked over to one of the still winded Urul on the floor beside them. “You know…what I can do…with my ass…” His hand reached out and lightly, he extended an index finger to trace a line along her flaccid cock. “With my hands…” Again, more of his power dripped through with his touch.

The girls cock which had been limply laying against her thigh suddenly felt like liquid electricity had been poured through it. “Aah!” She gasped, feeling her meat quite literally spring up with excitement. Pulsing and fiendish for more boy butt.

He turned to the other side where the two girls from before were also laying, “With my mouth…” Slowly and sensually, he dragged his tongue across his lips. And these Urul seemed to be a different breed of demon when compared to Succubi. While the sisters were especially vulnerable to him with his aura emerged, the Urul were even worse, like putty in his hands when he handled them like this. He could see their dicks already pumping with desire, rising steadily as their yellow orbs locked onto the naked boy.

“What are you talking about?” His lower lover questioned again, only to be caught very üvey anne porno off guard as Ian leaned down and suddenly dragged his little pink tongue over werewolf’s cheek.

She withdrew a shaky gasp as she too experienced the same white-hot intense sensation that he commanded with his touch. Her aching dick nearly burst from just the simple motion.

Ian was in the element of his power, he didn’t want any of this. He’d had enough of being used by power hungry people. All he wanted was to go home and stay there for a while and not be fucked for just a little while! But in order to get that, he had to put together a plan to get him out of here. So, as the days rolled on, when Helle wasn’t looking, he seduced the cock-toting bikers with all of his natural charm, to construct a façade. Something that he knew he truly wasn’t, contrary to what the voice told him. He was over all of this, but he would do what he needed to do to escape. And that was…

“If I want to…I can blow all of your fucking minds with pleasure…” To be a slut. “If I get veeeery into this, rather than you all just rutting until you blow your loads like horny puppies.” He leaned up fully, still straddling the Urul, he put his hands behind his head and swirled his hips again drawing out a weak moan from her. “I can flip your whole fucking world with my body…” He ran his hands down his front, slicking them up with his sweat and some of the remaining splotches of their previous loads. “You think you’ve gotten the best out of me? Oh doggies…you haven’t seen anything yet…” His eyes began to glow.

“Haaa…Haaaah!” The Urul suddenly started to cry out in ecstasy. His ass seemed to wring out the dormant orgasm from her, holding it just barely there. At the point of no return where even the slightest nudge could push her over. But she couldn’t cross it, Ian purposefully held her there with his magic, knowing that she would buckle.

The other Urul watched in awe, cocks standing back upright and wanting. “Buuuut…for me fucking your brains out…I want…a favor…” He said, remembering everything he’d learned about favors and the secret binding magic weaved through all codes in the town. “So what do you say doggies? A favor for me? And more of this for you…”

It took less than a second for the Urul squirming under him to nod her head, “YES! YES! FUCK! OH GOD YES! PLEASE!” Hastily agreeing.

Ian smirked, he could do this. He could get out of here, so his eyes flared. “Good doggie…”

She felt a sudden surge within her as her orgasm, unlike anything she’d ever felt was released. Blowing the pent-up gallons of sperm into the temptress of a boy on her lap.

She screamed.

The Following Morning

“And I thought being gangbanged was humiliating.” Ian thought grumpily as he clung to the back of Helle on her bike. She woke him up early this morning, throwing some clothes his way… if the tiny T-shirt and short booty shorts could even be considered clothing, and told him they were going for a ride.

In the bright light of day, Ian’s small arms encircled around Helle’s tight, muscular waist. He held on for dear life as the motorcycle revved. Loudly blaring the song of its engine into the sky, Helle’s light golden hair was wild. Whipping and flapping about in the strong wind, virtually blinding Ian at her back with her mane.

The whole town that stopped to watch her and the crew of a dozen extra girls riding behind her could see Ian riding bitch on her bike.

After a nice long cruise, Helle made sure that they circled the town at least once so that every possible soul and Sister out and about would see her prize. Eventually, they pulled up to Charred, the local Succubus owned diner. All thirteen motorcycles lining up outside in the parking lot, coming to an obnoxious stop. Ian rocked right into Helle’s back as she parked the bike, kicking down the kickstand to secure it.

For his first bike ride, it was pretty uncomfortable.

The Charred diner was a four-star place known for its skill with cooking up thick steaks and various meats. Most of the wealthier Sisters liked to take their prey to this place when they wanted to show them a good time. Nothing super fancy, but a place you could go for a delicious meal.

Ian almost rolled his eyes, “Of course the doggies wanna go where the meat is.”

“Alright baby boy! Let’s go get some lunch!” Helle happily spoke, swinging her leg over the bike and standing to her incredible height. “Come on girls! Foods on me!”

