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The Perfect Pair Part 2

(fetish, chastity, consensual & non-consensual, cross dressing)

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

A story of a loving couple exploring their sexual fantasies, together.

Read Chapter 1, first.

Dennis and Brooke decide, while on their honeymoon, to explore their sexual fantasies, together.

Having survived their long flight home from Amsterdam, it only took a couple of days to get settled back into their routine at home.

Of course, the first thing they did the next morning back, on Brooke’s insistence, was print off the chastity belt agreement and game plan, and solemnly sign it. They knew the document meant nothing to the legal system, but it meant a lot to them.

Brooke made Dennis review, one by one the list of rules for earning points toward release. She’d broken them up, dividing them between those applicable to him and those for her.


1 point for each 24-hour period he wears sexy, women’s panties

1 point for each 12-hour period he dresses as a woman.

1 point for each 4-hour period he’s out in public as a woman.

1 point for each 24-hour period he wears a butt plug

2 points for each anal sex session.

1 point for each airline flight

2 bonus points per week for remaining hairless

2 bonus points per week for each bra size he increases his breasts

2 bonus points per week for each body piercing


1 point for each 24-hour period she doesn’t wear any panties

1 point for each 12-hour period she goes fully nude

1 point for each 4-hour period she’s out in public as a bimbo.

1 point for each 24-hour period she dresses as a bimbo

1 point for each 24-hour period she wears a butt plug

2 points for each anal sex session.

1 point for each airline flight

2 bonus points per week for remaining hairless

2 bonus points per week for each bra size she increases

2 bonus points per week for each body piercing

Brooke signed quickly and happily, while Dennis was a bit slower to sign, but with a weak smile, he did.

That done, they focused on getting over their jet lag, and back into their routine at work. Soon, though Brooke was on the phone making appointments. She was excited, and in a hurry to get started on fulfilling the sexual fantasies they’d discussed.

As always, it made Dennis nervous, constantly anxious that she was moving too fast, but he had committed to going through with the game plan, so he didn’t protest.

First, she scheduled appointments for the both of them with a local spa known for doing quality laser hair removal treatments. She made all of the arrangements over the phone with the first of several procedures planned for the next evening.

When he asked, she explained that they had two technicians who, for an extra fee, had agreed to work on them after normal business hours. There would be many sessions, focusing on different parts of their bodies, spaced a week apart, probably, extending over a couple of months.

“Holy cow!” he gasped, “that long? And how much is this costing us?”

“Honey, that’s what it takes. It’s not a one and done kind of thing, and we do want to get it going before the belts arrive, so I hurried things as much as I could.”

“And what all are they doing to us?” He asked, afraid of the answer.

“We’re each getting the same treatment. Remember fair-is-fair. They’ll start with our crotches, then do our legs and underarms, after that we’ll see if they’ll need to work on the rest of our bodies. The woman on the phone said that for the hair on our torso’s and arms, chemical hair removers may suffice.”

Dennis just moaned in response.

Brooke hugged him, “Come on lover, it will be OK. Part of our new adventure. Think of the points you’ll get.”

The session at the spa was as embarrassing as Dennis expected it to be, even though the technician was professional and friendly.

The only good news was that both of the techs predicted that Brooke and Dennis were excellent candidates for a minimal number of sessions. They would be hairless before they knew it.

Hurrah, Dennis thought wryly.

With that process started, Brooke continued with another set of appointments. When Dennis questioned her, what’s the hurry? She replied that she wanted to get as much done as possible before their chastity belts arrived and they started the game.

She scheduled a meeting with a plastic surgeon. She made that one for herself, but told Dennis, that after she scoped out the doctor and discussed their willingness to perform the surgery on istanbul escort him, she would schedule a session for him.

Dennis was frightened by the thought and unenthusiastic, although that night he found himself dreaming of having breasts, under wonderful women’s clothes.

A few days later, Brooke returned after her meeting with the doctor in high spirits. She was anxious to get the procedure done, as she wanted to be recovered as much as possible, as soon as possible.

