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Warning this story contains scat, watersports, incest and much more. Also, it is a spin off from Alyssa’s Confession the trilogy. Reading it is not necessary but it’s there if you want to dive in deeper. Enjoy!


It was Detective Hardy’s first day back on the job, after shooting an unarmed black teenager. He Tippy-toed through the crowded FBI office, he felt like everyone was staring at him.

He entered chief Jackson’s office, “Have a seat Detective Hardy, you fucking scumbag.” Hardy Obeyed.

He noticed the chiefs oily black complexion shimmering in the florescent lights, “It’s good to be back chief.”

“Shut the fuck up, the only reason your back is because of your white supremacist bureaucrat friends upstairs. Your one lucky cock-sucker Detective.”

“Thanks for the warm welcome chief.”

The chiefs eyes raged, as he stared at Detective Hardy who happened to look like Kevin Bacon.

The chief shook his head, “I have a case for you, it’s a cult that goes by the name D.O.D”

Bryan Quizzically asked, “The Department of Defense?”

“No, Stupid The Disciples of Defecation they are wanted for Vandalism, indecent exposure, public lewdness, in other words they shit in public. Asshole.”


“Yeah really. A shitty case for a shit bag investigator, this case is so low on my priority list that it has been sitting on my desk for over a year. You’re the perfect man for the job.

“Fuck you chief”

“Fuck you too”, the chief said while handing the detective a stuffed folder.

Bryan flipped through the file, he studied the pictures of fecal vandalism, the first picture had the logo D.OD written in shit on a bathroom wall. The back of the picture was labeled “White house bathroom 04/23/2013”. He continue browsing through the pictures, some had the D.O.D. logo. While others showed piles of shit in unlikely places such as the middle of time square, on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. One was a mall fountain with at least ten steaming piles of dung floating in it. Bryan’s stomach turned with disgust. Yet, at the same time he couldn’t help feeling a bit intrigued.

“Go to work cock sucker” Boomed the chiefs gravely voice.

The Detective placed the file on his desk then ran into the bathroom. He closed the stall door, pulled down his pants, and quickly rubbed one out. His sticky load burst into the palm of his hand. He leaned back with a sigh of relief, as the tension eased. He cleaned up his jizz, and then went back to work.

Later that evening while lying in bed, he read the case file. The only lead was an author who called him or her self nolimitstoryteller on a site called Literotica who authored “Alyssa’s Confession”, “My Name is Maggie and I Eat Poopy” “Daddy’s Transvestite Toilet Slave” and about ten other stories. He put down the file, picked up his Ipad and visited .com to read some of the stories. So, he could begin building a profile.

First he read “Alyssa’s Confession” after a few paragraphs into the story his cock became aroused, and by end of the third chapter his prick was beat red, and his balls burned. He whipped out his cock and furiously stroked it. His Johnson spewed forth a load of goo large enough to fill lake superior, then he cleaned himself up and began calculating his next move.

The next day he called the cyber crime unit requesting a trace on nolimitstoryter’s Anadolu Yakası Fetiş Escort IP address. The man on the phone said, “It’s not in the budget.” Click.

Fine I don’t need their help. I can do this the old fashion way. He thought. So, he created an account on .com using the moniker Tastyturd, and emailed nolimitstoryteller.

Dear Nolimitstoryteller,

I am a big fan of your stories. I really connect with them, and I enjoy eating poo jus like your characters. I heard you are the person to contact about becoming a member of D.O.D. What do I have to do to become a disciple?



The next day he received a reply that read.

Dear Tastyturd,

Thank you for the kind words. I don’t know anything about D.O.D. however, if you’re up for an adventure go this address in upstate NY…on Feb 14th.



Well, that was easy. I have a few days between now and Feb 14th. Bryan thought. He googled the word “scat” to research it. He stayed up all night watching videos, and jerking off. The sunlight rose upon a pile of jizzed on tissues, and Detective Hardy’s limp cock.

On February 14th The Detective knocked on the door of an average suburban home in upstate New York. A luscious milf answered to door. Her luxurious red hair dangled over her fleshy breasts. Her plump red lips smiled at Hardy as she invited him in.

