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Chapter Eight

They say there is always an explosion just before all hell breaks loose. And hell was moments away from rising up from the depths and walking through the lives of the living. In a short time Cheryl had become stronger than Master David and he would soon bend to her will but what about the others? Vengeance would cloud their thoughts and keep them from seeing clearly the big picture. Could she count on Brooke’s education to keep the others in line? She wasn’t sure as Brooke herself had her own skeleton in the closet that she dared not look at. Steve would be her best bet at keeping the insanity reined in and she needed to talk to him now. She reached her mind out and found him carrying the unconscious Brooke upstairs to the old control room. She waited until Brooke was safely laid on the couch.


That you Cheryl? We’ve been worried about you. You OK? What about Master David?

Easy there big guy, Yes, it’s me and I’m fine for now, little Davey is quite busy right now fighting a never ending battle with mirrors, he breaks them and more appear. He can’t get out until I will it. You are all safe for now but Marcie will need to be dealt with.

Marcie? What’s up with Marcie?

She is little Davey’s sister. He did something to her mind so he could see through her eyes. I can feel the real Marcie waking up. She will of course take his side so you will need to keep an eye on her.

Why not just lock her in a closet?

No, let her hand play out, just wing it. She will try to free her brothers body first and that will be our ticket into his underground lair. Brooke has found a way to lock him up for good, that’s what she was going to talk to you about. But if she moves too soon with her plan it will backfire on us.

How do I know I can trust you Cheryl? You conspired with Brooke once to silence me. How do I know you won’t play that game again?

Because I love you Steve.

And that’s just supposed to solve everything right, like nothing ever happened? You abandoned me when I needed you most and now you claim your love for me. When it suits your needs?

Steve, I know you’re angry, but you have to get past that for now and blindly put your faith in me. We can do this later after the Master has been dealt with. Right now though I need to get back to my body. I can see through Tabatha’s mirrors but I can’t get out. Please, go downstairs and tell her it’s ok to drop the wall.

Cheryl, how do I know this is really you. You’re asking a lot of me and quite frankly I’m not so sure I can do as you ask. I need something I can feel so I know the truth of what you’re saying. I won’t be fooled again.

Cheryl didn’t want to do this, not when she was so close to putting an end to all they had endured. She wasn’t even sure she could do this but she had to try. She focused all her energy on Steve’s mind and merged with it. She was him. He was her. They were one in the same.

Steve felt a warmth he’d never felt before. He was suddenly looking out from two sets of eyes. Neither belonged to him yet they both did. He could see Cheryl’s soul and touch it. But was it hers or his soul he was touching. It was both and it wasn’t. It was one and yet separate. He could feel her like never before. It was her. It was him. Then it was gone.


Yes Steve.

That was scary, don’t ever do that again.

So will you help me now?

Of course, on one condition though.

Just name it.

We get to have a long overdue chat when this is over.


When Steve descended the stairs he announced that Brooke would be ok. He walked straight over to Tabatha and pulled her aside.

Your sister wants to come home.


Drop your mirrors, Cheryl is coming back.

Not on your life, that bastard will get loose.

Cheryl has him busy, he’s not going anywhere.

And how would you know that?

Just know that I do.

Not good enough.



Yes it’s me, it’s time to get this party started.

What about little Davey?

He’s busy.

No, No, No, No, No. I can’t…I…I…won’t!

Marcie watched as Steve took Tabatha aside. Whatever Steve said to her she was very upset by it. The first explosion went off in Marcie’s head like an atom bomb. The second rather subdued bomb brought her to her senses and once again she was thinking freely. Her brother needed her help. She walked straight over to the cabinet on the other side of the room and extracted the .45 caliber pistol and in one sweeping movement lined the sight up on Tabatha. She pulled the trigger.

At first Tabatha thought someone had hit her. At first that was all she could think until the burning in her stomach told her otherwise. A second shot rang out, the bullet hitting her square in the chest and knocking her off her feet. Steve turned to find the gun leveled at his head, it’s owner making it clear he could quite possibly be next. He raised his hands in submission.