She explained that after talking to the doctor she had decided on implants targeting E-cup breasts, and to have the surgery the following week, after she had made arrangements at the office to work from home for the following week. It had taken some fast talking to get the procedure scheduled that quickly, but she had won that battle.

Dennis was shocked and immediately horny when he heard about Brooke’s plans for huge tits.

“Wow, you’ll look fantastic!”

Brooke laughed, “yes, I’m sure I will. Bimbo Brooke will have a great time.”

“I’m sure I will too,” he chuckled. But then turned serious, “but what about work? Won’t you have a hard time with the people there? Could it affect your career?”

Brooke nodded, “I thought about that. Everyone there will be surprised, that’s for sure, and I’ll have some explaining to do.”

She paused and smiled, “I’ve been thinking of how best to tell the story. But in any case, everyone there knows that regardless of how I look, big boobs, or even sexy clothes, I’m skilled, intelligent and good at what I do.

“I think, like you said the other day, I can turn it to my benefit. Men can be easily manipulated by a sexy woman and I can take advantage of that. Think about it. A sexy woman with brains, What a unique combination!”

They both laughed at that.

After they hugged and calmed down, she continued.

“And I talked to the doctor about you. He said he’d be happy to take you to B-cups, as long as you signed all of the necessary paperwork, acknowledging that you were a man who wanted female breasts. So, I scheduled you for an appointment, tomorrow. We were lucky that they had a cancellation.”

Dennis, swallowed and took a couple of deep, calming breaths, “Yah, lucky.”

When Brooke stared at him, waiting for more, he sighed, “OK, I guess.”

“Oh honey, you’ll love having them, and so will I. You’ll be the woman you’ve dreamed of, and I’ll get to play with your boobs, like a happy little lesbian.” Brooke said with a lascivious wink.

“But honey, I dreamed of dressing like a woman, not being one,” Dennis said quietly, almost whining.

“I know lover, but in order to look like a proper woman you have to have boobs! And falsies just won’t do, especially in the bedroom with me. I’m dying to make love to you while fondling your breasts, real breasts.”

With that, Brooke grabbed his hand and dragged him off to their bedroom; he didn’t resist.

They spent the next hour making love, each of them lost in their own dreams of future sessions involving breasts of varying sizes.

The following afternoon, they left work early and met with the doctor. He was professional and understanding, not asking too many difficult questions of Dennis. They were able to schedule his procedure for later the next week. It would give him time to make arrangements at work, and for Brooke to have had a couple of days to recover before Dennis came home with his new chest.

As excited as Brooke was by the plan, Dennis was worried and afraid.

What the hell am I getting myself into? He asked himself, repeatedly. But, without a satisfactory answer, he just kept going along with Brooke’s plans.

They now spent many of their evenings on Amazon, shopping for both Bimbo Brooke and Denise. They’d sit together in their home office, staring at the big monitor as they selected lingerie, dresses and shoes. All of it was sexy. The items for Brooke more so. They also picked out several quality wigs that either of them could wear in their new personas. Makeup was another item they bought in a broad range and quantity. Brooke, looking toward the future, concentrated on long-lasting, smudge-proof brands as she expected that they’d be wearing it to bed, often.

The costs continued to grow, but they saw it as an investment in happiness and adventure, so they enjoyed the sessions immensely.

They almost forgot to buy a collection of sports bras for Dennis. Brooke assured him that they would flatten his chest, underneath the normal men’s shirts he wore to work. He certainly hoped that would be the case. He was petrified of being discovered.

Brooke was really looking forward to dressing, and showing off as the erotic woman she had fantasized about. She had to add many items to her ‘wish list’ as she couldn’t be sure of the fit, until her new breasts were in place.

Dennis was excited, about his women’s wardrobe, too. It wasn’t as sexy or revealing as his wife’s, but it thrilled him immensely. He was really looking forward Escort Anadolu Yakası to trying them on, but not so thrilled about wearing them in public, as the chastity game encouraged.

On Monday, Brooke went in for her surgery. It was considered ‘outpatient’, so she would be at the hospital for just under 24 hours, most of the day and overnight. Dennis stayed with her throughout the day, and picked her up in the morning.

