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I stared out into the driving rain, my lean 5’5 form whipped by the wind. My dark brown, chest length hair clung to my neck and back as I peered through the darkness at the lights moving where our small town used to be.

A hand touched my arm and I jumped, turning. My boyfriend Tom had come up beside me and was also staring at the lights.

“Come on, Christy” he said, “the others have decided to camp here and wait out the storm before moving on”.

I looked up at him. His light brown hair was plastered to his head by the driving rain, and his wet clothes outlined his slim frame. “But we’re still so close”, I argued, “what if they decide to come looking for survivors?”

“Daryl doesn’t think they will” Daryl had been the sheriff before… before this. We had followed the news of first contact on the radio and television, and we had all had the same mixture of feelings the rest of the world had displayed. Some with joy, some with foreboding, and some with a message of caution. Then the airwaves had gone dead, and we had imagined the worst. Imagined, that is, until it had become a reality for us. The huge black trucks, the giant soldiers, the burning, the screaming. They had completely destroyed our entire town in less than half an hour. Most of the townspeople had been caught and taken to the church which was the only building large enough to hold them. I could hear the screams from where I had hid behind a tombstone in the graveyard. I had seen Tom running from one of the seven-foot soldiers, and when he had passed by, I did the only thing my frozen brain could think of; I reached my foot out and tripped him. Tom had stopped at the sound of the soldier’s enraged bellow as he fell, and had come back to administer a quick death by slitting the soldier’s neck with his own huge knife. He still had that knife, it hadn’t left his hand since that moment. Even after our break for the open fields, even after finding a few of the stragglers, and even after three hours of trudging through the driving rain, he still carried it. I think held a sense of security for him.

As we joined our small group, I looked around at the fear-filled faces. I had known every one of these people since childhood, had grown up with them. Now, it felt like we were the only ones alive in a world of desolation. Daryl bid us all lie down together to conserve and share body heat, and as we had no food, we simply did as he said. I didn’t believe I would be able to sleep after everything I had just gone through, but my exausted body had other plans. I was asleep as soon as my head rested on Tom’s shoulder.

I was dreaming of the soldiers. One had me in a vise-like grip, and another was between my legs, having his way with me. I could feel the strength in the one holding me, and as I looked down the length of my body, I could see glowing eyes, and blue tentacles winding their way around and into my body. He was spearing between my legs with a huge member, and I shook with every thrust. Suddenly, I felt the ground tremble beneath me, and I opened my eyes. Bright spotlights pierced the darkness, and as I looked around, I could see shapes moving beyond the lights. Following my first instinct, I jumped to my feet and bolted towards the woods. The screams of my fellow refugees echoed in my ears, and only spurred me on. I was almost to the woods as I heard the sound of pursuit behind me. I dove into the underbrush, and took three steps before I was tackled from behind. I crashed to the soggy forest floor with a huge weight on my back. I could barely breathe, and I saw lights swirling behind my eyelids. I felt the soldier on top of me; he was moving his hands. Then I felt him take hold of my jeans and pull. There was a loud ripping sound, and I felt the coldness of a knife as it slashed into the material. Once exposed to the air, my thin panties were no barrier to this giant, and they were ripped off me like tissue paper. I could do nothing other than to lay there as I felt his gloved hands travel up the insides of my legs and cup my ass. My legs were pulled roughly apart, and I felt him move down to kneel between them. I heard the slick of a zipper, and then a large throbbing member was pressed against my ass. My dream was about to come true. I had slept with my boyfriend a number of times, but it was always quick and easy. This, however was going to be neither. The huge tip of the soldier’s manhood found the hot opening of my pussy, and started to rub up and down. I could hear his breathing quicken as he felt my warmth, and with one quick jabbing motion he was inside me. I could feel the insides of my tunnel stretch as his huge cock invaded me, and I let out a startled cry. He eased out a bit, then plunged it in again. My body was slammed forward, and my breasts were flattened into the damp floor of the forest. Once more he backed up, then I felt his whole body tense, and I felt as though my insides were going to tear. He must have been at least 10 inches long, and I felt as though someone had shoved a fist up inside me. He began Maltepe Yabancı Escort to pound, and my body shook with every thrust. As I felt him near his climax, he grabbed my waist and lifted me to meet his pounding. Then, with one final sharp jab, I felt his hot cum flood my insides, and I collapsed unconcious.

