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She looked perfect. Her hair was raven black and stylish cut to frame her face. Her make-up could have been applied by an expert beautician and her nails were manicured beautifully.

She wore a white blouse, just see-through, with a plunge front neckline, 3 buttons between her cleavage and her waist ensuring it stayed in place. The sleeves puffed at the double-buttoned cuffs to accentuate its femininity.

The pencil-line black skirt had a tiny zip at the back and a hem which finished two inches above the knee. It was expensively lined, removing the need for an underskirt.

Her legs went on forever and were perfectly and evenly tanned, thus they were bare. Under her skirt the white lacy panties matched the under-wired half-cup bra, which strained very slightly to retain its 36c occupants.

She stood 5’10” tall in her 5″ heel black patent pumps and her 36c-28-36 figure was as guaranteed to turn heads as the walk that moved her hips so sensually.

The deep red lips were teamed with the same colour on her toe and fingernails and the whole effect was completed by the fragrance of Chanel No.5.

As Bycasino she walked across the pedestrian precinct in the middle of the city, the lunchtime sun seemed to follow her like a spotlight on a stage. It was as though men arrived on the scene from everywhere just to see her pass by, forming a corridor of pent-up desire and longing at her innate sexuality.

She lifted the Gucci sunglasses from her nose and place them carefully in her hair, looking straight ahead and apparently indifferent to her audience. All she saw was the lone figure waiting ahead of her, standing in a jaunty pose, hands on expensively trousered hips watching her get ever closer.

When they were no more than three yards apart, they both spread their arms wide in greeting before embracing and kissing. It was a prolonged, deep kiss, tongues probing and caressing each other’s mouths.

Both felt the arousal as the others body pressed closer and tighter. Their eyes locked and they kissed again.

They did not exchange a word, just a deep, lingering, knowing look before walking away arms around each other, each Bycasino giriş feeling total contentment that they were with their soul mate.

Minutes later they were in her apartment, kissing passionately again. She stood back from the embrace and removed first the skirt, then the blouse, then the bra and panties. She stayed in her shoes before moving forward to ease the jacket off the slender shoulders before her.

She slid the zip down the front of those beautifully fitted, tailored trousers and then stood back and admired Helen as she too wore just bra and panties.

Helen reached behind her and unclipped the bra, slid the panties down and took Sally in her arms.

6’0″ tall, she needed no help from high heels, but she loved Sally keeping hers on.

They kissed again and Helen played with Sally’s nipples, then sucked them, licked them and teased them.

Sally could stand it no more. Grabbing Helen’s head gently but firmly she guided it down her body between her legs and moaned gently when she felt mouth lips meet cunt lips.

Sucked, licked and tongue-fucked, Bycasino deneme bonusu Sally took only seconds to cum, not once but twice and a third time, shuddering and moaning softly as the sensation pulsed through her body and into her throbbing cunt. As the last wave subsided, she pulled Helen away from her and the two lay side-by-side looking into each other’s eyes once more.

Helen felt Sally’s fingers probing her pussy and she locked onto them and rode them. The knuckle of Sally’s thumb found Helen’s spot as first two, then three, then four fingers probed deeper and deeper in. Helen opened her mouth and let out a tiny gasp, then a loud scream of emotion and pleasure as she felt her cum juices flow over Sally’s hand.

They kissed deeply again and spoke for the first time since meeting.

“I love you,” said Sally. “Thank you for agreeing to spend the rest of your life with me.”

“I love you too,” Helen replied. “It was a beautiful service wasn’t it? To think we are now married – as married as any couple could be. I am so happy.”

They kissed again and lay quietly as the photographers and reporters gathered outside the apartment, waiting to question the two former nuns who had just been joined in a lesbian marriage. They had split up after the service in attempt to shake off the press, but the tabloids had tracked them down. Life would never be quite the same again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32