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Ass Hot

Millicent Burton, Milli to her friends and co-workers, leaned back in her chair, stretching her arms back to release the tension that had been building in her shoulders all day. The financial report she’d drafted was due tomorrow and she wasn’t going home until it was completed.

At 44 years old she’d risen to the top of the company she’d started with as a young woman and as joint acting C.O.O she still had a lot to prove to the men who’d put her there. More so than 30-year old Ray St James who’d been fast-tracked from University and had only completed 6 years in the office before being given the same role. It was theirs to share until one of them proved beyond doubt to the Board that they had what it took to take the company into a prosperous future. The one left behind would be demoted and have to face the humiliation of either leaving or staying in a lesser role. Milli had no intention of letting Ray St James get the better of her.

Her belly quivered uncomfortably as she thought about him. He’d created a stir within the office, from the close ranks of P.A.’s to the other women executives. There’d been rumours of some office dalliances but no one had yet confidently shared any details that they were the one he had been with. He was either very careful or played away from work.

Milli licked her lips, her heart pounding a little too uncomfortably. Ray was tall at 6′ 5″ and he’d gone through University on a sporting scholarship and 10 years later it still showed in his physique. He was lean and well muscled, his linen shirts fitting tightly around his chest, arms and flat belly. His waist was trim and his legs long. He had thick dark brown hair that swept across his forehead drawing attention to his gleaming sea green eyes. It was his easy manner and joviality that had won over his peers and his good looks had certainly helped. However good looking he was, whatever it was that he stirred within her, Milli was determined to be the one that got the job.

Sighing she looked at the time on her computer it was late, everyone else had left the office hours earlier. It was dark and quiet in the building and the security guard had already done his rounds. She didn’t expect to see him until she left. She went over her figures again and satisfied that they were perfect she emailed the final copy to her P.A for printing. Breathing a sigh of relief she tidied up her desk, turning off her computer and filing away the documents she’d needed to reference.

Before leaving she freshened up in the bathroom. Washing her hands she caught a look at herself in the full-length mirror and was pleased to see that she didn’t look too bad, given that she’d spent the last 13 hours hard at work. A little touch up here and there was all that was needed. It was important to her that she was looked upon as cool calm and collected and her appearance was the corner stone for that.

Her honey blonde hair had escaped its clips and the tendrils framed her face. Instead of re-doing it for the journey home she unpinned it, letting it fall around her shoulders, shaking it free. Her pale silk blouse was a little creased and her tight knee length skirt could have done with an iron too. Her black silk stockings had stretched a little so she lifted her skirt, adjusting the garters that held them in place. She loved the new stay-up range of stockings that were on offer but nothing thrilled her more than the feeling of garters against her thighs. She smoothed her skirt down again and brushed a scuffmark from the toe of her black patent heels.

She grabbed her briefcase from her office and walked toward the lift in the half-light. A sudden noise startled her and she stopped, trying to quieten her racing heart so she could hear. There it was again and it was coming from the boardroom. With the sound of her heart beating loudly in her ears she carefully opened the door, seeing Ray St James at the head of the table with his feet on the desk a glass of whiskey in his hand.

“Ray! God you frightened me, what are you doing here?”

Ray smiled his sultry smile that usually won over other women but just infuriated Milli as she saw it as a cheap ploy to get what he wanted.

“Milli, there you are. I saw your light on…all done? The report’s finished? I’ve already sent in mine too.”

Milli frowned, what was he up to?

“Yes thanks Ray all done. It should be well received.”

Ray laughed, swinging his legs off the desk and getting up off the chair, crossing the room to stand in front of her. She thought he may have been drunk but he was remarkably steady on his feet and she couldn’t smell the booze on him, just the warm pleasant aroma of expensive single malt from his glass.

“Of course it will be Milli, you’re the star here! I’m just the upstart right? Can’t possibly know anything cos I haven’t done the hard yards?”

Milli flushed as if he’d read her mind. He can’t have been surprised though as she wasn’t the only one to have thought it or even said it aloud.

“Ray? What’s your point? It’s late urfa escort and we have a presentation to do tomorrow.”