As I slowly came to, I realised I was no longer in the forest. I could see and hear nothing. I reached my hands down and felt cold concrete. My lower half was still bare, and my legs and ass were ice cold. All I had on was the thin top I had been wearing when I had run from the town, and my nipples poked through the thin material like little pebbles. I clasped my arms around myself, and shivered. Suddenly I heard the scraping of a door, and a light pierced the darkness. I squinted against the sudden onslaught to my eyes, and saw the sillouettes of two guards. They yanked me to my feet, and practically dragged me to the door as my legs were too cold to work properly. I was taken to a room with many gadgets hanging from the walls. I was too groggy to comprehend what they might be for. I was placed on a padded table in the middle of the room, and the guards left. The room was warm, and as the circulation started to return to my legs, I got up and started examining my prison. There were chains and shackles on the walls, and I was sure the other tools there were not for anything good. The ceiling as well as the walls also had multiple hooks imbedded in them. As I waited there, I suddenly realized that the guards, while large, had not seemed strange or alien. They had not had tentacles or any other strange parts about them. The soldiers who had overrun our town had worn large body suits and armour, so one could not see what they were like underneath. Of course I had assumed that they were very unlike us, but those guards had been very human looking.

The door opened, and a small man entered. He was wearing a white lab coat, and was definitely human. He totally ignored me, and moved to a computer console I had not noticed. As he started entering information, I slowly approached him.

“Um, are you working for the aliens?” I asked tentatively.

He looked up then and surveyed me with a cold stare. “Aliens… ha.” he finally replied. “You *are* gullible, aren’t you? When Tercel told me the plan, I didn’t believe it would work, but now that I see how it’s going…” He shook his head with a wry smile and looked back down at his console.

I stood there in confusion. “But, we heard the reports of first contact on the radio. We were attacked after the power went out! If it wasn’t aliens…” Then I was gripped with horror as a new possibility hit me. Slowly I raised my eyes to his. There was a glint of pure evil in them, and he laughed at my expression.

Just then, the door to the chamber opened, and three huge soldiers entered. They all wore the suits that I recognised from the takeover. The one in front reached up to his helmut and I heard a snap. He removed his helmut, and I could see a very human face with cold eyes looking at me. There was a smirk on his face, and he said something to the man in the lab coat in a language I couldn’t understand. The technician nodded, and left the room. Then the man turned to me.

“So,” he said, “I see we are awake now.” He had a slight accent, but I couldn’t place it.

“Who are you?” I asked with a tremor in my voice.

“I am your God, your master, and your entire world now.” He said in a deep growl.

I backed up a step and he looked down at me with a strange glint in his eyes. “But…but…” I couldn’t even think straight with that stare piercing my skull.

“You want to know what has happened, and where the aliens are that you think have invaded your world, is that it?” He asked.

I could only nod.

“We are the aliens, and your world is now ours to control.” He replied.

I looked up at him in confusion.

“We have destroyed your seemingly invincible government, and you are now ours to deal with as we see fit. You don’t have to know which country we represent, you only have to know that America is no more. Those broadcasts of the ‘Alien contact’ were sent to confuse you and make you vunerable, which it did. All of your old were destroyed, and your children were sent to facilities that will make them into good little citizens of the new Amerika. Your men we will use in whichever way we see fit, most likely as slaves, and all of the fertile women, yourself included were given out to the soldiers as payment for a job well done.” He grinned evilly. “And now you are mine.” With these words, he motioned to the two soldiers behind them, and they started to advance on me. I backed up until I could feel the wall behind me. Their shadows darkened the lights, and I let out a single scream before I felt their powerful hands grab and lift me. I was placed on the padded table and my body was bound to it with soft straps that held me immobile. The two then left, leaving me alone with my new owner. Maltepe Yeni Escort He approached the table and looked down at me. The straps that bound me to the table ran over my ribs under my breasts, which had the effect of lifting them up. My shirt was thin, and my nipples pushed up through it like twin peaks. I was breathing heavily in fear, and this simply made my breasts heave all the more invitingly. He grazed my nipples with his finger tips and I gasped at the shock that ran through me. He smiled, then turned to the wall on my right. He lifted down a metallic object, and turned back to me.

