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As you pass me the two obscene pics of yourself, I rudely toss them on the bar between two friends leaning back against the bar. turning, they both huddle over them in the dark seedy motorcycle bar and begin to snicker, occasionally turning and glancing at you over their shoulders. others begin to huddle near as well and your face turns a crimson red.

finally, one the guys simply takes a half-spent cigarette and grinds it out on the first pic, announcing to whomever is in earshot, “i can’t see shit in this pic. who knows if it’s really the cumslut that Fulmoon has been bragging about?”

many in the bar erupt into lewd peals of laughter and a collection of college girls check you out and take another glance at the second pic. “oh yeah, that’s her, alright. you can tell by the eyes. so this is the “throat of the century, huh?”

One of the guys takes the pic and presses you against the wall as i stand back and watch, holding the second pic against the wall, his eyes running from the pic back to your face, checking the eyes.

“oh yeah, a perfect match. well, i guess this one is all yours.”

I retrieve the pic and lay it on the bar and half the patrons begin to pass it around, causing ripples of snickering and snide remarks. you can only stand there, frozen with fear and embarrassment, as the most intimate pic becomes a public art display.

finally, the laughs subsiding but the looks still there, i take you by the arm and begin to lead you to the rear entrance of the bar, opening into a dark filthy alleyway. not saying a word, i lead you over a few feet to a well-used and stinky dumpster and, with one hand on your head, apply enough pressure for you to know to sink to your knees. and you do…. your bare knees scraping the concrete, the aroma of old garbage almost overwhelming your sensibilities, and you begin to hear the familiar rustling as i unbuckle my belt. then, the soft purr of my zipper…more rustling as the reach into the material and withdraw my cock, the crystalline bead of precum already gathered and oozing from the head of my cock, slowly stroking the shaft…mocking you as you stare hungrily at it…

taking a step forward, i begin to smear the tangy earthy cockjuice across your lips, withdrawing enough to watch a silvery strand link the head of my cock to your bottom lip…an obscene and unnecessarily nasty maneuver. and you can hear my laugh and, glancing up, see the distain in my eyes as i stare down at you. the rear door opens and the same two guys appear behind the dumpster, one hand in their pocket, a can of beer in each hand. trying to stifle a laugh.*

“jesus fuck… this little cumwhore couldn’t even make it to his basement. she’s already out here on her knees and, fuck, look at where she is…in the alley behind the dumpster”

i hold up one hand to silence the two, grinning at them as i begin to entangle my fingers in your thick brown hair…tugging your face forward and smearing more of my oozing precum across your cheeks and the tip of your nose. setting the angry maroon head of my thick cock on your lips, i watch you dutifully open your mouth as my cock slowly begins to disappear into your flushed face, your eyes on me and the two guys who are now just standing there with amused smiles on their faces, drinking their beer…an empty crushed can of mgd tossed between your legs. “the can is empty, slut. the only thing you’re drinking right now is gunna be a load a cum. that’s if you’re lucky, of course. i thought you were going to wait until you had the cunt in your basement, man.”

“this is just an appetizer, dude, and shut the fuck up. i haven’t seen this bitch around for a while now and i know she’s dying for a taste of heaven, ain’tcha bitch?”

*and with that, i thrust my hips forward and send half of the length of my thick cock sliding into the tightness of your throat, cruelly and intentionally gagging you, trying to impress the two guys in the audience.*

“aarrggghhhhhhhh” is your only reply and the head begins to slide past the back of your mouth and to the entrance to your throat…tears already forming, smearing your mascara…a little spittle dripping from your chin.

*glancing over my shoulder, loudly announcing, “what did i tell you guys? i couldn’t even take this cumbucket to my basement before she drops to her knees out here and begins to munch. fucking incredible. maybe you can have this one later.”

*the two snicker…looking over the growing mess of your face. “she’s never gunna be able to make it through your neighborhood with a face like that. a street whore is what we’re looking at, man. you could probably make a fucking fortune with this one.”

another deep thrust on my cock that almost brings my balls to your smooth sloppy chin…laughing…

“yeah, maybe not a bad idea, guys. but she’s got a lot of work to catch up on and i don’t want to fuck up her knees too badly, especially if she’s gunna be of any use as a money machine, know what i mean?”

