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So there I was, in the Islands of the orient, with no idea how or why I had got there. My mind was blank, it was just yesterday.. or what seemed like yesterday that I had just signed up for a new course in sexology for the university. It was a profound irony.. what would a virgin know about sex? People wondered that, but I just smiled. I read a lot, and that was it. I had never felt the same experiences the books I’ve pored over described.

And so I was here. In Malaysia. At 18. No money, no food, and my clothing completely soaked. Walking down the streets, I heard murmurs of “gwailou”-the Chinese word for devil man. I didn’t mind, I was as soaking wet and dirty as one. Walking for awhile, I came across an inn, it had a sign with miniscule kanji handwriting. I could barely understand Chinese, let alone read it. I walked in, calling for asylum, the first word that came to my mind.

It looked like an inn, but the main lobby was covered in fluffed pillows and rug, kneeling in front of a candle was an oriental woman, who looked to be thirty-some years of age. “Come in!” she said in fluent English. I walked in, looking around nervously for a place to hang my coat. görükle escort The woman gracefully stood up and turned to me. I was in shock, she was at least fifteen years older than me, but her slightly-open silk embroidered robe revealed parts of her voluptuous breasts and thighs, and her long slender feet took her to where I was.

As I stood there ogling at her, I wondered what she made of me. Here I was, a 16-year-old Mexican boy who was dirty and disheveled. Although I had the stature and physique of a man, my face still belied my young innocence and inexperience.

Before I knew it, I was wearing nothing but my boxers, and I was kneeling in front of her. “You have no idea why you are here, do you?” she asked. I shook my head, no. She smiled as she stoked my hair softly “I will be your teacher for now..”

She removed her robe gracefully and revealed herself as she was brought to this world. She resembled Artemis, the goddess of fertility, my hands shot out to touch her, but she grabbed them and tied them with a silk scarf to the foot of the altar.

My cock was erect by now, struggling for liberation against the oppressive bursa escort bayan boxers. “Ah…do you need to be set free?”

She knelt and ripped off the boxers, and my hard-on leapt into sight.

“First lesson,” she spoke melodically as she sat on my feet and spread her legs towards me, “Is endurance.” She took her two feet and placed them together in my thighs, slowly trailing upwards, creating a sensation that was unbelievably pleasurable. Then, using her feet, began encircling my cock, which was now at its peak six inches, and she began moving up and down. I almost blanked out from the sheer pleasure…but there was more to come…she repeated the action with her hands, and began using her tongue.

She bobbed her head up and down as sucked my manhood as if it was a candy cane…within minutes, I was ready to come and did so, groaning in agony as she swallowed several globs of cum. Before my dick could rest, she was quickly lapping up what had spilled. She looked up with eager eyes as she freed me from my handcuffs.

I was hard again within seconds, as my teacher laid back and raised her legs, exposing her adorable flower. bursa escort This was a peak moment, my books had said, but I never even dreamed how it would feel. I crawled closer and she spoke. “Very well, now, foreplay. You must please me. Don’t be afraid to use your tongue. And I wasn’t. I gently licked the her ankle and sucked on her big toes, before my tongue, almost automatically went down her leg…the smells from her flower were delicious, driving me wild with passion. My tongue finally found her opening and my fingers found her breasts. I inserted my tongue and began relishing the flavors, licking around and around, trying to stick it further, while my fingers fondled her erect nipples. She began to pant slowly, and I knew she was mine. I kept on licking until her breathing grew heavier, and then I stopped. I pulled back and looked at her, she was smiling and looking at my erect tool.

I descended slowly, guiding myself into her, penetrating slowly, her legs spreading for easier access. It was the most delicious feeling ever…warmth, tightness, and humidity, perfectly combined. I bent forward and began licking and sucking her hard little nipples, savoring them as I began moving faster and faster. I was enthralled in everything, and the staccato of her moans told me she was about to come, and she did, just as I injected my seed into her.

I rolled gently over the sides and she smiled at me. “Today’s first lesson: passed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32