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Chapter Eight – The Ultimate Intimacy

I arrived home shortly after one o’clock in the morning, letting myself into the house as soundlessly as I could and making my way to my basement bedroom. I had just slipped out of my clothes and between the sheets of my bed, having turned on an old movie to watch, when I heard the unmistakable tread of bare feet on the floor above me.

From the heaviness of the tread, I knew it was Louise. Moments later I heart the toilet flush upstairs. To my surprise, the footsteps did not recede toward her bedroom. I started in surprise to hear the basement door open and close and then the soft tread of her feet on the stairs.

“Jamie?” She called softly from just beyond the curtain that served as my bedroom door. “You still awake?”

I looked toward the slitted opening and smiled to see her hand appear holding two empty wineglasses. Moments later her smiling face appeared.

“I heard you come home,” She said, “And…thought you might like to join me in a glass of wine.”

I smiled. “Absolutely.” I said, “But…what the hell are you doing still up?”

She shrugged, entering the room. “I had way too long of a nap after dinner…and now I’m too wide awake to sleep.” She said in explanation.

I sat up in bed as she seated herself on the edge of my mattress. That she wore only her nightgown was a fact that was definitely not lost on me. As she had entered my room and passed in front of the television, her body had been rather provocatively silhouetted by the glare of the television screen. I had noticed, with great admiration, as her magnificent breasts bounced and swayed provocatively with each movement of her body.

She poured a glass and handed it to me, then filled her own. She pursed her lips thoughtfully and looked skyward. “Here’s to…you and me.” She said, smiling at me, “To friendship.”

“Absolutely.” I said, raising my glass to her.

We chatted amiably about mundane matters for quite some time, each of us consuming a second glass of wine as we talked. She asked me about my night and I regaled her with a few amusing gossipy stories about some of the other guys and their girlfriends.

Her eyes began to develop that sleepy look that I recognized as indicating she was nearing a state of drunkenness. Louise was a lightweight drinker, usually only drinking sociably and very little even then. Two glasses of wine was at least one glass beyond her limit.

“Can I ask you something?’ She asked, draining the last of her glass and setting the glass aside. I nodded.

“Today…in the living room,” She began, her words slightly slurred. “I thought…well, to me…I thought it was…kind of special…you know…the way we did it.”

I nodded and smiled, “Me too.” I said.

“No…wait.” She said, holding up her hand, “Let me finish this…’cause…this is kind of difficult for me.”

I nodded, wondering what it was that was on her mind.

“Listen…” She said, obviously trying to organize her thoughts, “I…really missed you, especially after Ross left…and then…today…being with you was so…so absolutely amazing.”

I nodded silently.

“It was…kind of a perfect thing today…the way our bodies moved.” She was silent, biting her lip thoughtfully for a moment, “And…then you kissed me…and, and…it kind of turned my whole world upside down.”

“But…” I began, but then silenced myself when she held up her hand.

“I mean…you and me…all this time, we’ve been like the best of buddies…and we shared a lot of…really intimate things, haven’t we? We’ve even masturbated together…several times.”

I nodded.

“And…then today…it was like…the most intimate time of all…you know? I mean, the way we did it…with our bodies together.”

I nodded again, not wanting to smile at the fact that our “bodies together” seemed to be a particularly provocative and exciting thing for her.

“And…and then you kissed me. But…you didn’t just kiss me, Jamie…I mean…you really Betturkey kissed me.”

I smiled and nodded, remembering the sensuality of her kiss profoundly.

She shrugged and lifted her arms. “I guess…I guess I just want to know…why you did that.”

I looked into her eyes, realizing I was at a rather treacherous crossroad and that I would have to tread carefully.

“I think I understand what you mean.” I said, “And…I wish I had a really good answer for you. But, if you really want to know, I was as surprised and confused about everything as you were.”

She nodded, and blinked her eyes several times.

“All I really know is…” I continued, “After you came…and you looked up at me…your face was so radiant and so beautiful. I don’t know…I just had to kiss you…wanted to kiss you.”

Her face flushed and she nodded. “I know what you mean.” She said, “I felt it too…I think that…even though it was still only masturbation…it was just a little more special this morning than ever before. Does that make sense to you?”

I nodded.

She bit her lower lip thoughtfully. “It meant a lot to me…that kiss.” She said, “It’s been a long, long since anyone’s kissed me like that.”

I smiled and nodded.

“I guess…I really want to know…if the kiss meant…anywhere near as much to you as it meant to me?” She said, lowering her eyes.