*lifting you by the hair…pressing Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort you against the brick wall of the bar…grinning at you…*

think you can find your way to the basement, cumslut? don’t let anyone see you coming in, you’re a little too obvious.”

Chapter Two

she yelps as Your fingertips entwine in her hair, tightening, pulling her back up from her knees, her eyes darting around frantically, as she tries to process what’s happening.. her head slammed up against

the grungy brick wall as she murmurs quietly..

“yeah.. i’ll umm… be there in 5 minutes..”, watching the two guys from the corner of her eye, their leering grins..

she shudders with the sudden movement of Your arm, grabbing her chin, forcing her to look up at You as You raise Your voice, growling down at her..

“No, you won’t. 20 minutes.”, the death grip on her head released as You turn to walk away.

“You two fuckers better make it quick.”, punctuated by a quick slap to her sloppy cheek..

“Enjoy your warm-up, slut.”

she feels her tummy flip with how casually You leave her to Your friends, simply walking away without even looking back.. the two men approach once You disappear back into the bar, both of them unclasping

their pants and pulling out hardening cocks.. the taller of the two, moving forward, grabbing at her breast, finding the nipple and squeezing tightly..

“Fast and deep, whore, that’s how I like having my cock sucked. You can manage that, can’t you?”, her reply simply a nod as she lowers herself to the ground, her cheeks flushed red, still glistening with spit and pre-cum.

she leans forward, lips parting as the tip of the man’s cock comes closer, suddenly feeling his hands on the back of her head, the thick shaft shoved down her throat crudely, her sputtering and retching echoing in the dirty alleyway.. she closes her eyes, ashamed at what she’s willing to do for You, nostrils flared as she struggles for breath.. the man never letting up for a moment, his hips thrusting forward, her nose crushed against his coarse pubic hair, her hands reaching up, pushing against his thighs as she tries in vain to unlodge the throbbing cock from her throat.. her body tense, muscles in her legs aching from being on her knees, she hears the man begin to grunt, his own muscles tightening..

“hrrrrrnnn.. this fucking cunt is about to get.. grrrrrmmm… a mouthful..”, another long strained groan as he finishes his sentence, the man goes completely stiff, breathing ragged, the nails on his fingers biting into her scalp.. she feels the pulsing, then the hot flow of cum into her mouth, ballooning her cheeks as she swallows quickly, her head yanked back suddenly, eyes flashing open in surprise at the quick movement.. regretting it immediately as she feels a splash of semen upon her face, across her eye, stinging, forcing it closed..

the man laughs, turning his back as he walks toward his partner in crime.. the sounds of his zipper drowned out by his words..

“slut’s all yours, man. i’ll be inside.”

still, she kneels, the taste of cum in her mouth overwhelming, she rubs at her eye, feeling the sticky cum against her face, and is unable to stifle a small moan.. the other man laughs dryly, walking right up to her, the tip of his cock pressing to her forehead..

“you like feeling that on your face, slut?”, slapping the heavy cock to her cheek, smearing the cum further.. “say it. you look right up here, and fucking say it, bitch.. then i’ll give you some more.”

she shudders beneath the man, her eyes gazing up at him, almost in a trance.. looking at his cock first, the fist wrapped around it a blur, jacking it up and down rapidly, then up at his face filled with disdain..

“yes.. fuck yes.. i love it.. cum on me.. cum on my.. face…”, she begs, shaking beneath the man, her tummy doing flips, as she continues looking up at the man, unflinching even as she feels the first hot strand spurt across her lips.. smiling lewdly at the man as another thick torrent of cum rains down upon her face.. his face twisting as he growls, a few more jerks of his cock and then he backs up, smirking.. admiring his work..

“good fucking girl.. now clean it off, and get the fuck out of here.”, leaning against the wall as he catches his breath..

she slumps forward, a string of cum dripping from her chin, swaying with her breath.. still gasping for air, she quickly lifts her fingers to her chin, catching the strand, tracing her fingers over her cheeks, slurping the cum from her fingers as she peers up at the man.. his reaction a dark laugh..