“As there were millions of women captured and given to the soldiers, we have started branding our personal slaves so that you can easily be identified.” He reached forward and tore at my shirt. It ripped easily away from my body, and he looked at my large breasts appreciatively. He touched a few settings on the tool, and I could hear it starting to charge. As the high-piched whine increased, he reached forward and turned my head away from him. I felt him brush my hair away from my neck, and a second later, I screamed with all my might as a white-hot pain seared my neck. I blacked out from the pain, but he brought me around a few minutes later with a cold washcloth on my forehead. The pain in my neck had receded to a slow throb, and as he put the washcloth in a small bowl, he leaned over me and blew on my new marking.

“Yes, very good. Not much scarring should occur.” He stated. “Now,” he said, “I shall see just how much my newest little slave is worth” With that, he placed one of his hands on my flat stomach, and the other cupped a breast. I turned my head away, as I was powerless to do anything to prevent his fondling of my body. I heard the brush of material and turned back to see him stripping himself of his armoured suit. His body was huge, easily twice the size of a normal man’s, and he had to be at least 7 1/2 feet tall. My eyes widened as I took in his proportions, and he laughed as he caught me watching.

“Our genetic research paid off big-time,” he said, “I am only one of millions of soldiers genetically enhanced like this. As you can see, we were more than capable of taking your puny country. Even your nuclear weapons were no match to our superior technology. You were so unprepared. You had no idea that your country was not the leader in science and technology that you thought you were.” With that, he gave a gut-shaking laugh, and removed the rest of his clothing. Out sprang the largest penis I had ever seen in my life. It had to be at least 10 inches long and a good three in diameter, and it wasn’t even hard! It hung pointing at the floor, and as I watched, it swung with the first step he took towards me. My eyes flashed up to his face, and I could see the lust in his eyes as he surveyed my helpless body. With one hand, he cupped a breast, and with the other he petted the soft mound between my legs. His tongue came out, and he circled my belly button, diping in a few times. As he admistered his attention to me, his long member slowly started to thicken and straighten out. He rubbed it a bit, then went over to the wall to survey his toys, finally settling on one. He lifted what appeared to be a set of pulleys off the wall and came back to the table. He clasped my ankles with clamps, then attached one of the pulleys to a hook in the ceiling, and the others to hooks on either side of the bed. He then attached a chain to each of the clamps on my ankles, and ran them throught the network of pulleys. He removed the straps holding my legs to the bed, and pulled on the chains. This had the effect of pulling my legs up and out, and raising my ass a couple of inches off the table. That done, he secured the chains, and went back over to the wall. Coming back, he placed rubber-tipped pincers to each of my nipples. They were strong, but only hurt if he tugged on them. He placed small chains on each of the pincers, then proceeded to attach them to another hook on the ceiling. This had the effect of pulling my nipples up to points, and I moaned. By this time his phallus was a good 14 inches long and at least 5 inches in diameter. He walked back to the wall, and appeared to be looking for something. When he didn’t find it, his face registered his anger, and he turned back to the bed. His hand came up over my raised breasts, and I tensed. It came down across the exposed undersides of my mounds, and I shrieked with the pain of his slap and my nipples being tugged and pulled by the movement of the chains. He pulled on his pants and stalked out of the room, apparently in search of his missing toy. I breathed easier for a moment, until I sensed movement in the doorway. One of his lackies entered, having seen him leave, apparently, and approached my half-suspended form. He quickly surveyed my helpless position, and started undoing his pants. When he brought out his manhood, I could see that it was nearly as large as his commander’s. While he was rubbing his engorged phallus, he reached over to Maltepe Masaj Salonu the wall and picked off a small leather paddle. With this in hand, he moved to the end of the table, and surveyed my ass. I knew what was coming and started yelling at the top of my lungs. Quickly he moved to my face, and gave me such a blow that I was seeing stars. After he was sure he had silenced me, He moved back to the end of the bed. He raised the paddle and started admistering it to my ass. I tried to hold my tongue, but it stung so much that I started making little squeals with every crack. After he felt that I had been spanked well enough, he threw the paddle on the floor, and moved in towards my exposed slit. He started rubbing his manhood against my lips, and then started to push inside. I didn’t think he would get that huge thing in my little pussy, and apparently neither did he, for at that moment, he grabbed my hips, and bucked. With an audible pop, his head entered my warm cunt, and I threw my head back and screamed. He was so caught up in what he was doing, that he didn’t bother to silence me. With my hips in his vise-like grip, he pumped until his cock was firmly embedded in my tight tunnel. I was screaming, and tears were running down my face from the pain of his intrusion. At that moment, I happened to see a shadow in the doorway. I looked over, and saw my master taking in the situation. I hoped that he would stop his underling from taking me, but I was to have no such luck. He simply stood there and watched as the soldier continued to furiously bang my poor cunt with his huge dick. He liked the sight, because his pants were tenting out from his crotch and he was rubbing his cock through them. The soldier between my suspended legs was beginning to climax, and he rammed his huge cock as far as it could go into my abused pussy. I screamed with the pain as I felt his seed fill me. As he withdrew his spent member, I saw my master move out of the corner of my eye. Just as the soldier who had just taken such satisfaction in my young body turned, My master hit him square in the face. He went down without a sound, and my master dragged his limp body into the closet. I could only imagine what my master was going to do with him as a punishment for taking his new slave without his permission. As my master returned to the table, I could see what must have been the object of his search. A metallic object gleamed in his hand, and I could see immediately what it’s purpose was. As he moved between my helpless legs, I shook my head and pleaded with him. He just smiled and spread my lips with his fingers. I felt the cold of metal against my tender clit, then my clit exploded with white-hot pain. My back arched, and I let out a tortured scream as my clit was pierced. I would have blacked out, but my master quickly threw cold water on my face, and I was revived to endure the pain as he placed a small ring in my most sensitive area.