Chrissy and Jillian ran for cover at the sound of the first xslot shot. Both were confused by what Marcie had just done. Steve was not at all confused and began to walk between Marcie and Cheryl’s sleeping form, hands raised. Cheryl looked on in horror as her sister fell to the floor in a pool of blood. She felt Tabatha touch her mind briefly and was gone. But so was the wall of mirrors. She felt herself drawn back to the confines of her body and a moment later her eyes blinked open. Chrissy and Jillian moved to stand beside Steve to help block Marcie’s view of Cheryl.

Looking into Marcie’s eyes, Steve could only see the cold steel blue gaze of a lost soul, a madwoman seeking revenge in the most frightful way she could. The Marcie they once knew was gone, replaced by this demon spawned in hell. Master David had outsmarted them all, the game was over and they had lost the final battle. Cheryl’s sister Tabatha was dead. The big question was who would be next.

Cheryl was in a state of shock at first. She was back but in the process she felt her sister slip away. Tabatha? Are you there? Tabby!

Marcie was pissed, for one thing her brother had left her to watch over these pathetic creatures against her will. Watch their pitiful attempts to bring closure to something none of them had asked for. His twisted mind had failed to see what she knew all along. The experimental drug he had used in the beginning to pry into the minds of the others would have the same effect it had on her and himself. And the others had mounted a quite successful psychological counter attack just as she predicted. Now she would have to undo everything her brothers sick twisted mind had not foreseen. Her biggest problem was gone, Tabatha was no more. Too bad the poor girl never got the chance to see her true potential. Chrissy and Jillian were both weak personalities created by David but still they posed a low level threat. Steve, the original had proved to be stubborn and most unpredictable but he was surely the most rational of them all. Johnny, she was unsure of. He would pop his head up from time to time but never seemed to be around when Jillian ran for cover. This worried her. Not as much as Cheryl did right now though. She could feel that she was back in her body now. She was physical again and that may work to her advantage. She would need a chance to talk to Cheryl one on one. Brooke, posed a deadly threat. She possessed a genuine hatred towards men in general. She would need to know more about that hate and why she seemed to posses the ability to see into the minds of the others. Brooke was never exposed to the drug!

Brooke began to stir on the couch upstairs in the old control room. Something felt different but right and at the same time unnatural and wrong. She was walking down a deserted street in San Francisco, there was blood on her hands. The blood of her enemies who lost their final battle to her will. A will so powerful and so unexpected she had no control of the evil it wrought. She pushed it back, pushed it to the deepest reaches of her mind to lay dormant and never to be touched again. Her eyes fluttered open, but they weren’t the same eyes that just a few minutes ago had taken a spill on the stairs. These eyes held no compassion or lust for life. They held nothing the former Brooke believed to be true and good. They possessed and encompassed a pain long forgotten. Fire and brimstone, pain feeding on memories of long ago. Pain lost and found again. Pain so overwhelming it shattered her mind and touched that which lay dormant for so many years. She stood, walked to the computer and began to type. An evil grin appeared on her face as she hit enter for what would be the last time.

Cheryl felt what Brooke had done but had no time to think about it. The Ranch House faded for a moment and then was real again. Cheryl pounced on Marcie’s mind and began her assault. Marcie was unprepared and did exactly as Cheryl thought she would. She put up her hands to block the assault letting go of the gun. It dropped to the floor and went off just as Brooke was coming down the stairs. Brooke felt the bullet sear her side just below her ribcage. She continued down the stairs. Marcie’s mind was being assaulted from two sides now and Brooke and Cheryl were relentless. They filled her mind with images, took her places she could have never imagined. She was so busy fighting off the onslaught that she never saw Steve coming. He drove her hard into the wall that was unforgiving. The Ranch House flickered again and was gone.

Cheryl immediately backed off Marcie’s mind but Brooke was still relentlessly bombarding her with thoughts not her own. Marcie was broken for now. A pitiful mess to be sure but Brooke was still taking her down to a level she hadn’t known possible.

Brooke, you have to stop. It’s over.

Not over till she knows my pain.

She knows, let it be.

No! She will suffer as I have. She will know true pain!

Don’t make me do this Brooke.

