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Brenton zipped Seth’s tent behind him. He stretched as the morning air washed over him. If was fresh and cool compared to the humid heat and overwhelming, yet exciting, scent of cum within the tent. There was no one around so Brenton let himself air out a few minutes. Even now, after such satisfying sex, the excitement of being naked outside the tent and the movement of the air over his body was causing him to grow hard again. He picked up his boxers from the tree branch he had tossed them on before he had rushed in on Seth. He hoped someone had walked by to see the boxers hanging there and then heard the intense man-sex that was occurring in the tent. He pulled on the boxers; his hard manhood kept pushing its way out of the fly. Once he was safely packed away, he strolled off in the direction of his campsite.

On the way back to his tent Brenton saw Bradley coming down the trail. It was clear he was on his way to take a shower. Bradley was a few years younger than Brenton, but had been coming camping with them for a couple of years now. He was a little shorter than the other guys but still about average height. When he smiled, which he was, the smile could take up half of his face. His joy with life was infectious. As Brenton continued to walk toward Bradley he couldn’t help but enjoy what he saw. The eighteen year old was the perfect ordinary guy. He played electric guitar as a hobby, didn’t work out, but ate well, and was very active. His overall appearance was one that screamed nerd, but most people couldn’t look past the sexy charisma his shy nerdiness failed to cover.

Bradley had a mop of black hair, a kind of grown-out bowl cut. The tousled look to his hair was permanent and part of his appeal. His high cheek bones and vibrant eyes were drawing Brenton in to that beautiful smile. Bradley was wearing a very short pair of boxers that covered, barely, everything that should be covered in public. They were tight to his body, his manhood hidden but the shape clearly visible as it was pressed tightly between his body and the boxers. He wasn’t shy though. It was fairly obvious to anyone that knew him that they were not his boxers. He had the legs and arms of a tennis player, which made sense as it was his sport all through high school.

Bradley’s green and white striped towel was laid around his neck. His bare upper body was smooth; he was naturally smooth and shaved everywhere that wasn’t to keep a uniform smooth appearance. Besides his head there was no hair on his body. He liked it that way. Others liked it that way. While his abs were not defined the cut v-shape of his torso was incredibly inviting. His chest was firm but not muscular and his nipples were covered by the towel as it dangled from his neck. His skin was the color of polished ivory and was just as smooth to the touch.

As they grew closer Brenton’s hard six incher was forming an obvious tent, elongate along his shaft and he made no effort to hide it. The white boxers clearly showed the leaking precum from his tip, the precum had made much of his erection nearly visible through the wet, almost see-through material. Seth’s cum had hardened and formed a sort of glue awkwardly holding portions of the boxers to the area around the crack of his ass. His chest still had some dry patches of Seth’s cum on it from when they had fallen together post orgasm. Brenton’s body was still glistening in the sweat he had built up in the encounter with Seth.

They stopped when they finally reached each other. Brenton was the first to speak.

“So what’s the deal with the boxers, they definitely aren’t yours? Do I detect a walk of shame?” Brenton laughed the question to Bradley who looked back at him with a sly grin.

“Come on Brad; tell me why you’re stuffed in that little pair of boxers.” Brenton reached out and grabbed Bradley’s cock through the material of the tight boxers. He gently squeezed it while waiting for a reply. Bradley didn’t flinch.

“Yeah, I grabbed the wrong pair from the tent I was in last night.” Bradley watched as Brenton used his other hand to pull his own hard cock out while he continued to manipulate Bradley through the increasingly tighter boxers.

“The couple in the next campsite invited me over for some drinks after I came back to my site last night. They were pretty wasted and all the sudden she just pulled down her boyfriend’s pants and started sucking him off, right in front of me. I went to leave, but she asked me if I wanted to stay and join them. I thought I should go, but then she offered to let me fuck her. Before I knew it we were in their tent and I was fucking his girlfriend while she was sucking his dick.”

Brenton dropped his boxers and pulled down Bradley’s as well. He walked right up to Bradley and hugged him. Their two erections were pushed upward and Brenton ground his body into Bradley’s. He whispered into his ear.

“Keep telling me the story. You’re making me very, very hot.”

With a gasp, Bradly continued. He told the story as Brenton passionately kissed the nape of his neck and continued gaziantep escort grinding.

