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“But.. Beth… I … I am not a lesbian.”

“So?” Beth looked down at her intern. Her huge blue eyes were focused into the flames of the fireplace. Lori shivered as much from the though of making love to another woman as from the snowy cold outside the cabin. She was nineteen, in her first year of college, but looked much younger. She was petite, thin, her breasts barely showed from under her thick pink sweater. She hung her head. Her long blond hair covered most of her face.

“Neither was… is Tina.” Beth sat beside the younger girl on the over stuffed couch. “Tina recognized that there was a lot I could do for her. Now she is finishing school and I need another assistant.”

“But I thought that you liked my work and that this promotion was a… reward.” The girl spoke still not looking up at her boss.

“You are being offered this position because I know what you are capable of. You are good at your job, but then again so are the other three interns. It is a cold world, there is a lot of competition.” Beth put her hand on Lori’s thigh. “I had to sleep with a lot of guys to make it.”

“I need this job to pay for school. But I wouldn’t know what to do .. in bed with a woman… I don’t think I could do it.”

Beth ran her hand up inside the girls leg then pulled it away. She stood. “Okay it’s up to you. I’ll am going to take a quick soak in the hot tub, join me if you wish to give it a try. If not I will drive you back to the city and you can clean out your desk.”

Beth turned her back and walked toward the bedroom. Lori was sobbing.

Beth sat naked in the outdoor hot tub. Her tits floated a bit above the warm water. The snow had stopped leaving the moon was peaking out from behind the clouds. There was a wonderful view of the valley floor below. She sat down a wine glass and eased back into the warm water, eyes closed. She knew that the girl would give in. She wanted success too much to say no.

Beth tingled from the though of taking a new lover. She ran her hands over her 34D breasts. Her nipples were erect. It is not that Tina had been a bad lover. She was hot, but she was beginning to enjoy it to much. Beth liked to take what she wanted. Everyone else had taken what they wanted from her.

The glass door to the bedroom opened. Beth opened her eyes. The girl stood before her in a two piece thong swim suit.

“I found the suit you left me… I have never had one like this.. It doesn’t cover much.”

Beth looked up at the girl. “You should get in before you freeze.” Lori eased her self into the warm water near her boss. “Closer.” She put her arm around her shoulders and pulled the thin body near her.

“I still don’t know if I can do this…” Her voice was quiet, just above a whisper “.. I have only had one serious boyfriend. We have only had sex a few times. I still don’t know if I can do this… with a woman…” Her voiced trailed off into silence.

Beth said nothing, she pulled the frightened face toward her and kissed her on the lips. “You can do it if you want. I didn’t think I could either. At least I will be a bit more gentle than they were to me.” Beth almost felt bad about lying.

“You had to sleep with women also?”

“At first it was just men. There weren’t many woman in positions of authority back then. There was one woman I had sex with. My first bi experience. It was actually easier with her. The men did not want to make love then just wanted a fuck.

“The first time I was just called into the office. There were two men and a female secretary. I was given a choice: no job or a promotion. The promotion carried with it a few new responsibilities. I needed the job, so I agreed. A few minutes later I was naked, face down on my bosses cold desk with his dick in my mouth. The secretary spread my legs and guided the other man’s dick into my cunt. She massaged my ass and gentled forced her finger up my ass as the guy pounded me. She stayed with me through the ordeal. Part of the time she held me down for them, but mostly she just comforted me. Afterward she took me to the washroom and cleaned me up.”

“She was your first woman?”

“No. We became friends and much later we had a fling. My first time was at this cabin, or on the way here I guess.”

“The boss told me that he would be talking me away for the weekend. He picked me up on Friday night from my apartment. His wife was in the back seat. I did not have a clue that he expected me to have sex with her. He just stuck me in the back seat. By the time we got up here I had eaten my first pussy.” Beth kissed the girl again. She was very tense. Her hand caressed her small tit. Lori pulled away. “This is not the best place for a first time. You should get out of that suit and meet me on the rug in front of the fire.”

The girl stepped out of the water and hurried back indoors. Beth was glad she had picked the thong for her. Her nearly naked ass glowed white in the moon light.