“you could have used a fucking kleenex.. cum hungry pig..”, he turns, walking back into the bar, leaving her on her knees in the alley, two loads of cum down her throat..

she rises quickly, racing through the alleyway, turning on the sidewalk, to her car, seating herself quickly, she glances at the mirror, her make-up a mess, droplets of cum still glued Ataşehir Çıtır Escort in her hair, on her eyelid.. a look to her watch, not even enough time to clean herself up.. she turns the ignition and heads toward your place.. her panties sopping with need..

Chapter 3

she races through the streets towards where she knows the filthy dilapidated tenement house is located, her eye stinging and tearing from the errant glob of cum, causing her mascara to run helter-skelter down her smooth cheek. she’s completely distracted by the cloying, almost sour taste of semen which coats her mouth, teeth and tongue. Blushing furiously and driving almost blind, she’s in a mad rush to make it to His basement within the twenty minutes that He gave her. She continuously swallows, perhaps because she wants to rid herself of the taste in her mouth, perhaps because she simply must.

she couldn’t believe that He simply left her there by the dumpster to service two of His friends, their jeers and taunts still echoing in her head. His tenement house was just five minutes away from the bar, yet He insisted on telling her to take twenty, His evil and intimidating grin silently spelling out exactly what He expected her to do – get off two of His friends in short order and sealing her reputation in that seedy bar. The dreaded evil nature of that Man was simply irresistible and, with her heart pounding madly in her chest, she was attracted to it as a moth to a flame. she could not have any second thoughts at this point.

Jumping the curb and slamming her car into park, she inspects her face one last time in the rearview mirror and shudders at her reflection. her eyes are bright and her face is flushed with an almost feral excitement, glistening with the sheen of cum that is now at the point of drying and leaving an astringent crust across her entire face, two long obvious strings of cum still criss-crossing her dark hair. She quickly exits the car and walks furtively to the basement door of the tenement house and twists the knob. It opens with a creak, revealing a long dark corridor, lined with a group of frightening degenerates, the warm damp air reeking of urine and the scent of marijuana.

Almost in a daze, she makes her way through the hallway, each guy staring at her face and hair and snickering knowingly, having seen this scene replayed many times. Interspersed amongst the laughter and the catcalls, she can hear an occasional crude and raspy comment.

“Yeah, it looks like Fulmoon is about to make another deposit in some dumb cunt’s mouth.”

“It would be nice if He would share like He always claims.”

“Fuck, man, you see that face? This one didn’t even take the time to clean herself up. What a fucking mess and did you see those knees?”

Nasty spirited laughter follows you as you try to recall the door to my storage room. Standing at the door, you twist the knob and find it locked. Glancing around at the other doors, you’re sure this is the room, but unlike the other times, it’s locked. Trying two more doors, all under the scrutiny of the strange group of guys, you finally return to the original door and hesitate a moment before attempting a tentative knock. And the guys begin to surround you and stare, hands on their hips, waiting for the door to open. Two more raps on the door and it remains locked. Five long, long, minutes pass before you can make out a rustling sound from the inside and the door opens and is left ajar. Obviously, meting out punishment just for His own amusement.

Entering the room, the only light available is a bare low wattage bulb that swings erratically from side to side, casting strange and hideous shadows across the walls of the room. The only other light comes from a small old television set, casting just enough flickering light to outline Fulmoon, his back to you, unbuckling his belt and tugging down his jeans to His knees before He takes his seat on the stained, cheap, couch.

Not saying a word, but grinning at the ver., His left hand slowly strokes the shaft of His cock and, as if drawn by some primitive instinct, you approach Him, glancing furtively at the screen and seeing yourself, on your knees, His cock sliding into your throat, His hands gripping your hair with just enough volume to hear your repeated gagging and struggles for gasps of air before the cock slides again and again into the tightness of your throat. Immediately recognizing yourself, you begin to blush furiously, knowing that this video is just one of many that He took of you months ago and you wonder how many others have seen this filthy scene.

Without even glancing up, He speaks, focused completely on the video, “Took your time, cumbreath. I hope you gave My two friends your typical greeting. Actually, they’ve heard about you and wanted to try you out. I expect I’ll be hearing from them. I mean, five dollars from each of those guys can’t be taken for granted, know what I mean, cumsponge?”

Your only reaction is to silently retrieve the pair of Ataşehir Elit Escort badly used kneepads and slip them over your already-dirty knees, an occasional glance over at the video, your face red with embarrassment and shame as you relive your dirty little secret.