“Welcome my name is Alyssa please sit down and make yourself comfortable.” She said.

As he took off his jacket and sunk into the couch the warmth of the fireplace washed over him.

“Hey Mom, I have fresh brownies for our guest.” Tammy said as she entered the room carrying a tray.

The Detectives heart skipped a beat when he saw Tammy; he salivated from the sweet smell wafting from the brownies. She was angelic, with glowing blond hair, and wearing white skin-tight yoga pants, with a matching shirt that revealed her young perky breasts. Blood pumped to his cock. Bryan recognized the mother daughter combo from nolimitstorytellers trilogy Alyssa’s Confession. He picked up a brownie and took a bite.

The chocolaty treat tasted unlike anything he ever had. It was sweet with the texture of a brownie, but its flavor was strong and robust, with a pungent after taste. Alyssa and Tammy smiled.

“Do you like it?” Tammy said.

“Yes, its very good. Thank you.”

Detective Hardy noticed Alyssa’s pretty toes as she sat on the couch beside him. Her red pedicure matched her lips. She lied down on the far side of the couch resting her feet on Bryans lap.

“Would you rub my feet for me?”

“Sure.” He swallowed down the last of the brownie.

“mmmm that feel so good. Please don’t stop” Alyssa wiggled her toes as he massaged her soles.

His cock swelled, with the after taste of the brownie still resonating on his palate, mingling with the scent of Alyssa’s feet.

“Are you getting aroused Mr. Hardy?”

“Umm no, of course not.”

“I think your lying to me Detective.” Rubbing her foot gently over the crotch of his pants, “I feel something hard, Mr. Hardy.”

Tammy sat across from them watching.

Alyssa raised her foot, “Suck my toes Detective.”

Detective Hardy obeyed. She eased her toes into his mouth. Her foot tingled as his tongue swished between her piggy’s. She Anadolu Yakası Gecelik Escort slipped her hand beneath her dress, and began diddling her clit.

Tammy giggled, “Mommy can I help?”

“Yes Sweetie, you can lick my other foot.”

Tammy knelt down beside the couch and began to gently lick her mothers foot; beginning at her heel, dragging her tongue over her soles. Savoring the taste of salty sweat. She then sucked her mother’s toes in unison with the Detective.

Alyssa’s moans, morphed into a slow guttural growl as she alternated from fingering herself and lightly stroking her clit, while Hardy and Tammy continued to feast on her toes.

Tammy’s tongue glided over her mothers ankle up her calve and along the inside of her thigh. The musky wet smell of her mothers cunt, caused her pussy to drip. Her nectar stained the crotch of her white yoga pants.

The Detective broke from sucking Alyssa’s toes; he unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. His cock stood like the Eiffel Tower drawing in Alyssa’s attention. Meanwhile she shivered from the sensation of her daughters tongue that was exploring the fleshy domain of her cunt.

The detective stroked his cock while watching Tammy eating out her mother’s pussy. Alyssa slid her foot beneath Bryans balls, and slipped her big toe into his ass. It fit like a tiny butt plug. He sighed and continued stroking his cock as she wiggled her toe inside him. Then she removed her toe from his ass, and then smiled when she noticed a nugget of shit clinging to the tip of her toe.

She wiggled her soiled toe in his face, “Are you hungry Detective?”

The smell made his stomach turn, but despite his repulsion, he leaned forward and sucked the turd from her toe. It didn’t taste as bad as he thought it would, it had a sweet tinge and a robust after taste. Much like the brownies he had eaten earlier. That is when it clicked, “Those were shit brownies they fed me!.”

Then he continued lapping her foot, slathering it with saliva.

“Take off your clothes and lie down on the floor Detective Hardy.” Tammy demanded.

He complied. He admired her young smooth body as she peeled off her white yoga pants and tight shirt. She didn’t have a single hair or blemish on her. Her pail teenage skin was perfection.

She squatted over his face, “Do you want to taste my pussy Detective?”

He muttered something incomprehensible then blurted out, “Yes.”

