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I’d been watching my neighbour Tom in his back garden for a couple of weeks. My bedroom window overlooked his back garden so every morning I’d watch him come out onto his patio for his morning cigarette and (I assumed) coffee. He’d be wearing nothing but a T-shirt and tight trunk-style underwear. The shirt and pants clung to every part of his body. He was a well built man and looked to have a nice sized cock outlined in his pants.

This was a definite bonus of having to move back to my parents house after I lost my job and then my flat.

It was a bit of a backward step for me but something I couldn’t avoid as I’d only had the job and flat for about a year so hadn’t built up any savings to be able to stay independent and away from home.

It was a bit restricting too because my folks lived out of the city and I was used to being able to go out any time I wanted to get cock. There were a number of gay bars, cruising grounds, and public toilets close to where I was renting – that was one of the reasons I took the flat. I could always get cock when I was horny, which was most of the time.

I’m Joey – I’m 22, 6’1″ tall, dark brown hair, close cropped beard, good body from running, playing squash and doing a lot of swimming. My chest had a light coating of hair and I had a little treasure trail of hair leading down to my uncut 7″ cock. My ass was firm, rounded – the type you would call a bubble-butt – and always hungry for a cock shoved deep inside. I’d had to resort to fucking myself with a dildo since moving back home. It wasn’t the same as feeling a hard piece of cock meat up my cunt spurting a hot load of cum, but it was better than nothing.

I’d always had a bit of a crush on Tom. He was about my height, in his early 50’s at a guess with close cropped dark hair and always had that designer stubble on his chin that never seemed to get any thicker. He had a well built body, with muscular arms and legs. I knew he worked out a lot at the local gym as I’d seen him going in there a few times. I’d always been mardin escort tempted to join so I could “accidentally” bump into him in the change room, but never worked up the courage. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a shy guy, but I figured, if he were gay, Tom was way out of my league.

Tom lived with his son Andy since Tom’s wife died a few years ago from cancer. They had been devastated by her death. According to my mum, she’d gone for a check up after finding a lump in her breast, got diagnosed with breast cancer and had died within 6 months. Andy was a couple years older than me, not quite as tall, with dark blonde collar length blond hair. He looked like the typical surfer dude who wouldn’t look out of place on an Australian beach. He had a well defined hairless body. He had moved back home to be with his dad after his mother’s funeral and then stayed. He was a teacher and got transferred to the local high school so he could be there for Tom.

Some mornings when Tom was out having his morning cigarette, he’d fondle his cock and balls through his tight fitting trunks. By the time he’d finished smoking, his cock was hard and straining against the fabric of his pants. From my window I could tell he was hung. It looked big and very thick. Occasionally Andy would be outside with Tom, but that didn’t stop Tom still playing with his cock. The two obviously had a very relaxed attitude to cock play. I didn’t know just how far that went until yesterday.

My folks had gone away for the weekend as it was the anniversary of when they had met and the weather had been forecast as being sunny and very warm. They decided to head to a luxury country hotel with pool and spa. As warm weather was forecast I was hoping Tom and maybe Andy, would get out into the garden and catch some rays. I wasn’t to be disappointed.

It was late morning and I was sitting in the kitchen having coffee, the patio doors wide open. It was already warm and the open doors let in some cool air. I heard van escort Tom in his garden shout to Andy, “I’m gonna get the sun-beds out. Why don’t you make us some bucks fizz or something?”

Yes I thought!! They were going to sunbathe!! I raced up to my bedroom and peeked out my window. Tom was getting the sun loungers out. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and fuck me, his white trunks were see through!! I could see his semi hard chunky cock laying to the left and his tight balls – it looked like he had a cock ring around his balls too. He lay down on a sun lounger and stretched his arms over his head. His body was fucking hot with a heavy dusting of hair all over, but I couldn’t take my eyes off that magnificent uncut cock. It looked to be about as big as mine, but it was thicker – a lot thicker.

Just then Andy appeared carrying two glasses of what I assumed was the bucks fizz. He was shirtless too and wearing a pair of very short and skimpy jogging shorts. His cock head was hanging out the bottom. He handed a glass to his dad and then stood at the side of his dad’s sun lounger. Tom took the drink in one hand and with his other hand started to caress the back of Andy’s thigh. He moved his hand up under the hem of the shorts so he was playing with Andy’s ass. Andy spread his legs a bit wider, his cock started to lengthen and grow. Fuck me he was big. His cock seemed to keep growing longer and longer. He pulled the hem of his shorts to the side of his balls so his hard uncut cock could stick straight out. It must be at least 9″.

Tom moved his hand from caressing Andy’s ass and took hold of his cock. He started jacking off his son. I was in fucking heaven watching the dad pulling on his son’s cock. Just then Andy moved forward so his cock was close to Tom’s mouth. Tom stuck his tongue out, pulled the foreskin back and started licking the big bulbous knob head. My cock was straining in my trackie pants so I pushed them down and let my hard cock bounce free. I started wanking my cock ankara escort slowly as Tom opened his mouth and sunk Andy’s cock balls deep inside his gob. It must have been halfway down his throat. He’d obviously done that before – anyone taking that huge cock in his mouth would have gagged on it if they weren’t used to it.

Tom was really going for it, sucking on his son’s cock for all he was worth. Andy then pulled his cock out of Tom’s mouth, put his drink down and stepped out of his shorts. He was now bollock naked. He reached for Tom’s cock, pulling the waistband of Tom’s pants down under his balls. Tom’s cock stood hard and proud pointing at the sky. Andy spat on his dad’s cock, then straddled him and sat down on his cock getting it all the way inside his cunt in one go. He was either already lubed up inside his cunt or he’d had plenty of practice at riding that cock.

Andy bent forward and locked lips with his dad. He reached around and pulled his ass cheeks apart – I could see Tom’s cock balls deep in Andy’s pussy. Tom started lifting his ass off the sun lounger fucking his son’s ass as they continued kissing. Andy sat up straight and started jacking off his cock as Tom pushed his cock deep inside him. Andy’s cock exploded with a huge amount of cum – shooting up onto Tom’s face and chest. I counted 5 big spurts of man juice splashing onto Tom. I guess Tom was shooting his dad seed inside his boy’s cunt as he had stopped fucking.

I couldn’t hold back any longer – my cock exploded too, sending rope after rope of my cum onto the window. I hadn’t cum so much in ages.

Just then both Tom and Andy turned to face me, smiling. I pulled back away from the window, not wanting to be caught watching. But the evidence of my jacking off was there for them to see running down the window.

I waited a couple of minutes and then peeked out the window again. Andy had turned around – he had his ass in his dad’s face while bending forward sucking on the cock that had just been deep inside his ass. Tom was obviously eating his spunk from his son’s cunt.

I needed to get closer. Fuck me, I needed to join them. My cock was still rock hard. I wanted one or both of them to get my next load and to give me theirs. I moved so I was in full view of them if they turned to look at my window again. Come on guys, just look my way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32