I smiled inwardly, but kept my face impassive. I reached forward and gently lifted her chin until she was looking into my eyes. “Let me put it this way.” I said, leaning forward and pressing my lips to hers.

Her lips and her mouth responded instantly, seeming to melt into mine. A long sighing breath escaped her and I could feel her body trembling through her lips.

When our lips parted I smiled to see her eyelids fluttering. I sensed her emotional and physical vulnerability at that moment and felt an overwhelming compulsion rising inside me to take advantage of her delicate vulnerability.

I leaned close, slipping my hand gently against her cheek.

“Louise.” I whispered, our faces very close, “There’s something I think you should know.”

Her eyes looked into mine expectantly.

“I don’t think…” I said softly and slowly, “That I’ve ever wanted a woman more…in my entire life…than I want you right now.”

She took a sharp intake of breath, but kept her eyes on mine and did not pull away. “I…think I can tell that, Jamie…by the way you kissed me just now. And…I think I’m a little…afraid of…of what can happen.”

“What?” I asked, lifting her chin to look into her eyes once more, “What can happen?”

Her eyes softened and she smiled wanly, “Jamie…if we have sex…I’m afraid that it’ll change our relationship forever.”

“How do you mean?” I asked, reasonably sure I already knew the answer.

“Because…we wouldn’t be friends anymore, Jamie…we’d be lovers. Do you understand what I mean?”

I nodded. “I do understand.” I said, “But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it?”

She shook her head, “No, of course not.” She said, smiling sweetly, “It’s just that our friendship has meant so much to me, Jamie…more than you ever know. I absolutely treasure you as my friend…and I would rather die than ever lose that.”

I reached out and embraced her, my arms about her shoulders, and kissed her lightly on her forehead. “Listen to me carefully.” I said, “There’s absolutely nothing that could ever happen between us, sex or otherwise, that would…in any way…harm our friendship. And, I believe that sincerely.”

She looked up at me, her eyes wide. “I hope so, Jamie…because…I don’t want to go. I want to stay with you tonight.”

I looked into her big brown eyes and bent my face to hers. Her lips parted invitingly and I brought my mouth to hers. Her lips responded passionately. She embraced me in that sweetest of tender embraces once again, opening her mouth to find my tongue with her own.

We kissed for several Betturkey Giriş moments and then she pulled away, breaking contact. She looked into my eyes for a long moment and then stood beside the bed. She lifted the remote and switched off the television. She looked down at me and then raised her hands to the straps of her nightgown, slipping them from her shoulders and letting her nightgown fall about her feet. I took in her beautifully voluptuous figure at a glance, and then pulled back the blanket and sheet, showing her my erection.

She bent and switched off the light, sliding into the bed beside me. I reached for her, my arms about her waist as she slid beside me and I raised my head from the pillow to accept her arms about my neck. We lay on our sides, facing one another, I moved my head closer to her and kissed her lightly, feeling her passionate response once more. As our tongues mingled, I pulled her to me, feeling the warmth of her nude, plush body against mine for the very first time. My cock was so hard it was almost aching and I pressed it into the sweet softness between her fleshy thighs.

I slid my hand along her hip and down her thigh, pulling her thigh up along my flank to just under my arm. I arched my back and felt my cock slide against the mound of her pubic hair. I reached over her thigh and grasped my cock, bending it toward her, sliding the tip of my cock down, below her hair to the soft folds of her lips.

She moaned softly into my mouth as my cock moved down and briefly over her clit. Her lips were copiously slick and wet in anticipation and the tip of my cock was instantly inundated. I pressed forward and felt the tip of my cock sink between the slick folds of her lips.

She cried aloud as the tip of my cock penetrated, breaking our kiss. From the soft diffused light from the window, I could see her eyes glistening in the darkness as she looked into mine.

“Are you sure?” I whispered.

In the semi-darkness she nodded. “Yes.” She said, very softly, “Yes.”

I looked into the deep and dark recesses of her eyes and, as she looked back at me expectantly, I thrust forward with my hips and slid my cock inside her. Her eyes widened and she gasped a soft shrill gasp. “Oh, Jamie.” She cried, her voice more a rush of air than sound.

I gasped myself, but in complete shock and surprise. Her pussy was absolutely incredible, infinitely more lush and luxuriantly slick than any woman I had ever experienced before, and so exquisitely tight that sliding into her quite literally took my breath away. As I penetrated her, the sensation was so instantly acute and overwhelmingly sensual that I felt the onset of my orgasm beginning to build immediately.