Ray looked down at his feet, scuffing his shoe across the floor letting the silence stretch out between them. His shirt was crumpled and he’d undone the top buttons so she could see the hollow at the base of his throat. She could smell his scent – woody cologne that suited his athletic outdoorsmen appearance. She could actually picture him chopping kindling for a fire when he went camping. His shirtsleeves would be rolled up and he’d have sweat on his brow his arms would be bulging with the effort of lifting the axe and cracking it down onto the wood.

He looked up at her, “This is it isn’t it, the final chapter? Tomorrow we’ll know our fate. Who’ll be working for who?”

Milli swallowed the sick feeling crawling into her belly reminding her of the harsh realities. He was right of course. The Board would decide which one of them was the right person for the job. She felt that she had the job already but knew that deep down some of the older Board members would rather a woman wasn’t in charge and it was their votes that Ray would already have.

“Yeah I guess,” she replied softly.

Ray looked her in the eye.

“Milli, join me for a drink? It’s the most expensive one I could find in the bar. It’s not too bad either.”

Milli hesitated, she wanted to get home to a hot bath and a frozen dinner then crawl into her bed.

“Come on, what’s done is done. Nothing we do now is going to change what happens tomorrow. Let’s end this amicably, as friends tonight at least. Who knows who’ll be sobbing in their office tomorrow!”

Milli let out a laugh at his sudden humour. She nodded her assent and he smiled broadly. Shaking her lustful thoughts about him to the back of her mind, she laid her briefcase on the wide table and sat on the adjacent sofa, switching on the table lamp, casting a warm glow over the room. She accepted the crystal glass Ray handed her and he dropped onto the couch next to her.

“To us. Whoever gets the job, deserves it. No hard feelings.”

Milli clinked her glass against his and took a sip, the warm smooth liquid coursing across her tongue and down her throat.

“Mm that’s good!” She murmured.

“Your turn…what do we drink to?” He asked.

“Me and you. Regardless of the vote we have done a great job running the company together these last few months.”

Milli was shocked to realise that what she’d just said was indeed true. The two of them had done a fantastic job together, each finding a niche that suited their talents.

“Here here!” Chimed in Ray.

He tossed his drink back in one gulp and looked at Milli expectantly his eyebrow arched. She grinned and followed his lead, the alcohol warming her chest and belly as suddenly as she drank it.

“Wow!” She gasped as Ray took their glasses away to refill them.

“God Ray, no more! I have to drive home.”

Ray chuckled, “One more and I’ll call you a taxi.”

He sat down a little closer to her this time and his fingers brushed hers as he handed her the glass. She was aware of a tingling sensation that flowed up her arm at the touch and she wondered if the booze could have acted so fast.

“It may not be the right time to say this Milli but I have a confession,” said Ray softly, “I can’t wait ’til tomorrow ‘cos by then it’ll be all done and who knows what will happen -”

He let his voice trail off and Milli felt a small sense of dread. Had he done something to improve his chances with the Board? Had he done something to hamper hers? Waves of heat and anger coursed through her body and she struggled to control them.

“Yes Ray, what is it?” She asked faintly.

He blushed and stroked his thumb across the rim of his glass.

“I think I have a crush on you. No! I DO have a crush on you.”

He lifted his eyes to hers and looked longingly at her. He had a crush on her? It was ridiculous. They were competitors and she was 14 years his senior for goodness sake! She waited for him to laugh, to break the silence with a good-natured slap on the arm but none came.

“I know it’s crazy I’ve tried to ignore it. But I see you everyday and all I want to do is kiss you. Can I? Just to get it out of my system.”

Milli was horrified, “God Ray! No way! Jesus, how old are you? 12! There’s no way.”

Ray looked embarrassed but determined.

“Milli you’re a beautiful and powerful woman. The other women here are so obvious. They flirt and rub up against me and I don’t feel a thing for them. But you? You’re cool, calm and elusive. It’s really sexy. There is nothing standing in our way. Our futures aren’t relying on our behaviour, on our demeanour. It’s all done and in the works. We’re free for just this night.”