Brooke felt a slight pressure on her mind. Cheryl was indeed strong. Maybe even stronger xslot Giriş than she was. And then Cheryl was pushed aside and she was staring Steve straight in the mind’s eye. He was doing something but what it was she wasn’t sure. Suddenly she felt tired. The day had taken its toll and wouldn’t it be nice to just sleep for a while. Brooke dropped to one knee, then two, sleep took her a moment later.

I’ve never seen Brooke like that said Cheryl.

Just give her some time said Steve.

That was scary, how could she know how to do that?

Not important right now. The house is though.

What happened to it?

Something Brooke did with the computer I think. Not sure it was ever really real.

How could that be?

Steve looked around. Just look at what’s left.

Cheryl looked around, Chrissy and Jillian standing hand in hand looking on in awe, Master David bound and hog tied in mid air and a little box floating and rotating to the left of him. Then there was Tabatha. Laying in what was now dirt, unmoving but obviously still bleeding. Steve! She’s still alive god damn it!

Steve moved with more purpose than he’d ever known. Kneeling next to Tabatha he placed both hands on her wounds. Concentrating with all his might he tried what Tabatha had done for him. It wasn’t working though. Try as he might it was just no use. It was like Tabatha had given up and didn’t want to come back.

After Tabatha was shot, she didn’t know she was losing a battle for life. She didn’t even know she was fighting for anything. It all happened so fast and she was so looking forward to the peace that had eluded her life to this point. Finally there would be peace. Nothing to worry about, no shame over what she’d become and how easily it had been done to her by a mad man. What was his name? But something was nagging at her despite her new found peace. Something important she shouldn’t ignore. Something her sister told her she should never forget. Live to Love and Love to Live she would always say, despite all odds. She wanted to live but that was turning into something so hard to do. It would be so much easier to just walk away. Please don’t bring me back.

Steve knew he had her. At least that last thought made it seem that way. You’re not going anywhere Tabby!

Don’t ever call me Tabby you fuckhead! I’d rather die than have someone call me that. Steve’s mind filled with expletives. Hey Steve, I think she’s coming back, said Cheryl. You may want to take your hand off her tit.

Her eyes still closed Tabatha said, ” Ya, after all, we hardly know each other in a wisp of a voice. If the room were still there it would have been filled with laughter. Tabatha opened her eyes. They looked confused at first. But then that precious little smile of hers took her face. Cheryl pushed Steve aside and embraced her sister. Welcome back little girl. We missed you. Inside Cheryl was dying at the near loss of her once brother, now sister.

But there just wasn’t time to be thinking about things like that right now. This whole Master David thing had to stop right here and right now. Tabatha looked over to Jillian and Chrissy and wasn’t just seeing their fear she could feel it. But Marcie was waking up and she would need to be dealt with quickly before she could cause any more trouble.

Marcie, tell me your secrets now or forever know the torment of your own mind. Marcie looked over towards Tabatha. How could this be? She should be dead. But Tabatha’s thoughts still invaded her head. Marcie could feel Tabatha pushing her own thoughts aside looking for the truth. A truth she could not look at, a truth so horrid she would never look there again. But Tabatha would find her secret sooner or later and when she did there would be no going back. All would be lost. She had after all been the first. Her brother David was an evil man. Hell, he wasn’t even her brother. He was her, she was him. It was complicated but it wasn’t her fault and for the first time in her sorry life she wanted to be free of the whole thing. This could be the chance she was looking for but if she failed. What would David do next? Somehow Cheryl had locked him into his own hell. Was she on the wrong side? She stepped aside and let Tabatha in.

Cheryl! I’m in! You coming along?

No sis, I should keep an eye on Brooke with Steve. Chrissy and Jillian seem distant. I’m worried about them. Something is wrong.

Got cha. Back in a few.

One thing was for sure. Whatever Marcie was hiding was big. It would be a game changer. Knowledge that would end it all but could never put things back as they once had been. Tabatha knew now what she should have known all along. She was the key. Not the beginning or the end but something in between destined to put things, as close as they could be, back to right. She would have to be careful though. Marcie was clever despite David’s control of her. And that control was very apparent and arrogant as she entered Marcie’s mind.

Marcie you know this is over right?

This will never be over bitch.

Ah but that xslot Güncel Giriş is where you are wrong. Everything comes to an end sooner or later.