Lori struggled out of the wet suit in front of the mirror of the cabin’s guest room. Bycasino The idea of being touched by a woman made her ill. She could not do it. She dried the ends of her hair and rubbed the towel across her little breasts. Her large pinkish brown nipples were erect from the cold. She had never been comfortable with her body. The other girls in school had always had more sooner. She was shy. Even her boyfriend, the only man she had ever given herself to, had never seen her juvenal body naked in full light. She ran the towel into her blonde bush. Her pubic hair was the only part of her that seemed to be from an adult woman.

She fought back tears. She had to continue, everything depended on this job; success or failure. If she said no she would have to quit school and go back to work at McDonalds. She rummaged through her luggage and found her white plush robe. It hid her body nearly to her knees.

She would have to let Beth do as she pleased.

Beth warmed herself through her black silk robe in front of the fire. The room was dark except for the fire light. She knew Lori was shy. The first time would be on the girl’s terms. There would be time later for humiliation; for the training. She felt her cunt becoming wet.

The girl glided slowly into the room. Beth had not expected the white robe but she would play along. She would see her naked little body soon enough. “Come near the fire little one.”

The two stood together for a few moments before Lori spoke. “I will do what you want… Just please be gentle. I don’t know what you have planned, but… I have very little experience.” Beth was loving this more and more. “I don’t know why you even want me. I am skinny, not sexy like the other girls. I am practically flat chested I don’t even fill a B cup”.

“Sit on the rug Lori and lets talk.” Beth pulled the younger woman onto the fur rug near the fire. “I think you are damn sexy. You will soon be a very experienced sensual woman. As far as your breasts, I like small women. Let me see what you have.”

Beth could see the surrender in the girl’s eyes as she lowered the robe off her shoulders into her lap. Her hands were buried in the folds of material in her crouch.

“See that wasn’t so bad.” Beth moved Lori’s long hair back over her shoulders exposing her breasts. They were the size of two small peaches. Her skin was pale as porcelain. Her body had never seen the sun. She ran the backs of her fingers across Lori’s nipples. She then cupped her right breast. She could feel the girl’s struggle not to pull away. Her breast flesh was warm and firm. “They are just perfect. You are very beautiful, we are going to enjoy each other.”

“Yours are so much larger, everyone says you are sexy.”

“Thank you. Let me see the rest of you body. Stand up and drop your robe.”

The girl, standing, closed her eyes and released the last of her covering. Her fragile body was revealed in the fire light. She shivered. “I am sorry. I don’t like being naked.”

Beth stood and dropped her robe. “Now we are even. Feel better?”

Lori’s blue eyes opened. She was tying hard not to cry. “Yes, I guess.”

Beth ran her hand down the girls back onto her tiny ass. She could feel the heat from the fireplace on her skin. Her fingers found her crack then her virgin hole. She did not force a finger in. That would come later. She ran her hand back around her hips and found the girls mound. She gently ran her fingers through her fur. Lori gasped.

Beth continued to stroke her. “You have a nice ass. Your boyfriend must love it.”

“I guess… “

“He never says anything about it?”

“No, I guess he has never really seen me .. down there.”

“You have had sex with him?”

“Yes, but the first time I kept my skirt on. After that in bed I never pulled the sheet down below my waist. It was always dark… I am really shy.”

“You are so young and shy…We will have to solve that problem, now wont we?” She pulled the thin naked body of the girl to her chest. “It is time to begin.” She held her large breast up to the girl’s face. “Suckle me.” Beth felt The girl’s soft mouth close about her nipple. She felt the growing wetness between her own legs. She caressed the girl’s cunt lips and clit. She shuttered with the touch.

Lori felt like someone else had taken over her body. Her eyes were closed but she felt the woman’s nipples on her lips and tongue. She felt the woman’s hands on her ass. Then a hand griped her mound and a finger spread her lips and penetrated her deepest womanhood. She wanted to scream “NO” but the words would not come out. She had never been touched so intimately. Now she was being touched by a woman. This was so dirty.

She felt herself being pushed to the soft rug. The body on top of her held her down. She felt lips at her neck then at her breasts. Nipples were being bitten then licked. It hurt. She finally could speak. “No, please no… this is dirty.”

Her tinder breasts were on fire from the abuse. But the mouth moved down Bycasino giriş her belly. She felt hands on her waist then spreading her thighs. Then the mouth found her most tender parts, it bit and licked. “AGGH NO, Please no…” Hands griped her ass and pulled her body toward the mouth. Something wet and warm forced its way into her womanhood. She could not take it. She did not understand what was happening to her body. She lost control…Agh NO NO PLEASSSEEE. Silence, darkness for a long time. Then vague feelings of being picked up and moved to a safe warm place. Then blackness.