Ray was blushing and Milli was confused. There had to be an angle he was playing here. But what? There was no advantage to him telling anyone he’d kissed balıkesir escort her and she could deny it if he did act so carelessly. There was no real reason to kiss him though. Nor any reason not to kiss him, she thought quickly. It was all so childish and ridiculous. She could feel a warm glow rising from her chest to her face and she swallowed and breathed deeply. The booze must have been working to loosen her up because suddenly she felt languid and hot, her stockings clung to her and to her shock she could feel her pussy moisten. Shaking her head to clear it she decided to take the high road and put the situation back into perspective.

Ray said, “I’m selfish, vain and my ego is bigger than this building. You must know that? You’re beautiful, smart and you haven’t once tried to flirt with me. I’m intrigued. And you’ve proved to be a thorn in the side of my promotion plans. If I could just get this out of the way?”

Milli was intrigued. He hoped that by kissing her he could dismiss her, reduce her to being just another conquest? If he couldn’t beat her in the office he’d console himself with a drunken kiss? She smiled inwardly at the naivety of the boy. Without thinking too much about it she put her empty glass down on the table, the second drink helping to push away her sensibilities. She sat forward, inching her way closer to him. His eyes widened as he saw what she was doing and he too put down his glass and cleared his throat.

“Just this once Ray. Then I’m going home to forget this crazy night,” she murmured huskily.

Ray silently nodded as he slipped his hand behind her neck, tangling his fingers in her hair, pulling her slowly towards his mouth. As he touched her, Milli felt her nipples harden and the blood rush to her pussy, which was aching with an intensity so fierce that she wanted to cry out with the pain of it. She panicked. It was too late to back out now, but what did it mean that her body was feeling this way? Surely she was in charge of her feelings? She closed her eyes and his lips brushed hers lightly. She tried to pull away then but he murmured something and then pressed his warm full mouth on hers, opening hers with his tongue, exploring her and tasting her till she felt herself weaken.

He broke off the kiss and let her go and she felt as if she would fall. They were both panting and she noticed that his eyes were glazed and hooded with…what was that? Desire?

“Milli? That wasn’t what I expected,” he whispered.

Milli wasn’t sure she could find her voice so played it safe and shook her head.

“I want to kiss you again,” he demanded.

Somewhere deep inside her Milli could see the madness of what they were doing and she hastily got up from the couch and crossed the room on unsteady legs to collect her bag. At first she thought she was drunk but then she realised that it was passion that had stolen her balance and she blushed hotly at the thought that she’d been turned on by this playboy.

She wrenched open the door as Ray’s hand came over her head slamming it shut. She turned around to scold him and he pressed himself against her, pinning her to the door. She laid her hands up against his chest to push him away as he crushed her mouth with his. She tried to protest but she couldn’t, her body was aching to be touched by him, her breasts swelled, and she cried out as her pussy ached with need.

The force of her desire for him caught her off guard and in the midst of their kiss she slowly undid the buttons of his shirt. She had no idea what was compelling her to do it. Was it the fear that she’d not get the job? That she’d have to work for this child? She had no idea and she was beyond caring. All she knew was that they had both started something that they were going to finish. Here, tonight.

“Oh God Milli, I want you!”

Milli was breathing hard as she pulled his shirt from his pants, sliding it off his shoulders and down his arms. His chest was broad and muscled with a light scattering of soft brown hair. Milli licked one of his nipples unable to stop from tasting him. He gasped and threw his head back, grinding his stiffening cock against her hips and belly.

“Ray I’m gonna do something that we’re never gonna talk about ok? Ever?” She murmured.

He nodded, confused until she undid his belt, the button at the top of his pants and slowly pulled down the zip.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” he whispered, his hands still on either side of her, pressed hard against the door.

Milli knelt down before him stroking her hands up and down the length of his legs stopping under his crotch, grasping his balls through his pants and gently squeezing.

Ray was rolling his hips softly and moaning, “Milli, yeah that feels so good. God Milli!”

With her other hand she pulled his cock out from inside his pants and he gasped loudly as she slipped her warm wet mouth over the head of his penis, sucking and licking it. Savouring the rich musky aroma of his sex. trabzon escort The soft velvety skin felt delicious in her mouth and she moaned as she laved his long hard cock.

Milli hadn’t much experience giving blowjobs but she knew that she liked it so she hoped what she lacked in experience she would make up for with enthusiasm. It seemed to be working cos Ray was groaning a lot and she could feel his knees buckling every now and then. Slowly she made her way down the length of his hard cock. She traced the veins and ridges with her tongue and then when he was finally wet enough she sucked the end of his penis while she masturbated him with her dripping hand, squeezing the hard length with her closed fist.