Not with David, there is always an escape hatch.

I can see him now. He is fighting. Not looking for a way out. He’s confused by what’s been done to him. He doesn’t understand and never will.

I’m afraid of what he can do.

Your fear only fuels his needs. You know that don’t you?

Please don’t take my secret Tabatha, please let it be.

Your secret is already mine.

Buh Buh But how can you know?

You were born Mathew were you not?

No! Oh please don’t do this!

You have to go there, you were born Mathew and David took that away.

He said it would be better this way.

He said it would be better? Well is it! Better? Or just better for him.

He’s just….He’s just….I’m just….I’m just.

Your just another fucking pawn in his sick perverted game. Is that what your trying to say?

No! Well yes! No!

Do you want to be free of him?


I won’t push you to something you can’t do. I can feel your pain though. It hurts and it bleeds even now. Let me know your pain Mathew.

No! No! no. no…

That’s it girlfriend, let me have it all.

But look what he did to me!


They say that time has a way of healing things. Marcie had a long way to go to find what she’d lost but so do the rest of us. At least she was looking at things from a different perspective now. It turned out that Marcie had been David’s first unwilling subject. Not too surprising if you think about it. His own brother twisted and tormented into something he wasn’t. And somehow the rest of us had followed that same path. But it was crunch time now. Master David, Little Davey would meet his subjects and feel their wrath. We would take his life in a way most fitting the circumstances he created. And we would take his life. Just as he had taken ours.

Chapter Nine

For the first time in his life, Master David had no idea what was going on in the real world. His anger at knowing that only pushed him further away from the way out. His anger was born of the need to control. Something his pitiful life had never known. He knew a storm was closing in on him. Something frightful was coming. Something he would have to face. Something so unimaginable even his mind could not imagine it. He shattered the next mirror in line and then there were no more. All was silent until he felt Mathew push on his mind.


Yes Master it’s me.

Why are you here.

You brought me to this bad place.

I bound your mind, you shouldn’t be here.

Ah but I am, tell me Master, does that worry you?

I worry about nothing. Who let you out of your cage?

Tabatha let me out.

Bitch! She will pay dearly for this.

I want to play little davey.

You will never call me that again!

Call you what? Little Davey? You should turn around Little Davey.

My, my, my, bold are you not?

I just thought that maybe you would like to turn around and meet your makers.

The image of Mathew faded and so did his mind. David looked behind him to see the image of Chrissy. She was so pretty and vulnerable. He could just fuck her right here and now but she faded into nothing too. Oh for Christ sake someone was sucking on his cock now. Mathew? Mathew looked up at the sound of his name. Then he was gone. Jillian appeared with the most evil smile he had ever seen. She climbed up on the fucking machine and gave a little wink before reaching below to start the dildo’s seesawing in and out of her pussy and ass. She gave a little OH of surprise and a third intruder entered her mouth. There was movement to the left of him, it was Chrissy. A much younger version of the girl but it was Chrissy. She was crawling on her hands and knees and naked except for the big poofy diaper wrapped around her waist. He heard a door open and a happy whistling Steve walked in followed by Cheryl. Cheryl walked over to Jillian, patted her ass once and turned up the machines fucking her and smiled the most wicked smile, and Steve headed over to play with Chrissy. But it wasn’t child’s play he was looking for. Steve dropped his pants and Chrissy doing what any child would do put something in her mouth. Steve’s dick. He felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Tabtha pointing at something. She was pointing at his body which was still hanging in mid air. Brooke walked over and plugged the optic cables into the base of his neck. Oh fuck! He felt that.

Master David couldn’t believe his luck, the fools had plugged him back into his computer. But the elation was short lived as the computer set about its new task. Suddenly he was back in his body and the House reappeared but the wall between the computer room and the theatre wasn’t there. He could feel his muscles cry in pain as he tried to access the House Security and failed. The computer sounded in his head, “Access denied, searching for new command protocols, downloading Brooke 1A,2B,6C, download complete”. For the first time in his life, Master David knew fear. Brooke had hacked into his computer and set up new protocols. He willed his mind away from his body but something held him there firmly. The computer sounded again.

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