“Yea Bob I know it is two AM.” Beth stood in the door way of the guest room with her cell against her ear. “It was a long drive and I had to go slow with her. She will be ours, just give me some time to break her…Great body. Long legs, pretty little ass and nice little tits. She looks like a fifteen year old virgin. She will be very useful. … Just give me a couple of days to train her.”

Beth could barely make out the lithe form of her new assistant on the bed. She was crying, sobbing to her self.. “No… no I feel so dirty.”

Beth whispered. “Just wait until tomorrow, I will give you something to cry about.”

“Lori wake up.” Beth, dressed in her black robe, set on the bed next to the sleeping girl. Morning sunshine streamed in through the window onto the bed. Lori lay on her side under a blanket, still naked from the night before. “We have a lot to do. I said wake up.” Beth pulled the blanket off the girl. She slapped the girls ass. Lori startled, set up in bed, realizing her nakedness; she covered her breasts with one hand and her cunt with the other.

“It’s morning?”

“Yes, and we have a lot to do.”

“What happen to me last night?”

“You had a orgasm. You seemed to like what I did to you.”

Lori looked down at her naked legs. “It felt like I was being raped.”

“If it makes you feel better to think of it as a rape then so be it. But you did enjoy it. Even Tina, who is bi, did not have an orgasm the first time I ate her. She just lay still and let me do it.”

“But it felt dirty.”

“Bull shit. In your virgin world it is dirty. But you liked it anyway.”

“What will happen today.”

“You must learn the duties of an assistant”

“Can we have breakfast first?”

“Sooner than you think little one. First we need a shower.”

Beth led the girl by the hand toward the bathroom.

“Tina, Its Bob.”

“What’s up?”

“Still in bed.”


“Yea, but it is good to be able to sleep in.”

“Beth needs you to run some papers up to the cabin.”

“Oh, I thought Beth was up there with the new assistant, I figured she would be to busy to work.”

“Yea, but maybe you could pitch in and help with the new employee orientation. She said to bring your favorite toy.”

“Cool. That will be fun. She is … cute.”

“Yea I know, I still want the cute, but I want her to act like a whore.”

“Got cha.”

“You know what to do. I’ll run the papers by about noon, bye.”

“See ya.”

“Have fun.”

Tina hung up the phone and ran her hands down her body to her bare naked cunt. Two fingers slide easily inside. She was indeed going to have ‘fun’ with the new girl.

Beth stood naked in the large shower with the girl. Lori looked passively down as the older woman spread soapy water from a hand cloth onto her breasts. “Feels good doesn’t it.”

“Yes, it is very warm and soothing. You have wonderful hands.”

“See I knew that you would start to enjoy a woman’s touch. Remember how I do this you will need to do it for me.”

Lori with out thinking about it was beginning to enjoy the woman’s hands on her body. Beth finished with her breasts and moved down to her cunt. She pushed the girl firmly against the wall and rubbed the bar of soap over her fury mound.

“That feels sooo good.” Lori whispered.

“We have just begun little one.” Beth reached for the shower massager. She started the flow and pressed it firmly against the girls cunt.”

The water blasted up into her vagina. “Oh .. oh Beth that is …” Lori felt her self approaching an orgasm.

Suddenly the water stopped. Every day before work and every day at lunch you will wash yourself like this, I want you clean anytime I want you. Now turn and face the wall.”

“Please wash me some more there, it feels so good.”

“No, turn around now.”

Lori did as she was told. Beth held her hand on her back and pushed her hard against the wall. Lori felt her nipples pressed against the cold tiles. Beth’s warm soapy hands then moved to her ass.

“Spread your legs kitten.”

Lori obeyed without thinking. Then she felt a finger probing her ass hole. “What are you doing? Stop Please.” All the humiliation of the night before returned. The digit penetrated into her rectum. Lori pulled herself away from Beth. The finger was suddenly ripped from her ass leaving a burning pain. “Please not that…”

“Shut Bycasino deneme bonusu up.” Beth knew it was time to exert her authority over the girl. “Alright, go into your bedroom and stand by the bed. You are wet do not sit on anything.”