He was mesmerized as her young, smooth as butter, pale vulva descended upon his lips. His tongue reached out to taste her. He shuddered at the sweet taste of her pussy. His cock throbbed as he licked her precious flower.

Alyssa removed her robe, revealing her red nipples that coordinated with her hair. She moved like a cat until her full red lips where pressed up against the detectives cock. She opened her mouth allowing her saliva to roll down her tongue over the head of his prick, then dribbled down his shaft, and trickled down his balls.

She used her hands to massage her saliva over his cock; next, she climbed on top of him and moaned softly as she slipped his prick into her ass. She bounced on his cock, while he continued preforming cunnalingis on her daughters ripening bud. She plunged his prick as deep as it would go. She felt it throbbing inside of her.

Tammy with a soft smile nodded her head Anadolu Yakası Genç Escort at her mother. Her mother lifted herself off of his cock that was coated with her chocolaty shit. The pungent odor filled the room, the smell made Alyssa and Tammy drunk with untamed desire. Their mouths watered like hungry wolves that had been without food for an entire winter.

Tammy quaked as the detectives tongue gently fluttered on her clit. A tingle ran up her spine, followed by a tidal wave of ecstasy. She shivered as she mashed her pussy against the detectives face. When the fierce orgasm settled, she relaxed her bladder then delivered a stream of piss into the detectives mouth.

The detective opened wide welcoming her urine, it sprayed against his tongue, quenching his thirst. When his mouth filled he gulped it down, one mouthful after another, until there was only a trickle, then the occasional droplet, until he swallowed the last of her salty sweet piss.

Tammy and Alyssa then closed in on his cock, which look liked a penis shaped chocolate popsicle. They smiled at each other then they licked his cock starting at the bottom, and slowly working their way up. The shit coating rolled onto their tongues. They both savored the strong flavor. They took turns licking his shaft until it was almost clean.

“Finish it off Mommy.”

Alyssa smiled at her daughter then opened her mouth and swallowed the detectives entire cock in one complete motion. Her plump red lips wrapped around the base, then slowly she moved her head upward cleaning the remaining clumps of shit. When she reached the head of his cock she stopped for a moment… swirled her tongue around a couple of times, and then slurped that last of shit from his prick.

Alyssa licked her lips, “yummy.”

Tammy seductively smiled at her mother, “Would you like some of mine?”

“You know what mommy likes baby.” She said as she lay down on her back.

The Detective stroked his cock like a mad man as he watched Tammy squatting over her mothers face. Alyssa’s lips parted like the Red Sea waiting for her daughters brown treat to cross the threshold to her hungry palate. Tammy’s tightly puckered sphincter began to expand then a turd appeared. Her sphincter stretched further as the log descended into her mothers mouth.

Alyssa gripped the turd gently with her teeth as it broke free. She held it in her mouth savoring the bold flavor and gritty texture. Tammy moved off of her mothers face and held the turd in place as her mother sucked on the log as if it was a big brown cock. Then she took a small bite slowly chewed on it relishing her daughters delicacy.

Tammy broke off a piece of the turd and placed it on her tongue and sucked it until it melted in her mouth. She broke off another chunk and held it up, “would you like a taste Detective?”

“Yes.” He said while furiously stroking his cock, he opened his mouth. Tammy reached up and dropped the chocolaty morsel onto his tongue. The taste of Tammy’s forbidden fruit sent his head spinning into an ecstatic frenzy. His right leg began to twitch uncontrollably. He closed his eyes as his body convulsed and shuddered. Streams of cum spurted onto his stomach. The convulsions slowed, he quaked…

When he opened his eyes, he saw steel bars and a bunk above him. The strong stench of shit wafted through his cell. He turned to his left and sitting on the commode next to his head was his cellmate Leon Jackson who was grunting as he shit. His underwear where sticky and full of cum. On the far wall written in brown muck was D.O.D

Bang bang bang, the guard was hitting the bars with his stick, “Wake up Hardy, its time for your arraignment. Oh, by the way thanks to you Baltimore is burning.”

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