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Rita discovered the world of BDSM about a year ago but had not really had much experience in it until about 6 months ago when she put her profile up on an alternative sex website.

She didn’t really know whether she was a sub or Domme, but she really enjoyed the idea of control and submission. She was very much in charge of things in her vanilla life, where she owned her own business with a small staff.

So she was very used to controlling others and seeing to their welfare. So it was only natural for her to decide she was a Domme despite the fact that she was tired of being in charge 24/7.

She viewed various profiles to see what was out there. She sifted through the flood of emails she received in response to her profile. She had mistakenly listed herself as bi-curious and many of the responses were from women. While she was not interested in having a female sub, their profiles made fascinating reading. Some of them touched a chord in her that she didn’t realize was there. But she was so much more comfortable being in charge and despite the curiosity those profiles aroused in her, she didn’t change her original decision that she was a Dominant rather than a submissive.

She found a couple of different submissive men and had some sessions with them but was totally turned off by their lack of ego. They were doormats pretending to be men.

Finally, she found a sub who matched her desires. He was older than she was, well educated, worked in well paying professional job, and had experience as both a sub and a Dom. So she replied to his email. From there, they corresponded regularly and finally she allowed him to call her. His voice and mannerisms on the phone were so sexy. She was totally taken by him.

He took her commands readily, and even, eagerly. But he had a sense of self, he was not a doormat. He was obviously sexually aroused by her domination. But, strangely enough, she wasn’t. But he was so sweet and caring, that she didn’t care. At least at first.

But there were aspects of being a Domme and of men that she just wasn’t sure about. So she wrote to a Dom whose profile she liked to ask his advice. He wrote back with some answers and some questions.

She liked the way he wrote and the thought he put into his answers. So she started exchanging regular emails with him. It was obvious that he was completely comfortable in the Dominant role.

He was not a sadist, not into humiliation for the sake of humiliating a sub, he was just a person who was in control of himself and those around him and completely comfortable with being so. As he described his philosophy and training techniques, she started to imagine what it would be like to be his sub.

But this was only imagination. In real life, she had an online sub that she was soon to meet. They had a special weekend planned. Since they lived far apart, the planning for this weekend was important. It wouldn’t be a quick meeting over dinner. She felt as though she was falling in love with him. He seemed to be everything she wanted.

Finally, the big day came. He met her at the airport and they shared their first kiss. It was not the passionate kiss she had imagined, but rather a quick peck on the lips. What was this? Where was the passion he showed in his emails and on the phone?

She decided it must be the public forum and decided to wait until they were in private for more. They chatted as they drove to her hotel, mostly about the sights she could see as they drove into the city. When they reached her hotel, he grabbed her bags and carried them in for her, just as she expected him to. He stood quietly by as she checked in and then followed istanbul escort her to her room.

Once in the room, she turned to get a kiss and this one was much better. At least, it was more passionate. But still not the soul shattering kiss she had imagined for their first kiss. She commanded him to strip, a command he followed eagerly. Once naked, she commanded him to kneel. She lifted her skirt and revealed her thong covered pussy. Where upon she pulled aside the thong and commanded him to eat her pussy, a task he threw himself into whole heartedly.

He licked and slurped until she came, but once again it was not as she imagined it would be. When she had cum, she let him fuck her for the first time but he didn’t cum until she spoke to him in her command voice and told him to either cum or get out.

He had an evening planned for them, showing her the sights and a nice dinner for two. So they got dressed and went out. The evening was enjoyable but not very exciting. She was beginning to think that there wasn’t any chemistry between them but decided to wait and see.

Once back at her hotel, she proceeded to command his obedience. She whipped him when he didn’t obey her quickly enough and finally tied him spread out on the bed. Then she mounted his cock and used it for her pleasure, an event that clearly excited him.

Finally, he left for the night. He had to work the next morning for a few hours. As soon as he left, she logged on to her email and noticed her Dom mentor was online.

For the next few hours they chatted over IM about her feelings. He gave her advice and once again she wondered what it would be like to be his sub. He was so masterful, confident, and caring.

Finally they signed off and she went to bed. As
she lay there in bed, she started to think about her mentor. As she thought of him, her hand crept down to her pussy where it started rubbing her clit. Before long she came explosively, but what shocked her as she came was that she yelled “Master!”

As she lay there in the afterglow of an incredible orgasm she considered what had just happened. What was she doing, cumming to fantasies of being a sub?! It took her a long time to fall asleep that night, her mind a morass of confusion. What was she? A Domme or a sub? How could she be a sub? She was a business owner, a manager of people, a driving force in her community! It could not be!

But in her heart of hearts, she longed to have someone care for her. Someone to take the burden of decision making from her, at least for a few hours.

Finally she fell asleep only to wake up groggily the next morning. She ordered a room service breakfast and logged on. Disappointingly, her Dom mentor was not online. So she responded to her emails and checked the stock market to see how her portfolio was doing.

While she was checking her portfolio, an IM came up on her screen. It was her Dom mentor! She immediately responded to his query and they proceeded to chat for the next two hours.

She shared her confusion with him and he responded playfully with some commands. Commands she willingly, no, eagerly followed. As she was kneeling naked on the floor, she realized her pussy was so wet that it was dripping down her leg.

Now she was really confused. When he allowed her to sit at her computer again, she told him what had happened. He suggested that she was just reacting to her disappointment with her current sub and should wait to see what happened with him today. He told her that deciding to change roles was a big decision, one that she should consider fully.

So, armed with his advice, she dressed for her day with escort bayan her sub. She selected a power suit, one that conveyed her commanding personality and would send a subconscious message to her sub that She was in charge.