Louise cried out, her voice a shrill breathy gasp, and arched her back pressing her pelvis into me. And, as I felt myself slip even deeper inside her my need for release was almost beyond my ability to restrain. I held myself perfectly still, knowing that even the slightest movement would send me over the edge, and felt that familiar ache in my balls begin to throb painfully.

“Don’t move.” I gasped, my lips very close to hers.

“But I…I…have to.” She gasped, tightening her embrace about my neck. Her hips began to vibrate and I felt the walls of her vagina begin to tighten against me spasmodically. A long cry escaped her lips as she began to cum.

She crushed her lips to mine, moaning into my mouth as she arched her hips and thrust her pelvis into me lustfully. I lost control completely and surrendered to the achingly sweet release of my own orgasm, moaning into her mouth in return as my first ejaculation erupted into her. I thrust into her forcefully, grasping her buttocks and pulling her into me with each thrust of my hips. For those precious few moments that it took for us to savor our mutual orgasms, we clung to one another ardently, our bodies moving together in a sweet sensual rhythm.

As we finished, we lay very still together for several long minutes, only our Betturkey Güncel Giriş mouths moving ever so sensually together. Occasionally I would arch my back just to move my cock inside her and savor the exquisite sensuality of her pussy.

I rolled back, pulling her with me and she slid her body on top of mine, straddling me. We continued to kiss, as I caressed the voluptuous curves of her hips and her buttocks cheeks. She raised up on her elbows, looking down into my eyes as she brought each of her knees up along the sides of my body. Her huge breasts swaying in front of my face.

“Oh, Jamie.” She sighed as she settled her hips down onto me and I felt the entire length of my cock slip inside her. She raised up, holding herself up with her hands on my chest and began to rock her hips forward and back. She lifted her hips, letting my cock slip out of her until only the tip was between her lips, and then slowly let her hips fall and take my entire length inside her once more. I raised up on one elbow, bending my head forward to take her nipple into my mouth. She moaned softly and cradled my head in her arms, holding me to her breast, as she continued to move her hips against me. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and flicked the tip of my tongue against her.

“Ohhh.” She sighed, moving her hips with greater force. I slipped my hands over her hips and grasped her big fleshy buttocks, thrusting up into her as her hips descended. She cried out, her body shuddering. I thrust again…and again, meeting her hips with my own, our bodies slapping together loudly.

A high pitched keening sound escaped her lips, and I felt her pussy tightening spasmodically against me once more as she began to cum. I let my hips match the rhythm of hers as she let herself go, sucking hard on her nipple.

With a final gasp, she stilled her movements. I released her nipple and lay back, looking up at her.

She smiled wryly, looking very sensual with her hair completely awry. She lifted her leg and slid to one side, letting my cock fall from her with a soft wet sound.

“Oh…my god.” She sighed, rolling onto her back with her forearm draped across her forehead, her chest heaving from her exertions. “Jamie…that was…that was amazing.”

I rolled onto my side, facing her, sliding my hand gently over the soft rise of her belly as I bent my lips to her breast and lightly kissed her nipple, circling the tip with the tip of my tongue.

Supporting myself on my hands, I raised my body and slid over her outstretched leg, insinuating my body between her legs. I looked down at her and she lifted her knees, reaching between us to guide my cock to her pussy once more. Feeling the tip of my cock part her lips, I pressed forward and slid the entire length of my cock into her. She wrapped her legs about me, and the sensation of lying between her plush thighs was every bit as wonderfully sensual as I had ever imagined it might be. Her body was so beautifully smooth and so abundantly plush, I thrilled to the sensation of letting my weight fall onto her, feeling her lush curves moving beneath me as I thrust into her.

It took almost three-quarters of an hour before I could cum a second time, and I fucked her with every ounce of enthusiasm and energy that I possessed for as long as it took. I came crying out her name loudly as I let go inside her for the second time, holding my cock as deeply as I could.

To my complete surprise, just as my orgasm was ebbing, I felt her pussy tightening on me once more and her body began to vibrate beneath mine.

“Come on…”I urged breathlessly, slamming my rapidly softening cock into her with renewed energy. “Come on!”

She came, crying out in her pleasure, her hands gripping my buttocks cheeks tightly, her fingernails digging into my soft flesh painfully.

With a cry she fell back, her body falling completely limp. I slid from her, rolling onto my side to lay on my back beside her, both of us breathing very deeply as we lay catching our breaths.

She rolled toward me and I slipped my arm about her neck. She lay her cheek against my shoulder and pressed her body against mine. We held one another silently for several minutes until I heard her breathing become slow and regular. I smiled to myself, knowing that she had fallen asleep, and felt myself drifting off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32