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In hindsight, I should have seen the path I would eventually end up on. The signs were all there when I was younger. It’s hard to see the truth about something when you’re in the early stages of it.

My name is Denise Christensen. While I may have been born a boy named Ander, my life is now lived as a woman with … more. This is the story of how that change unfolded.

To understand how I’ve arrived at this place, it’s important to know about me and what my life was like before my transformation. I was the youngest of four children. I have three older sisters who are 14, 12 and 7 years older than me. Our Danish heritage was evident. We all had light, blonde hair and pale skin. My sisters were images of beauty. As for me, I was often confused for a girl at a young age, though that subsided somewhat as I entered grade school.

While my sisters grew into tall, slender figures of beauty, my genetics strayed from that.

Throughout my school years, I was shorter and smaller in stature than my classmates. While my friends developed broad shoulders and chiseled physiques, my body stayed small. It didn’t bother me much, though, as I ended up not being the typical boy.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed athletics. I was particularly good at proper futbol and swimming, but I was not the rough and tumble type. Additionally, while I had many guy friends I had an equal amount of girl friends. I felt equally comfortable spending platonic time with girls. Undoubtedly, having 3 older sisters helped here, but my personality just seemed to gel more with girls my age than with guys who liked to fight, wrestle and prove their manhood to one another.

The youngest of my older sisters took a special interest in me growing up as well. She often joked that I was her “living barbie doll,” as she would often dress me up and practice her makeup skills on me. I was a willing participant, and we would spend quite a few weekends doing tea parties while I wore dresses and makeup and gleefully acted the part. This continued for years until my sister was out of the house.

Her departure when I was 11 was rough as we had become quite close. She went off to school several states away, though she messaged with me frequently. Though she was gone, I had grown quite fond of dressing up. It had become a part of me. With my sister gone, the opportunities to do so had dwindled considerably, but I often thought about it. When I found myself alone in the house, I’d often sneak into my sisters closet to put on her makeup and wear some of her clothing.

As I grew older and entered into middle school and high school, my weekend escapades had all but stopped. This was more out of necessity than desire, though, as I often found myself daydreaming about the dresses and makeup I had once worn.

As my male friends grew larger and wider, my own body failed to make the same leaps. Some of my classmates grew hair as if they were half-ape, while I had barely grown any, even well after puberty had supposedly set in. As they began growing beards and creepy mustaches, my face refused to grow anything more than a stray whisker. Their chiseled jaws and hardened facial features contrasted distinctly with the softer look of my face.

My friends rocketed up to 6 feet and taller, yet my body betrayed me, leaving me at a peak of 5 feet and 6 inches – with shoes on. While my shoulders were narrow and my height short, other parts of my body seemed to over develop. My ass was naturally thick and curvy and perfectly shaped, an odd development on my smaller frame. Likewise, my cock grew to a satisfactory length – somewhere around 7 inches, though I never bothered measuring exactly. I was grateful that my genetics didn’t completely disappoint.

I also began growing out my hair early on in high school. For that matter, half the guys in the school did the same. For me, though, it was something I’d hold onto even going into my last years in high school and my college years. If my frame, soft facial features and bubble butt weren’t enough, my long, blonde locks only added to my more feminine look. While it wasn’t a conscious decision I was making at the time, I readily admit it may have been a subconscious dive into a set of deep seeded desires I wasn’t fully aware of.

My lack of physical stature was made up for by my outgoing and accepting personality. I dated many girls through my school years, though none of the relationships lasted particularly long. Those relationships sometimes became physical, but most of them ended before anything ever took place. It wasn’t that I didn’t have interest or because of any personal confusion. The girls just ended up becoming friends who looked for romantic entanglements elsewhere.

After what felt like a rapid four years, I made my way to college. I opted to go to school at USC, with their strong arts programs and a set of scholarships that essentially gave me a free ride.

My first day on campus was filled with excitement. I opted to let the school choose my roommate for me, though I was nervous about the potential xslot of being paired up with someone awful. Though I didn’t know it at the time, my roommate would be a catalyst in the biggest change of my life.