She was groggy and sore, and hated moving around. Her chest ached terribly, despite the pain killers the doctor provided.

Dennis worked from home, so he could nurse his wife after her procedure. It turned out that there was little he needed to do, as Brooke stayed in bed and slept most of the time.

By Wednesday, though she was feeling much better and with her torso tightly wrapped, she was able to move around and even do some work on her laptop while propped up in bed.

She made it a point not to complain as she didn’t want Dennis to chicken out on his procedure scheduled for Friday.

As the pain faded, her excitement grew. Damn, she thought, I really did it. I’ve got huge boobs, now. I’ll look fantastic and drive all of the guys crazy.

She couldn’t wait for next week’s appointment, where the doctor would remove the bandages and allow her to see herself. The support bras that she had ordered, based on the doctor’s suggestions had arrived. She’d wear them for the next few of weeks, until she was completely healed, then she could wear sexier ones, or nothing at all!

Dennis was also thrilled about his wife’s new rack. But with his own surgery just a few days away, he was too worried to really enjoy the excitement.

He focused on her care, and on his job, to keep himself occupied and his mind distracted.

When Friday rolled around, Brooke was sufficiently recovered and mobile enough to drive him to the hospital.

The doctor assured him that everything would be fine, as he was being sedated.

When he came to his senses, lying in a hospital bed, Brooke was there to comfort him and help him through the initial hurt.

“What have I done?” He mumbled to her, while moaning in pain and filled with doubt.

“My love, you have made both of us very happy. Relax now and sleep. I’ll be back in the morning to take you home.”

With that she gave him a kiss and he drifted back to his dreams.

Mid-morning, Brooke was there to pick him up and drive him carefully home, putting him straight to bed. And just as she had done, he slept the entire day away.

By Sunday he was able to get up and move around, and on Monday he was able to do some work, while Brooke met with the doctor and got a look at her new breasts.

The sight blew her away! They were huge and firm, and she thought they looked wonderfully sexy. The doctor told her that they were still a little swollen and bruised, but that was normal. The incisions looked good and he wanted to see her in two weeks’ time. He reminded her to wear the support bras, constantly at least until her next visit. He then sent her home.

As soon as she arrived home, she showed Dennis her new figure and, as expected he was thrilled.

“God, they’re fantastic. I can’t wait to play with them.” Dennis sighed.

“Don’t you wish yours could be this size?” She asked, giggling.

“No, I’d never be able to hide them,” he quickly responded, but after a couple of minutes, he admitted, quietly, “I guess I would like breasts that size, but I just can’t.”

Brooke just laughed. “Well dear, that’s a fantasy we’ll have to shelve. At least for now.”

“What do you mean, ‘at least for now’?”

“Well, just think about the reward points you’d get if we took them up to my size. You’d get a lot more time out of your belt – a lot more sex. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?”

He smiled at the thought, but reiterated, “I could never hide boobs like those under my man clothes. It just wouldn’t work.”

As Brooke walked out the bedroom door, she said, “Well we could change that, you know. You’d get a lot more points if you were in women’s clothes, full time.”

“Wait, what?

But she was already gone, and didn’t hear him. He was left to wonder what the hell she was talking about. He’d never considered being a woman full time, he wasn’t trans-gendered, or at least he’d never considered that possibility. Damn, where was all this going!

Brooke was still too sore for any fooling around, and he was worse off than she was, so they just relaxed for the rest of the day, and worked from home, side by side, for the rest of the week.

Each day their chests felt better, and they grew more used to the changes made to their bodies. Brooke, in particular, had trouble with her balance and even just watching her feet and where she was stepping was a challenge.

They found it difficult, but they continued to avoid playing with each other’s tits.

They spent their days at home working remotely, and their evenings cuddling and enjoying Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort careful sex.

Almost every day deliveries were made of the things they’d ordered on-line. Ya gotta love Amazon Prime!

Each evening, after work, they open the boxes and model their new clothes for each other.

Dennis loves those nights. He enjoys dressing in his new women’s lingerie and outfits, prancing around in his new high heels with the nylons caressing his legs. It’s just like he’s always dreamed of.