“I was getting pretty close to cumming and her boyfriend was clearly getting uncomfortable. She noticed and I know she was getting off on it. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and told him that if he made out with me for a few minutes she would let him take over the fucking. He didn’t think twice and leaned in. So I started kissing him, he wasn’t very into it, but soon we had our hands all over each other and I was still fucking his girlfriend.”

Brenton dropped to his knees and held Bradley’s five and half inch cock to his lips. The slender circumcised cock was hard as a rock. Brenton licked the slit of the engorged cock head. A string of precum formed between his tongue and the cock as he looked up at Bradley. Naked and erect on the trail to the showers Brenton paused only to say “keep going.” Brenton opened his mouth and swallowed Bradley’s cock to the balls, licking it, sucking it, and massaging it with his lips. Brenton slipped two fingers into Bradley’s hole and pumped them in and out as the story continued.

“So, oh god. Yeah.” Brenton’s fingers slowly explored Bradley’s moist, warm hole.

“We’re making out and he stops and begs her to let him fuck her, he doesn’t want some stranger to cum in her pussy. I’m licking his chest and long before this I had pulled his cock from her mouth so I could work him with my hand. I’m still fucking her and I know he is uncomfortable to be so turned on by me while I’m nearing the point where I’m gonna cum inside her.”

“Oh fuck yes Brenton.” Brenton had quickly switched to slowly licking Bradley’s taint and taking his balls into his mouth one at a time. A third finger had entered Bradley at the same time. Bradley’s balls were drawn up tight, he was close to cumming as Brenton swallowed his tool again.

“She acted so disappointed in him and upped the game. She tells him he can fuck her only after he cums in my mouth while I’m sucking him off. He looks at me, he is definitely not into it. He asked me if I’d really be into sucking him off, I think he was hoping I would say no and put an end to it. I told him I never wanted to suck a hot guy’s dick more than I did right then. He was shocked but he relented. So there I was in a tent and I’m going down on this guy’s cock, like it is the last one I will ever get, and his girlfriend is there fingering herself while his hard cock is getting close to shooting.”

“Oh fuck! Brenton you give such good head.” Bradley’s hands were on Brenton’s shoulders. He was braced on the shoulders of the animal man he had been with so many times before. He was balls deep in Brenton’s mouth. He was fucking Brenton’s willing mouth now while Brenton finger fucked him with one hand and jerked his own cock with the other.

“It didn’t take long, you taught me well. Pretty soon he was power-fucking my face. His girl was egging him on the whole time. She was demanding him to cum to prove how much he loved fucking a guy’s face. He busted his nut in my mouth, about three shots of his cum went in and then he pulled out. He pasted three more on my face. His girlfriend sucked the remaining cum out of him. She made him lick his cum up off of my face.”

“Fuck, Brent…right now…on the trail? Oh fuck!” Brenton stood up, spun around, and pushed his ass back onto Bradley’s spit lubed erection. Bradley didn’t resist and grabbed Brenton’s hips and started fucking the loose, recently fucked hole in front of him. Brenton gasped and moaned while Bradley finished his story.

“I think the whole situation was too much for him. He lost his bone by the time he finished licking his cum off my face…Fuck I love your ass…She told him that I still had to cum. It was up to him whether it was in her pussy or in his mouth. Jealousy still won over and he dropped to his knees. I jerked my cock in front of his mouth while his girlfriend called him ‘her big cock slut’…You’re such a slut Brenton…When I was ready I told him to open wide. I covered his face and his tongue in my cum. She gave herself an orgasm while demanding him to swallow…Fuck…He did. I leaned in and cleaned his face with my tongue. He looked so demoralized when I saw him looking up at me…Oh Fuck…I knew what his girlfriend wanted, so I leaned in and I snowballed him while I made him wrap his right hand around my still hard cock.”

Bradley pulled out, his shining cock red from the friction of filling Brenton’s ass. He pushed Brenton off and quickly pulled up the tight pair boxers.

“Fuck Brenton, someone’s coming.” The crunch of branches underfoot around the bend in the trail had given them just enough time to pull themselves together. They were breathing heavy and stuffing their erections away; only to be betrayed by the new wet spots forming from sexual excitement they both had been so lost in.