As I was getting settled in to my room and unpacking my things, my new roommate walked in. Garrion Hayes was an athletic specimen and handsome to boot. Garrison towered over me, easily topping 6 feet and a few inches. His shoulders were wide and his physique ripped and muscular. He had dark brown hair which was shaggy and hung just slightly over his eyebrows. His jaw looked like it was forged out of steel. He was the typical guy every girl wanted and every guy wants to be.

“Hey, I’m Garrison. You are?” he asked me as he made his way into the room.

“I’m Ander, it’s good to meet you,” I responded in kind. We shook hands, spoke briefly about what we were studying at school – I was studying music, he was there for business – and proceeded to unpack and settle in. I’d find out later that he had made the football team playing linebacker, but he didn’t come off as a dumb jock in the least.

The dorm room itself was about what you’d expect. Two single beds on opposite sides of the room with storage lockers next to each and a large closet we could share. These were the cheaper dorms, so bathrooms were shared and down the hall. The building was on the outskirts of the campus, but near the football practice field, which Garrison particularly liked.

Most days and evenings I felt like i had my own room. Garrison was gone all the time for practice, workouts and the occasional class. We’d see each other in passing and talk briefly when we were in the room together, but we were mostly strangers.

— The Trigger —

It was a few weeks after school had begun. It was a day like any other day, or so I thought. While other students went to dinner, I used this time to head for the showers. They were almost always empty, which I preferred. While showering, I heard someone else enter. It wasn’t a big deal, but my peace and quiet was short-lived.

“Uh, excuse me miss. I think you’re in the wrong room,” came a voice from behind me, as I continued my shower as if I was still alone.

I turned my head to see Garrison standing there, a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Oh, holy shit. I didn’t realize it was you, Ander,” he said in a stunned tone. He added jokingly, “Your long hair and your fine ass threw me off. If you were a girl, I’d be all over it.”

I laughed it off as he moved to the shower next to me and began washing himself. What he didn’t see was the unexpected reaction I had to his comment. My cock had begun to harden and my heart rate climbed rapidly after his words. I was embarrassed at the reaction, but my body had a mind of its own. The more I tried not to think about it, the harder my cock got and the more my heart raced.

I peaked over at Garrison to see if he was looking my direction at all. I saw the back of his body out of the corner of my eye and turned my head to get a better look. The chiseled physique was something to marvel at and I found myself unexpectedly staring. My cock quickly stiffened as my eyes locked onto his body. This was no ordinary erection. It was painfully stiff and throbbing.

What the fuck was happening?

I quickly finished my shower and rushed back to our room as fast as possible, trying desperately to hide my obvious excitement.

Why did I react that way? He clearly wasn’t serious when he said it, yet those words kept echoing in my mind. My erection had not subsided and demanded my attention. I felt incredibly horny in that moment and my mind quickly fell away to the stroking of my hand. Naked and still damp, I was kneeling on my bed stroking my rigid cock. It didn’t take long before my seed exploded out of me in the most incredible release of my life.

Reality quickly shot back into view, making me panic. I took my towel and quickly cleaned up my mess and threw on some shorts and a t-shirt. A few minutes later, Garrison walked in.

At this point, I was already lying on my bed and had begun reading a book. Rather, I was pretending to read as my mind was still racing. From underneath the book my eyes watched Garrison walked over to his bed. He didn’t say anything to me and probably couldn’t tell I was watching him. I continued watching until I saw him pull the towel from his waist. For a brief second, I saw the fullness of his manhood before me. His cock was long and thick – amazingly so, given he was not aroused at all. My own unit was not shabby, but his put mine to shame. I continued watching as it swung back and forth as he dried himself off.

Once again, I felt my heart race and my cock begin to move and squirm from excitement. I had never felt attracted to men before, so this was entirely new and unexpected. I forced my eyes into the text in front of me to quell the oncoming erection and to spare myself the massive embarrassment.

I was finally able to settle down and spent the rest of the night studying xslot Giriş and listening to music, even though my brain constantly hit rewind to that moment in the showers. I finally gave up on the day around 10PM and quickly fell asleep.

