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Shelly’s last orgasm had sent a river of juices running from her pussy down the cleft of her ass cheeks. The stranger’s tongue followed that trail, lapping up every drop. She felt his hands on her ass, his thumbs sliding in between, spreading her wide. An involuntary moan slipped out from between her lips as she felt his eyes feast on her gleaming asshole. His tongue followed, tracing little delicate swirls around her hole before sliding inside. Her asshole was slick with pussy juice, and his tongue slipped in easily, his nose resting between her pussy lips. She felt him inhale her scent as he ate.

Shelly bucked as much as the restraints would allow, trying to get his tongue deeper inside her. “More,” she begged softly.

The stranger looked up, his face damp with her juices, a smile playing around the corners of his mouth. “More? Oh, I’ll give you more, you little slut.”

Quite suddenly Shelly found herself unbound, though not for long. In a moment he had flipped her body over so that she was on her hands and knees. He placed a few of her throw pillows underneath her belly to keep her from lying flat on the bed. Then the cuffs around her wrists were secured once more. He spread her knees wide, giving him complete access to her ass and pussy, then secured the restraints around her thighs and ankles again.

Shelly craned her neck to see behind her, but the stranger had disappeared from view. A moment later he returned, carrying a mirror that had been hanging in the hall outside her bedroom. This he propped against the headboard in front of her face. Pendik Fetiş Escort “Now you can watch too,” he said sweetly, reaching down to tweak one of her hanging nipples.

He returned to her backside. “Now,” he said, his voice raised slightly so she was sure to hear him, “you went into the bathroom at the bar, but I don’t believe you used the facilities. Is that right?”

Shelly shook her head. “I guess I was so excited, I forgot that I had to pee.”

The stranger nodded with satisfaction. “So I gathered from the speed with which you returned. You must still need to pee?”

Shelly did. Quite badly, in fact, especially after those orgasms. She always needed to pee after she came. She nodded her response.

“Then I expect I’ll have to untie you and let you go to the bathroom,” he said, making his way back up to the front of the bed, and made as if to undo the restraints. Suddenly he stopped and looked into her eyes. “But maybe not.”

He returned to the foot of the bed, knelt between her spread legs, and said, “I want you to piss, right here, right now. And if you do as you’re instructed, I’ll give you more like you asked for.”

Shelly’s face turned dark red. It was one thing to endure the humiliation of someone else pissing on you (after all, she couldn’t have done anything to stop him apart from using the safe word), but pissing in her own bed, in front of a stranger, with everything so exposed…

The stranger’s voice interrupted her panicked thoughts. “I want you to concentrate very hard on your full bladder. Pendik Gecelik Escort I want you to concentrate not on your fear or guilt, but on the relief you’ll feel when you let go and release all that piss.”

Shelly tried to do as she was told. It -would- feel good to go…and really, what other choice did she have? But she just couldn’t do it.

Then she felt his hands on her belly, just above her mound, pushing gently, encouraging her. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You can do it.”

Shelly frowned in concentration. She was finding it more and more urgent that she empty her bladder, right now–

A tiny stream of piss squirted from between her fat pussy lips. Though it immediately stopped, the stranger let out an encouraging moan. “That’s a good girl,” he murmured softly, and Shelly watched in the mirror as he moved again between her thighs. She felt his tongue on her clit. Her pussy twitched and squirted a little more piss, this time onto his face. Shame and embarrassment washed over Shelly, but the stranger just licked harder at her pussy. “More, baby,” he moaned.

Something in Shelly clicked, and with a shuddering exhale she let go. A thick stream of piss squirted from her twat, soaking his face and pouring onto the sheets beneath her. He opened his mouth and let it fill with urine before swallowing. The next mouthful he squirted all over her pussy and asshole. Then he pulled back a little and watched with fascination as the stream arced from her pisshole down onto the bed. She must have held this in for a Pendik Genç Escort long time. The piss just kept coming.

He cupped his hand over her pussy and watched the piss squirt out around his hand and between his fingers. He massaged her clit and even slid a finger inside her. Shelly kept pissing.

At last her stream began to slow. He watched her little asshole clench and flex with the effort of emptying every last drop. At last it seemed she was empty. He wasted no time but attacked her dripping twat with his whole face, licking her clit, nuzzling her lips and hole with his nose, putting his mouth over her whole pussy.

Shelly moaned weakly. The humiliation and effort of performing private bodily functions in front of a total stranger had drained her in the way that no orgasm could. She felt herself beginning to drift off.

That she was asleep was of little concern to the stranger. He suspected it once the moans stopped, and raised his head from her pussy to ascertain the truth. Her sleeping reflection confirmed his suspicion, but did not deter his enthusiasm in the slightest. He finished cleaning her pussy, then ran his tongue up her asscrack and licked the rest of her juices from her tight hole.

When he had satisfied himself momentarily with the taste of her, he bent down and fetched something from a bag at the foot of the bed. It was a a string of anal beads. Each bead was covered either in tiny spikes or deep ridges, and each one was larger than the last. He fetched also from the bag a bottle of lube, which he poured copiously over the beads. He also squirted a large dollop on her anus, and pushed a little inside with his finger. She was so tight it made his cock twitch. He wrapped a hand around his hard dick and jerked it for a moment, almost absentmindedly, then placed the first bead against her asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32