By the time the stranger was near them they were calm and faking a conversation about the weather. The young man wearing boxers and konya escort a tight fitting t-shirt smiled as he walked by them carrying a shower bag, apparently not noticing the throbbing erections leaking precum tenting out the boxers and the sweat beaded on the skin of the interrupted fuckers. Brenton, as always, took notice of the man. He was clearly ripped, a swimmer’s build. His thin waist could not hold up the boxers he wore. As Bradley watched him walk by, and checked out his tight ass, he noticed the name “Brad” written on the back of the waistband of the boxers.

Bradley avoided eye contact with both the stranger and Brenton as he walked by on his way to the showers. When he was out of earshot Brenton slapped Bradley’s ass.

“He’s the one?! You sucked that god of a man off and came on his face, you animal!”

The sunlight was getting stronger as the Sun came up over the lake. It was beginning to really brighten the trail in the woods.

Bradley smiled, pulling out his hard cock and motioning toward it. “Yes, I drank his cum and he drank mine. Now get over here and so I can cum. You can tell me all about the guy you scored with this morning. I know when I’m getting sloppy seconds on your ass.”

Brenton laughed and grabbed Bradley’s cock and leaned in to his ear. Taking pauses to nibble on his ear lobe Brenton whispered his answer.

“There is only one tent between here and the showers. It was his first time. I rode his cock and took his cum in my ass. Then I took his anal virginity too and fucked him hard until I busted inside of him. When you figure out who it is, don’t tell anyone or do anything, he’s still new with all this. Plus I want to be the first guy to blow him and the first guy he blows.”

Brenton furiously jacked Bradley’s exposed cock. “If you’re good, maybe we can do a threesome tonight, if all goes to plan. Unless you’re back having another threesome with your shy straight jock.”

“I’m so in.” Bradley gasped. The feeling of Brenton’s talented finger tips working his shaft was a familiar one and one that always led to pure pleasure.

Brenton let go of Bradley, gently bit at his ear lobe and whispered “You better go shower or we’ll both miss the hike today.” Brenton walked off leaving Bradley red in the face, his red and erect cock pointing straight out in front of him. Brenton was a tease and had left him hanging so many times in the past. There was something about Brenton that made him want to be the biggest slut in the world. He jerked off to thoughts of Brenton almost every day. After regaining his composure he walked off to the showers eager to figure out who it was that Brandon had just pleasured. It was a mix of jealousy and curiosity.

* * * * * * * * * * *

He saw the tent just off the trail. He noticed the truck in the site. It was Seth’s truck. Seth backed out of his tent wearing just a towel. When Seth saw Bradley wearing the tight boxers and obviously hard he was immediately embarrassed and stood straight up. Almost losing the towel, Seth stuttered his way into greeting Bradley. He could see Bradley was on his way to the showers and wasn’t sure that he wanted to be around another naked friend right now.

“M…M…Morning Brad. I was just on my way to the showers, but I still need to find my shampoo. You on the way to the showers?” Seth was obviously nervous and oblivious to the cum stuck and solidified on his eyebrow and matted into his little patch of chest hair.

“Yeah I’m headed to the shower too. You can borrow my shampoo if you can’t find yours.” Bradley offered the shampoo knowing it would either make Seth really nervous or he would get to shower next to a naked, post-sex Seth.

“Thanks.” Seth said, “I’ll find my shampoo though. I’ll probably meet up with you at the picnic area.”

“No problem, see you then.” Bradley smiled and walked off toward the showers. If anything, he needed to clean all the sex off of him from the previous night in the tent and the tryst with Brenton in the woods.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Bradley walked into the showers to be greeted with a gang shower. Five shower heads were evenly spaced along the back wall. Hooks lined the walls away from the shower, over dressing benches. To his surprise and delight he saw only one other man in the showers, and it was his jock friend from the night before.

The water was running down the jock’s hard, toned, and tapered back. He was tan and smooth, definitely a swimmer. His ass was firm and high over his tightly muscled legs. Bradley watched as the water was collected by his shoulder blades to run down the center of his back. When reaching his ass the stream of water spread out flowing over each of the youthful cheeks, but most of the stream continued down his crack only to run to floor from his taint. His low hanging balls were just visible, a stream of water ran to floor after collecting on the smooth scrotum as well. He had no tan-line. His shaggy brown hair was slicked to the back of his neck, the neck kayseri escort that Bradley had made love to the previous night.