The dreams that night were vivid and revealing. I saw Garrison standing at the foot of my bed, completely naked and with an enormous erection. He grabbed my legs and pulled me closer to him. I, too, was completely naked, though my body was not my own. My skin glistened and my waist was curvy and seductive. I also had an erection, which he grabbed and began stroking. His other hand moved up my body and grabbed my … breast? I looked at the mounds of flesh that swayed and jiggled as my body twisted and writhed.

I watched as Garrison slowly pushed his massive erection deep inside of me. He began pumping his hips in and out of me as I moaned in intense pleasure. My cock quivered with every stroke. In a moment, my erection exploded my hot seed all over my smooth belly and large breasts.

The dream abruptly ended. My eyes slowly peeled open. It was still dark, but I already knew what had happened. I quietly crawled out of bed, opened my drawer and pulled out a new set of underwear and shorts and slithered away to the bathroom to clean up and get changed.

I got back in bed and laid there thinking about the dream I just had. Even just lying there in bed thinking about it aroused me yet again. As my mind relived the image of Garrison fucking me, my hand stroked my hardening cock in the quiet dark of our room. My other hand reached up to squeeze the breast that I had in my dream, only to be disappointed as reality set in.

Once again, I stopped as the shock of my actions took hold. What was happening to me? I had never felt this horny or turned on before in my life. I calmed myself as best as I could, but my mind kept reliving that dream vividly.

The next seven days were exhausting. My mind kept reliving the dream. As soon as Garrison fell asleep each evening, I found myself in my bed fantasizing about that dream. On more than one occasion, I stroked my cock as he slept across the room, dreaming of his thick shaft thrusting in and out of my ass. The fantasies only intensified with each day. As much as I tried to refocus my mind on other things, I was hopeless.

After nearly a week of this madness, as the sun began to creep into the room early one morning, Garrison’s alarm on his phone shocked me back to reality. I pretended to be asleep and watched as he slowly sat up in his bed, got up and eventually walked down the hall to the bathroom.

I decided to get up and get dressed, even though my only class of the day wasn’t until 3PM.

Garrison walked back into the room, saw me sitting in bed and said, “Hey, are you good with computers?”

“Sure. Why do you ask?” I responded.

“Would you mind looking at mine? It’s acting weird. It’s really slow and I can’t figure it out,” he responded.

“I’d be glad to. Just leave it here. I don’t have many classes today so I have plenty of time,” I said.

“Awesome. Thanks,” he said before tossing his laptop onto the bed next to me.

Garrison grabbed his equipment bag and was out the door.

I grabbed Garrison’s laptop and booted it up. The sticky note underneath said “Password: Footballrules1234”. I chuckled to myself. Sure enough, that got me into his account. Fixing his laptop would serve as a nice distraction, or so I thought.

What I discovered on his laptop would only serve as more fuel for this raging fire.

— Fixing the laptop —

My first suspicion was that he had malware. I downloaded a free malware scanner and sure enough, it detected a handful of spyware and malware programs. I booted into safe mode, ran the software and removed the offending programs. I rebooted the system to make sure the issues were fixed.

I opened Google Chrome and hit a few websites. Everything seemed to run quickly.

Then, my own curiosity set in. What kind of sites does a football player like to go to? I opened up his browser history and began looking through the list of sites. It was almost too predictable. I saw, and a dozen other sports related sites. Standard stuff like facebook, twitter and amazon also showed up.

Then I saw it. A curious URL that called out to me. I clicked on the link and the next set of images floored me. In front of my eyes I saw beautiful girls – with cocks. I sat there and watched as the images scrolled by from one model to another. My heart leapt into my throat as I began scrolling through the site. So many beautiful t-girls. I could not take my eyes off of them.

I looked further through his browsing history and saw yet another site that jumped out. I clicked on the link and was taken to even more images and videos of insanely beautiful t-girls. I dug further into his browsing history and saw that Garrison regularly visited these sites. Quite often, actually. Clearly, he really liked girls with cocks. That thought was xslot Güncel Giriş like an explosion in my mind.