“Now,” he said, “you are properly equiped as my slave. You will join my other slaves in the harem soon. You will not speak unless spoken to first, and you will make yourself available to them or anybody else I might give you to whenever or however I wish it. Do you understand?”

I mutely nodded my head as my future became clear. As I hopelessly watched, my master moved again between my legs. His member was fully aroused, and as he stroked it, it swelled even larger. Placing it between my legs, I felt his huge head at the entrance to my virgin asshole.

“NO!” I screamed as I realized his intentions. “I’ve never been taken there before!”

“You will be taken any way I please” was his response as he started to push. I felt my tight sphincter give way as his engorged head mercilessly forced its way into my asshole. As soon as the head was in, my master gave a surge, and I felt something tear as fully half of his monster dick embedded itself in my ass. Screaming with the pain, I felt him withdraw, then plunge in another three inches. The friction on my newly pierced clit was agony, and I shook my head from side to side as my asshole was plundered. After about a dozen thrusts, his entire 14 inches was engulfed by my tight hole. He then commenced pulling almost out, then forcing it back in. Faster and faster he thrusted, until he was slamming into me so hard, the table was shaking. I could feel his balls slaping my ass with every blow, and the vibration of the table sent the chains attached to my nipples shaking. My tits were being jerked harder and harder. Finally, when I felt I was going to be fucked to death, I felt his cock expand, and a huge load of cum gushed from my asshole. After a few more thrusts, he withdrew, and I lay there as cum and blood seeped out of my ass. He cleaned himself with a towel, then released my ankles from their cuffs. As he undid the pincers from my nipples, he pinched one, and another surge of agony washed over my body. After he undid the straps holding my body down, he placed a collar around my neck, and attached a chain to it. Another chain he connected to the ring in my clit. With these in hand, he forced me to a standing position. I could hardly stand from the pain of my rapes, but at any sign of resistance, he would tug at the chain attached to my clit ring. I had no choice but to walk behind him as he led me out of the room and down the corridor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32