Quietly, Bradley went over to the jock’s bag and clothing pile on the wood benches. He grabbed his own boxers from the pile and stripped off the jock’s boxers and placed them with his belongings. Bradley set his towel and boxers down next to the jock’s. He pulled out his shampoo and took a moment to watch as the jock continued to clean himself. There was no way Bradley could hide his boner, so he proudly jacked himself while watching the water run over the jock’s back. Finally, he worked up the nerve and joined the jock at his showerhead, ignoring the other four unoccupied showerheads on the wall. He put his hand on the jock’s firm shoulder and made his presence known.

The jock spun around, he too had a raging boner, and Bradley had walked in and interrupted his jack off. The fear of being touched in the showers was quickly replaced by recognition.

“Holy shit dude, you scared the shit out of me.” The water splashed down his chiseled chest and abs. His chest rose and fell with his startled breaths. His erection was just starting to soften after being interrupted and then startled.

Bradley reached out and grabbed the jock’s erection. It felt good to have his hand on that cock again. He explored the jock’s chest with his other hand as he stared the now slightly panicked jock in his hazel eyes.

“Just so you know I switched our underwear out.” He slowly stroked the jock’s re-hardening penis. “Unless you want to keep mine, I wouldn’t mind keeping yours to remember our sex by. In fact, if you don’t want to keep it now, you might after this shower.”

Bradley leaned forward and licked his way around the broad firm chest of the jock. He pressed his own erection against the jock’s and with both hands worked both cocks at the same time.

“Brad, you’re a cool guy and all, but I’m really not into guys. I mean, last night I did all those things with you but I was drunk and horny and my Shanna was really getting off on it. But I’m definitely not gay.”

Bradley pressed himself against the jock, front-to-front, the two smooth wet bodies moved in time with the gyrations of Bradley’s hips. He took the jock’s hands and placed them on his ass, he guided the jock’s explorations of his firm ass and deep crack.

“Who cares if you’re gay? I fuck around with guys and girls. I don’t need labels. When I’m having sex, I’m having sex, guy or girl it’s the sex I’m enjoying. We made out. You drank my cum. I drank your cum. I’m sure if I had been able to stay longer she would have had us fucking anyway. You are a ripped, god. You have the kind of body everyone dreams of getting the chance to touch. You have a cock that was made to fuck. Does it matter if you fuck a guy’s ass, just once, in the showers, with no one around?”

Their slick bodies were still in motion. Bradley’s hands were exploring the jock’s ass, they were no longer needed to control the jock’s hands. The jock’s fingers were gently probing Bradley’s crack. He pushed them tentatively, deeper, and when they found the entrance they were looking for they danced lightly over it. He was timid in the exploration, he knew he was horny enough that if he slipped a finger in his cock would surely follow.

“I don’t know.” He whimpered, half-heartedly.

“Yes you do.” Brady gasped seductively as a fingertip began to push against his pucker. “I want you to fuck me like you fuck her. I want your big cock inside me. I want you fill me with your delicious cum.”

He pulled the jock back to the tiled shower wall. Bradley’s back slid on the tiles as he jumped and wrapped his legs around the jock’s waist. The jock caught his legs and let Bradley slide into the perfect position. Bradley wasn’t settling for fingers, he wanted the fuck. Face-to-face Bradley was braced between the wall and the hard jock. The jock used a free hand to line up his cock. Bradley felt the pressure of the engorged, spongey mushroom head of the cock pushing firmly against his pucker.

“Kiss me, like I’m her.” Bradley softly demanded.

The jock leaned in, and put his lips on Bradley’s. Their mouths opened and their tongues entwined. The water still ran over the two teen-aged bodies. Both in the peak of their sexual prime, they were surrendering to the primal urge.

“Fuck me!” Bradley yelled into his breeder’s mouth as they continued to kiss. The jock didn’t really know what he said, the kiss stifled any semblance of words, but he knew what Bradley wanted. He forced himself passed the pucker and into the ass of the first and only guy he would ever fuck. Bradley’s arms were wrapped around the jock’s neck as their kiss continued unbroken.

Moans and groans became increasing louder as the two young men fulfilled their carnal desires. Bradley began to whimper as the jock pounded his tight man-pussy. It was rough. The jock was compensating for the fact that he was so turned on by fucking a guy by being as rough as possible. He was making it all about him, not about Bradley. He fucked with force, slamming his whole length in and pulling all the way out. They were connected in the fuck and braced against the wall; Bradley enjoyed the pure bliss of being fucked. Bradley’s eyes were closed as he kissed the man who was pounding him through so much pain and pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32