My mind was captivated as I looked upon these beauties. The images of their sultry curves, firm asses and stiff cocks sent my mind spiraling even further. While I found these creatures beautiful and captivating, I began to realize my fascination was deeper … and different.

I didn’t necessarily want to be with one of them. I wanted to be one of them. As that thought entered my mind, it grew uncontrollably within me. The dream I had came back into vision. The large, shapely breasts. The flat, glistening belly. The woman like curves. My thick, swollen cock bouncing back and forth against my body as a strong man plunged himself in and out of me.

My heart was pounding hard in my chest and my cock was stiff and at full mast. I had quit looking at the sites on the computer. My eyes closed and my mind focused intensely on the image of myself as a t-girl. My thoughts intensified on every inch of my body and what it would look like.

After a few minutes, I broke away from the computer to try and clear my head. What was I thinking? I couldn’t be like these models in front of me. This isn’t normal. This isn’t a reasonable set of thoughts to have.

My fight was futile, though. The more I envisioned myself as one of these women, the more excited I became. I got up from the bed and walked over to the full-length mirror on the closet door. I took off all of my clothes and stood there and looked at myself. I could see it! I could see the woman inside of me.

I turned my hips to the side and saw my ample backside – the one that Garrison admired in the showers. I envisioned what breasts would look like on my body along with having the classic hourglass figure. The more I looked, the more potential I saw.

I wanted this. I wanted to be one of these girls more than anything. It was clear to me now.

I put my clothes back on and grabbed my own computer. I began searching for how to make this process happen. I was desperate to figure out if this was truly who I was meant to be.

Over the next couple of hours, I watched endless videos about how to accomplish this. I watched intently as others talked about what they had done to transform themselves. With this information at hand, I began shopping for what I would need.

The first thing I came across was a waist trainer. Seeing the results many women had after a few months made me jump for joy. This was exactly what I needed to attain that hourglass figure. I ordered one without hesitation.

I figured a test run was in order for having breasts. I wanted a solution that could be temporary but looked and felt real. After a lot of searching, I came across a new product that would fit my need. With some adhesive and a little bit of makeup, I could have real looking breasts. I ordered a skin color matching kit and set my eyes on the 34DD set. I couldn’t wait to get a hold of them.

I already had very little body hair to begin with, but I wanted to get rid of what few hairs I did have. I set up appointments with a local hair removal specialist – a process that would take several months, but would turn out to be fully worth the investment.

I then went online and ordered makeup. Growing up with older sisters made me very informed on the brands to use and where to get them. I also added some body creams and perfumes that my sisters had used growing up.

Finally, I ordered some clothing. I ordered some pink, silk panties that looked delicious online. I splurged and bought some sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret as well, even though I probably wouldn’t have a lot of opportunities to wear it. I ordered a couple of dresses as well and made a plan to go by my parents house to see if my sisters had left any additional clothing behind.

By the time I was done, my head was spinning. I had literally spent thousands in the matter of a couple of hours – all to become a woman. Even with that thought hovering in my mind, I had no regrets. I was as excited as I had ever been. The mental torment of the previous week finally subsided.

As I was getting ready to put my laptop away, one final thought popped in my mind: what would it actually be like to be fucked? I had dreamed about it and fantasized about it, but would it actually be something I’d enjoy? My mind raced at the thought and I swung my laptop lid back open. I made my way to some online sex toy stores and ordered a couple of anal toys and dildos. I wanted to be sure this would be something I would enjoy and this seemed like the way to find out.

My hours of research and shopping finally came to an end. As I closed the lid of my computer, I sat back in my bed and smiled like the cheshire cat. Though my actions may have seemed extreme to some, I was completely at peace with where I was headed.

Over the next few days, my various items began to arrive. The skin color matching kit came in. I completed it, mailed it in and placed my order for my new 34DD tits. The waist trainer arrived and was a perfect fit. It took some getting used to, but I was excited about how my figure would take shape. My makeup, creams and lingerie were perfect as well. The silk panties felt so luxurious, I began wearing them all the time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32