Lighting a cigarette and kicking off My boots and jeans, leaning back into the old couch and only wearing a wifebeater teeshirt, you can barely make out a grunt, “I hope you’ve improved some, whore. I wouldn’t want to be wasting my time here. I’ve met more than a few bitches that would put you to shame, so you better show me the attitude that I’m looking for.”

No welcome, no kind words, nothing to explain my disappearance over the past couple of months, certainly not a hug or any sign of affection, not even a glance in your direction as you step forward and position yourself between my thighs, one leg casually draped over the arm of the couch.

Already thinking so little of yourself but recognizing the nagging wet heat between your legs, you silently sink to your knees, leaning forward to begin licking up the shaft of my hard cock as it rests on my tee and my hard stomach. A whiff of cigarette smoke signals the fact that I plan to continue smoking as you proceed to debase yourself – on your knees, staring at My throbbing cock, My huge balls and the angry maroon head of My cock, already knowing the that same head is going to be thrust completely down your throat and not being able to do a damn thing about it.

you reach out and begin stroking the shaft, glancing up at Me for some sign of approval but only seeing me watching the filthy video, sipping on a can of bud. The growing bead of crystalline slime reappears at the piss slit and you shuffle forward even further to lap at it and the earthy tang of the sticky, slippery juice explodes in your mouth.

Finally, your hips begin rocking rhythmically and start swaying from side to side, instinctually trying to extinguish the flame between your legs, then you lower your head and direct the head of my cock between your painted lips. Trying to impress Me, you dive deep and swan your neck and I can feel the head of My cock slide over the soft wetness of your tongue and butt up against the back of your mouth. your tongue begins to swirl feverishly over the throbbing underside of my cock and your fingers begin to play idly with My balls as you lower your head again and again, each downstroke sending the head of my cock deeper and deeper into the tightness of your throat, almost purposely gagging yourself.

your head continues to bob up and down on my fuckstick, spittle appearing and oozing from the corners of your mouth, your mascara completely ruined and rewetting the dried cum that covered your cheeks. The scent is beyond your imagination but you have no intention of stopping, even as the long strings of spit begin to hang obscenely from your chin, landing on the couch and the front of your dress, permanently staining it.

And this scene goes on almost endlessly with you inwardly thanking me for reminding you to bring your kneepads. you were sure that no one can go this long without shooting in your mouth, but you also knew from the start you were going to be worked hard tonight.

Finally, I shove your head back with the palm of my hand, and then wipe the vestiges of someone else’s cum on the material covering your breasts. “you are fucking gross, whore. Did those guys use you for target practice or what? Stay down there. you ain’t through. Not by a fucking long shot.”

And I rise from the couch and entangle my fingers in your hair, controlling everything about your face as I begin dick slapping you across your cheeks, nose and forehead – each slap leaving more and more of a snail’s trail of precum in its wake.

The inevitable facefucking begins in earnest, your face locked in place, my cock sliding entirely into your throat…spit everywhere, snot hanging grossly from each of your nostrils, your eyes tearing… my hips fucking hard into the confines of your throat.

This filthy act goes on forever, your gagging sounds and occasional gasps for mercy easily heard out in the hallway and you can hear the occasional outbursts of harsh laughter. Until the edge appears…the constant sucking and throat fucking bringing me closer and closer to pure ecstasy.

Unable to stop myself, knowing that this load will drown you for sure, I hiss down at you.

“Gunna cum, you filthy slut. Gunna cum and fill you good. This time, though? you’re gunna wanna show me your prize before you swallow it. I’m wanting you to play with it before you swallow it. Every…fucking…drop. You understand me, cumslut? you miss a fucking drop and you’ll be picking up your teeth down here for the rest of the night.”

And with my head cast back and flicking the spent cigarette in the concrete floor, I close the eyes and grit My teeth. My abs begin to contract and the first hot thick ribbon of slime slams against the back of your mouth. And a familiar roar erupts.

Chapter 4

her body shudders below You, her groans mixed with Your savage growl echoing out into the hallway as she feels Your cock begin to throb, pulsing rapidly as she peers up at You, watching Your body stiffen, the cat-calls from outside the dark little room making her head feel light.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32