The gang at her back howled and cheered as they approached the plate glass double doorway. Ian placed a hand on the door, only to have Helle reach past and fling the door open for him. “Bitches first.” She gestured Ian towards the door, grinning down smugly at him. Ian to rolled his eyes with a drawn out sigh and walked past her with a hung head, earning him a throaty chuckle from the alpha. The idle chatter of the patrons drew to a sudden hushed silence üvey erkek kardeş porno as the rough troupe of women paraded into the diner. Numerous Succubi were already in the diner, several accompanied by mortal pets and companions, trying to go about their business and eating their own meals, but ignoring the ensemble of biker women seemed about as impossible as an abstinent Succubus.

Helle marched straight in, her hand on Ian’s lower back, guiding him towards the large center table, completely bypassing the hostess by the counter. She didn’t need a Succubi bitch to take them to one of those stupid long curved booths that were impossible to get out of. No, she wanted a table, a very public table. Both for further exposure of Shelter’s supposed ‘Leader Ian’, and as a declaration of power on her own part as well.

He had been proclaimed the ruler of the town by Agrat herself, and was the child of two of the most influential Succubi in town, Liline and Sin. If he was seen here with her, more notably, as her bitch, maybe that would make enough of a statement that she was going to be in charge. And hopefully, the further humiliation would drive Ian to just submit.

She took him to the double table in the center of the diner and pulled out a chair for herself, quickly seating herself. Ian started to pull out a chair for himself when a heavy hand at his wrist stopped him. “Where do you think you’re going bitch?” She tugged him by the shirt, yanking him towards her and sat him on her lap. “This is the only seat you need now.”

Ian had to bite his tongue, several of the Urul chuckled and snickered at his pouty expression and eagerly pulled up seats of their own. Not being quiet or graceful about their entrance in any form.

The rest of the clientele were noticeably irritated with the addition of these new, loud, guests. A waitress quickly made her way over to the table, ready to address the situation. “Um, excuse me? Miss?” The young brunette waitress approached Helle, her hair tied up in a loose bun and the apron over her front with the diner’s name ‘Charred’ emblazoned along the breasts. “You and your party are going to have to settle down, you’re upsetting our-”

Helle interrupted her, “The only people you have to worry about getting upset is us sweet cheeks. My girls will start off with whatever good hard liquors your serving. I don’t care if it’s early just bring them out and bring me a nice beer. We’ll start ordering when we’re damn good and ready but, until then, I’d like you to acknowledge the pretty face I’ve got right here.” She grabbed Ian by the chin and squeezed his cheeks a bit. “See this? This is Ian Adams, also known as ruler of Shelter, also known as my personal butt slut and bitch. Why don’t you get your pretty ass back there and bring us our drinks before I have my girls beat it. If you serve us good I’ll even make sure you get more than just the tip!” She reclined in her chair, pulling Ian back with her. A number of the Urul snickered at the flustered waitress.

She looked baffled, her eyes glancing between the brash Urul and the silent boy in her lap. She must’ve stood there for a good thirty seconds or so before she finally just spun on her heel and walked away. Going to get some drinks as she was told. Ian immediately felt bad for the confused worker, probably flabbergasted beyond belief at the Urul’s crude display.

But it only got worse as time went on. Despite the waitresses’ best efforts, her and a few co-workers could barely keep up with the demands of the large party. Helle and her girls were having a great time keeping them running rampant, constantly refilling their beverages and ordering multiple courses of meals ranging from burgers to freshly cooked steaks. Prime ribs and pulled pork, racking up as much high-quality meats and foods as they could to stuff their bellies with.

All the while Ian quietly sat in Helle’s lap the entire time, trying his best to tune out the loud laughing and rambunctious nature of the Urul pack. Occasionally he was forced out of his trance like state when Helle would lean around him a steal a kiss, forcing her tongue into his mouth and beating his up with her superior size.

She even pawned him off a few times so that she could lean far back in her chair, kicking both her legs up to rest her boots on the table ignoring the protests of the Waitresses still. When she handed him off to one of the other girls she made sure to call out, “Here’s some more meat for you to enjoy ladies!”

Passing him off as nothing more than just a juicy hunk of meat for her girls to devour like any other. There was laughter on all sides of him, more ladies’ lips tasting of alcohol forcing their ways onto his own. And while a part of him did actually enjoy the rough handling…

A part of him which he repeatedly beat into silence…

Mostly, he just felt conflicted. He knew his demon side could put a stop to this at any moment, or encourage it into a massive orgy and probably even get the annoyed patrons in the bar involved if he so wished, but he knew that wasn’t who he is. He had another plan in motion that would end this Urul problem without anyone else getting hurt. So that’s what he was going to stick to no matter how much they manhandled him. Besides, he also knew that he wasn’t the only one feeling conflicted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32