Ray was gently thrusting his hips into her face and as he neared his climax he grabbed hold of her head.

“Take me in your mouth. Suck me, I’m coming…argh!”

Milli took his entire cock into her mouth desperately trying not to gag as he bumped the back of her throat, squirting hot wads of jism into her. Grunting he shuddered and shook as Milli wiped her mouth and stood up. He grabbed her, clasping her in his arms.

“Oh God Milli, that was…amazing…so fucking amazing!”

Milli pulled away opening the door for the second time that night, “Remember it never happened ok?”

Ray tucked his cock back into his pants leaving them undone and softly shut the door again.

“You aren’t leaving Milli. Not yet. We’re joint C.O.O’s that means we share. You’re next!”

Milli backed away from Ray as he approached her. Shaking her head.

“Ah now Ray no! It’s not necessary. That’s not what this is about!”

She could imagine nothing better than having him eating her pussy and tasting her breasts and nipples. But God no! He grabbed her by the arm and pushed her back against the table, lifting her effortlessly onto the edge, pressing himself between her legs, spreading them as wide as he could given the tight constraints of her skirt. Milli was protesting hotly and Ray just ignored her. Admittedly to her own ears it sounded feeble and half-hearted…cos it was! There was a huge part of her that wanted his fat hard cock in her and wanted his tongue probing and flicking over her pussy.

He scrunched up her skirt, pushing it up over her thighs sighing.

“Oh my God stockings and garters! If I’d know this is what you wore under your skirt I would’ve fuckin’ had you a lot earlier!”

Milli gasped as his sudden confession.

“Had me earlier? What are you talking about?”

He stroked her breasts through her shirt and bra, cupping them in his hand, brushing his thumbs across her hardened nubs.

“I mean I was serious about this crush. I’ve been fantasising about you since I started here.”

Milli blushed as he pulled her shirt from the waistband of her skirt, undoing each button painfully slowly.

“Look Ray, I’m not one of the young girls downstairs, I’m a lot older. My body is a lot older, if you get my meaning!”

Ray just grinned at her.

“That’s bull shit. You’re in far better shape than half those girls. Don’t put yourself down. Now just keep quiet and let me do this.”

Milli held her breath and closed her eyes as he opened her shirt, reaching around her expertly undoing her bra, sliding them both off her, freeing her full round breasts. He leant down to suck on her nipple capturing it in his mouth and gently nibbling on it sending sparks of fire to her pussy. She grabbed hold of his head, running her fingers through his hair as he moved from nipple to nipple.

Milli was moaning enjoying herself as he suckled on her, cupping her breasts, kneading them, so she was startled when he stopped.

“Mm your tits are perfect. They taste great! I want you to lay down now.”

Milli was nervous but did as she was told, leaning back on her elbows her legs still spread. Ray slipped his hands up her skirt and grabbed her panties inching them off her slowly. When she was bare he picked up her thighs and dragged her ass to the edge of the table and pulled up a chair. Milli was blushing hotly as he looked at her pussy for the first time.

“Mm I just wanna get my tongue in there Milli, spread your legs for me, come on.”

Ray buried his face between her legs, his tongue probing her slit up and down, sliding a finger into her hole, thrusting it in and out as she gasped. With her head thrashing from side to side and her fingers clutching at her nipples, pulling on them til they hurt, Milli couldn’t believe that Ray was such a good lover. He’d always seemed so vain and competitive that she’d never thought of him as anything but an annoyance to be tolerated til she could get rid of him.

Just as she thought she would come he stopped licking her pussy.

“Turn over, I wanna be inside you when you come. I wanna fuck you from behind.”

Struggling, her brain fuzzy with desire, Ray helped her to her feet, slipping his tongue into her mouth, giving her a taste of herself.

“You taste so good.”

He turned her over the table, her breasts crushing against the cool wood. He pressed her down firmly with his hand on her arse and lifted her skirt again, kicking her legs out wide. She gasped as she felt the head of his cock being rubbed up and down her cleft and she rocked her hips from side to side encouraging him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32