He arrived at her door at the appointed time. She opened the door and strode past him, clearly expecting him to follow. When they arrived at his car, she held out her hand for the keys. She was in charge and expected to drive. He meekly handed her the keys and held the car door open for her. He closed the door after she was inside and ran around to get in the passenger side.

The day went well enough, he was properly submissive while showing her the sights. But as they approached her hotel that evening, she was not satisfied. So when they entered her suite, she ordered him to strip and proceeded to whip him to vent her frustration.

But even that did not help. So she once again tied him to the bed and used him for her pleasure. But when she finally came, it was only a shadow to the orgasm she had had the previous evening fantasizing about being her mentor’s sub.

So she sent her sub home, confusion evident on his face. She just said she had a headache and wanted nothing more than to lie down.

As soon as he left, she got online again and found, to her relief, that her Dom mentor was online too. Even better, he had his webcam on. So she turned hers on also. This time, he wasted no time in commanding her to kneel naked in front of the computer. A command she eagerly obeyed.

For the next couple of hours, he commanded her to assume various positions and even subject herself to discipline. She felt funny applying the clamps she had bought to use on her sub to her own nipples and clit. The same with a butt plug in her ass. But the inner peace she felt as she submitted to His will was incredible!

She almost exploded each time he let her cum and he let her cum multiple times!! It seemed just an instant had passed when he told her he was signing off for the night. But it was 3 in the morning! They had been at it for 5 hours. She wearily climbed into bed and fell into a deep, deep sleep.

She was only awoken by a pounding on the door. As she blearily peered at the clock, she was surprised to see it was 10 a.m., long past the time she was supposed to meet her sub for breakfast. Realizing it must be him; she climbed out of bed and stumbled to the door to let him in.

His eyes went wide when she opened the door; he was obviously staring at her breasts. But he had seen them before, so what was he looking at with that expression? So she looked down, only to see the nipple clamps still attached as well as one attached to her clit.

It seemed incredible that she had fallen asleep with them on. Now that she realized they were there, she realized her nipples and clit were numb. She let her sub in without saying a word and proceeded to remove the clips. The pain of the blood rushing in behind the clips as they came off was excruciating! But at the same time it was exhilarating! She actually came from the pain. Forgetting her sub was in the room, she let out a series of loud moans as the orgasm washed over her. What must he think?!! She realized that she didn’t care.

So she stumbled to the shower and proceeded to let the hot water beat down on her. As she emerged from the shower, her sub was there with a towel. As he dried her off, she reflected on what was happening. She realized that she would be so much happier being the one drying rather than the one being dried off.

She strode back into the bedroom and proceeded to dress, still without a word to her sub. “Let us Kartal escort go eat.” Her first words of the morning. In silence, they went to the hotel dining room where they were seated in an out of the way table.

The confusion in her mind was falling away as she realized what had happened to her last night. She realized that she was a sub and only desired to be a sub! As this incredible realization bubbled over her, she felt a great sense of relief. She knew, in her heart, that she wanted only to be cherished and controlled by a Man.

Not just any Man, but her Dom mentor. So she began to softly talk to this man beside her who was also a sub. She told him of her recent confusion, her gradual change, and of the epiphany she had just experienced. At first, his face showed some anger which gave way to disappointment and finally he was nodding his head. He understood!

He told of a similar experience, when he realized he was not a Dom, but a sub. He told her he not only understood but that he had sensed her confusion earlier. They clasped hands and shared a look, the look of two people who have found their place in life and love even if it wasn’t with each other.

Both knew they had a life long friend, someone to share their learning and joy with. After a long, leisurely and friendly breakfast, they parted. Each to seek out their destinies. He, to search for his Domme. She to email the Man she hoped would be her Master.

She rushed to her room and immediately logged on, finding Him online! She wrote to him of her revelation and asked Him if he would be willing to accept her as his sub. He said he was seeking a new sub but could not make a decision without meeting her. So they arranged to meet the very next weekend. She asked Him if he would use her as his online sub, at least for today. He agreed! Her heart soared at the news!

For the next few hours he put her through her paces. He forced her to submit in ways she had never contemplated making her sub do. At one point, He required her to go outside and expose herself to a bunch of teenage boys walking by in the hallway.

It was incredible, it was humiliating, it was freedom! The incredible day finally ended, leaving her exhausted but satisfied in way she had never been. Again, she fell into a deep dreamless sleep, the sleep of a fully sated woman.

She rose early the next morning and rushed to catch her plane home. But she took a moment to log on and let Him know what she was doing, how much she wanted him, and that she would give herself fully to him without any limits.

The next week passed slowly. Each evening, he would give her a little of his time but he was busy and could not properly instruct her. So by the weekend, she was having a hard time concentrating. She was so anxious to meet Him, afraid that He would not take her as his.

Friday finally came and with it her flight to Him. It seemed as though the trip to the airport and the subsequent flight happened as if in a dream. Finally she landed in His town. As she emerged from the security gate, she saw a sign with her name on it. Her heart started beating so loudly she thought everyone around her could hear it.

She quickly walked over to Him. His face lit up upon seeing her and then he folder her in his arms, giving her the most passionate kiss she had ever had. His tongue explored her mouth before working up to tickle her ear where he whispered “I am glad you came, little one.”

Taking her by the arm, he led her to pick up her bags. He surprised her by picking up her bags and carrying them himself. Sensing her surprise, he whispered to her “Your submission is a private thing, just between us. Perhaps later, you may display your status to the world as a whole. But for now, we are just a regular couple in public.”

Where this would lead, whether she would become fully submissive. Those were questions only time could answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32