A few minutes later Beth, now dry and dressed in her robe found the girl standing by her bed. Beth sat near her. She looked at the naked wet girl for a moment. “Understand this dear heart, You are not just my employee, you belong to me.” Beth knew she was pushing the girl’s training, but maybe it was time to take a gamble. “You will do as I say or you will be punished, understand?”

“Yes, I am sorry, I wasn’t expecting that you would do that.”

“Do what.. Say it.”

“I did not know that you would put your finger in my behind.”

“Your ass. Say it right.”

“I did not expect a finger in my…ass. I have never …”

“You must be punished, understand?”

“Yes Beth… I am sorry .. I understand.”

“Good. When was the last time you were spanked.”

Lori gasped. ” I was … thirteen.”


“My father caught me with a neighbor boy. I had my shirt open showing my chest. We were playing doctor.”

“Did you learn your lesson.”

“I was very ashamed. It was five years before I let a boy see me like that.”

“Did he spank you bare bottom?”

“No.. Never. Always in panties.”

“Bend over my legs.” Lori kneeled and bent her body over Beth’s lap. Beth stared down at the perfect little girl’s ass. It was pale, with out blemish. In a moment it would not be so pristine.

The first blow came with out warning. Then another. Lori screamed at each blow of Beth’s hand. Red marks appeared. She openly cried. Beth only hit her seven times.

When she realized it was over Lori sobbed. “I’m sorry… (sob) I’m sorry I was a bad girl… (sob) I will do what ever you say.. I promise…(sob) I promise. I am sorry I was bad.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes, oh Please no more… I promise I will be a good girl…I will do what ever you want.”

Beth was near to orgasm. But she was not done with the girl yet. She reached over to the night stand and grabbed a bottle of baby oil. She spread oil over the little red ass laying across her lap. She massaged it in. “Feel better?”

“Yes, thank you. Your hands feel so good.”

“Now we continue your lessons.” Beth dribbled oil into the little ass crack. Her finger found her entrance. Before Lori could react she plunged her finger deep into her rectum.

“Agh.” Lori gasp. She tightened her buttock around the intrusion forcing it’s way into her bowel.

“Stop resisting or I will use two fingers and then spank you again later. Understand?”

“Yes. I’m sorry.” She went limp.

Beth began to finger fuck the little ass hole. The feeling on her finger was tight and warm. She almost wished she had a penis to fuck it with. She envied the first man that she would allow to take Lori’s ass. She planned on being there. She would hold the girl down. It would have to be soon before the girl became trained to the humiliation. Beth enjoyed the way she cried.

Beth continued the finger ass fucking. She watched Lori’s face, she gasped for breath trying to control the pain. Tears rain down her cheeks. Beth reached her other hand under the girl’s hips . She found her clit then her cunt. She was dripping wet. Beth forced her finger into the little vagina. Lori was being fingered fucked in both holes.

“Ah. That… feels good…” Lori whispered. “I want to cum. Agh I want to cuummm. PLEEEAAASE” Lori began to hump Beth’s hands. “Lick me like you did last night, I neeeeed to cum.” Lori was begging.

Suddenly Beth pulled her hands away. “Get on your knees between my legs.” Lori now knew better than to disobey. Beth opened her robe exposing her big breasts and shaved cunt. She grabbed the girls little breasts by the nipples and pulled her face into her bosom.

Lori knew what Beth wanted. She opened her mouth and took Beth’s; nipple in. She licked and kissed and sucked her breasts. Lori felt something deep inside her body take control. She knew what Beth wanted, she would give it to her. Lori know what she wanted also. She wanted to cum again.

Lori soon was gasping for air. She sat back on her heels and squeezed Beth’s breasts.

“Does that feel good, Beth.”

“Yes… it is nice.”

“You are so beautiful. I never knew a woman could be so…sexy.”

“You’ve seen a lot of naked women then?”

“Oh, NO. In school of course we had to shower together. I just tried never to look. I always hurried to get done anyway. The other girls always teased me. They called me boy’s names. They would scream, cover their crouches, and yell ‘go away little boy, don’t rape me with your little . . . dick’. Once they stole my panties and left a pair of little boys briefs. They were way to small even for me. But I had to wear them the rest of the day.”

“From my view point you look all woman to me.” Beth looked down at the petite hips and thin long legs.

“You are tanned all over.. I am as pale as a china plate”

“A group of us at work get together in the executive gym. There is a sauna and a sun room. As my assistant you will be there a lot. I think you skin is lovely”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32