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The party was over. I was in a daze. My cock was at half mast. I was spent and wanting more at the same time.

Heloise took my arm and led me out of the dining room. We went into the kitchen where the entire staff had gathered. Chefs, cooks, maids, and then the three of us guys. We were the only ones naked, but all the rest looked to us and applauded. Several champagne bottles were opened and glasses were passed around. Toasts were made. I was still in a sexual cloud. One of the other servers, Simone I think was her name. She had been the one that masturbated Jones. She came over to me and suddenly grabbed my balls. “I want to feel this one!”

But Heloise was on her in an instant. “This one isn’t yours! Get back to your own cock.”

Looking around the room, all three of us who stood naked amidst the maids and the cooks still had raging hard-ons despite having cum so recently on our ladies’ deserts. I was exhausted by all the excitement but overly stimulated at the same time. I was’t sure if I would ever sleep again.

The serving maids seemed to be in n argument about which one of the men had cum the most tonight. In then end, the consensus seemed to be me. Cliff and Jones patted me on the back in congratulations and headed off into the manse. I guess my duty was done. I had earned my keep for the night. I was suddenly tired and so with Heloise’s approval, headed to my room.

I entered my room, promptly fell across the bed and was instantly asleep. It felt like only a moment had passed when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Mark! Mark! Wake up! She’s calling you!”

A confused “Wha??” was all that came out of my mouth.

“Miss Nicole, she’s ringing her bell for you. You weren’t answering so she called me.” It was Heloise. She flashed me a smile. “My bet is that she’s already yalova escort found a taste for you.”

I turned over and my cock stood straight up at attention.

“So, its a good thing you seem to be ready!” she said and reached over to give the tip of my cock a playful tug.

I was up and we were on our way, Heloise leading the way through the darkened halls of the manse.

“What time is it?” I asked, stretching.

“A little before midnight. I think our dear Miss Nicole wants a snack before bed.” She giggled. “I love it when they first discover their taste.”

We passed by the main staircase and went into another wing of the house. Three doors in, Heloise stopped and knocked quietly on the door before entering.

“Good evening, ma’am”

“Come in, Heloise!” Nicole said a bit over-excitedly. “Is he with you?”

I came in behind Heloise and Nicole barely suppressed a squeak.

“Hello again, Mark!”

“Good evening Miss Nicole.” I said, managing to give her a better smile than earlier tonight. It wasn’t hard. She really was gorgeous. She had her hair down and brushed and the light shone off of her head, giving her an aura like in a Hollywood movie from the 1940s. She had on a nightgown, and though it wasn’t prudish, it covered her pretty well. But as she stepped forward with an outstretched hand, she was silhouetted by the light and I could see her shapely body outlined beneath the gown. She noticed my cock twitch and grinned as she offered me her hand.

“Hello Mark, its very nice to formally meet you. Please just call me Nicole.” She could barely control the tremor in her voice as she tried to be so proper. All the while though, she was staring at my cock. And when she wasn’t talking, her mouth hung open in anticipation.

“What edirne escort can we help you with, Miss Nicole?” Heloise interrupted with a knowing tone.

“Can…can you…can you do it again? What you did earlier tonight?”

“Can I cum for you, Nicole? Yes. I can.” I said this almost proudly. I was starting to own my position in this house.

“I…have some…some more of my cake…”

“Yes, ma’am. That will be no problem!” Heloise said.

Nicole gestured to a slice of cake next to a glass of milk on her night stand. Heloise took my arm and led me closer to the table.

“Take a seat, Nicole. On the bed. I’m sure you’d like to watch the service.” Then, Heloise took hold of my cock. This time like she had in the interview: from the front, pulling down on my cock like she was milking me.

I watched Nicole as she pulled her legs up to cross them on the bed in front of her. She adjusted her nightgown with both hands, pushing it down between her legs, only she didn’t pull her hands out and I could see her pressing into her pussy, obviously wanting to touch herself but not daring to do it in front of us.

Heloise was excellent at her job. In no time, I was on the edge of orgasm. The head of cock swelled above my shaft. My balls contracted.

“Do you see how his cock changes?” Heloise asked Nicole. “Come closer so you can see.” Before I could blink, Nicole was there, close, staring at what Heloise was pointing out. She let go of me and my cock sprang straight up, rigid in front of me. Nicole gasped. And Heloise immediately grabbed me again. “He’s very close!”

Heloise picked up the cake. I could see that Nicole’s hand had found its way to her crotch again. And at that moment, I came for the second time that night, but no less powerfully.

Heloise erzurum escort artfully aimed me, guiding my cum to decorate the cake. As I finally stopped cumming, she wiped the tip of my cock on the plate to put the last drop there as a kind of exclamation point.

“Voila! My dear! Here is your midnight snack!” said Heloise with a flourish, handing the plate to Nicole. Nicole went right for the cake. “Let’s leave her to her snack,” said Heloise shooing me out the door, though I would have liked to stay and watch. As we left, I could see Nicole using one hand to hungrily fork cake and my cum into her waiting mouth while her other hand was thrust deep between her legs.

I followed Heloise back through the house, watching the swish of her ass in front of me, wondering if she still had that jeweled princess plug in her ass. As had already happened a couple of times, it was like she read my mind. I saw her reach back and flip her skirt up. She grabbed one cheek of her ass and pulled just enough so I could see the jewel still nestled in there. I heard her giggle and looked up to see her looking over her shoulder back at me, a sly smile on her face.

“Here you are, Mark. I’m sure you’ll find your way around the house by yourself soon,” she said smiling. “Hopefully, you can find the rest of the way to bed by yourself. Unfortunately, I have other things to attend to tonight.”

She spun around before I could say anything else and started walking off down the hall. I was still trying to figure out exactly what she’d meant by that last comment when she stopped in her tracks, and once more tilted her hips back to stick her ass out toward me and this time with both hands she reached back to spread her ass, showing off her butt plug. She let go of her cheeks and without turning around, she strode off down the hallway. I’m pretty sure she knew the effect her little display would have on me without needing to actually look.

My cock at attention, I returned to bed. I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive the summer with a constant raging hard-on, but I certainly enjoyed thinking about it as I fell into a deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32