He also adores ogling Brooke in her new sexier dresses, skirts, and tops. All of them showed off her lovely legs in her sky-high heels. The dresses and tops were all selected to put her new cleavage on full display. The new bras made her huge breasts look even larger.

They both start spending much of their evenings wearing and practicing in their heels. Both of them suffer with sore feet and legs, but are unwilling and unable to stop. They need to get used to them in order to earn points, once the game starts.

When the box of sexy woman’s panties shows up Dennis is really excited.

To avoid temptation, he loaded all of his men’s underwear into a trash bag and stashed it in a storage cabinet in the garage. From that point on he intends to wear only his sexy, panties. They feel wonderful, and feminine, and they will earn him points.

Not to be outdone, Brooke gathered all of her panties and put the entire collection into another bag and stored it alongside Dennis’. She had already discarded all of her old bras as they wouldn’t fit either her or her husband.

When several corsets arrive, they both put them on, trying to get used to the compression, and wondering if their belts will allow them to wear the things. They do make him look more feminine, and her look more bimboesque. Brooke’s big boobs look even larger with the thing shrinking her waist. The support they provide Brooke’s breasts is also a plus.

They both agree that they like the effect, but they also find them uncomfortable, especially the more heavily boned versions.

Dennis begins wearing his feminine outfits most evenings and nights, around the house. He finds that he’s really loving it. Spending his time fulfilling his fantasies, with his wonderful wife’s support and assistance. He is now happy that he went along with the hair removal treatments, as he really enjoys the feel of nylon stockings on his hairless legs.

Each night he sleeps in sexy negligées. He loves the feel, and so does Brooke.

Brooke, feeling adventurous and like the bimbo she dreams of, spends a lot of time wearing just her support bra around the house and in bed.

They find it entertaining; doing normal chores and activities in their home, with Dennis fully clothed in his women’s things and Brooke moving about nearly naked.

They find that living their fantasies is wonderfully erotic and making love is greater than ever. Both of them are loving their new, erotic lifestyles.

Brooke holds several make-up training sessions with Denise. Slowly, he gets better at it, and the more he looks at himself in the mirror, the more he realizes that he can indeed look like a passible girl.

During one session she works on Denise’s eyebrows, trimming and plucking. He protests, but she shushes him and keeps at it, holding him in place, “oh stop worrying, I’m only doing a little, no one will notice,” she scolds.

Brooke is actually thrilled by how good he looks, and tells him that constantly, slowly building up his self-assurance.

He continues to gain confidence in his ability to look and act like a woman. It’s actually kind of scary, as he never thought he could look good enough to pull it off, but he and Brooke, now agree that he makes a fine woman.

Brooke also works hard on her own make-up, developing her Bimbo Brooke persona with lots of eye color, liner, false lashes, blusher and lipstick. She winds up looking erotic and slutty, and Dennis loves it.

They do each other’s toe and finger nails. Dennis finds he enjoys doing Brooke’s nails and adding long and exotic extensions. It’s fun and sexy as hell. Who knew?

At the end of the week, Dennis goes in for his check-up. The good doctor finds no issues with Dennis’ new breasts, and as his were not as large as Brooks’, he wasn’t required to wear a support bra for as long. His recovery time would also be shorter, and less troublesome.

He had to admit that he was, in fact, already feeling only minor pain and was getting quite comfortable with his new chest. He certainly liked the way his small, feminine breasts looked and felt. It was another aspect of his fantasies that he found a huge turn-on, and he was quite happy he had gone through with it. He still worried, though, about being discovered as a guy with boobs.

That weekend, with both of them feeling better, and having received the doctor’s blessing they began enjoying their breasts as an important part of their sex lives.

Brooke loves both her new breasts and Dennis’ too. His give her a thrill as they fit in with her lesbian love fantasies. Her own new breasts make her feel sexy and even slutty, in a good way.

Dennis, for his part, loves Brooke’s big new boobs, and finds his own to be fascinating and fun, but he doesn’t draw the same pleasure from them as Brooke does.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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